Cubs Trivia

Who was the first member of the Cubs to win a Gold Glove Award as an outfielder?
Start your guesses...


Rick Monday

Billy Williams


the first half of the 'daily double': bob dernier

Dave Kingman

Keith Moreland

1 of those 6 has got to be right....Right?

1 of those 6 is correct and it's definitely not Moreland or Kingman...

i was going to guess Dawson but someone beat me to it.

Then Dawson/Dernier Did they both get it same year?

(drum roll)...Bobby Dernier - 1984


Adolfo Philips?

Adolfo Philips? Jason DuBois? Glenallen Hill?

bob denier

hmm....Ransom Jackson? George Altman?

Billy Williams

or not so much...

Al Heist, Richie Ashburn or a host of others.

Bryon Browne, Jim Hickman or should have been Lou Brock!

slamdog, if your first suggestion had indeed unexpectedly won a Gold Glove, well, it would've made for quite a heist...

Andre Dawson

Yea, but that Henry Cotto covered more ground and had a stronger arm.

Brant Brown

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