Game 91 Thread / Giants @ Cubs (1 of 4)

Game Chat Tim Lincecum vs. Rich Hill Lineups:
Roberts LF Soriano LF
Vizquel SS Theriot SS
Winn RF Lee 1B
Durham 2B Ramirez 3B
Molina C Ward RF
td>Aurilia 1B DeRosa 2B Feliz 3B Jones CF Frandsen LF Hill C Lincecum P Hill P The Cubs have won 8 of 9 at home. From the press notes available at, Cubs relievers lead the league in stranding inherited runners at an 81.2% clip...yesterday was the fourth time this year that the bullpen has thrown 5 or more shutout innings in a game...Marmol has the 2nd best ERA among relievers in the NL. Word is Billy Petrick is being called up for the game, no idea on the corresponding roster move though. UPDATE: The broadcast says Billy Petrick was called up and Rob Bowen was designated for assignment. I can't say I saw that one coming. There's still a shot that Bowen could slip through waivers and stick with the club though. The Cubs really couldn't just get rid of Cesar Izturis?


"Lincecum" contains the word "cecum", which is part of your large intestine.


Didn't I read that Hill was DFA'd?

Sorry, to clarify, K. Hill was DFA'd, no?

wow, they must have a REALLY bad feeling on rich's performance tonight/

yeah, someone doing some rumor mongering mentioned Koyie being DFA'ed. For all I know, Petrick isn't coming up.

That lineup is almost as bad as the Atlanta lineup the Cub's faced earlier this year for that 4-game set. Visquel batting 2, Durham 4, Aurilia 6... yuck.

Of course, now that I say that, they'll probably clobber Hill. Did ESPN really cancel their coverage of the game tonight because Bond's isn't playing? Which... btw, I think is amusing as shit.

Hmmm...both Yahoo and have Ward in RF

maybe a last minute switch, I used

seems SI has Ward now, or they always did and I just assumed Floyd.

Linecum contains the word lin, which is a code used to identify equipment. Discuss whether Linecum is also marked with a code, perhaps like the sign of the beast.


Wind blowing in at 11mph from CF... There have only been 10 home games where the wind has blown out this year....

OPS against in his last 7 games is .666


Made that up BTW.

our Rfer tonight was coined the Ward-0-saurus by a particularly astute commenter earlier in the season........ Discuss

Wind blowing in at 11mph from CF… There have only been 10 home games where the wind has blown out this year….

Good day for Hill to fix himself then, punchless lineup + wind blowing in = good game (hopefully)

Greatest lesbian song? Come to my window, Seether, Bull in the Heather... discuss...

our RF'er tonight is rumored to have a larger ass than Fonty, Theriot and Izturis combined... discuss...

our Rfer tonight was coined the Ward-0-saurus by a particularly astute commenter earlier in the season…….. Discuss

If Ward is his own breed of dinosaur... the Ward-o-saurus, then I'd say Jose Reyes & Jimmy Rollins are a Velocoraptors.

well if there was a roster move today, it's not showing up on MLB Gameday. Still has Gallagher, still has 3 catchers.

Maybe they'll wait until tomorrow?

"I don't care if they stink
I don't care if they can play
What do they know about this club, anyway?"

Jim Hendry-Etheridge

Nicely played, Andy.


Does that make Neifi Perez and Freddie Bynum velocicraptors?

No they are more like Ostriches

CESAR IZTURIS makes Ben Heller's list (coming in at #6) of ALL-STARS who faded into obscurity and/or mediocrity during the last ten years.

Anyone with a link to a site categorizing the inherited runners stranded stat? I told the old man that was the most important stat for any bullpen arm, but if I can't find it at ESPN or Baseball Reference doest that mean its not an officially recognized stat?

Why wouldn't they keep track of it?

"Greatest lesbian song? Come to my window, Seether, Bull in the Heather… discuss…"

I never understood the lyrics to Seether. Help me out.

Bowen was DFA'd to bring up Petrick.

Rumors swirling at the sometimes reliable that Petrick is there and the Cubs have DFA'd Rob Bowen.

Lincecum contains the word...uh, nevermind.

wow, Wes, talk about the Barrett trade being made an official, undeniable dump...

So we basically DFA's Barrett? Nice thinking there Cubbies.

I never did either chad. And lately I am sort of a lesbian afficianato. Any girl that doesnt sleep with me the 2nd time we hang out. Well obviously she must be a lesbian. Unfortunately I have run into alot more lesbians lately? Go figure?

Why Bowen?


wow, Petrick for Bowen.

So we basically DFA’s Barrett? Nice thinking there Cubbies.

Well... they don't have to pay him.



lol aaronb. I thought Seether was pretty obvious:
(May contain pop-ups)

Not sure if this is Cuban or not, but it's cool to get messages from "my contacts" and it turns out to be Mark Cuban instead of some asshole selling viagra or hair replacement therapy.

From : Mark Cuban
Sent : Saturday, July 14, 2007 9:17 AM
To : "Mark Haab"
Subject : Re: Ask Mark Cuban

| | | Inbox

honestly, im still learning. its a multistep process, so hopefully it will go


HDNet, The reason HDTV was invented !

-----Original Message-----
From: "Mark Haab"
To: [email protected]
Date: Sat, 14 Jul 2007 06:01:29 -0500
Subject: Ask Mark Cuban

Dear Mark Cuban,
I am a lieflong Cubs fan and am excited that you are bidding for the team. I frequently read the best Cubs blog in existence, The Cub Reporter( ). I think I safely speak for many in the TCR community when I say that you
would be the preferred owner of the Cubs. I hear a lot of comments about potential owners being voted on, etc. What kind of approval do you have to
go through in addition to your bid? I would be very interested to know more about the process.

I've been coming to this blog for about four years, and reading and posting to it. The names and the insults are constantly changing, but the arguments stays the same. Which brings me to the number 8. There are eight letters in the word Lincecum. Now, if you mix up the letters in the word Lincecum, mix 'em around, eventually, you'll come up with Clunicem. Clunicem. The name of a planet in a galaxy way, way, way... way far away. And another thing. Once you go into that blog, the weather never changes. It is always 67 degrees with a 40% chance of rain.


that was cool jumbo...

Cuban: a man of the people

If you are anti-chad... and I see that there are a lot of anti-chad people, this is your chance to say "That's the most coherent thing Chad has said yet." Of course, I agree with some Chadisms, so I'm not going to say that. :)

lol... Barry worried about being an "embarrassment to his uniform"... uh... Barry... it's not the 0-5 night & error that makes you an embarrassment.... just sayin.

Rynox, if she's talking about her lady parts, then I'm glad she's a lesbian.

"Oh she may not look like other girls,
but she's a snarl tooth seether. Seether!
Can't fight the seether.(x3)
I can't see her till I'm foaming at the mouth. Yeah"

That is one i don't ever want to see!

Well wait, so if it turns out they did DFA Bowen, then that means they have 10 days to trade him, right? And then if they don't, he can be sent to the minors if he clears waivers?

so do I write a big scathing article about Cuban or play nice in case he stops by?

lol Chad

I mean... gross.

DFA rules...

A major league baseball player is designated for assignment when his team wishes to remove him from the 40 man roster. The player is instantly removed from the 40 man roster and must be traded, waived, or released within 10 days. If the player clears waivers, the team can outright the player to the minor leagues. An outrighted player is no longer on the 40 man roster but still receives all money from a major league contract.

Cubs are clearing the way for W's return. :)

Ugh... I can't believe that Barrett essentially got traded for a single A prospect...

You mean you can't believe 4 months of Barrett's services was traded for a prospect? Barrett is a rental.

Jones dropping the f bomb on ESPN... nice.

You mean you can’t believe 4 months of Barrett’s services was traded for a prospect? Barrett is a rental.

Who should be worth a lot more than a single A prospect.

Then again, some people think that Jack Wilson would be a decent upgrade over Izturis.

BTW... pretty much everyone on this blog thought that the Cubs should have gotten more than Bowen/prospect for Barrett.

And now the Cubs are essentially cutting Bowen.

I am a supporter of Hendry, but the Barrett trade was a horrendous deal.

lol dave... awww... Seriously, though, I forgot about the single-a'er we received in that deal.

They played some neat footage of Theriot & Fontenot from 2000 on the ESPN broadcast.

Barrett's gone, and we're still getting punched in the face...

Agreed on the Barrett deal, btw, should have received more.

Koyie Hill: I don't want to be DFA'ed.

Give Lou credit, Koyie Hill vs Rob Bowen, pretty much of an even deal based on their stats since arrival, he decided which switch hitter to keep and tonight Hill rewards that decision.

Dying For Attention ?

Didn't Fail Again ?

DAVE: Maybe Lou really put the heat on management to just "get rid of him"?

I believe that Lou has been getting "his way" since he signed on.

Just turned on the ESPN broadcast about 10 minutes ago, and these announcers are in love with The Riot.

Oh, it's Sutcliffe!

DAVE: Maybe Lou really put the heat on management to just “get rid of him”?

I don't doubt that at all. But even so, I think it was a terrible trade. Terrible value for a guy like Barrett.

This article says marshall's been traded...?

marshall for Jason Kendall Source

Hendry just made it official on the broadcast.

kendall and cash for bowen and a minor leaguer

I see Bowen for Kendall on WGN Blevens & Bowen for Kendall + cash



If it were Marshall, Hendry shouldve been shot, now that its bowen, i dont mind as much

It is basically Barrett for Kendall - straight up. + the CUBS get some $$

Not to bitch or whatever already, but Kendall's numbers this year look pretty bad. Has he been playing well lately? I don't pay much attention to the AL and prob haven't seen him since he was with Pittsburgh.

hendry's on wgn radio now

Bud please veto this deal!!!!

I was a HUGE fan of Kendall's when he was with the Pirates.

But now - c'mon!

Maybe a "cheaper" Piazza with a bit better D?

Anyway - I STILL feel Hendry will deal Izzy to the Pirates. Jim Tracy was his manager b/f in LA and started him almost his whole time there.

Kendall lifetime CS% .292...has never hit below .266 in 11 major-league seasons. His current batting average of .226 HAS to be an outlier.

a cheaper Piazza??

When I think of Jason Kendall, Mike Piazza is NOT the person that comes to mind

We just traded a cheap catcher hitting .210 for a damn expensive hitting like .210 and plus we threw away a solid relief prospect in the deal. I cant wait for the day this team is sold and Jimbo gets the ax.

so i'm gonna go out on a limb here and say soto's going back to iowa tomorrow

Anyone know if Kendall has years beyond 2007 left on his deal (i.e. did the Cubs just take on salary past this season)?

So Koyie hits a HR and probably gets DFA'd after the game to make room for the skelton. Jason Kendall better then Koyie Hill and/or Rob Bowen?

Yes. Blevins was pretty good at Tenn/Daytona this year, but the Cubs have a pretty good stock of young arms I guess?

Rob G. says:

July 16th, 2007 at 5:12 pm

that was cool jumbo…

Cuban: a man of the people


Thanks, man. I wrote him back with a more "now that we understand each other" kind of tone. Maybe he'll respond again. Hopefully I can parlay some candid emails into a position with the Cuban owned brass. I'd like my title to be "Minister of Bad-ass-itude" or something of the like.

Koyie Hill DFAed tomorrow, traded with Izturis and Jones to Pittsburgh for Jason Bay, Cubs keep Soto up to learn for next year.

It's alllllllllll coming together now...

"Anyone know if Kendall has years beyond 2007 left on his deal (i.e. did the Cubs just take on salary past this season)?"

Kendall makes 13 million next year.

What's Kendall's contract look like?

"Well…is Jason Kendall better then Koyie Hill and/or Rob Bowen?"

Not 13 million dollars and a solid relief prospect better.

What’s Kendall’s contract look like?


3/44. Sorry, shoulda known.

Kendall's deal is up after this season.

Bizarrely enough, the net result of this trade is that the Pirates are paying a decent chunk of money for a Cubs player.

I agree with Frank - Soto will go back to Iowa to get regular ABs, and Hill will probably catch 1/3 of the games as Kendall's backup until Blanco comes back (or for the rest of the year if he does not). But at this point of his career, Koyie is an organizational soldier.

Kendall cannot hit his way out of a phone booth this year, but if Gerald Perry thinks he can get him up to even a .255 hitter, then that would be a good move.

That's 13 million THIS year. Only half of which is still to be paid. And a portion of that has been picked up by Oakland. The Cubs will be on the hook for less than 6.5 million.

Its says he makes 13 million in 2007, that's this year

Kendall lifetime CS% .292…has never hit below .266 in 11 major-league seasons. His current batting average of .226 HAS to be an outlier.

Not for catchers with 11 years of service. It's rare when catchers DON'T fall off a cliff production-wise in their 30s.

new post up on the trade...

Linecum spelled backwards is "Mucilage"

/admit it, you used to eat paste says the Pirates are supposedly picking up 5 million of the tab this year. So the Cubs are on the hook for about 4, depending on how much if any money the A's are sending over in the deal. As long as it doesn't hamstring the Cubs from making further deals, it seems alright, he hit over .330 after the break last year.

13 * 71/162 = 5.7. Plus we got cash.

This is a great deal. Kendall is a guy you love to have in your club house, he gets on base and could easily hit .260. With a .320 OBP. I'll take that for Rob Bowen and a 24-year-old in AA.


260/320 with zero power can be summed up with many words, but im just going go with...........AWFUL. hopefully he catches fire the second half.

What are your alternatives, Vince?


As Sutty said..LouPa=brilliant!

Kendall hit .323/.391/.368 last year in the second half. *fingers crossed*

Terrific win. Still didn't get Rich Hill much run support, but we got enough.

Still didn’t get Rich Hill much run support, but we got enough.

Well... the Cubs were facing a very good pitcher.

And good work by the Cubs - getting Rich Hill the well-deserved win.

some great moves by LouPa today...the hit and run and the pitch out were the guts of the win. without them its a whole different ballgame. what a pleasure to see some good managing on this club.

I think Dusty is better.

We need to see Jacque Jones every night.

Barrett had 3 RBI's and threw out two guys in SD's win over the Mess.

"Rynox, if she’s talking about her lady parts, then I’m glad she’s a lesbian."

She's not. She is talking about Louise's (led guitar) temper.

"I told you about the seether before
You know, the one that's neither or nor
Well here's another clue if you please
The seether's Louise." (From Volcano Girls)

The band is named Veruca Salt after all.

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  • Meh, I messed that up. Mets are in. 

    Cards and Giants can still tie though.

    Rob G. 20 min 2 sec ago view
  • Kershaw gets hurt by his defense and gave up 2 more runs. Blach has 8 shutout innings.

    Mets already won as did Cards.

    tomorrow is gonna be helluva fun if Giants hold on. We're all rooting for a 3-way tie I presume.

    Rob G. 39 min 28 sec ago view
  • good news is now 5 K's for Lester through 4 (in a quest for 200 for season). Bad news is he's already at 86 pitches.

    Rob G. 1 hour 9 min ago view
  • be curious how long Maddon sticks with Lester to try and let offense get back into it and get him the win (4-2 as I type, was 4-0)

    Fwiw, he needed 2.1 IP to cross 200 for season so he got that at least. He also needs 9 K's for 200K's on season and he has 4 through 3.

    Rob G. 1 hour 15 min ago view
  • cubs score 2 runs thanks to predictable reds pitching and horrible CIN defense...cubs only down by 1 now. heyward even got a gift 2rbi double out of an easy popout. neat.

    crunch 1 hour 15 min ago view
  • something named Ty Blach has outpitched Clayton Kershaw through 6 innings (1-0 Giants).


    Rob G. 1 hour 18 min ago view
  • not that finishing 2nd place will matter much nor did this game, but have to think if Hendricks pitches well tomorrow, he could leapfrog Lester in Cy Young voting. Don't see anyway Scherzer doesn't win it regardless and it doesnt' look like Lester has any incentive clauses that matter. Also might give Cueto some votes.

    Rather remarkable how many teams have really good 1-2 options this year.

    Nats: Scherzer and Roark (and Strasburg was great before injuries)

    Cubs: Lester and Hendricks (and Arrietta is still damn good just not as consistently lately)

    Rob G. 1 hour 25 min ago view
  • pretty much what I'm gathering from this thread is that it doesn't matter who you play in  5-game series, but no one wants to have to deal with Cardinal fans if we end up losing.

    I can respect that.

    Rob G. 1 hour 29 min ago view
  • first game for lester giving up more than 2 runs since july 24th. hell of a run.

    crunch 2 hours 1 min ago view
  • doh, yes...dunno what happened there. jake arrieta is all "bro wut?"

    crunch 2 hours 33 min ago view
  • lester going for #20...cubs haven't had a LH (thanks jpep for the correction) 20 game winner since d.ellsworth in 1963.

    crunch 2 hours 34 min ago view
  • fwiw, all the games are free on

    crunch 2 hours 35 min ago view
  • Short rest for MadBum would be 2 days. WC game is Wed., Games 1 & 2 are Friday/Saturday.

    billybucks 2 hours 53 min ago view
  • A left-handed one...

    JoePepitone 4 hours 45 min ago view
  • J-Hey not finishing with an offensive onslaught.

    If Geoff Blum could be a Playoff hero, there is hope still...

    The E-Man 8 hours 35 min ago view
  • Giants scare me. I think you're wrong about Bumgarner, he would pitch on short rest for Game 2 and then full rest for Game 5. Cueto would go Game 1, then short rest in game 4. Add in some really tough outs in that lineup and I want nothing to do with them. With that rotation they can easily steal a series.

    Cards are a tough matchup. The rivalry evens out their comparable lack of talent. And like someone said, they love HRs, which is how to beat the Cubs. The upside is that I would feel really good about Lester twice against STL.

    John Beasley 9 hours 20 min ago view