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Game Chat Ted Lilly vs. Adam Wainwright Lineups:
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Theriot SS Taguchi CF
Lee 1B Pujols 1B
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Floyd RF
d>Rolen 3B Fontenot 2B Duncan LF Jones CF Molina C Hill C Ryan 2B Lilly P Wainwright P


Scott Linebrink to the Brewers for minor leaguers Joe Thatcher, Will Inman and Steve Garrison

Wow... So they gave up nothing from their MLB roster, and got Linebrink... Well, I would say this is one of those trades that need to be answered...

I would say that I can't believe that trade. The Pad are in the thick of it and they trade away one of their best bullpen arms? What gives? Is this the Khaki towel?

Linebrink so far this year...

45 IP, 3-3, 3.80 ERA, 14 BB, 25 K, 9 HR

Linebrink had been struggling this year and a huge decline in his K rate. Plus he was a FA after the year. They already said he was demoted out of the main setup role.

Nonetheless, good risk for the Brew Crew.

OK, not as dire as I thought. I didn't realize that Linebrink wasn't the guy anymore. Good pick up for the Brewers cause Turnbow and Cordero are going to get real tired. and the rest of the pen blows.

Yeah, but he has been struggling of late, this is excerpted from yesterday:

"A day after allowing four runs in two-thirds of an inning in a loss to the Rockies, Padres reliever Scott Linebrink was removed from his role as the team's eighth-inning specialist. Linebrink's blown save on Monday -- his sixth of the season -- was the latest in a series of missteps for the right-handed reliever, who has already allowed as many home runs this season (nine) as he did all of last season. Linebrink is tied with three other pitchers for the Major League lead in blown saves."

In his last 10 apperances his ERA has gone from 2.48 to 3.80. Let's hope he continues to struggle in Milwaukee.

Roto's speculating that Linebrink will replace Turnbow and the Brewers will flip Turnbow for a bat (Dye?) Let the trades begin!

If KW liked Angels prospect Jenks, he'll love it sort of makes sense. Of course Linebrink and Dye are both free agents after this yr.

I hate that deal. Fucking hate it. If the Brewers could get Linebrink for a bucket of balls, then the Cubs should've been able to get him on the cheap, maybe on the Barrett deal. Bowen, Linebrink for Barrett? Sounds more like it.


WC standings sure are crowded...

4 teams within a game, 6 teams within 3.5 games

Cubs actually tied in the loss column at the moment with Padres.

"but isn’t the word ‘cajones’ pronounced “CHO - nehs” or maybe that’s just a slang term.

Carlos? Ayudame por favor."

It's pronounced "cah-joh-ness." Chones is a slang term for knickers.

Cojones, on the other hand, is pronounced "coh-joh-ness."

That's a bit presumptious, Linebrink wasn't on his current death spiral at that point.

and isn't Inman a pretty decent prospect?
#3 in BA's preseason rankings at least behind Gallardo and Braun.

That was my "Cubs fan from hell" analysis. I'll have a post about the deal up on TG shortly.

Krod blows a save. If he was on the Cubs, we'd be calling for Shields or Speier to close right now. :)

man Carlos, have you noticed how well Piazza's been doing since he came back? Him and Dempster would make a fine addition to your fantasy team for a certain starting pitcher.

in "Great Moments in Fantasy Baseball"...

I neglected to switch my pitchers on Monday and missed Aaron Harang's 10 inning gem versus the Brewers in the MVN league. I thought I'd share.

I hope that goes down as the worst trade in Brewers history until the next one.

Think Pierzynski is available?

Bleed Cubbie Blue has something up about the Cubs acquiring Dunn??? Anybody hear anything?

"Bleed Cubbie Blue has something up about the Cubs acquiring Dunn??? Anybody hear anything?"

Was that a joke, in the 3/44 mold?

And btw, props to Chad -- fantastic BCB diary.

Don't do that to me VB.

It's one of those "I know someone close to the family" reports, but I was just asking....

"Think Pierzynski is available?"

About a 1/2 hour before they traded for Kendall, I was talking to a few guys about a Dempster for AJ trade. They make the same money and each team has guys to make up for the lost guys.

game chat for the brewers anyone?

Vegas, did you see my diary?

Don't let Rob bully you, Carlos. Hold strong.

the Pierzynski with OPS+ of

85. 90, 95 and 82 the last 4 years?

and who's not very good defensively? That Pierzynski?


Rob Bowen, the catcher who rakes, now has an OPS of -100 w/Oakland.

As I said at the time, we traded garbage for garbage.

and yes I know kendall sucks...

but doesn't mean we actually have to give up someone good in Dempster for more suck.

"It’s one of those “I know someone close to the family” reports, but I was just asking…"

Yep, it's been discussed at length in the "Huevos" thread. Chad's even posted a comeback here.

yeah, those 2 AB's by Bowen tell a lot.

Brewers go down 1 2 3 on 9 pitches. I guess we aren't the only ones.

Vegas, did you see my diary?
Nope. How can I read it?

Don't be afraid to go into the white light Joe, there's always next season for your fantasy team.

Ah, I just saw it.

parachat is open for the brewers game if anyone is interested..

Yes, that Pierzynski.

And for the record, I never mentioned Dempster. I wouldn't want that.

Pierzynski's 82 > Kendall's 42 (-33 since joining CHC)

Schilling takes Bonds and Big Mac to task:

As a Journalism major I have to agree with Schilling's point on Bonds admitting gulit by not seeking litagation because the best defense against a libel suit is truth. So the burden would be on Bonds to prove his innocence which he cant.

You're beating me...I'm siding with Carlos. Plus, he doesn't hat me (that I know).


That's great news for the state of journalism, and some poor logic on Schilling's part. There are plenty of costs to court actions. Bonds doesn't need compensation, and it seems obvious that he's resigned to and/or doesn't care about his reputation in this respect, so what does he have to gain from a suit?

Schilling calls out Bonds and Mac but someone seems absent from that list. Hmmm....

Rob G. — July 25, 2007 @ 4:21 pm

Scott Linebrink to the Brewers for minor leaguers Joe Thatcher, Will Inman and Steve Garrison


ROB G: Inman is a big-time prospect, Garrison is a decent LHSP prospect, and Thatcher is an MLB-ready LOOGY.

For the Cubs to have made an offer comparable to what the Padres got from the Brewers for Linebrink, it probably would have cost them Sean Gallagher, Mitch Atkins, and Clay Rapada, and I don't think the Cubs will trade Gallagher for an MLB reliever.

The deal smells a little bit like the Jon Garland-for-Matt Karchner deal "pulled off" by Ed Lynch a few years ago. Linebrink better pitch REALLY well for the Brewers.

How long is Derosa out? :(

AZ Phil:
For the Cubs to have made an offer comparable to what the Padres got from the Brewers for Linebrink, it probably would have cost them Sean Gallagher, Mitch Atkins, and Clay Rapada, and I don’t think the Cubs will trade Gallagher for a MLB reliever.


But this is still a bad trade for challenging teams in the NLC looking to oust the Brewers this year.

Did anyone have trouble getting onto Chat yesterday? (Or today?) I'm not getting a login page.

Thanks for any info...

I just tried and it worked for me... any changes to your java installation?

Rynox — July 25, 2007 @ 5:45 pm
How long is Derosa out?


RYNOX: According to a blurb buried in a Bruce Miles article in the Daily Herald, DeRosa said he hurt his leg while swinging (not while running) and that it is "no big deal."

Pah! Thanks Rynox, my Java was disabled. That did it.

cubster says:

July 25th, 2007 at 12:19 pm

…by the way, I loved Jimbo’s post #30 quote from the previous thread of what Santo said when Theriot was called out (but replay showed the ump blew the call) on the stolen base.

Thanks, cubster.

BTW, i just passed level 7 with a 2x homer!!!


He has his reputation and his place in the game at stake. If he were to win a libel suit aganist the SFC writers there is no more astrik talk and he goes down in history as the best hitter in game.

Level 8 is back to back homers again - ugh

Cincy with a 4-0 lead, go Reds!

5-0 Cincy

Just passed level 9

Oops - i mean level 8 careful, after level 8, you're leaving the solar system.

it's ovah, it's all ovah...

Cincy 7 Brewers 3

2.5 out and counting...

good to see uncle cliffy with his best swings in a while. love it. lilly on a super roll now

also, like to see the brewers doing weird things like a double steal when they're down by 2, resulting in the not-tying run getting thrown out at home plate. yay!

i like the karchner-garland analogy for the brewers trade

matt karchner, still waiting on a rehab assignment to Peoria.

2.0 Games Behind

Also, the Padres lost, so .5 games behind in the Wild Card.


just 5 weeks ago i was dreading to myself the seemingly inevitable 92 mets/07 cubs articles that someone would eventually write if the season dragged on as it was. both high $$/talent upgrade teams that, as of 5 weeks ago for the cubs at least, underperformed legend-style.

Think they are hearing footsteps in Milwaukee yet??

Think they will admit it?

Think they are hearing footsteps in Milwaukee yet??

Think they will admit it?

I don't know.

I don't know.

Reds are playing some very good ball now.

They will be playing the Cubs extremely tough, and we'll be putting out our 4 & 5 starters during the first two games of the series.

Ai'nt no "gimmie".

Scott Eyre thru June 1st:
19 G
18.1 IP
32 H
16 R (16 ER)
14 BB
19 K
3 HR
7.86 ERA
2.51 WHIP
.368 OppBA

Scott Eyre since June 1st:
11 G
14.1 IP
12 H
6 R (6 ER)
10 BB
9 K
0 HR
3.76 ERA
1.53 WHIP
.218 OppBA eyre only sucks a little bit insted of sucking at the bottom of the heap.

That certainly is far better. A 1.53 WHIP is still pretty bad from a reliever, but it's a far cry from a 2.51 WHIP. I'd still rather see us give Petrick more experience and see what he can do. The 9th today would have been a perfect opportunity to use him.

Wade Miller tonight at Tennessee (AA)

3.0 IP
6 H
7 R (7 ER)
2 BB
6 K
1 HR

Since the Cub's gained in the standings I got to looking at the Yahoo! expanded standings and found some interesting things:

* Mil 5-5 in their last 10 games.
* They actually have a losing record on the road: 36-17 home, 20-28 on the road
* The Cub's have winning records both at home: 27-24 & on the road: 26-22

anyone know offhand when the "turn" happened (a date/game not some magical barrett/lou/Z-barrett/pie thing) and what the record is since then?

And... The Barrett trade is looking more and more genius. Not because of the return the Cub's received, but because of what Hendry seemingly did to his wild card competition.

I don't believe that really, though... do I?

Iowa beats Colorado Springs 18-8 tonight:

Eric Patterson 3-6, RBI, 2 R
Felix Pie 4-6, 3B, SB, 3 R
Matt Murton 4-6 with 2B, HR and 6 RBI, 3 R
Geovany Soto 3-4 with 3B, HR and 2 RBI, 3 R, HBP
Josh Kroeger 2-4 with two HR and 4 RBI, plus 2 BB

Dye hit his 17th HR of the season tonight which would make him the team leader on the Cubs.

SF just took a 2-1 lead on an Aurilla homer.

june 3rd or june 22nd seem to be the obvious starting points depending on generous you wanna be with the concentration of wins...either way im too lazy to get those records together right now...maybe later.

AZ PHIL:"Wade Miller tonight at Tennessee (AA)..."

What will the team do with this guy?

Does he have any trade value in this starting pitching bare climate?

anyone know offhand when the “turn” happened (a date/game not some magical barrett/lou/Z-barrett/pie thing) and what the record is since then?

I'm not sure. I recall the Cub's showing some life in that series where Soriano had his 3 HR game. IMO, they were kind of off-and-on during that period until the Sox series... that's where they really turned it on.

Record back to the 4-game ATL series:

Record back to the Sox sweep:

"SF just took a 2-1 lead on an Aurilla homer."

There playing the braves.


We're 31-15 since June 3rd. Best win percentage in the majors since that date.

thanks guys.

Yea... what Carlos said - June 3rd was the day something clicked and the Cubs got good.

The E-Man — July 25, 2007 @ 9:53 pm
AZ PHIL:”Wade Miller tonight at Tennessee (AA)…”

What will the team do with this guy?

Does he have any trade value in this starting pitching bare climate?


E-MAN: I don't know whether Wade Miller has any trade value, but he might. You never know when some GM decides you can never have too much pitching...

The one thing the Cubs should not do is release Wade Miller. or try to outright him to the minors (even if he were to give his permission).

Here's why...

Miller is getting a $1.5M base salary, plus another $3.75M in possible performance bonuses (probably $125K per start, maxing out at $3.75M if he were to make 30 starts).

If the Cubs release Miller, or if he gets claimed off Outright Waivers, his new team would only be liable for the prorated portion of the MLB minimum salary (which is at about $125K right now at the 100 game mark of the season). But the Cubs would be liable for whatever performance bonus Miller might earn by starting about 10 games or so for KC, WAS, or BAL over the last two months of the season, and that could cost the Cubs as much as $1.25M that they would not have to pay Miller if they just keep him on the 60-day DL for the rest of the season, or wait until September 1st to reactivate him from the DL and then just use him in garbage situations to save the bullpen during the month of September.

So the Cubs are doing the smart thing by having Miller do his 30-day minor league rehab to get into playing shape, and then reactivate him from the DL on September 1 (when the rosters expand), or (if the Cubs don't have an available slot for him on the 40-man roster) just leave him on the 60-day DL for the rest of the season.

Again, if they can find a GM who wants to acquire Miller in a trade, fine. Trade him. But the Cubs should NOT release Wade Miller or try to outright him to the minors (even if he gives his permission). If they can't trade him, they would actually save money (perhaps as much as $1.25M) by just leaving him on the 60-day DL for the rest of the season, or by waiting until September 1st to reactivate him from the DL and then use him in garbage situations (blow-outs) to save the bullpen.

crunch — July 25, 2007 @ 9:50 pm
june 3rd or june 22nd seem to be the obvious starting points depending on generous you wanna be with the concentration of wins…either way im too lazy to get those records together right now…maybe later.


CRUNCH: Through Saturday June 2nd, the Cubs were 22-31, and had lost six in a row, seven out of eight, and nine out of 11. Then they beat the Braves 10-1 at Wrigley Field on Sunday June 3rd to salvage one game in the three-game ATL series, and they have gone 31-15 ever since.

They went 10-8 over the 18-game period June 3-21, but they got even hotter starting on June 22-24 when they swept the White Sox, and have gone 21-7 since 6/22. That's when they started to really go nuts (playing .750 ball over more than 1/6 of the season).

So I would say that while the Cubs may have "turned the corner" on June 3rd, they went into "overdrive" starting on June 22nd.

Excuse me while I vent...

GO CUBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you.

Sucks to be Wade Miller.

[i]Think they are hearing footsteps in Milwaukee yet??

Think they will admit it?[/i]

I've been peeking in at In the comments tonight, a few of the guys are already looking to next year.

Damn, that's some piss poor tagging.

Anyway, I'd also like to say, in my ideal world, Milwaukee gets the wild card.

Gary Miller just call Terry0, Theerio.

Some fan.

yeah, that's cool, no one needs to read my articles. Next time I should put it in table format I guess.

from 2 days ago....

The Cubs reached their low point of the season on June 2nd, nine games under the mediocrity line, a day after the battery batted on each other and the day that Sweet Lou left a bitter taste with the umps.

Can anyone get me the Padres pitching stats since the arrival of Marty Barrett? ha!

linebrink's decline = blame Barrett.

Hamstring tendonitis it is

from the Sun-Times:

DeRosa said he started feeling discomfort in the hamstring area near his knee during pregame work Tuesday, and it worsened during his second-inning at-bat. He took the field in the bottom of the second but left after that as a precaution.

''I get the weirdest things,'' said DeRosa...

more on DeRosa...

The link is to a pic of the hamstring's a drawing of the back/posterior thigh. It is made of a lateral (outer) muscle group called biceps femoris and a medial group (inner) which includes the semimembranosis and semitendinosis. The muscle-tendon junctions start above the knee but the tendons attach below the knee. DeRosa article didn't say whether his symptoms are medial or lateral but he's expected only to miss a few days with the usual rest, anti-inflammatory medication and therapy on the inflamed area.

Catching Hell

(I like the title)

there is a nice chart on our 2006 catchers stats too

here's a nice stat on Lilly...

Lilly earneding his 7th straight victory -- longest winning streak for a Cubs lefty since Ken Holtzman won eight straight decisions in 1969.

thanks ukcub. So much for me being productive today.

Gotta believe that Z & Lilly has been the best 1-2 combo in baseball since June 1st.

Bears are signing guys left and right -- maybe the Cubs should have Angelo close the Z deal.

Gotta believe that Z & Lilly has been the best 1-2 combo in baseball since June 1st.

Well... there have been some pretty good pitchers since June 1st, but it looks like Bedard/Guthrie may be the best 2 starter combo in baseball over that timespan. Of course, Lilly did not have a very good June.

If you look at numbers since July 1st, Z and Lilly have easily been the best 1-2 combo in baseball.

Well... maybe not easily. Here is the link for the comparision since July 1st (minimum 3 starts). The Braves' James/Smoltz has been pretty good.

But yea - Z and Lilly have been great in July (9-1, 10 starts, 66 ip, 13 er, 49 k, 24 bb). And Marshall has been almost as good.(3-0, 3 starts, 17 1/3 ip, 5 er)

So, send your positive vibes to Wrigley today around 2pm. I nominated my dad to enter the 7th Inning Stretch Contest.

I don't think he knew for sure if I was going to submit his name or not, so I kind of surprised him with his audition slot on Monday. Surprise! You're going to sing in front of judges!

Is the point of the judging to be good at it, bad at it or just know the words?

Hmmm... Murton last night - 4-6 with a home run.

And the Cubs need to trade for a right handed bat because...?

I imagine some contestants will come up with a lot of bells and whistles. I'm hoping a straightforward, on-key rendition will be charming enough to get him to the second round.

That little bastard from the flash game in yesterdays thread has a nasty changeup.

Does anyone know what is going on with Angel Guzman?

Because Lou hates Murton, dave...

I still think the "get me somebody up here who can run the bases and catch the damn ball' was about Murton. And if the reports are true that the anonymous player who bitched about PT during the player meeting was Murton, then you can rest assured that you won't see him. I don't think it would matter if he was hitting .600 at Iowa.

Lou does not like to have graduates of the Moises Alou Institute of Baserunning on the roster.

And if the reports are true that the anonymous player who bitched about PT during the player meeting was Murton,

Anyone have a link to these reports?

Nah. I read it somewhere about three weeks ago. I've also seen two or three other commenters mention it. I'm inclined to believe it. If it was Jacque, he wouldn't be in there right now. Or ever.

Unrelated, Southtown kinda dances around the issue that Williams hasn't been impressed with offers for any of his players, including Dye.

Nah. I read it somewhere about three weeks ago. I’ve also seen two or three other commenters mention it.

Yea... I have only seen it in comments here, and haven't seen an actual story reporting it. It really doesn't seem to fit Murton's supposed character. Not saying it didn't happen, I just am not as apt to buy such a rumor without any kind of press on it.

And I am not so sure that whoever did it wouldn't be there. Jake Fox bitched about not getting playing time in spring training, and LouPa was impressed.

And what is Kenny Williams thinking? They are clearly out of it - he should be trying to get whatever he can for Dye/Iguchi/Conteras/etc.

Kroeger and Murton are trying to get Hendry's attn this week while he figures out what to do about right field. The way Floyd was smacking the ball around last night, Hendry might not have to do much.

This is Murton's first extended tour in AAA, and after .297 in Chicago in '06, .330 at Iowa seems about right.

Kroeger lost 90 BA points in the transition from AA to AAA but is making up for it in home runs with 9 in 113 ABs (1 per 12.5) versus 11 in 225 (1 per 20.5) at Tennessee. Or maybe he's forcing things and overswinging. Maybe this is what he does when he gets near the majors. In any case, his 20 HRs lead the organization.

If Hendry doesn't do anything about RF, Murton and Kroeger can come up when school is out in September. It's not that far off. Iowa's last game is 9/3, and since they came in second by a game or two in the first half and trail Nashville (Milw) by 4.5 today, they may miss the playoffs.

As Mike Wellman put it in RTW, "Jim Hendry’s best trading partner might be the only one that can’t say no to him."

Sure, dave. I do agree about the character thing with Murton. But guys do funny things when they think they aren't getting a fair shake.

I'm also of the opinion that there's a distinct difference between approaching your manager in a positive way and asking for more AB's (which is what I understand Fox did in ST) and going behind your manager's back and causing a hullabaloo in a player's only meeting.

Wow... not sure if this is appropriate to post here, but I know some will enjoy it. This is from a comment on the other cubs blog that shall not be named, directed towards it's main writer:

It's rather unfortunate that someone who has such a popular baseball site really doesn't understand the game at all. It's sad. I feel sorry for the people who come her for knowledge and get sucked into lesser understanding than what they originally had.

And if you really want to see hypocrisy, check out all of Al's (the same guy who bans others for personal attacks) direct personal attacks towards people who like stats.


Stoney is going to sub for Darrin Jackson doing color commentary for the Sox games.

Yea... not really sure why that needed a "Wow!!!"

It is not that ground breaking or anything. I guess I just miss Stone in the booth. Maybe he will stop being so bitter and angry towards the Cubs if he gets to be in the booth again.

I was always under the assumption it was Barrett that Lou was talking about "catching and running" this was right after he got picked off second.

And I think someone on the board wanted Contreras.


I was always under the assumption it was Barrett that Lou was talking about “catching and running” this was right after he got picked off second.

I thought it was a combination of the whole team sucking - making errors, messing up on the bases, etc.

It definitely wasn't just Murton/Barrett.

THT's Carlos Gomez (I really like that guy) with another very good pitching mechanics piece today.

Today's topic is changes in tempo. It's about Dontrelle and why he suddenly is teh sux if you're interested.

"I like Murton, and he's going to get playing time," Piniella said. "I really do like him...... Murton will get some playing time, too. I'm going to do the best I can to get Murton the at-bats. I happen to like him. He's not not playing because he's doing anything wrong."

It was reported, and I heard it first person from Jim Memelo on 'GN's Sports Saturday show (whatever they call the thing P.M. on Sat) that Barrett was the clubhouse "Lou snitch" and as another "pin in the pin cushion.

Recently, I heard a sound byte that flatly denies this, but, what's he going to say, "Yeah, I hate Lou. He doesn't know WTF he's doing." Then again, I believe anything coming out of TTowers about 50% of the time as well...

MEANING: was another “pin in the pin cushion" which helped getting him traded.

i really dont believe lou would regulate punishment because of dissent during a players-only meeting...the players themselves wouldnt stand for it and lou's respect would be in the toilet.

Agree with crunch on whether or not LouPa would "punish" a player for something said in a players-only meeting.

And as E-man stated... Barrett is the only person I heard media reports about related to the meeting.

ive seen barrett/jones/floyd's name thrown around regarding that whole meeting thing...

it was an ugly era earlier in the year...a near-rancid clubhouse...manger/player meetings, players-only meetings (rarely a good sign...believe kerry wood held the last one where he established himself as a team leader), players fighting, lou being the first manager in a loooong time to skip postgame press conferences cuz he dont feel like it and paying for it in the media...

glad that's over...07 was looking awful til the turn.

Cubs post season odds sneaking up on 57%. That makes them the official 4th candidate favorite.

The Electric Light Orchestra odds aren't nearly as favorable - still under 50%

Finally there are the Pecota odds they publish - I have no idea what these mean, but they like the Cubs the most, over 57%

Wow... a 74 pitch complete game, and he wasn't even facing the Cubs!

I doubt Hendry would be on the record saying Murton was untouchable if Lou didn't want anything to do with him. I think he was just a casualty of the "sorry kid, you're the one with options" consideration.

Sox would be brilliant to hire Stone and release Singleton. That guy sucks. Of course, Hughes/Stone during the 03 NLCS was like heaven, but Ronny's not leaving until he decides to go, I guess.

Aw, Come on!! I thought for sure that today's game would be an early one, since it's getaway day and all... This really sucks... What was that link for the flash baseball game again???

Twins president says new ballpark will "redefine open air baseball."

No word if that has anything to do with losing a record number of games to temperature and precipitation concerns.

Reverse Fantasy baseball psychology. I bench Soriano last night, and he hits for 3/4 of the cycle. I start Dave Bush today and ...?

I'm about DFL in my league anyway, so I'll take my lumps if it gets Cub hitters out of their slumps.

Phat rhyme, my friend, phat rhyme.


Since you are an Indi local, what is the minor league park like in Downtown?

Dmitri Young nears two-year extensino with Washington.

Wonder what that does to Nick Johnson. Johnson has 2 MLB games in left field but I don't know if either of those guys could regularly play away from 1B.

Since you are an Indi local, what is the minor league park like in Downtown?

Sorry... never been to Indy. Not sure who you are thinking of.

Several weeks ago, Koye Hill was Barrett's backup. "I'm Michael Barrett's caddy," he said. Barrett is in San Diego.

Next he was Rob Bowen's backup. Bowen is in Oakland.

Next he was Jason Kendall's backup. Yesterday Lou said that they would alternate games.

Any truth to the story that Hill dabbles in voodoo?

I went to the Indy Indians' ballpark in 2001 to watch Nomar play a rehab game. Pretty nice (only AAA stadium I've ever been to) but nothing extra-special about it.

Virginia Phil... still waiting for your response on the fact that the Cubs are better offensively in relation to the league average than the Cards were last year.

I took a good luck at UZR a couple of years ago and it's got some serious flaws, but in case you're interested and because Carlos Lee's defense was recently mentioned:

Some of the numbers are ridicuously high. According to MGL if you made a defense that featured:

Todd Helton 20
Robinson Cano 24
Adam Everett 35
Pedro Felize (?) 43
Alphonso SOriano 24
Grady Sizemore 31
Matt Holiday 22
and had an average catcher

you would knock 200 runs off of an average team's staff over 150 games. That's more than the differnce betwen the best team in the NL last year (the Padres) and the worst team (the Nationals), now consider that Catcher is often considered the 1st or 2nd most valuable defensive position.

When you come up with numbers like that - and you're not so immersed in the numbers that you lose track of what you're doing you should say - 'Whoa! Maybe there's a problem with my methodology...'

Billy Beane's made a lot of success off of exploiting the over valuation of defense. MCL, last I heard, did some consultation work with the Cards. They've gotten worse every year since he started.

E-man - I've been there in the downtown park in Indy. It's pretty nice. I went and saw a game before fireworks last year. Sat on the lawn in the outfield with my kids. It was nice. Probably the most fun I have had in Indy, which isn't saying much, but if you're there anyway, I would recommend it.

anyone on here know if there are any cub friendly bars in milwaukee? i am moving there next month for a new teaching gig, and have no idea where i might be able to watch the cubs and drink beer.

Anyone see the game rookie OF Ryan Raburn had for Detroit against the WhiteSox last night?

I have no idea if they think this kid is here to stay with Detroit, but if so, that gives them a VERY crowded outfield which already featured Ordonez, Granderson, Thames and Monroe.

I'd LOVE to see the Cubs make an offer for Marcus Thames. I catch a lot of Tigers spending 60-80 percent of my time in Michigan, and the guy can flat-out pound the ball, maybe as well as anyone in baseball. At the very least he's a solid right-handed power hitter for the bench who you can spot-start without downgrading the lineup.

Tigers definitely want bullpen help with Rodney and Zumaya being big question marks this year. Think Wuertz would get it done?

Bonds better hope Costas isn't Selig's replacement after this:

griffey homer...sweet. 0-1


If were giving up Wuertz I want Dye.

Okay, well, at least the Brewers are playing this afternoon...

dave, I have no problem with the Cub team that showed up last night. Jones and Floyd both look like they're getting revved up to start putting the ball over the wall. (In Jones's case, it will the left field wall, but that's okay.) All I've been saying is, center and right, especially right, you have to have some pop.

"Todd Helton 20"

there's a problem to begin with.

okay, yes, todd helton is a good and above average defender.

however, colorado official scoring has been...hmm..."interesting" and a source of ridicule of how lax it is with handing out errors, especially to todd helton.

he's just not as good as some of the aggregate stats make him. he's good, but he gets help that get lost in the stats that make him look elite.

henry - not specifically, but I know that, in general, they are not really as anti-Cub as you would expect. I would guess that you would not have much trouble finding a place. This may all change in the next few months, if the Cubs end up beating them out of the playoffs, but I guess it might be because they;ve never really been rivals up to this year...

dave, I have no problem with the Cub team that showed up last night.

But I didn't compare last night's Cub team to last year's Cardinal's team. I compared overall numbers.

You posted the Cardinals top 7 home run guys compared to the Cubs top 7 home run guys in an effort to show that home runs mattered. Yet those numbers mean little when it is shown that the Cubs are doing better offensively than the Cardinals were last year (relative to the league).

Dye 229/288/448, 17 HR in 319 AB, 50 RBI
Thames 252/291/516, 11 HR in 155 AB, 32 RBI

Thames is also cheaper and has an extra year of club control (I think). Thames does an adequate job in LF, RF or 1B.

Only real advantage to Dye is the cannon he's got attached to his right shoulder.

Virginia Phil — July 26, 2007 @ 10:41 am

Several weeks ago, Koye Hill was Barrett’s backup. “I’m Michael Barrett’s caddy,” he said. Barrett is in San Diego.

Next he was Rob Bowen’s backup. Bowen is in Oakland.

Next he was Jason Kendall’s backup. Yesterday Lou said that they would alternate games.

Any truth to the story that Hill dabbles in voodoo?


COUSIN: You're forgetting Henry Blanco's medication-resistant "pain in the neck" that got K. Hill brought up from Iowa in the first place and Geovany Soto's mysterous sore shoulder that kept him from catching for a while at Iowa and put K. Hill at the front of the line for when Blanco went down.

K. Hill has had a couple of LSU Tigers as teammates this year, so maybe your voodoo theory has some merit.

Woohoo... i was going for the lowest point total for a hit in the "Pinch Hitter 2" game, and just scored one (1) point!

Re: #114, 119, 125, and 128 - the Murton/Lou saga,

I agree Barrett and Murton weren't the only players Lou had a problem with. The thing is, a manager has to have control of his team, and he can't just talk the talk but has to take some action(s). I believe that was the Barrett 'trade' and Murton's bus ticket to Des Moines. I can't speak (nor really can anyone because it's all hearsay) about how Lou still feels about Murton, but he's had ample opportunity to promote a RH hitter over the last 30 days and what has he done? Had 3 catchers at 1 time on the roster and the last one hit RH (Soto), called up Fox to PH as a RH, and recalled Cedeno when Izturis was traded even though he could have played Fontenot or DeRosa at SS in a pinch.

I can't imagine Murton's feeling any Lou love or has his suitcase packed for a return trip to Wrigley in the near future. All that being said, unless Griffey, Hunter, or Rowand are in Hendry's plan for the OF for the stretch run, I would much prefer Murton or the existing Jones/Floyd/DeRosa rotation than giving up Wuertz and any top 20 prospect for the likes of Dye, Connine, Stairs, et al.


Victory Field is very nice. Probably one of the nicest AAA parks I've seen a game in. Good lawn seating in the OF and a great view of downtown Indy & the skyline if you're sitting behind the plate or on the 3B side.

The team's playing like absolute garbage right now, though.

LouPa doesn't promote players, Hendry does. Lou even said that he was surprised that Fox got called up.

Hatteberg with a 3B to leadoff the third for the Reds...

Ugh... bad tag. Again. At some point I should probably stop being so careless.

dave, you said the Cards did not hit many home runs last year--or that they were middle-of-the-pack--and I pointed out that they hit 50% more than the Cubs are en route to this year.

The Cards won the World Series. We've gotten within two games of first in July. Maybe we need a few more home runs to do what they did.

What I really liked last night was how Floyd and Jones (and also Ramirez and Soriano) tattooed the ball. We need that from our outfielders. When we don't get it, I glance over at the Iowa Cubs box score--and they score more runs than Chicago does--and I think something is cockeyed.

DAVE: "Sorry… never been to Indy. Not sure who you are thinking of."

My apologies, DAVE. I believe it may be "WES", the Indy cameraman (and fmr. minor leaguer).


Lou does have a say in it. The Fox one was a surprise, but how many weren't?

BTW, Wes... your directions from a couple weeks ago were perfect! Thanks!

...and Griffey bangs in Hattebarg... with a double after Freel fouled out... 2-0 Reds!!

... and then Mungo whiffs to end the inning....


We're just going to have to agree to disagree. IMO, Lou has a helluva alot of say on who is/isn't on the roster. Even if it's a, "Jim, you can leave Murton on the roster but we'll be playing with 24 players until you do something about it." I don't know what was/wasn't said......wasn't in the clubhouse or wherever. Like I said, Murton ain't here and looks like he isn't going to be here anytime soon.

Hmmm... Griffey.....
(said the same way Homer says, "Hmmm... Donuts...")

IMO, Lou has a helluva alot of say on who is/isn’t on the roster.

If you say so... but Lou himself didn't know Fox was going to be called up, and was surprised it happened.

On Lou being surprised:

The Cubs purchased Fox’s contract from Class AA Tennessee to fill the roster spot of shortstop Cesar Izturis, who was traded to Pittsburgh.

“I wasn’t expecting him,” Piniella said. “We had talked about it. I knew he was going to be here eventually, but I wasn’t positive. I wasn’t expecting him this morning.”

Don't get me wrong - I know that LouPa has input. But he it is pretty clear that he is not the one making roster decisions based on the above quote.

Lou called the "monthly" meeting with Hendry and Trib Exec behind close doors and told them these changes had to be made to the ball club or he was going to walk.

I think he was having a flashback to back in Tampa and didn't want another three years of it with the Chicago media and fans on top of it.

I have no proof or evidence, just my opinion.

Further credence to the Thames on the market theory:

Raburn back in the lineup today - hitting THIRD and playing RF - Ordonez DH and Thames on the bench again.

I checked back in on the Reds-Brew game, and it's now 2-2 in the top of the 4th...

Jeez, I just realized I left Gary Sheffield off the list of Tigers who play the OF ... only 14 OF appearnce so far this year (mostly DH) but he's obviously another option for them ... Ordonez, Granderson, Monroe, Thames and Raburn ... they almost definitely will trade someone to get better in the bullpen. And by someone I mean Thames or possibly Monroe.

speaking of official scoring...

nady just hit a hard/fast ball bounced to lightly deflects off his glove and into his knee which shoots the ball toward the 3rd base seat barrier...2 runs score on what should have been out 3.

its ruled a base hit.

Another thing interesting thing about Lou is that he was a G.M. with Yanks in 80's. So he probably knows how to talk to Hendry about the players and Hendry probably respects his input on them.

180 degree difference from last year I'm sure with the lack of "dudes" "can't do that to Neifi" and quiet shrugs that Hendry got from Dusty.

re #166

I think we knew already. Hmmm....(fill in the blank) is pretty widely known these days.

And yes, I"m just busting you chops.


Let me try this another way. You give every indication that you like stats as a way to prove or make a point. Stats are objective, without personality, you really can't argue with them at all. They are what they are and say what they say.

I manage sales people. Sometimes I have to fire people. I get asked why so and so isn't here anymore. I have to say for public record, "he left to work somewhere else.......I really liked him.......he's going to do well somewhere else."

Everything Lou says (or more specifically, gets quoted in papers) is said for the public record. Hendry is technically his boss. I don't think I would say, "All right, thank God Jim just called up the guy I've liked since spring training." or "Thank the baseball Gods, Murton is out of here."

What reason would LouPa have for lying and saying he is surprised that Fox came up?

If anything, it makes it look there are communication issues between Lou/Hendry (not saying there are).


Or it could be that you tailor the facts to fit your perception of reality. Given those two options I think the latter is the more plausible scenario.

Oh yeah, if Lou likes Fox so much... how come he only has one at bat? He's playing less than Murton did.

Thames is on the DL fwiw...

Not unlike the people you typically jump all over, dave, you're making gross assumptions based on exactly one case.

Aren't you the guy who can't stand anything besides a huge sample size?

I sense tension....

relax, we're winning folks.

Not unlike the people you typically jump all over, dave, you’re making gross assumptions based on exactly one case.

Statistics are a little different than what we are talking about, imo.

All I am saying is that if LouPa was that involved in roster moves, he would have known that Fox was coming up. Again - I am not saying that LouPa is NOT involved in roster decisions. I just don't think he is the one making the decisions as many on this board think.

I have heard things like "Lou brought up Fox instead of Murton" much more than I have hear "Hendry brought up Fox instead of Murton." And in reality, Hendry is the one who makes the decisions (while getting input from Lou).

A little more on the "sample" size.

Wes - if I said that LouPa obviously never knows about roster moves because he didn't know about Fox, that would be a poor use of one case.

But saying that LouPa doesn't always make the decisions on roster moves because he didn't know about Fox is a safe assumption to make based off of one case.

I doubt Lou provides much input at all as to which minor leaguer to call up. He says 'I need someone to play first and right field, preferably a right handed batter' and Hendry talks to his scouts and coaches and decides Fox is the guy.

we need a gameday post.. I want to talk about Looper vs Marquis and how much smarter Hendry and Rothschild are than their counterparts in St. Louis.

And furthermore, I guess I interpret that entire quote differently than you do.

“I wasn’t expecting him,” Piniella said. “We had talked about it. I knew he was going to be here eventually, but I wasn’t positive. I wasn’t expecting him this morning.”

He was selected from AA the day of the Izturis trade. Which to me, reads as "Gee, I didn't know we were making a roster move today. I didn't expect the Izturis trade today. Jim and I had talked about calling up Fox eventually. I'm surprised that Izturis got traded and we were able to get him here today."

Mmmm. Not Hmmm.

For a guy with such an awful name, you make a good point.

Mmmm. Not Hmmm.

Yea... you are right - my bad.

4-2 Cincy

4 2 reds!!! keppinger is killing the brew crew!!!!

Go BIg Red!

Bases loaded base hit for Cinci's Keppinger makes it 4-2 Reds.

And I think I am fully in pennant fever - I am listening to the Reds/Brewers game ....

something named Keppinger just knocked in 2 runs to give the Reds the lead. Apparently he had a three run double last night, and accordin to the the Reds play-by-play guys (they seem to have two and no color guy) 'he sure can hit'.

They need to trade Griffey and Dunn after the game.

Odds on the Cubs being in first place (alone or tied) by the end of the day on Sunday?

I say 65%

Can't Ryan Braun just go away. 4-3 Cincy

I am not looking forward to 15 years of that Braun guy.

Whoever was saying that Griffey can't play right yesterday doesn't know what he's talking about. He's already turned two doubles into outs today (3-3 at the plate too, heating up for the Cubbies).

Don't worry Neal, we'll only have to worry about Braun for like 6 cause Milwaukee will be too cheap to keep him.


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  • I figured this was going to be the most meaningless regular season in Cubs history...and it is pretty much on point, although I certainly didn't think we'd have close to a 14 game lead.

    But, one bad hop in game 1 in October could change absolutely everything we will remember about this year.

    blockhead25 21 min 59 sec ago view
  • This is awesome.

    (CSN Chicago will air Vin Scully's call of the Sunday Cubs vs. Dodgers game)


    Rob G. 33 min 54 sec ago view
  • oh he's great, there's like 10 great pitchers in the NL right now that can flat out dominate though. Picking #2 (behind Kershaw) doesn't matter much to me right now. Much like whom the Cubs will play in the playoffs won't matter much, they're gonna be good teams.

    Rob G. 35 min 1 sec ago view
  • The Cubs great pitching has a lot more to do with their great defense this year and plenty of good luck  (#1 in ERA, #4 in FIP behind Nats, Mets and Dodgers with a rather ridiculous .258 BABIP against Cubs' pitchers).

    Cubs pitchers do strike out more hitters than Giants pitchers and do walk more hitters than Giants pitchers so that's a few more balls in play. Cubs' pitchers actually have a higher groundball rate though. Crawford is just really good and baseball happens.

    Rob G. 37 min 28 sec ago view
  • i do what i want.

    i run with 12 gangs and we only commit hate crimes.

    i do what i want.

    crunch 1 hour 41 min ago view
  • I was asking how well Scherzer holds on runners.


    BTW, your used underwear remark sounds rather specific. Please don't project. Thanks.

    Tito 2 hours 10 min ago view
  • nothing gets you going like someone talking about lester, eh?

    i hope you're on his payroll or he sends you used underwear or whatever you're into.

    btw, he holds runners like shit. he does things with runners i've never seen another pitcher do in my life...even going back before i was born as far as i can tell. would you like to discuss it? that sounds like it could be educational and fun. hit me up, bruh.

    crunch 2 hours 13 min ago view
  • last year they won 97...and came in 3rd in the division. crazy game on a year-to-year basis.

    this year it's likely no one else in the division will win 90, though it's technically possible at this point.

    no matter what, this is a special team, though...very well rounded...and should be mostly intact next year with a bonus schwarber. chapman may not be around, but whatever...rondon and crew are capable even if not on chapman's level.

    crunch 2 hours 14 min ago view
  • How well does he hold on runners?


    Tito 4 hours 9 min ago view
  • It's August 26. Cubs with 14 game lead. And not for #1 draft pick.

    Words I never thought I would type together.

    Jackstraw 4 hours 24 min ago view
  • One more victory to ensure a winning season!

    billybucks 6 hours 40 min ago view
  • If I were a betting man

    Give me the Dodgers tonite, not just because of
    Monty on mound.

    Two nights in LA for the kids? Woooo

    /Prove me wrong

    jacos 6 hours 41 min ago view
  • When Scherzer is on his game, he might the the most dominant and intimidating pitcher. A couple of games he has pitched against the Cubs when he had his stuff, and his mound presence was just powerful.

    billybucks 6 hours 42 min ago view
  • So are lack of chances due to the great pitching?

    jacos 6 hours 44 min ago view
  • TLS watch: 0-4 with Iowa last night. Saving his pinch hits for September.

    Cubster 7 hours 34 min ago view
  • Objectively true. Scherzer's FIP is almost a half point higher than his ERA, mostly I deduce because his BABIP is .249 so something ridiculous like that. It's not like the guy can't be scored on, but when I watch him, I sometimes feel that he's the most in control of the game moving around him.

    John Beasley 8 hours 18 min ago view