Cedeno Gets Recalled

The Chicago Tribune's Dave Van Dyck is reporting that the Cubs have recalled Ronny Cedeno from AAA Iowa. Although it is not clear yet whether Jake Fox or Scott Moore will be the one to be sent to the minors to make room for Cedeno, DVD speculates that with Cliff Floyd back in the lineup and Derrek Lee returning from his five-game suspension, it will be Fox. Cedeno was named Pacific Coast League Player of the Month in June, as he went 446/509/782 in 25 games, with 8 HR and 20 RBI, 8 doubles, a 12/10 BB/K ratio, and four SB (0 CS), before coming back to Earth in July, hitting a more-pedestrian 294/318/341 with just one HR and a 3/15 BB/K ratio in 20 games. Cedeno had a strong Spring Training in Mesa (hitting 328/427/516 while tying for the team lead in walks) and made the Cubs 2007 Opening Day 25-man roster, but he hit just .097 (3-31) with two HR and four RBI and a 1/8 BB/K ratio in 32 PA--along with a couple of baserunning gaffes--before being optioned to AAA on May 5th. Manager Lou Piniella has expessed a desire to rotate his lineup to keep his players fresh during the "Dog Days" of the season, and with the Cubs scheduled to play the next twenty days in a row, the "Dog Days" have indeed arrived. Adding a second SS (Cedeno) will give Uncle Lou a chance to rest Ryan Theriot whenever he feels it's needed, although The Riot will likely continue to get the lion's share of the playing time at shortstop. Cedeno will be out of minor league options next season, so the Cubs will need to determine if Cedeno has a role with the club in 2008 as a utllity middle-infielder, or if he would have more value as a trading chip.


Wouldn't it make more sense to keep Fox around, a righty off the bench, and who could play RF if Uncle Cliffy continues to threaten to get injured every time he runs the bases or plays in the field?

I've driven to Des Moines and caught six Iowa Cub games since Cedeno was sent down. He has looked really sharp in all of them. Glad to see he is getting another chance. I am convinced Cedeno will have a very good major league career, if not in Chicago perhaps somewhere else.

Let's make no mistake...Cliff Floyd has the best #'s of those dregs who have played RF for the Cubs, but his .291/.361/.394 isn't exactly setting the world on fire. 4 HR and 31 RBI's....meh.
He's behind such luminaries as Geoff Jenkins, Randy Winn, Austin Kearns, Ryan Church, Juan Encarnacion, Josh Hamilton,...Hell, Jeremy Hermida and Ryan spilborghs are right there...barely ahead of Kevin Mench.

I'll say this...he is .382/.477/.618 with RISP. That is outstanding. I guess the question is, can he stay healthy enough to make a difference?

According to ESPN 1000 this am, it is Moore getting the bus ticket out of Chi.

Was his June so amazing that it became "...a July to remember"?

trading chip?
Cedeno=cow chip

He often comes out fast, then flops flat and lays there the rest of the season drawing flies.

Minor League .262 .313 .372 .685
Major League .252 .283 .344 .627

It's another cool piece of Cubs trivia: Cedeno has the best July batting average in June.

"trading chip?
Cedeno=cow chip"

LOL! Good cwtp!

I was really down on the young Cedeno finally, after giving him the "die-hard fan's chance" again and again.

His baseball IQ is -11.

But - man - he has also made just enough mirage spectacular plays to make me think, "Well, he is STILL really young. Maybe ONE last chance. But, I mean it!"

So - we'll soon see what the deal is I guess.

CWTP... A world-class analogy, complete with a vivid visual... Not a pleasant visual, but a vivd one... Thank you for the chuckle... I am hoping that you are wrong about Cedeno, though.

Hopefully it will be two starts and three double switches a week for Cedeno. He has the physical tools to be an exceptional major leaguer - if the Cubs can just get him going some how. The moment he gets out of the Taxi he's the best 2nd basemen and SS on the roster.

Henry Blanco continued his rehab stint at Peoria last night, going 1-2 with a double and run scored while catching the first five innings. In three games and seven PA, Blanco is 3-6 with a double and three RBI, one BB and one K.

Blanco will very likely be catching Kerry Wood this week as KW's rehab assignment moves to Peoria. Woody is expected to throw one inning each tonight, tomorrow night, and Friday night at Peoria.


Off topic: I'm hitting Shea and Yankee Stadium next week. Anyone been there? Any advice what/what not to do? What are the neighborhoods like?

Should I avoid wearing a Cubs cap to either of them?

Should I avoid wearing a Cubs cap to either of them?

I dont take my cap off for ANYONE!!!

Heh - let's imagine for a moment I'm fairly meek and non-confrontational.

I've been to Shea, and I would just suggest that you NOT linger around the ballpark. The park is a dump, and the neighborhood is worse. It reminds me of the neighborhood around the old Tigers stadium...

Bring your wife!!! She can protect you. haha

Off topic: I’m hitting Shea and Yankee Stadium next week. Anyone been there? Any advice what/what not to do?

If you are going to take pictures of Jose Reyes, use high-speed film.

You'll be alright in your Cubs hat. Don't really hang around by either of those parks after the game is over.

I've seen lots of immature gifted players come to the majors and flop. Some of them go back down, get their act together and become excellent major leaguers. I think the chances are good that Cedeno will be a success in the future. I hope so.

I wouldn't wear a Cubs cap at either park unless you enjoy some good natured ribbing.

I agree with everyone else. You are safe during the games but don't hang around long after the games are over at either park.

What Ronnie Cedeno brings...

1. that deer in a headlight look
2. an occaisional HR (Izzy can't say that)
3. a Dusty Baker autographed second baseman's glove

Good natured ribbing, I can take. I doubt there's much anti-Cub animosity in either fan base right now anyway...

Plus, the Yanks are playing the White Sox, so that might earn me some points.

Thanks for the info.

Brick--Wear the hat...been there many times, and like 99.99999% of all ballparks and fans they'll rib you, but you'll be safe. Besides, you won't be the only one wearing a Cubs hat.

Now, if you took the sand out of your vagina and wore a shirt that read " Reyes sucks", on a logoed Cubs shirt, I might be a little concerned.


Take a sign to NYY that says, "I'm Here to Take A-Rod Home"

Rynox: HA. Anyone have access to a silkscreening facility?

Brick - I have been to both ball parks a number of times. Shea Stadium is fine - hell its in Flushing -Queens - If you are staying in Manhattan I would take the train it drops you of right at the ball park. In terms of Yankee Stadium now thats one bad ass area that you should not venture much farther than the parking garage area and the park. Personally, I think both parks are garbage - Yankee Stadium for all its history shows very little charm except for the outfield area. They destroyed YS back when they renovated the place back in the 70s. As for the Cubs cap - any rivarly and hatred with the Mets is long gone. Just avoid a BoSox cap in Yankee Stadium and you will be fine.

1. CUBS +52
2. SD +50
3. LAD +43
4, MIL +37
5. NYM +32
6. PHI +25
7. ATL +17
8. COL -3
9. SF -11
10. FLA -15
11. AZ -35
12. CIN -49
13. HOU -62
14. STL -78
15, PIT -79
16. WAS -104


1. NYY +114
2. BOS +113
3. DET +102
4. CLEV +56
5. MIN +50
6. LAA +39
7T. TOR +11
7T. OAK +11
9. SEA +3
10. BAL -2
11. KC -32
12. TEX -44
13. CHW -85
14. TB -150

AZ Phil said: Henry Blanco continued his rehab stint at Peoria last night, going 1-2 with a double . . .

Blanco's hitting is less an issue than his throwing. We know he can't hit. All I know is what I read in the box score, but one guy stole a base on him and no one was caught stealing.

Of course, you can't read too much into that.

I don't know what we're supposed to do with Blanco. If he replaces Hill, you lose your lefty-hitting catcher. If he replaces Fox, you lose a power bat.

Blanco is one of three or four veteran anvils that the Cubs are dragging around right now. At least he's on the DL, for the moment.

Blanco is one of three or four veteran anvils that the Cubs are dragging around right now.

Not so sure about that. Blanco is easily the best defensive catcher that the Cubs have.

And you are right, you can't read anything into one stolen base. It could have easily been stolen off of the pitcher. It could have been a poor play by the 2b/SS. It means little.

Blanco has value to this team as a defensive catcher. While he is overpaid, he is far from an "anvil."

Looking at the heading in another way, without a hyphen after the re - in "recalled"

Is this a factory defect?

What's more, guys, is that, given what I have seen so far of our other "options" at catcher, Blanco is at least as good as the other offensively, while being by far the best defensive option. I am hoping that Kendall can somehow snap back to close to his past offensive production, but who knows...

Dave, I already said it doesn't mean much. Thanks for saying it again four times.

Dave, I already said it doesn’t mean much. Thanks for saying it again four times.

I didn't say anything in that comment four times.

But you are welcome anyway.

(Speaking of anvils.)

1. And you are right, you can’t read anything into one stolen base.

2. It could have easily been stolen off of the pitcher.

3. It could have been a poor play by the 2b/SS.

4. It means little.

Looks like PNC might be moving if the Pirates don't shape up...

(Speaking of anvils.)

Name calling is cool.

Take the train to both Shea and "The Stadium" as New Yorkers call it. I assume you'll be staying in Manhattan if you're visiting the city and it's really easy to get to both places - although the 7 train to Shea (the one John Rocker made famous) stops as often as Chicago's interminable Red Line on its local runs.

I agree, get away from Yankee Stadium fast. There are a couple of bars nearby by with Manhattan only a train ride away, why linger in a hellhole? Except for the the U.S. Open Tennis complex on the other side of the tracks, there's nothing much around Shea.

Both parks are dumps with tons of bad seats in the massive upper decks. I've seen the Cubs play in both and worn a Cub hat each time without more than good-natured ribbing. With the Cubs not even playing I can't imagine you having a problem.

The Cubs are treated like a loveable goofy fuck-up brother by fans on the east coast.

lol, nice one, Jace. You have to love The Onion. Anyone catch the one about Littlefield before ST this year?


We need a Hank & Wood REHAB - O - METER

If you go to YS don't sit in the bleachers. You can't tour the Legends Field area if you do. Worst mistake I made when I went there.

However, sitting out there when they start to chant the fielders' names is pretty cool. You can tell it's loud on TV but it's even better in person. I was with two guys who don't really follow baseball and both had no idea it was coming - totally hilarious.

Yeah, that's a winner, Rynox. I laughed as hard this time as the first time I saw it. Is it just me, or is the Onion Sports now the only consistently funny part of the The Onion?

As long as we're praising Onion Sports, this may be my all-time favorite:



I go to Dodger stadium all the time and see people wearing a variety of caps of teams that are not playing that day. Why? Either represent a team that is playing, or none at all. I don't wear my Cubs gear when I see the Dodgers play the Mets. But when the Cubs are in town, I put on the jersey.

Henry Blanco has struggled big-time offensively April-May the last three years, hitting .129 (16-125) Apr-May 2005-07, but in both 2005 and 2006 he got hot in June or July and continued to hit though to the end of the season each time, hitting .301 (94-313) June-Oct 2005-06. If he's 100% (or close to 100%) physically, hopefully he will do it again this year.

AZ-Phil - Good info.. I can't help but feel a little dismayed that we are actually looking to Hank White as an offensive contributor, but it appears as likely as anything else at this point...

Goor read over @ espn.... Piniella's flexibility has been key to the turnaround

1 point i didnt realize "Piniella's current roster has 10 players who were not in Cincinnati on Opening Day"


Fans at Yankee Stadium tend to be a lot rowdier than fans at Shea. At Yankee Stadium, fights in the stands, beer throwing and general unrest are a nightly occurence, especially if the Yanks are losing (and worse if they get behind early).

The Shea crowd tends to be a lot more restrained, as it usually more "suburban" in nature.

Have fun at both places, but be careful.

Why not just wear the hat of the team you support?

C'mon Chad....I wear my Cubs hat proudly, no matter who is playing, no matter which league, no matter what sport I am watching.
Ease up on the caffeine?

Wow... up until July 21st, Juan Pierre had a higher slugging % than Nomar Garciaparra.

I just don't get why anyone would wear a Cubs hat to to Yankee game if the Cubs aren't playing. You intentionally say that, "I am not like you! I am a Cub fan!!! I don't root for your team!" Why not just go a be a Yankee fan for the day. You know, root, root, root for the home team? It's fun to immerse yourself in another baseball culture for a little while and live amongst others. Seeing how the other half live.

I'm telling you, go and pretend your a Yankee fan for a day. You might enjoy the experience. AND NO, it's not the same as if you are wearing Cubs gear.

It's akin to visiting a foreign country and eating at McDonalds.

Pretend to be a Yankee fan?

Thats like a straight guy going to a gay bar? We aint going there

It’s akin to visiting a foreign country and eating at McDonalds.
I like that analogy but with a slight variation...

It's more akin to visiting a foreign country and wearing a hat with a golden arches logo...at best people look at you are odd, on the other end, you're a pickpocket's target.

Thats like a straight guy going to a gay bar? We aint going there

I guess if you really like techno *shrugs*

Cubster, I like your thought but that is a different angle. Yes by wearing a Cub hat you become a target. By wearing no hat you blend in. But what I am advocating is actually trying to blend in with the natives and to become one of them. By wearing a Cub hat, you are saying quite the opposite. I really think it's lame to do that.

It's not like I'm asking you to root for the Cardinals!

CHAD: "I go to Dodger stadium all the time.."

So do you make it by the 7th inning, or leave in the 6th - so you can beat the traffic! HA!

Nothing worse than going to, or getting out of, Dodger's Stadium. Or for that matter, wathing the lethargic "baseball fans".

I WANT COLLETTI ( I think...)


I don't know about that. I went to a Blue Jays game and a Tigers game over the weekend, wore my Cubs cap, and rooted for the respective home teams. I got to be a Tigers fan for a day - no matter what I was wearing on my head - without trying to actually pass for one.

I don't see the point of pretending to be a fan of another team. Because of family etc. I have a soft spot for Philadelphia sports teams but even when I go to a game there and cheer them it feels like I'm acting. I find it a hollow experience.

Rosenthal has a piece on ATL going after Garland and Texiera:


notes that those Garland for Renteria talks died, though I think he leaves open the possibility of a simlar deal with another team. If I were Daniels I think I would offer Schuerholtz Tex and Millwood for Renteria, Hampton, Salty, James, and their choice Davies or Carysle. Taking Renteria and Hampton off their books might be the best way to get Salty and 2 good young starters from them.

E-Man, I know the secret to Dodger's stadium and I get out in less than 10 minutes every time. And unless it's a blowout, I stay until it's over.

Brick, you did not get to be Tiger fan for the day at all. You were a Cub fan and showed it.

Yes, tbone, it is a hollow feeling cause it's not your team. But, you are not turning your back on your team, its just a different experience.

But what I am advocating is actually trying to blend in with the natives and to become one of them....

things to do:

Visit Peru, eat cocoa leaves
Visit Amsterdam, pretend you're not red-green colorblind
Visit Katmandu, see the ball, be the ball...

I know the secret to Dodger’s stadium and I get out in less than 10 minutes every time. And unless it’s a blowout, I stay until it’s over.

That IS the secret. Stay for the entire game, and no one is there to get in your way.

But in reality, I never really had a problem getting in and out of Dodger stadium. Put it this way - I would rather drive to Dodger Stadium than Wrigley.

Cedeno has earned a return trip to the Big Club, but not to sit on the bench.

Is the goal really to keep Theriot as the starting SS?

Am I missing something?

Cedeno has earned a return trip to the Big Club, but not to sit on the bench.

Did I miss something? Where was it said that Cedeno would not sit on the bench?

Hmm...I had the chicken leg-cup of corn combo at the McDonald's in Shanhai.

It was kinda tasty....

So taking off that cap would have made me a real Tigers fan for those few hours?

I guess I've just been exposed for the Tigers fan poser I am. Well, was.

Is it bad if that is the goal, CT Steve?

no surprise, but Craig Biggio will retire after this season


why wait till the end of the season? Surprised he didn't do it Mr. 3000 style.

hey Dusty - that was not chicken!

Lol...it sure tasted like chicken....

It was much better than the Ketchup-Pork flavored Pringles they had me try...ugh.

" I would rather drive to Dodger Stadium than Wrigley."

But could a professional driver get to Wrigley Stadium?

Re 67, no. But you could have looked the part and not looked like a tourist.

Hmmm...I have a friend who was born and raised a Cardinal fan.
He has lived in Chicgo for 8 years. He wears his Cardinals hat to Cub games.
This makes him a tourist?

Scot Gregor floats a Dye to the Cubs rumor in this morning's Daily Herald.


I was lurking at that other blog and there is a guy there who claims to know a guy who claims that Adam Dunn is on his way to chicago.

I don't believe it myself. I can post the link if it's ok with the management.

yeah I just read it, whatever. Believe it when I see it.

Dye or Dunn?


I mean...Dye?

Dunn in RF = Calamity.

#74 NO, it makes him a freaking douche bag. For real. Unless the Cards are in town you do not, under any circumstances, wear the #1 rivals colors.

You don't wear a B Sox hat in Yankee Stadium, you don't wear a Giants hat in Chavez Ravine and you don't wear a Cardinal hat in Wrigley. I also advise not doing the following things:

Spit into the wind
Pull off the mask of the Lone Ranger
Pull on Superman's cape
Mess with Jim

on the other hand, Teixeira sounds very available. Anyone think he could handle RF?

If you re-read that article Wes, he's not floating any rumors. He's contrasting Williams statement of

"“Nothing new to report,’’ Williams said. “It will be the same for the rest of the week. Until something happens, I have nothing more to add. There’s so much stuff that’s flying around this week.

“It’s business as usual. It’s not as usual, because usually we’re trying to add a piece for a championship-type run, but we’re approaching it the same.’’"

with all the trade rumors out there.

Well, that rumour doesn't seem to be very strong or anything. And god I hope not because a .292 OBP is very bad.

tiex in RF...interesting.

not seen him throw in a long time, but he did have an above average arm not long ago. dunno how his ball tracking skills are, though. a guy like ryan klesko also has an arm that could let him play RF if he wanted to, but he's really sketchy running after popups in the IF as it is.

interesting thought, though...

Rob, he has played some RF in the bigs. He seems like a pretty good athlete. I'd would give it a try.

Ah-ha. I suppose that's at least 50% my fault.

I read that "Depending on whom you believe, Williams is on the verge of trading Dye to the Los Angeles Angels. Or the Cubs. " quote somewhere else and just copied and pasted the link.

I have brought great shame upon the family.

You must now fall on your sword, Wes. But don't do it while wearing a Cubs hat.

"And god I hope not because a .292 OBP is very bad."

Poor baby. I hate when they get thrown out with the bathwater.

Is that the only stat you can see?

And IMO, Jermaine Dye is the perfect right handed PH, spot starter and right handed platoon mate in right field.

Dye's been hitting since the break though and always thought he was a solid defender. His splits this year aren't too bad vs lefties and his career numbers vs lefties are pretty good.

that being said, he sounds like he's not coming cheap and he should be cheap.

Um, Dye has a .232 BA also. He has been very bad hitting. Better against lefties then righties, but bad all around.

Williams can only ask a lot cause there are probably a lot of suitors.

I don't buy that Dunn stuff for a second.

Wayne Krivsky is an idiot, but even he wouldn't tell one of his players that he's 'probably being traded to Team X in the next couple of days.' It doesn't work like that.

And that's the thing Rob. Dye might have some value, but what are we giving up? Are we going to further cripple ourselves for years to come for an average or worse bat when Murton, for example, has been hitting far better?

Is that the only stat you can see?

Come on Chad... you know better.

It is not the only stat that we see. But a .292 OBP is pathetic. It is very difficult to make up for such a lousy OBP.

But if you want to look at other numbers, we can do that too.

Jermain Dye has not has one month this year with a BA over .252. His monthly OBP are .315/.291/.243/.311. His monthly SLUG are .442/.466/.328/.537.

So basically he has been bad all year, and he somehow found some power this month while the rest of his numbers have been stagnant.


last year he went: .315 .385 .622
his career is: .274 .337 .483

He had a bad first half. He'll get better. Here's the best part, as his numbers get closer to career averages that will mean he's hitting real well. This is a good time to get a guy.

He’ll get better.

And you know this how?

The first half of a season is not exactly a small sample size.

And sure... you can give last year's numbers, but those are also quite far from his career line of .274/.337/.483. His career numbers are decent, but nothing special.

Ha... I guess I should read your posts more carefully. You already gave his career line. Oops.

oh, his 16 home runs would be tied for team lead.

Guys there is far more beyond a baseball player that the stat/stat/stat. OPEN YOUR EYES!

Jayson Stark (ESPN) wrote this about MARK TEIXERA in 2001:

"Scouting report: "The kind of guy who could contend for a batting title and contend for a home-run title. The real deal. ... Switch-hitter. Better from the left side. But he could hit 40 home runs a year just hitting left-handed. ... Defensively, you can play him at third base, but he's no Scott Rolen. Can't play the outfield, so your options are one of the corners -- third or first. ... Real close to the big leagues. Just give him time to adjust to the wood bad, get a feel for the pro game and let him fly."

As mentioned earlier, Teix has played OF(RF) in the majors. 18 games. 1.000 FPCT.

I do wonder what the Rangers are expecting for Teixiera?

Salty for Tex was rumored but Braves don't want to pay that price. Angels are intersted and could load up their farm system but I bet the Rangers would prefer to deal him out of the division. Giants could be in the running but unless Cain or Lincecum is involved, who would the Rangers want?

and remember Tex is under contract through next year and a guaranteed Type A free agent (assuming no major injury):

they're probably set on middle infielders as Yunel Escobar wasn't of much interest.

Pie, Wuertz and Gallagher
Murton, Marmol and a better starter
Rich Hill and Colvin
Colvin, Wuertz, Marmol?

kind of random pairings but he's certainly not coming on the cheap. Veal's status has dropped considerably this year I would guess.

Are we really back to the home run argument?

Home runs are nice - but a player who hits home runs and nothing else (which is basically been what Dye has been this year) isn't that helpful to a team.

And you know this how?

This is why I always say using stats alone is a slippery slope.

A better question to ask is... what's wrong with Dye? Why isn't he hitting like he did last year? Is his swing consistent? Keeping his hands back, keeping the bat up, not rolling over? What are his numbers the past month?

This is why I always say using stats alone is a slippery slope.

I don't disagree with you at all. Stats are a great tool to show how a player has performed, but they don't often show "why" a person has performed.

We have no idea if Dye will bounce back to his career numbers. We do know that he has been pretty lousy this year though.

dave, its 100% helpful to a team. It's aggregate baseball. Which, BTW, is a huge Billy Beane principal (the only one I agree with him on). Not every player needs to be Sabredream to help a team out. You get certain guys for certain reasons. And if Jermaine Dye can brink home runs, that's what we need. AND if he's our right handed PH late in games, that's what we want out of him, home runs.

Home runs are not the end all be all but they are important. And help the team immensely. It is not a recipe for instant wins but it will help your run total and help you win games.

A good example is a couple months ago when I suggest the Cub's go get Abreu at the beginning of June when his value was at his lowest and the Yanks were somewhat desperate:

April .253/.360/.308
May .208/.267/.274

He still has a high OBP, but he has completely lost his power. And he is WAY overpriced. I would never trade Z for Abreu.

June .290/.408/.470
July .370/.392/.616

"270/330 with 25-30 hr power is what I would expect from him"

This would be a great addition to this team.

Great would be Teixeira...Dye would be pretty good...

Rynox... good point. Though I was not basing his power numbers only on this year. Abreu's power had been down for two years.

Since July 1, 2005 to today his SLUG is only .430.

Dye's alright and if the price is reasonable say Ronny Cedeno and maybe Wuertz (which seems a little expensive to me), then maybe. Dye though would be here as an everyday player I'm sure.

I wish the Twins or Phils would tank it this week so Rowand or Hunter would be available. We need a CF with pop more than a RF'er imo.

AND if he’s our right handed PH late in games, that’s what we want out of him, home runs.

Sure... I don't disagree with this.

But to think that Dye is going to come and be a PH is pretty silly. You don't trade for a guy like Dye and put him on the bench. That simply doesn't happen.

If it weren't such a seller's market for trades this season, Dye would come relatively cheaply. His contract is up and his lackluster performance this year probably means that he might not qualify as a Type A free agent at the end of this year for the White Sox. His pro-rata salary for the rest of the year would be about $2.6M.

In a normal trade environment, trading for Dye would be like the Cardinals trading for Larry Walker in 2004--we'll pay his salary and give you a couple low-level prospects. But this isn't a normal trade environment, at least not yet.

I read somewhere in the last 2-3 days that the four teams hottest for Teix are LAD, ATL, BOS and LAA. It said the Yankees had recently backed out of talks because they wouldn't deal Hughes or some other high pitching prospect. Can't remember where I read it though, sorry.

dave, my plan is that Dye is the right handed bat in the plattoon. He wouldn't be RH Daryle Ward, we would expect him to play more often.

yeah, read that too WPZ, Tex doesn't really seem to be anywhere near the Cubs at the moment and I was just speculating if he should be and the cost.

If we're going to cough up good players, I'd rather have someone that'll be here longer than a year although I think Tribco would prefer guys leaving after this season.

My bet is Atlanta or Boston gets Teixeira. Colletti isn't a big Boras fan and the Angels would have to blow everyone away to get the Rangers to deal with them...imo.

FWIW, Arod could totally make it through waivers and be a post 7/31 pickup. No one would want to grab him and risk being on the hook for his money or just seeing him walk away.

I'll go out on a limb that wherever Dye gets moved too, he's playing 90-100% of the time.

FWIW, Arod could totally make it through waivers and be a post 7/31 pickup. No one would want to grab him and risk being on the hook for his money or just seeing him walk away

I'm going to disagree on that one.

If he opts out, you get a draft pick without giving up anything. Second, the Yanks WOULD NEVER, NEVER, EVER let Arod go just to dump his salary.


not to insult cancer survivors, but how come everytime I see a recent pic of Kerry Wood it looks like he's gone through 6 months worth of chemotherapy?

Yeah, Rob. It's beacuse of all that weight he lost in the offseason... He looks totally emaciated, because he's never been this skinny... It's a shock to me every time I see one of those...

Rob G.: How about EPat for Dye? Kenny Williams needs a 2B as much as anything else, since Iguchi is a FA at the end of the season and we do appear to have some depth at that position.

I can't see including Wuertz in a deal, due to the lack of an adequate in-house replacement.

so anyone want to bet that Donaghy names some NBA'ers throwing games when it's all said and done?

poor, poor NBA....

honestly...its not a very sexy move, but i could just wait for murton.

come sept. he's gonna be outta a place to play unless iowa makes the playoffs. if not traded by then he'd not have much of an excuse (or the parent club wouldnt, rather) to not come up to the bigs.

its still like 5+ weeks away, but heck...compared to what's out there bringing up murton now instead of trading for a guy (unless its on the cheap) seems a bit of an unnecessary gamble of resources.

there is overrun, though...cedeno has to have a roster spot next year. there's a surplus of lefty starting pitching on the club. wuertz is still a very interesting, but expendable mid/high-end pen youngster. none of that is an immediate concern til offseason, though.


I kind of like E-pat, but that's probably a fair deal. I think I'd rather trade Fontenot and Cedeno.

I know, how dare I speak of Godenot like that...

or what crunch said....

hell, any manager that would seriously and repeatedly play floyd in RF surely cant have an issue with what murton might do there. neither belong there, but if that's what the team's got...its what it got.

That's the thing, Murton is probably going to hit better then Dye right now, and what we need is a bat, right? At the very least, it'll be a wash, and it seems pretty silly to give up anything of value to bring in someone when we have someone in the minors at least doing equally well.

In other words, you only trade for someone if they are clearly better then whatever you have on your team, and Dye isn't that.

I want to watch Cubs tonight =(

I really hate the non-WGN games.


Cubs with the 3rd highest add-on fees for their tickets. WSox sure have some balls, their 2nd.

Re NBA and Donaghy (Rob G's post above), I find it amazing that this is not receiving wall-to-wall/Jon Benet/OJ coverage in both the sports and standard wired media. David Stern must privately be jumping for joy that Bonds is about to tie and break the HR record and the Tour d'France is gyrating through Europe, because soon the front page will return to steroid controversies...But steroids is a gnat compared to an official betting on and potentially affecting point spreads in games he is officiating! Not even close. Today on a radio show I heard folks opining that a ref point-shaving or point-embellishing in an NBA was not a big deal "because it didn't affect which team won or lost, just by how much." But where's the debate on whether we gonna asterisk Kobe's 50+ ppg streak last season because we now have reason to think he might have gotten a few favorable touch fouls blown his way?

End of rant. I wouldn't want to trade EPatt for 1/3 a season of Dye. I just don't see Dye as an important player for the team going-forward. Fontenot's value may never be higher but I suspect we would have to part with a pitching prospect as well. Nady would be just as good and cheaper, and isn't it about time we ripped off Pittsburgh again?

Rob G-

I doubt a highly paid NBA player, which is who you would need to shave points(a starter), would risk for the few extra bucks.

Now more referees, that I can see. These were the guys exchaging first class tix for coach to get the money.

Way out there thought of the day-
Think George Bush will get in bidding for Cubs?

yeah and Jordan never gambled...

I don't think being rich precludes one from a gambling addiction. But even a bench guy getting named would be disastrous.

It's going to get a lot uglier imo...

"so anyone want to bet that Donaghy names some NBA’ers throwing games when it’s all said and done?"


I think it will be other refs and not players. Players are risking too much money to do that.

I agree with Rob, it could get very ugly in the NBA very quickly.

The problem with an NBA player would not be him doing it to "win a bet". It would be because his other gambling activities might make him vulnerable and subject to blackmail by "illegal gambling interests." Let's just say a player drops six figures at (oh) a dog fight and there is a disagreement of sorts and the "gambling interest" says he will keep his mouth shut about the dog fighting, "Provided you don't beat Portland by 10."

That stuff if of course impossible to keep totally out of any sport. IMO, though, a ref or an umpire cheating is far worse than any player cheating. Maybe I'm unrealistic in thinking this, but an official is supposed to be neutral, they are part of the playing field, they define the sport in the same way that 60 feet 6 inches defines the pitching mound.

"yeah and Jordan never gambled"

If you know anything about Michael Jordan, he's probably the most ultra competitive athlete and would go all out to win.

He would be the last person on Earth to throw a game. He gambles on himself to succeed.

12th guy on the bench has little if any impact on a game.

The Whitesox need a SS worse than a 2B. They made a trade last month with the D-Backs for a 2B prospect and you can always find 2B for cheap in free agency. I think Cedeno and Cherry is a fair deal for everyone.

"I think it will be other refs and not players. Players are risking too much money to do that."

Just like an NFL superstar would never bet on dog fighting because he would be risking too much.

"If he opts out, you get a draft pick without giving up anything. Second, the Yanks WOULD NEVER, NEVER, EVER let Arod go just to dump his salary."

Rob! The Yanks wouldn't let him walk. I'm talking waiver wire trade. C'mon now!

And Matt Murton would not out hit Jermaine Dye for the rest of the year. Especially in SLG, homers and RBIs. I don't think you guys fully understand what this team lacks.

"not to insult cancer survivors, but how come everytime I see a recent pic of Kerry Wood it looks like he’s gone through 6 months worth of chemotherapy?"


You could say the same thing about Kendall.

Plus Dye has a very solid Grade B arm, unlike the other outfielders on this roster not named Soriano.

And forget steroids. Just too much working out and muscle could be one of the biggest problems for Wood's joints. Perhaps by slimming down, there will be less pressure on his joints.

I full believe that human bodies can produce so much muscle (legitimately) that it puts too much pressure on the joints/tendons/ligaments and causes so many arm injuries.

If we only had a doctor around who might now about this stuff...

The Cubs would do well to make a trade that also will help them with their 40-man roster decisions they need to make the end of the season. Some guys like Cherry, Cotts, Dopirak and Coats need to be moved up or out to make space for Carmen Pignatiello, Micah Hoffpauir, Jerry Blevins. I would not be surprised to see Angel Guzman moved as part of a deal also.

I believe Vick did not think it was big deal, if you asked him to throw a football game I doubt he would.

Players do drugs, drink and drive and have affairs, I don't think it would put them in the league of game fixers.

DC Tom,

Blevins cant be added to our 40-man roster because he is in the Oakland organization.

Jerry Blevins

Jerry Blevins is not on the Cubs anymore. He was traded to Oakland in the Kendall deal.

If you know anything about Michael Jordan, he’s probably the most ultra competitive athlete and would go all out to win.

He would be the last person on Earth to throw a game. He gambles on himself to succeed.

yeah, think I know a thing or two about Jordan and of course I wasn't accusing him of throwing a game. Just saying high salary does not keep you from gambling or making stupid decisions that might affect your high salary.

Rob! The Yanks wouldn’t let him walk. I’m talking waiver wire trade. C’mon now!

But you did say no one would risk taking a waiver claim on him. And I say, yes they would because they know the Yanks would never just let him walk. So there's no real risk in blocking a post July 31st trade since you know the Yanks wouldn't let that happen.

On the other hand, Griffey Jr and the Reds I wouldn't be surprised at all if they tried to stick that salary on someone else if they tried to claim him through waivers.

I would not be surprised to see Angel Guzman moved as part of a deal also.
Angel Guzman (surprise) is injured with a pinched ulnar nerve on the inside/medial aspect of his elbow. He's not going to be included in any trade at this point.

Players do drugs, drink and drive and have affairs, I don’t think it would put them in the league of game fixers.

You are right.. players who do drugs, drink and drive, have affair, (and train and torture dogs to fight) are worse than players who fix games.

thats not what I meant, they are all scummy things.

jacos... sure, but you seem to be saying (tell me if I am wrong) that players may do all those scummy things, but they would never fix a game. and I don't buy that.

AH! I see your point now. I thought it was two separate but connected ideas. I didn't read it as one.

HOWEVER! The low man on the totem can claim him THEN work a trade, no? This way a team that was in say, last in the playoff standings, but having playoff aspirations, could still get him, no?

Commissioner Bud Selig will be at AT&T Park on Tuesday night for Barry Bonds' 43rd birthday bash as the Giants slugger continues his quest to pass Hank Aaron on Major League Baseball's all-time home run list. Selig also now says that he will make every effort to be in attendance when Bonds breaks the record.

the part they didn't include:
"I'm going but will wear a bag over my head with cutout holes for my eyes and nose", said the commish. "I've been told it's a costume party."

yes, if you put a waiver claim in you have 48 hours to work a deal or the Yanks can pull him off waivers. But Arod's not getting dealt. The Yanks are already back in it.

Barrett got suspended for a game fwiw.

If you don't see Barrett tonight, here's why...

NEW YORK (AP) - San Diego's Michael Barrett was suspended for one game and fined Tuesday, two days after he was ejected from a game against Philadelphia.

Unless appealed, the suspension was to be served Tuesday night at Colorado.


here is the link for the Cedeno up, Moore down transaction


Any word on Bud Black's suspension from the same incident? He has to be getting a LouPa like five games at least. He clearly bumped the umpire.

And does anyone else find it odd that suspensions are often given out immediately, but appeals take weeks, if not months, to happen?

Brad penny nails Alyssa Milano and moves onto Eliza Dushku...


And Alyssa moves onto Russell Martin.

The Dodgers are going down..

Rob - WTF?? I never had you tabbed as a celebrity gossip kind of guy... I'm now officially concerned about you...

the gossip is fun, could do without the 24/7 coverage though. Nonetheless, I'm more amused at Penny and Martin's potential mound meetings than anything else.

Oh, that is actually a pretty funny thing to think about...

DCTom gets the Cubs news a little slow out there. He's gotta wade through pages of political crap, gossip columnists, Gilbert Arenas stories, and the next Redskins FA bust.

I'm sorry, the correct word are 'Root, root, root for the CUBBIES.'


guess Angels had a better shot before Ervin Santana got demoted. Guess they discussed a Santana/Kotchman offer and it sounds like Rangers would really like Tex's replacement at 1b back in any deal, so guys like Loney, Kotchman and Salty are being bandied about.

Maybe if they just didn't trade Adrien Gonzalez last year...

A little off topic, but this bugs me enough to want to post about it.

Over the past few years, it has become fashionable among baseball media guys to talk about how shameful it was that media and fans buried their heads in the sand and ignored the "obvious" steroid crisis in 1998 and beyond. They said we -- the fans, the media, etc. -- were all clueless, or worse: enablers.

Yet, over the past couple of weeks -- beginning around the All Star Game in SF -- the media has been swept back up in the baseball hype machine and re-buried its collective heads in the sand. Everywhere you turn, you hear "but he was a Hall of Famer before any of the accusations" or "it wasn't even against the rules at the time" (even though meth and wife beating and mass murder and child molestation weren't either) or "he has never failed a drug test." It's as if baseball is finally realizing that the record is going to be broken, and needs to come to terms with that fact in its own disfunctional, rationalized way. Even Peter Gammons is part of it.

It's disgusting.

And Matt Murton would not out hit Jermaine Dye for the rest of the year. Especially in SLG, homers and RBIs. I don’t think you guys fully understand what this team lacks.

Smart fans?

What do I win?

No problem wearing your Cubs hat at both parks and on the street. I have lived her for 17 years and done that. Last year I went to Mets/Dodgers game and ran into an entire large section of Cub fans who welcolmed me like a long lost friend ( Maddux was pitching but they could not have planned that like I did).
Shea is the worst park in the MLB and Yankee Stadium is not that good but at least you can buy food on the street near the park and bring it in.
Enjoy your trip.


Matt Murton is worthless, forgettable and replaceable. He is not an exciting player nor will he really help or hurt a team. He is never going to be a difference maker. Jermaine Dye has been a difference maker and can make a large impact on this team.

I would do Eliza Dushku with my wife watching.

It's kind of hard to believe that Penny being a CY favorite would get him that grade of tail. He ain't a great looking fella. It just goes to what you can do in LA when you have money and brand appeal.


Sometimes baseball players get old. Sometimes that causes them to lose their skills (OK almost all the time). Sometimes baseball players get better wtih more experience (OK almost all the time). These are facts of life, quit trying to argue them.

Going on about Dye personally, do you have any evidence that he would succeed in a short-half of the platoon roll in right field?

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  • What a weird day.  Jose Fernandez and Arnold Palmer, but then Scully and, on a much more modest level, Ross....

    Transmission 14 min 17 sec ago view
  • d.ross gets his 2nd standing O on the night (last home game of the season)...hits HR #10...curtain call. baseball.

    crunch 16 min 45 sec ago view
  • as a fan, he only "owes" us the game on the field and not getting in the way of others on his team being ready to play (imo).

    it's exponentially worse to his family and friends, but this dude most likely had 15+ years of play left and even though he just turned 24 a couple months ago he had already established himself as a top guy in the game.

    crunch 3 hours 38 min ago view
  • Carrie Muskat [email protected]

    Updated #Cubs probs vs Pirates: Mon, Hendricks vs Kuhl; Tue, Lackey vs Vogelsong; Wed, Arrieta vs Taillon; Thu, Zastryzny vs Nova

    crunch 4 hours 1 min ago view
  • I know what you're trying to say, Charlie, that none of us feels what his loved ones must be feeling.

    On the other hand, what makes a death like this tragic is precisely the loss, based on Fernandez's youth and brilliance, to the baseball world.

    So, for example, we can say that Princess Diana's death meant more, in aggregate, to millions of admirers who didn't know her personally than to her loved ones.

    VirginiaPhil 4 hours 2 min ago view
  • boston pitching snags a couple of mlb team records...

    "Over nine innings of play, Boston's staff struck out 11 straight Tampa Bay Rays hitters Sunday, breaking the major-league record for most consecutive strikeouts in a game.

    The previous record was held by former New York Mets right-hander Tom Seaver, who struck out 10 straight hitters in 1970.

    Not only that, but with a strikeout to end the ninth, sending the game into extras, Boston's staff also struck out an MLB-record 21 batters over nine innings."

    crunch 4 hours 26 min ago view
  • What a loss to baseball, which I'm sure pales in comparison to the personal loss to his loved ones.

    Charlie 6 hours 10 min ago view
  • Somehow I am sensing alcohol was involved. The highest number of boating accidents by a wide margin...

    The E-Man 6 hours 54 min ago view
  • crunch 8 hours 36 min ago view
  • Reports this morning that Marlins' pitching ace Jose Fernandez died in a boating accident - just horrible news.

    Eric S 12 hours 28 min ago view
  • Check out John Arguello at Cubs Den for great analysis & photos from Cubs AZ Instructs


    Arizona Phil 1 day 43 min ago view
  • soler + hammel for mike trout is pretty much a sure thing. *nods*

    crunch 1 day 6 hours ago view
  • Not an inspired outing by Rondon. Seemingly got ahead of every hitter but had no swing and miss pitch today, slider had no bite.

    Somebody give Soler some smelling salts - yeesh

    Eric S 1 day 6 hours ago view
  • And...now that runner scores on a single...

    The E-Man 1 day 6 hours ago view
  • So where do you think Soler will be traded to this off season?

    jacos 1 day 6 hours ago view
  • And right on cue he throws to third with no chance to get runner on 2nd so the batter takes 2nd easily. How long has he been playing baseball??

    The E-Man 1 day 6 hours ago view