Game 89 Thread / Astros @ Cubs (2 of 3)

Game Chat Roy Oswalt vs. Ted Lilly Lineups:
Burke 2B Soriano LF
Pence CF Izturis SS
Loretta 1B Lee 1B
Lee LF Ramirez 3B
Berkman RF Floyd RF
td>Ensberg 3B DeRosa 2B Bruntlett SS Jones CF Ausmus C Bowen C Oswalt P Lilly P


OMFG, Izturis batting 2nd, OMG, OMG, OMG!!!

Why? Why? Why?

let's get that out of the way and agree to move on...

A bit odd though and what happened to Godenot?

im floored.

i live on the east coast and my fox "game of the week" for the first time in forever isnt a yanks/rsox/mets/braves game.

i get cubs vs. astros! woo!

everything's coming up millhouse.

check this out--arizona league today---starting pitcher, kerry wood---1 inning, 3 k's---how good would this be for our pen

Lets hope the Izturis start is an audition for his trade to Boston...

Hmm... no Godenot two games in a row?

Lou must really not like his defense.

somehow I doubt they'll trump the Dodgers/Giants out here in L.A....


Some notes from yesterday's game, in which I was in attendance:

* It's been a long time since I've seen an entertaining game there... it was nice... guys were playing hard and scrapping.

* Didn't miss the organ one bit. (If it was playing I didn't hear it)

* Jason Jenning's changeup was *very* impressive.

* If I'm a NL pitcher I wouldn't want the Stros defense behind me.

Gee Rob, whatever gives you that idea?

This really blows. I just can't understand why we can't just watch the games we want to watch.

Izturd vs Oswalt: 1-3 w/ 2 Ks.

Yup, Dodgers-Giants out here in LA. :(

who is terry ryan?

and why does he look like mark grace's long lost brother?

hell, sounds like him, too.

Gracie talking about Cuban owning hte CUbs.

"Can you image, guys, a Chicago Cub ownership that cares about winning?"

it was weird how Fox was running his name as "terry ryan" though.

wonder how that mistake gets made. im sure grace might have fun being a GM, but the age escalation might not be desired.

to be fair/etc/whatever...yeah the cubs skimped on the pay, especially in the grace era, but its hard to deny the team's been spending the past 3-5 years.

Does anyone have the score for me please?

mark... the game hasn't started yet.

Dick Stockton?

0-0 in the top 1st with a bunch of old men on the mics and annoyance going through the roof.

maybe it'll start in 10-15 minutes.

Izzy .214 BA, 3 hits in 14 AB's as a lefty. Huh?

Check this out: (with 34 AB's) AUGIE OJEDA is leading the NL in BA with .342 for the D-Backs! HA HA!!

Woops! Sorry. On my blackberry fighting London traffic and trying to keep up!

mark... just load this site instead:

might be easier than asking for the score.

Thanks Dave! Now bookmarked.

It's odd, he's only 1 for 3 with 2 Ks against Oswalt. Although he is a .348 career hitter in 69 ABs vs. Houston, so maybe we'll get lucky.

What happened to Cliff Floyd?

What happened to Floyd?

left shoulder strain...diving for a ball in the first that turned a single into a triple and then into a run.

dude. that was clutch. go lee and rami

We're never going to win if Lee doesn't start hitting HRs!

Real shame Izzy hasn't been able to get on base and score any runs today...


Fonzie expectorates the ball into the LF bleachers. End of drought.

This is fun.

hi from my seats at WF with iPhone...the wind is blowing hardbut right at the RF foul pole, so it looks like only lefty hitters have a shot at a homer, unless someone goes the opposite way. So it's looking like another smallball game. Lilly thru 6 has been terrific...not to mention an RBI.

Even JJones has a hit! Oswald at 101 pitches in the 6th, that seemed to be the Old Cub MO.

...and finally a HR, Soriano! A wind issue on that one .

What a fun game. Too bad Fox won't let me watch it. :-(

Re: Comment #32

Mezzrow spelled backwards is Worzzem.

Awesome Kip Dynomite imitation by Rich Hill reading the lineup on Fox today.

Hopefully it will be on You tube.

Michael Wuertz is soooo good

New High Water mark for the season! Paging Manny, paging Manny...

IF Floyd plays it on the hop and Lou Pa isn't such a scrooge, Ted Lilly probably throws a CG SHO.


Great game and as I mentioned in parachat over the last three starts for Ted Lilly:

3 - 0 22.1 ip 3 R.

If he and Z keeps that up, we will win the central going away.

If anyone is interested, DirecTV (i don't know about cable) is running a free preview of the the EI package. The brewers are on tongiht 734. i will be in the chat room if anyone wants to watch the brewers lose.

And by the way Fox, no one outside of SF gives a shit about Bonds.

Cut the split screen crap.

i saw that jacos

Was at the game today. News flash -- it was fun.

Not sure if this showed up on TV, but the outfielders didn't even move on Sori's HR. That was mashed. High, far, deep, fun, neat, strong, enjoyable.

Ben Sheets is hurt. details to come.

Sheets pulled in the 4th with an owie. The trainer tried to apply a Tampax but it didn't take. The Brewer plane is spiraling downward (metephorically) and one of the engines just fell off.

FYI, the were working on Sheet's finger and it wasn't a blister. Or didn't appear to be one. Looked like a joint.

It appeared to be the tip of Sheets fingers on his throwing hand, when the trainer did something to it, he noticably flinched and grimaced

Broke a fingernail?


They had Terry Ryan's name under Grace today because Ryan was Grace's "goat" of the the 1st half for not resigning Hunter.


Any news on how the Sheets thing happened? Was he fielding a ball?

Sheets was pulling on the top of the middle finger of his right hand, but there was no immediate word about the injury.;_ylt=AkjQ6xw...

Had to be from throwing the power curve.

tie game col/mil...bottom 6, 2 out (solo HR)

the Yahoo Box Score is calling it a blister for Sheets. Even a blister might require a DL stint. If the Brewers are going to stay around it looks like they will have to add an arm and the "best" ones on the market are Contreas, Vazquez, and Morris.

yeah, it was on the release of one of his pitches...release...shook his hand around and winced....etc etc.

if its a blister its gotta be pretty raw or they just popped it on the mound. he showed obvious physical pain reactions when the trainer was screwing with it.

i saw the whole thing and I don't think it's a blister. I could just be a sore finger, but they were sqeezing the tip his finger, on each side.

Not only did that Hart HR tie the game, it broke up the no hitter.

"Pulling at his middle finger" that doesn't sound like a blister... sounds like he jambed something. But hey, I didn't see it so I don't know. has Gameday audio for free if you want to listen to the game.

Thanks chifan

I had something happen to me today that's never happened before, maybe to any Cub fan, ever. I had only 3-4 minutes to watch part of the game. I turn on the TV, see Lilly smack a hard single to score a runner. Then Soriano came up and annihilated that ball for the 3-run shot. That was all I had time for, and it was maybe the best 3-4 minutes of Cub baseball all year.

soriano at the plate...izturis up next.

bench consists of a bunch of soto/hill/theriot...

do you pitch to soriano or walk him to pitch to izturis?

im still blown away by that one.

1 out, runners on 2nd/3rd in that situation, btw...

i just dont get it. the cubs would send up izturis with the bases loaded, force everywhere...*shrug*

finger strain.

Finger sprain for Sheets on his middle finger. He will undergo a MRI monday if he still is having trouble with it.


Ward was still on the bench at that time. I think there stratagy was to throw stuff out of the strike zone and see if he'd swing. Oswalt mislocated the HR pitch. Ausmus's glove looked to be a few inches higher.

ward...yes, forgot about ward.

oswalt had a luck versus soriano up to that point and I think Garner had gone out to talk to Oswalt right before the AB. Probably let your ace make the call.

Made a terrible pitch...

LaTroy Hawkins is trying to keep the Brewers from winning tonight. Heaven help us.

Wow - Braun's fly out looks like a homer on GameDay... *ulp*

breaking news...LaTroy Hawkins still sucks

Tribune/Paul Sullivan...blame the Police concert for Floyd's shoulder injury?

Cliff Floyd's status...he was not going to start Sunday vs lefty Wandy Rodriguez so they will reassess things sunday or monday. If he's sore tomorrow expect an MRI (haven't heard if they took any XRays). If he goes on the DL it might spare Koyie Hill or Rob Bowen's demotion, particularly since Dempster isn't quite ready but I was expecting Billy Petrick to be back for the Giants series (with one of the catchers going down).

from Yahoo sports -- Rockies & Brewers tied at 1 going into the bottom of the 10th . . .

"Jenkins broke an 0-for-14 slump by hitting the first pitch in the 10th off LaTroy Hawkins (0-4) to the left-center field wall for a double. Tony Gwynn grounded out to second, moving Jenkins to third.

With the infield in, Graffanino hit a soft fly that landed a few feet past the infield in center field, dropping easily for a single and allowing Jenkins to score. "

Yeah, LaTroy still sucks.;_ylt=AnpyjR...

LaTroy... still haunting the Cub's. Spooky.

Ah, Hawk, the best announcer in the business.

The Orioles scored five runs in the last few innings and tied their game with the Pale Hose on a passed ball in the ninth, and Hawk spat out a "gawd... dammit!"

more spooky/haunting news...Corey Patterson scores in the 10th for a WSox loser.

The Orioles scored five runs in the last few innings and tied their game with the Pale Hose on a passed ball in the ninth, and Hawk spat out a “gawd… dammit!”

Yeah... love him or hate him he... uh... still sucks.

Ben Sheets to trainer: Pull my finger.

Bruce Wolfe on NBC news tonight:

"...there's also a report the lame-duck Trib ownership of the Cubs could sign Carlos Zambrano to an extension soon."

Anyone hear anything about this?


I think that comes from a Trib article that is posted in the last thread.


The scary part of the Floyd article is that Lou says he would use Ward in RF if Floyd lands on the DL. Also the Cubs had a week to resod the field from the concerts to the game yesterday and failed to do anything, but a paint job.

Lou says he would use Ward in RF if Floyd lands on the DL.
Yes, I heard him say that in today's postgame press conference (which they played on WGN radio), actually he said DeRosa/Ward in RF with Fontenot at 2B . Has Pagan worn out his positive karma with LouPa?

...All of which reminds me, does anyone have a clue as to when DLee is going to get nailed with his suspension? Cause that is also gong to get the DeRosa/Ward tag team as well.

ward in RF? hell, i think i'd rather see DLee in RF...and that's not far from being a joke/reality feeling. floyd in RF is bad enough...taking a clone of floyd only fatter/slower doesn't sound like a move in the right direction.

FWIW, Corey Patterson has gotten very skinny. VERY skinny. I make no assumptions but you can never tell about players.

its late just got off work. is someone going on the dl

With Floyd on the DL and Lee due for a suspension I would think one of the usual supsects would get called up from Iowa:

Murton .297 .379 .505
Pie .378 .437 .563
Cedeno .364 .434 .579
Coats .323 .374 .489

Cedeno could play middle infield while DeRosa plays right.... That would actually give us a pretty sound defensive team, with the exception the arm in center.

The other guys would take some 40 man manipulation:
Kroeger .(Rob G's Favorite) .321 .404 .590
Patterson .301 .362 .480

Ward in RF? Please tell me Lou was just drunk when he said that. Derosa in RF makes much more sense. Then you put Fontenot or Theriot at 2B... Duh.

If the Floyd and DLee time off were to overlap, Ward's got dibbs on firstbase.

Ward in RF? Please tell me Lou was just drunk when he said that.

Not sure why everyone is surprised about this. Ward started in RF just last week.

I normally loathe anything Mariotti says, but his column today regarding Cuban actually makes some good points:

One question that he doesn't raise is if Selig's buddy winds up owning the Cubs, doesn't he also have to divest his investment in the Brewers immediately?

"blame the Police concert for Floyd’s shoulder injury?"

Yes, because Floyd is the black Cal Ripken.

thing that scares me about this whole cuban thing...

1- he's seen a savior to a team already spending 100+m...and he wears a suit, not swings a bat or throws a ball

2- what is the motivation behind the cuban love? money in? an "owner who cares" (whatever that means)?

i REALLY REALLY REALLY do *NOT* want to watch a gutless/heartless paid mercenary team of 200m soldiers out there "competing" with 50-100m teams.

no, i don't care a single shred about the past 100, i dont care about 50, 10, or last year.

i don't think the proper way to claim an end to a struggle is to "warchest up" on a team using money as a heavy handed tool to field a team to watch 162 games.

yeah, i wanna win, but i don't wanna watch an all-star team play 162 games a year that was bought as a competition tool.

3- as much as i hate the "superstar manager" who's bigger than his team...the last thing i wanna hear about is another "superstar suit" who's even more separated from the game.

When Lee is supended, and we have 12 pitchers, does that give us 4 bench men?
Will they be Izturis, Pagan, Bowen, and Floyd/callup?


Loupe "its an experiment"

don't think Canning has any ownership in the Brewers anymore after they sold it to Attanasio

soriano hitting... 5th?

behind the guy with the sore legs?

and if he does, then he does have to sell it to own the Cubs.

Hey Cubster,
Is that lineup for real?
If so, not bad

Sorry the lineup post was so brief, was in my car...

The lineup is from David Schuster, reporter from WSCR radio, so it's real (on the George Offman/Jesse Rodgers show). Apparently Lou was quoted saying it's an experiment vs leftys. Lou talked to Soriano about batting 5th before officially doing this, so Sori's on board with it.

Brewers interested in Lofton...

Sosa rumors as well....

One thing about Lofton, he seems to always wind up as a factor in the pennant races throughout his career, even as an oldster.


I am pretty sure you meant to type "fpnty"

if so, GENIUS!!!!!


I don't get it

"pwned" is a newish internet term used in place of "owned". For example when getting beat at some mulitplayer internet game someone may say to you, "You got pwned". So Fontenot, the savior will "pwn" the other team. SO... fpnty! Like, "you got fpntyed"

yeah Lofton's great at getting teams to the playoffs, he's also good at having his teams lose there.

ah, so I goofed up the 7/8 slot...could have sworn I heard Piniella say his catchers have nailed down the 8th slot.

Re: #79 chifan3887 --
"the Cubs had a week to resod the field from the concerts to the game yesterday and failed to do anything, but a paint job."

I believe the Cubs have sodded. I saw a photo (possibly in the Trib but I'm not sure) of a large freshly sodded area just in front of the warning track between the right field 'well' and RF foul line.

loose sod is more dangerous than a hard/intact sod'd surface where the roots have taken hold, imo.

i dunno what the sod is laying on (given how complex the drainage system is for baseball fields that arent a thing like a front yard), though. if its not taken hold with its root system its just a floppy square of grassy/dirt mass with plenty of edges to catch a foot on.


'the last thing i wanna hear about is another “superstar suit” who’s even more separated from the game.'

I think what Cubs fans want is not to lose Greg Maddux to free agency - but if you prefer Guzman, that's cool.

Just out of curiosity - has anyone ever seen Cuban in a suit?


It's actually /pwned

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