Down to the Trading Deadline Wire…

Rumor mongers vs the real deals. Eric Gagne, Bronson Arroyo, Octavio Dotel, Bobby Kielty, Ryan Church or Reggie Sanders? 4 way deal for A-Rod? Have at it. ...and Carlos, MVN's own "The Transaction Guy" is monitoring every possible wire report for information on that last minute deal coming at cha. (OK, so it's a shameless plug)


Griffey and Arroyo for Jones, Marshall, Murton and Petrick?

Haha...just kidding...

ESPN 1000 reporting that the Red Sox have reached a deal with Texas, and Boston is negotiating with Gagne to get him to drop his no-trade.

I don't want to think about a 4-way involving A-Rod, thanks. :-}

If we got Kielty, then Murton wouldn't be the only redhead on the team unless we had to trade Murton to get Kielty

It must be frustrating as hell for other GMs to try to make a deal with Jim Bowden. It seems that his only goal is to screw the other team. He's completely unrealistic about the value of his players. Other GMs must hate calling him (or avoid him completely).

Again shamelessly plugging my thread over at TG:

Live blogging of the trade deadline! Join in the fun!

Remember when Juan Cruz was untouchable for trades?

"It must be frustrating as hell for other GMs to try to make a deal with Jim Bowden. It seems that his only goal is to screw the other team. He’s completely unrealistic about the value of his players. Other GMs must hate calling him (or avoid him completely)."

Sounds like many of my fantasy adversaries.

Some love for the Farns courtesy of Yahoosports-

"Quite obviously, if the New York Yankees are going to make a run at the Red Sox or, more likely, the wild card, they'll have to find a pitcher or two – they're in on Gagne – to put in front of Mariano Rivera. Or, as one Yankee official groaned recently, "In all of baseball, nobody gets less out of more than Kyle Farnsworth."

Farnsworth is due $5.5 million next season, $6 million if he leads the team in Rolaids Relief points, or, coincidentally, if Joe Torre can down a whole roll of them before Farnsworth throws his final warm-up pitch."

Hey, I just read on the Bottom Line that we traded Rob Bowen for Jason Kendall.

Great job, Jim.

Carlos - Good work using my innocent post to bash your adversaries.


Oooh, Kendall, he doesn't have SLG, OBP or an arm. He'll fit in perfectly!

Hey, I just read on the Bottom Line that we traded Rob Bowen for Jason Kendall.

Ha... at first I read that as the Cubs trading Kendall for Bowen, and I thought, "Hmm... that isn't a bad upgrade!" :)

And yea... doesn't look like MVN can really handle the heavy trading deadline load. What is going to happen in the playoffs?

Dotel to Braves for Kyle Davies a done deal.

Padres agree with White Sox for Rob Macowiak.

Stark reporting that the Padres have acquired Rob Mackowiak from the White Sox for a minor leaguer.

Teixeira deal is done. Dotel, too.

Rosenthal says Dye to Boston is all but dead.

He says he thinks Cubs, Angels, and the D'Backs may still be in on it.

"Griffey and Arroyo for Jones, Marshall, Murton and Petrick?"


Not funny.

Olney reporting that Jason Schmidt signs with Dodgers. 3/44

Okay, so what is left out there?
Griffey - haven't heard anything about him in a few days...
Dunn - I think I saw the Reds said that he was not going to be dealt.
Church - Seems available, Levine keeps mentioning him, but why?
Gomes - barely heard anything about him. Seems to fit though...

This Dye stuff is quite a moving target.... It seems like they're drawing team names out of a hat every time they report the rumors, then just alternate between the Red Sox talking and no longer talking...

Rosenthal reporting that OBP is now considered the only stat worth anything. And I think that, yep, just got a confirmation from an unnamed source close to the commissioner: AVG is officially dead. This same source said a man going by the name of Chad ran screaming into the dark about those idiot TCRs. We will follow up when we get more news.

This is your two hour warning. Thank you.

So what about Wily Mo Pena? What do you guys think the Cubs would have to give up for him?

Did you know??????? Cesar Izturis has a better Batting Average than Pat Burrell

We need parachat..

White Sox wanted Gabbard in exchange for Dye, but now that he's involved in the Gagne deal, they don't seem to be interested in talking with anyone else regarding the outfielder.

I don't know why Wily Mo Peña and Craig Hansen were all the Red Sox offered Williams for Dye. Both are failed prospects with one tool -- never living up to their expectations. That's not what the White Sox need.

That seals it aaron, we need Izzy back. He has some sort of speed and hits for AVG.

This is your two hour warning. Thank you.

That should be ONE hour, not two hour. The deadline is at 4:00 pm ET, 3:00 PM CT, etc...

Boston Globe is reporting Dye will stay in Chicago.

Piniero has gone from Boston to St. Louis, according to Kevin Kennedy

Boston Globe is reporting Dye will stay in Chicago.

Piniero has gone from Boston to St. Louis, according to Kevin Kennedy

Trying to keep the faith in Jimbo here but I am not real happy right now. Gimme something! This team is not good enough to stand pat. Even a Reggie Sanders just to be the right handed pinch hitter off the bench would work for me.

Morgan Ensberg now a Padre.

They've got the not-very-good player market cornered.

Milton Bradley
Scott Hairston

Way to go, fellers.

Hey, thanks Cubster!

Morgan Ensberg to the Padres, per ESPN2

chifan, i am pretty sure that as long as the paperwork is in by the deadline they can wait longer than that. I don't think there is much of a limit on the official announcement. IIRC the Nomar trade was announced like 2 hours after the deadline.

Wow, the Ensberg deal is puzzling. He needs to be carried on the 25-man roster and they already have capable bench players who can play third base better than Ensberg. I think they're going to bench Kouzmanoff for good, even though he's been hitting pretty well lately.

I don't know how Jim Henry can stay pat.
This is BullS**T. Did Jim Henry get a new job and no longer casre whatr happens to the Cubs I am sure somebody wants Murton, Cedeno, anybody but WE NEED a Stating Pitcher (to replace Marquis in the rotation for the playoffs), Rightfielder and a Left handed Pitcher for the bullpen. The Brewers made trade for pitching and the Cardinals made a trade for a pitcher while Jim Henry has his head up his butt. Why don't he get Jermaine Dye or Ken Griffey Jr. since we know Cliff Floyd is not going to play and we need a Power Bat in the line-up everyday..WAKE UP JIM!!! This is Fu*%kin stupid!!! JIM wants to continue to say he has the authority to make deals, trades and his hands are not tied where he can't make a move. Yeah Jim you are shwing us that as long as we have a decent record and make the playoffs you are content but not willing to make the move to pujt us over the top by filling the spots where we are weak!!!

Final Griffey rumor of the trading season ...


WE NEED a Stating Pitcher

And who do you suggest the Cubs get?

And you act that Dye or Griffery would just be given away.

Trades demand two teams, not just one, and you can't expect to get everything that you want. If there deals were there, Hendry would make them. But obviously he hasn't thought he was getting a good enough deal. At least not yet...


I know that, Iwas just saying there can be a delay. Also Levine has us in on Dye.

I think that bitching about Hendry's lack of action is way premature. At least have the patience to wait until we have all the facts before you start ripping him for not doing anything....

Speaking of Morgan Ensberg -- what the hell happend to him?

a bench bat will be available after the trade deadline, not worried about that.

A big-time slugger would have been nice though, but only Teix has moved so far. Dye...I'm 50/50 on.

Doesn't sound like Griffey was ever really available.

CHAD - re: wordpress

* Are you sure you have the correct username and password?
* Are you sure that you have typed the correct hostname?
* Are you sure that the database server is running?

I'm annoyed as you are!!!

cant say i share your need for pitching sadcubs...

personally, i think the only thing the cubs need is a "legit" RH RF'r who dont mind not playing everyday...preferably with a strong arm and power.

outside of that...nothing seems too interesting to me...snagging arroyo for one of the cubs excess LH starters (hill/marshall) does interest me, though....or lilly if they'd take him, which they wouldnt...heh.

Don't really need 5 starters in the playoffs, anyway. If that's your reasoning.

The Cubs aren't going to add years/salary with the team up for sale. That was the buzz going around before the deadline and it looks like that is what happened. Hendry can't do a damn thing about that.

Offman on the score says the Cubs are still chasing Dye as we close on the deadline.

ensberg for kouz??

Okay, now Mark Gonzales is saying that he think Dye is gonna sign an extension with the Sox... What the hell? Holy smokescreen!

Crunch -- nope. PTBNL.

From Jerry Crasnik, on ESPN Radio:

- Gagne deal to Boston is very close... Gange needs to waive his ntc, but Crasnik thinks it is basically "crossing the t's and dotting the i's." Thinks it will go through.

- Dotel deal done. Mackowiak deal is done to SD.

- Surprised none of the relievers have been moved (Reyes, Cordero, Rauch, etc). Wouldn't be surprised if one or more of those guys would be moved in the next half hour.

- Can you imagine that big markets (mets, yanks, cubs, dodgers, angels) may stand pat and not do anything? Each situation is different - clubs have people - pedro is coming back, juan rivera is coming back for the angels, etc. Teams are now willing to try their young players.

- It is a bit puzzling why the yanks/mets were unable to afford (i.e. give enough) for gagne.

- a lot of people like the braves now, phillies have a "nice vibe", yada, yada, yada

maybe more... they are still talking

If you're watching the BBTN thing on ESPN2, I enjoyed that Clemens AT&T commercial. Clever.

I don't understand the "Cubs can't add any payroll because they're being sold" argument. Whoever buys the Cubs is going to spend between $600 million - $1 billion. What difference does a few more million dollars of payroll make?


Either KW is stupid or he thinks every other MLB GM is stupid. That team needs to get younger and after all the talking about how he is going to be making changes, he is going to look stupid if his big deal is Iguchi for some non descript A ball pitcher.


Yes. I am not a billionaire, or much of a thousandaire either, but wouldn't the CW be that the team would be even more valuable with its ace signed and a division title under its belt?

Sweet Lou, are you on the ESPN chat too?

Rumor on XM is Gagne will waive his No Trade Clause to go to Boston...

Stephan A. Smith is so incredibly annoying and somewhat sexist. Get him off my freaking radio, ESPN.

15 Minutes.

Yeah Johann. I can't listen to him, either, even as a "sidekick" for Eric Caselius, who I actually like quite a bit...

Mets got Castillo yesterday, in response to Mets have not done anything.


Yesterday Bruce Levine reported that Kenny Williams was trying to rob Jim Henry by requesting Carlos Marmol for Jermaine Dye. I can imagine once Kenny requested that, ole Jim let him hear the loud At&T dial tone.

Wordpress is going to have to claim responsability for my stomach ailments.

I know that yesterday after he mentioned that he said that Dye wasnt coming here. Now he said there in there hunt, which leads me to believe that his price dropped to something reasonable.

1 minute........

Okay, Jim. Pencils down! Let's see it!


The trade dead line is OVA!!!!
Hope we got Jermaine Dye.
I would hope Jim didn't stay pat.

I think that not doing anything says to me that Hendry is not sure that they have what it takes this year. I don't think that's a good message to send to the team. I know some will say that he is saying that he has all he needs, but he could have gotten more...

And Jim Hendry stood pat. There's still a ten-twenty minute period in which deals could be announced, but any blockbuster or significant trade would've been announced by now.

Thanks for all your hard-work, guys.

Well Jim made his deals early.

Traded Barrett

Traded Izturis

Traded for Kendall

Getting KW back is like making a trade...............

I hope the PTBNL from Pittsburgh is Jason Bay

670 the Score Terry Boers & Bernstein says they will have Kenny Williams on a conference call in 5-15 minutes to talk about trades. Maybe he will tell us the level of the Cubs interest.

There goes Levine again, saying that the Cubs will pursue the Ryan Church trade through waivers...

How does "acquiring a player by trade through waivers" work?

How does “acquiring a player by trade through waivers” work?

AZ Phil explained the process in a new post.

I think that not doing anything says to me that Hendry is not sure that they have what it takes this year.

Huh? Post of the day.

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  • So I think tomorrow will be the most important test of how far we can go. We can win it all with two pitchers since Arietta has shown he can carry over his success to the post season. If Lester can be dominant also then I think we can go far no matter how Hendricks or Hammel do.


    And in terms of pitching just went through to see how we could maximize Lester and Arietta and came up with this (Lester would be going on 4 days rest three times and Arietta twice):

  • i still can't believe that crawford contract (7/142). all that loot and years for a LF'r who's entire hitting game revolves around his legs and line-drive power. those triples that raised his value are deceptive as hell to his true power, but it helped him get paid.

    there's also pause about a guy who's ob% is almost totally driven by hits rather than walks. BOS got lucky unloading that crap deal.

  • I think the Cubs take Berry and Soler off playoff roster and add Hammel & Ramirez. Believe Maddon will find Denorfia & Jackson defense too hard to lose.

  • Unbeleivable Dodgers:
    I just noticed the Dodger's payroll today. It is just absurd. $300,000,000+!!
    Here is where just some of there money is for 2015:

    Some "Highlights"
    Carl Crawford $20MM
    Brandon McCarthy $17MM
    Bronson Arroyo $3.5MM
    Darwin B $2.2MM
    Dan Haren $10MM
    Matt Kemp $18MM
    Brian Wilson $10MM
    Ryan Webb $2.2MM
    Dee Gordon $2.5MM

  • O & B: I like the one-game Wild Card heart attack game, but I'd actually like to see a best two-out-of-three LDS played in the home parks of the two division winners with the best records, and then the LCS as a best two-out-of-three in the home park of the division winner left standing with the best record, and then let's get to the World Series already. 

  • I...don't know. If chanting would help the Cubs beat the Cardinals in the next series or ultimately the World Series I think I'd be ok with it lol. I'm not supportive of saying insulting things to opposing fans or throwing things but loud noise and chanting seems appropriate to me.

    I also grew up in France though and that kind of thing is par for the course at soccer and rugby matches and I love it. I find crowds too passive here.

  • Er, they won the first one. My bad. Carry on.

  • With last night's win in Pittsburgh, the Cubs have tied the Pirates with 98 wins, and are only 2-1/2 games behind the Cardinals. No reason why the Cubs can't finish the post-season with the best winning percentage in baseball (regular season & post-season combined). 

  • BOB: I doubt very much that Matt Szczur will be on the Cubs LDS roster.

    If he wasn't on the Wild Card roster (when the Cubs went with 15 position players), he won't be on the LDS roster (when the Cubs will go with 13 or 14 position players).

    As it is, at least one of the three RH hitting outfielders who were on the Cubs WC roster (Denorfia, Jackson, and Soler) could get bumped off the LDS roster (probably Soler).

  • I want my baseball team to win by playing better baseball. I don't want umps, fields, or fans to have anything to do with it.

  • Just with the chanting thing it worked to rattle Cueto last year where he dropped a ball and gave up a HR next pitch so you can't really hate on the fans for trying it again in this important of a game.

    Arietta though.

  • I felt the same way, too, but...

    I was very disappointed with Pittsburgh fans. At Wrigley a few weeks ago, they were very obnoxious guests, the cockiness on Twitter, and what's the deal with chanting Arrieta's name during the game? Very bush league. Add that up with Rodriguez's poor sportsmanship and you quickly have a team that you don't mind beating 4-0 in a do or die game.

  • Absolutely-It was tense. And when the Pirates couldn't push any runs across, you could see the frustration boil over.

  • I meant December.