As Cubs Beat Cards, Wood Beats Wizards

While the Cubs were busy dumping the Cardinals Tuesday night, Kerry Wood was earning a victory for the Class ‘A’ Peoria Chiefs over the Fort Wayne Wizards. Woody entered the game in the 5th inning with the Chiefs already ahead 4-0. He threw 12 pitches, recording two ground outs and a fly out while walking one. According to, Wood's pitches were clocked between 91 and 94 mph. Wood is slated to pitch back-to-back games this Thursday and Friday, when the Chiefs host the Dayton Dragons. Cubs GM Jim Hendry is scheduled to attend Friday night’s game. In five minor league outings this year spanning five innings, Wood has allowed one earned run. striking out five and walking two. He has been touched for four hits.
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i guess he replaces petrick in a couple weeks

who will get the next hit kendall or soriano ?

"i guess he replaces petrick in a couple weeks"

Is he even better than Petrick at this point? All of the roundups I have seen on his rehab outings suggests he has only average stuff.

OT: Is Dusty manging the Braves because ever since they signed Julio Franco's carcass he seems to be their everyday 1B.

doesnt matter if he is better then if and when he is
ready to be called up wether he is or not he will
'be called up

Hey AZ Phil,

C C Perez = Prospect?

Hard to look worse than Soriano in his last AB tonight. I'm no hater but yikes, it seems like he swung at ball four about six times.

hey, what about me? 0 for 3

I'm guessing Wood has about 5 more innings left in that arm.

So when should we expect to see Kerry called up at this rate? I would think he would be with the team within two weeks.

Soriano needs his little buddy (Pie) back on the team to boost his performance.

He seems to enjoy playing much more with Pie on the team. Money may not be a motivator; however, I would expect a greater desire to perform to the expectation of a player considered to be worth $136 million.

Soriano has no patience on the plate, and thus slumps worse then some batters because he can't take walks even if his swing is off. All guys slump, it's just patience never slumps.

"Patience never slumps"

That is a great line.

There is no truth to the rumor that every orthopedic physician in Peoria is on emergency alert.

I see no reason to bring KW back before mid-September. Might as well keep him "fresh" for a late season wild card/division run. This way maybe his arm stays attached through October.

The Real Neal — July 24, 2007 @ 11:20 pm
Hey AZ Phil,

C C Perez = Prospect?


REAL NEAL: Carlos Perez is a good young catcher (decent arm, good receiving skills, some pop in his bat), but he is repeating AZL (he was also at Mesa last year) so his '07 offensive numbers need to be understood in that context.

He should have been promoted to Boise in 2007, but he's blocked by Josh Donaldson, Mario Mercedes, and Welington Castillo, so he got the remedial shaft in order to get him maximum playing time, which he would not get at Boise or Peoria. .

The catchers at the bottom of the pipeline (W. Castillo at Peoria, J. Donaldson at Boise, and C. Perez at Mesa) are the best ones in the Cubs organization (or at least they are the ones with the most potential), and 2006 7th round pick Steve Clevenger (who was converted to catcher in the Arizona Instructional League last Fall to maximize his versatility) is an excellent left-handed hitter with a picture-perfect stroke and a high baseball IQ.

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