The Cubs Win A Freak Show

How else to describe scoring nine runs in the first five innings on six singles and a double? (Obviously seven Giant walks to that point contributed.) Or the Cubs scoring 12 runs without Ramirez or Lee in the lineup and with Soriano only contributing a walk. Or Carlos Zambrano batting for himself in the last of the 5th, then not taking the mound in the 6th, departing with a 2-hit shutout after throwing only 80 pitches. (The long Cub fifth inning would seem to be the reason.) Or Koyie Hill collecting 5 RBI, all with two outs. (He must REALLY be ticked off about that Jason Kendall trade.) Or Jacque Jones delivering a two-out hit producing two runs; that’s two RBI for Jacque Jones, not just in the same week, BUT IN THE SAME AT-BAT! Or Cub hitters standing still for 10 unintentional walks. Or a wholly bizarre Cubs/Giants game taking place and Barry Bonds not having anything whatsoever to do with it. Weird.


totally unrelated, but it's been mentioned in here before how poor the editing is at roto-world. Today they reported that the Braves signed Julio Franco, "who figures mostly to be used as a pinch-runner." Now he does have wheels for a 48 year-old, but come on...

He might be 48, but he runs like he's 38... so... uh... I guess he has that going for him. a potential hiccup in the Zell/Tribune sale...

Before the game today... <i>Rob G.:</i> <i>needs more lineup bitching…. I think we can get us 10 runs if we complain enough. :)</i> Spooky...

you guys outdid yourself...12!!!!

re #@: Which is nice.

Did we ever find out why Aramis wasn't playing?

just resting his game after a night game. it's really an olney rumor but I don't have Insider access. Braves interested in Arroyo, Olney thinks they'll demand Salty...

ummmm isn't arroyo already like 31? the cubs can beat that. i'll go marshall plus someone.....

FYI, Buster says: • Heard an interesting rumor -- and that's may be all it is, a rumor -- that makes sense, to a certain degree: The Braves are interested in Cincinnati right-hander Bronson Arroyo. But I cannot imagine the Reds making that deal without getting Jarrod Saltalamacchia in return; so far, Cincinnati GM Wayne Krivsky has been asking for big-time return in his trade proposals. Arroyo had one of his best games of the season, by the way, and it may be that Saltalamacchia is about to become an everyday player. /whateva, take Olney with less than a grain of salt

MANNYTRILLO - M.I.A. Ever since the Cubs win streak, and the good play of Hendry's signings, MANNY has disappeared off the face of the net. He either got caught spending too much time on the net at work, has no compliaing to do yet, or was layed off and computer re-possessed... Or - maybe he met up with John Hill in London and they're watching Cricket together ;-) Wherever you are MANNY - This Bud's for you! HENDRY STILL LIVES!

with the regular night-game lineup generating 2 runs on tuesday evening, and the day-game-after-a-night-game lineup generating 12 runs today, i am already counting down the hours until the cubs next day game after a night game. and i hope lou was saving z for a relief appearance on thursday vs. bonds. who will be traded first: izturis to the red sawx, or jones to the indians as insurance against the inevitable trot nixon injury?

<i>MANNYTRILLO - M.I.A. </i> alternate theory of the crime might be: family vacation, with no laptop?

<i>The E-Man:</i> <i>Ever since the Cubs win streak, and the good play of Hendry’s signings, MANNY has disappeared off the face of the net.</i> Cub's win! Cub's win! In Lou we trusty!

Salty has actually already become an every day player in the last week or so at 1st base.

Rotoworld's editing is notoriously poor, but you can still usually figure out what they meant to say. When you're on top of rumors and stories as fast as they are, I for one am willing to sacrifice a little editing.

Chad never misses an opportunity to finish a Caddyshack line.

Double-fisting on a quiet night, listening to Uecker (I think, altho he sounds different) on the MLB radio-feed. D-backs up by 2 in the 4rth

AZ Phil-fave Leon Johnson and Darwin Barney playing for Peoria tonight. Johnson, leading off and playing center, has a home run.


2-2 now, odd to watch Doug Davis vs Capuano at Miller Pk (historically both are Cub killers)

Well, Pie is 1 for 3 tonight for Iowa, so I guess that ankle tweaking wasn't serious... Whew...

Why did Jeff DeVannon pinch hit with a man on first? Tony Clark? HELLO?

Was asking myself exactly the same question, Chad. Guess the only reason <i> might </i> be to keep him for later. Only had a guy on first. Wasn't like a hit was going to score the go-ahead run. Everybody else on the Arizona bench is left-handed.


or you could just depend of Mark Reynolds to hit a 3 run home run. Good strategy, skipper.

Boy, I miss John Hill a lot. That guy was the best.

3.5 back, yummy in my tummy

also only behind the Padres in the WC, we've caught (tied) the Braves as of today.

Screw you, Brewers. Enjoy your few remaining days atop the division.

Yep, got that game right back... sweet. I don't wish injury on anyone, but it would be okay with me if Sheets stayed injured until September 30th and then got better.

Interview w/Kendall on WSCR (.mp3):;contentId=872377 * Thought a change of scenery would be good. Feels rejuvinated. * Physically in good shape. Not much to it, a lot of blah blah, but so far I know squat about Jason Kendall so it was good to hear him talk.

From Stephen Colbert: "...Bonds was held out of a series with the Cubs this week with swollen ankles. You know what works great on swollen ankles? Steroids. Hey Bonds, why don't you rub your ankles on your head and see if that helps." The rest of the show was good tonight too.;oref=slogin This is a really solid article by Lee Jenkins great NY Times piece btw... the THT link is a fantastic review of the Brewers. I hope they do one on the Cubs.

Did you check this article out when you were reading the NYTimes, Adam? FARNSWORTH getting booed in New York

Farnsworth getting booed doesn't surprise me, because we fans hate knuckleheads who make the same mistake over and over again, and then act like it's not their fault

Please forgive some late night meandering Cubs thoughts as I have not posted of late: 1) Obviously the biggest fantasy out would be the one that either gives the Cubs the NL pennant or the World Series. But does anybody think about the second out of the 8th inning of a pennant-clinching game? Wouldn't that be quite the moment? 2) Cubs record = 49-44. .500 ball rest of the way = 84-78...not quite good enough, but likely in the race most of the way. At the current pace -- 86-76, closer... 3) Let's enjoy this...not too often Cubs are in a race this late...listened to Milwaukee game on the way home (XM) and screamed out loud at the AZ home run.

Cubs catchers were second worst in the league with a .208 average, 10 home runs and 40 RBIs in 337 at-bats. Take away Michael Barrett's numbers, and the other Cubs catchers are a combined .127 with one home run and 11 RBIs in 126 at-bats. -- Chicago Tribune

.127 with one home run and 11 RBI's? What are the fucking pitchers (yes, including Hill) hitting as a group? Holy shit! That's God-awful

Cubs pitchers batting .155 (29 for 187). I don't think this includes the few times Marquis or Z have, it doesn't. They're a combined 0 for 5 at pinch hitters. better than our non-Barrett catchers!

Hilarious! And those 11 ribs include K-Hill's 5 from yesterday alone? So the non-Barrett catchers have come up with 6 ribs total all year? That's just, wow, f'ing dreadful.

More homers from Cub pitching, too, right?

Soriano went 0-4 batting leadoff! He can't hit leadoff, move him to the number 4 spot!

Considering Kendall has 5 HRs in the last 4 years combined, we probably shouldn't be expecting the long ball from the catcher spot.

6 HRs actually. That extra one makes him a star.

Hitting stats for Cub catchers are tough enough without dredging up old numbers. K. Hill hit his second homer on 7/16, so your numbers go back to last weekend at least.

Saw that piece at THT yesterday, Rob. Very interesting. A little too sciencey and numbery for me, though. I find it awfully hard for Justin Inaz to look at those pitching "luck" and "surprise" numbers combined with the fact that almost their entire bullpen walks more than 3 per 9 and then with a straight face write that the Brewers will be fine.

Steve Stone always said that a sinkerballer (i.e. Zambrano) is more effective when he is a bit tired. I say, let the horse pitch nine. On another note, it was good to see Gallagher brimming with confidence in his post game interview, but I hope that he gets a big fine in kangaroo court for not fixing his hair. I realize it's not a beauty contest, but that was a bit scary.

VA Phil - just something I saw on Ben Maller yesterday attributed to the Tribune, not trying to spin the #'s

Wow, Rob Thanks for the link to that Brewers piece. I'm with you. A Cubs review would be a real treat.

Jake Fox called up from word on who is going down...Gallagher?

Wow... I would not have guessed that he would be getting a call... I would guess that this is just to get them through the next 4 games, while they are down a man. I am thinking they'll go with 11 pitchers, and have five on the bench... I would not be happy if I was Matt Murton....

Carter- I saw that too, it looked funny. Why not throw Eyre for a couple yesterday?

this is a perfect time to DFA Eyre!

From Maller's site... <i>Royals officials are also hoping to generate interest in veteran outfielder Reggie Sanders, who returned Monday from two-plus months on the disabled list. Sanders is concluding a two-year deal that also has about $2.1 million remaining. -- Kansas City Star</i> Lou wants a RH bench bat, someone here astutely suggested getting Sanders for the bench. Dotel is probably available, as well. The Sox are looking for bullpen help, but I think they'll pass on Dotel, since he's more of the rental-type. And let's face it, at this point the Sox aren't exactly buyers. <i>Rob G.:</i> <i>the THT link is a fantastic review of the Brewers. I hope they do one on the Cubs.</i> Hahhaha Gwynn Jr is "Lucky" with a sub .700 OPS. That amuses me for some reason.

<i>Dusty Baylor:</I> <i>Jake Fox called up from AA…no word on who is going down…Gallagher?</i> Strange. Isn't he a catcher? We seriously don't need 3 catchers again.

Rynox- While he's listed as a catcher, he's been playing mostly RF, LF, and 1B this season.

Fox? Seriously? Some interesting moves of late...

I think they took Zambrano out because: 1) They had a 9 run lead 2)Z took a hard grounder off of his pitching hand earlier 3) There's no sense in not resting Z, a high pitch count pitcher, whenever possible If they'd have left Z in, and he's have blown his shoulder out with a 9 run lead, Cub Land would have had a collective stroke.

I have to imagine this is just a temporary measure for the Lee suspension.

I hope this isn't a precursor to news of a more serious injury.

Geesh... that sounded paranoid. I take it back. Also, after reading the article (sigh...) it answered my questions.

Hmmm... Jake Fox. 71 K's, 17 BB's. Only a .328 OBP. And that is in AA. Sucks to be Cedeno and Murton, who are hitting better (or at least as well) at AAA than Fox is hitting at AA.

Still have to make an accompanying roster move, Borowski. As temporary as it may be, will Lou <i> really </i> go back to 11 pitchers? I thought Lou said something the other day that both Gallagher and Petrick were going to stay. Maybe I imagined that.

Yeah, Wes. I am guessing that that is what Lou is going to do. I think he is going to go back to 11 pitchers, until their off day next week, when Lee comes back from suspension, and Dempster is due back real soon, too...

Well you've got Murton at 311/394/538 at AAA and you've got Jake Fox at 284/327/504. But Jake can also play mutiple positions, which Murton cannot do.

Exactly... Murton is hitting (significantly) better at AAA than Fox is at AA. And Fox doesn't really need to play multiple positions. If Murton can play right, you have Floyd, Murton, and Ward in RF, and you still have Ward and DeRosa who can play 1b.

Maybe Lou has seen Murton, and would like to see what Fox has to offer. It's probably not a long term move....Murton is hitting well at Iowa though.

Gotta put Fox on the 40-man, too. Just got a call from somebody in Chicago who said they just caught the tale end of a Levine report on 1000 that Izzy's close to being traded. No more details for me to report there.

they'd probably have put Fox on the 40-man roster at the end of the year anyway, right? Probably?

Scouts have a pretty good book on Murt and it ain't pretty. By book, I don't just mean pitch selection, I mean spray charts and shading the outfielders to take away all of those gap doubles he hit in '05-'06. Fox is fresh, the scouts will have to get out their guns and pencils and Fox can beat on the ball for a little while. I'm cool with the move. There's nothing wrong with this move.

I would think that the precursor to the Izzy trade would be Cedeno being called up... I would not expect them to be calling up Fox in response to an Izzy trade...

Man... if an Izzy trade frees up a spot for Fox, Cedeno should be even more pissed.

Bruce Levine, AM 1000, is reporting that the Cubs 'could be close' to dealing Izturis. Whatever that means. This could be the corresponding roster move to Fox. Also, for all the Murton fans.......I don't think Lou likes the way Matt plays baseball. I'm not saying Fox or anyone else will be better, just that Matt doesn't play OF or run bases in the way Lou expects ML ballplayers to do. That's more an observation than definitive fact.

I think Murton's done in Chicago. I think he pissed Lou and others off by bitching about playing time at the players-only meeting right before the fight and stuff. I think he's our #1 trading chip right now, and he's a very good chip. This is, of course, idle speculation.

You know what Cedeno should be pissed about? Sucking when he was here before. If he didn't do that, he'd still be here.

Score now reporting the Izzy deal to an unnamed team with unnamed returns as well. So it's not just Levine running his mouth again.


Ummm... Jack Wilson? Isn't he the everyday SS?

Jack Wilson - I hope not, but I think we have already covered that. And I would think that Jack Wilson wouldn't be a PTBNL.

Our long, national nightmare is over.

Yeah, I heard he still hasn't washed his hands after "getting friendly" with ARam's nether regions... That was creeping some people out...

"No more details for me to report there." WES - Izzy deal for two dozen Titlests, and a $100 gift certificate to Golf Mart. Hendry was pumped. "You know what Cedeno should be pissed about? Sucking when he was here before. If he didn’t do that, he’d still be here." LOL! What is annoying about Cedeno is he plays amazing in Winter Ball and in the minors, but as soon as he gets to a MLB park - he forgets how to play - running the bases, playing the infield, or hitting. Other than that, he's awesome.

No, sorry, I wasn't clear enough. I mean why was PIT picking him up... I'm pretty sure Jack Wilson will plug up SS for all but 4 or 5 games at SS the rest of the year for the Bucs.

<i>Jace:</i> <i>Yeah, I heard he still hasn’t washed his hands after “getting friendly” with ARam’s nether regions… That was creeping some people out…</i> Yeah, Jason Bay reportedly "like, *really* excited about the deal".

Rynox... that is a good question - maybe they are planning using Izzy at 2b/SS/3b as a (not-so-)super-sub?

"Farnsworth getting booed doesn’t surprise me..." What's interesting about that article is that Torre and Guidry both commented on how they're trying to get the Farns to mix up his pitch selection, working in a slider every now and then, so hitters aren't just sitting on his fastball. Isn't that the same problem he had here? The guy's the real - life version of Nook Laloosh. "Sucking when he was here before. If he didn’t do that, he’d still be here." Glad someone said it - the guy must have stage fright, because his defense also goes to hell as soon as he's called up, albeit the occasional spectacular play. No hit and no field - what's not to like?

I'm thoroughly this the reported deal, a complete rumor, or what? I haven't heard any sources...

just caught it on the score...,CST-SPT-jay19.article Mariotti actually "fingers" (sorry, couldn't resist) Izturis for the dugout incident with ARam...

<i> He still is really young. And he has performed better than he ever has this year in AAA. Don't me wrong - I have serious questions about Cedeno's ability to play in the major leagues. But he has a lot of talent. And he will get another change to play in the bigs - whether with the Cubs or elsewhere.

Trib has the news - Turd to Pitt for bag of balls

Andy, Bruce Levine confirmed Izturis to PGH for a minor league PTBL. He projects Fox to stay up through the weekend covering Lee's suspension and then Cedeno and Dempster replacing Fox and Gallagher.

Izturis and cash for a PTBNL, according to this: Hopefully the addition of cash means we're getting a halfway decent prospect back, but I'll take most anything.

Here's the press release:;content_id=2095988&amp;vkey=pr_pit&amp;fext=.jsp&amp;c_id=pit

Cubs are eating 2/3 of Izzy's remaining salary - ESPN 1000

excellent! not the eating 2/3 of his salary part, but Pittsburgh wasn't going to shell anything out.

How does this move benefit PIT in the long-run? They're getting a craptacular veteran and giving up a prospect (even if he's also crappy). They arent in any sort of race this year, so if Izturis somehow actually helps them win a few games, it only hurts their draft position. The move doesn't help them at all next year either. I'm just really confused about why they would make this trade.

Fox will wear #9.

Maybe Pittsubugh has something lineup up for Wilson.

Par for the course, Doug. Dave Littlefield isn't the smartest lightbulb in the knifeblock or however that analogy goes.

What's Wilson's contract status? Maybe they're hoping to lock up Izturis to a longer deal after this season (god knows why, but this is the Pirates we're talking about).

Izturis '07 salary of $4.15 mil, Team Option for 2008 worth 5.85M. According to

Yea... I was wondering the same thing about how this would help Pitt. Maybe they think they are getting the "gold glove all-star" Cesar Izturis? Or maybe Dave Littlefield stopped watching baseball?

Okay, so now the guessing begins about who the PTBNL is... Why do they do this? Why do they mess around with this Player to be named later stuff??? Is it actually because they don't know who it is? or is there some other reason? Jason Delaney Looks like a good player... Dewon Brazelton...

It really is nice to see a player like Izturis traded because he's not needed and not being used, instead of having him traded because its the only way to get him out of the starting lineup.

I don't care how many Gold Gloves Izturis won, if I'm the Pirates, I don't move Jack Wilson. The guy is a f*ing wizard. Probably like AZ Phil said, Izzy plays 2B while Sanchez plays 3B.

<i>It really is nice to see a player like Izturis traded because he’s not needed and not being used, instead of having him traded because its the only way to get him out of the starting lineup.</i> lol... This "post of the day" brought to you by Bleeding Blue!

Jared Keel looks like a good one...;pos=&amp;sid=milb&amp;t=p_pbp&amp;pid=501831

The Mariotti article above mentions letting Z go just like Maddux years ago. I keep trying to block that from my memory but then it's brought up again like ripping the scab off an old wound. If Z walks this year due to Trib bungling I may be done with baseball...

anyone know where bobby hill is?

If Kerry Wood and Carlos Zambrano were having a debate, Wood would say 'You are no Greg Maddux' and he'd be correct.

My recollection from ST is that Fox crushes the ball to straightaway center, so tell the guy sitting in the scoreboard not to stick his head out too far. Fox has 18 HRs and 60 RBI, more of either than Aramis. I guess he'll play first against lefties while Lee is out. Who's pitching for Ariz? Hopefully Fox will also play a little right field, where we've had an ongoing power shortage, even with Jones out of the equation. Fox has 18 HRs in 359 ABs, or one every 20 ABs. DeRosa, Floyd and Pagan combined have 15 HRs in 565 ABs, or one every 37.6 ABs.

I read that Mariotti (who I absolutely loathe) article, as well. I didn't like even the idea of losing Z. Don't you think it's funny that the other owners have such a huge say in who gets to own the Cubs? It's almost like letting the UN choose our next president. I think a fan vote would be more appropriate. More democratic that way.

If Fox has 10 HR's in his first 200 AB's I will eat my running sock.

Neal said: <i>If Fox has 10 HR’s in his first 200 AB’s I will eat my running sock.</i> Well, that's true, a homer in 20 at bats in AA doesn't translate to the same thing in the majors. I've been a little disappointed in Fox's season, considering how well it started. On the other hand, maybe he's due to get hot. I know this: Fox made a big impression on Piniella in spring training when he got something like two doubles and two HRs in his first five at bats. I'm sure that's on Lou's mind when he decides between Fox and Murton. Maybe Fox will do the same thing this weekend. All he needed was the big stage with Piniella watching him!

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