2007 Rule 4 Draft - Final Signing Update

The August 15th deadline has passed, and the first 68 players selected by MLB clubs in this past June's Rule 4 Draft (First-Year Player Draft) opted to sign, including all players selected in the 1st round and the Supplemental 1st round. A total of 98 of the first 100 players drafted ended up signing pro contracts. The Cubs signed 33 of the 50 players they drafted, including the first 18, and 23 of the first 24. #1 pick Josh Vitters was signed with just hours to spare. Notables who got away include 25th round pick Victor Sanchez (third-baseman on the Team USA Junior National Team) and 33rd round pick and University of Texas catcher Preston Clark (the #1 catcher for Team USA who was rated the #5 college catcher going into the draft by Baseball America). Here is the current status of players selected by the Cubs in the draft, as well as players signed as Non-Drafted Free-Agents (NDFA) after the draft, and 5th Year College Seniors and Draft+Follows (DNFs) signed prior to the draft: 2007 RULE 4 DRAFT 1. Josh Vitters, 3B (Cypress HS – Cypress, CA) FITCH PARK (MESA) NOTE: Would have enrolled at Arizona State if he hadn't signed with the Cubs. 1-S. Josh Donaldson, C (Auburn) BOISE NOTE: 1st Round (supplemental) compensation pick for losing Type “B” FA OF Juan Pierre to LAD. 2. NONE NOTE: Pick went to WAS after Cubs signed Type “A” FA OF Alfonso Soriano. 3. Tony Thomas, 2B (Florida State) BOISE 4. Darwin Barney, SS (Oregon State) PEORIA 5. Brandon Guyer, OF-IF (Virginia) BOISE 6. Casey Lambert, LHP (Virginia) PEORIA 7. Ty Wright, OF (Oklahoma State) PEORIA 8. Marquez Smith, 3B (Clemson) PEORIA NOTE: College teammate of Cubs 2006 #1 pick (OF Tyler Colvin), Smith was selected by Cubs in 2006 draft (35th Round) but did not sign. 9. Clark Hardman, OF (Cal State- Fullerton) AZL CUBS (MESA) NOTE: Freshman All-American in 2004, missed most of 2005 season with torn labrum. 10. Leon Johnson, OF (BYU) PEORIA NOTE: Drafted twice previously by TB (once out of HS and once after one year at JC), spent two years on LDS mission in Siberia (2004-06). 11. Chris Siegfried, LHP (U. of Portland) PEORIA 12. Ryan Acosta, RHP/SS (Clearwater Central Catholic HS - Clearwater, FL) AZL CUBS (MESA) NOTE: Son of ex-Cubs pitching coach Oscar Acosta (killed in a car crash in Dominican Republic in 2006), he would have enrolled at Georgia if he hadn't signed with the Cubs. A two-way player in high school, he will be a full-time pitcher with the Cubs. 13. Jonathan Wyatt, OF (Georgia) BOISE NOTE: Won Rawlings Gold Glove his senior season at Georgia 14. James Russell, LHP (Texas) FITCH PARK (MESA) NOTE: Son of ex-Texas Rangers closer Jeff Russell. 15. Marc Sawyer, 1B (Yale) BOISE 16. Zach Ashwood, LHP (Kansas) BOISE 17. Arik Hempy, LHP (South Carolina) BOISE NOTE: Had Tommy John elbow surgery in 2006. 18. Jeffrey Rea, 2B-OF (Mississippi State) DAYTONA 19. Kyle Day, C (Michigan State) DID NOT SIGN NOTE: Was a draft-eligible sophomore, will be returning to Michigan State for junior year. 20. Jose Made, INF (Dominican College) BOISE 21. Dustin Sasser, LHP (East Carolina) BOISE 22. Craig Muschko, RHP (LaSalle) AZL CUBS (MESA) 23. Stephen Vento, RHP (Palm Beach CC) BOISE NOTE: Would have transferred to Florida Atlantic if he hadn't signed with Cubs. 24. Scott Meyer, RHP (Lamar) DAYTONA 25. Victor Sanchez, 3B (Gahr HS – Norwalk, CA) DID NOT SIGN NOTE: Member of Team USA Junior National team, will be attending U. of San Diego. 26. Michael Bunton, LHP (College of Charleston) AZL CUBS (MESA) 27. Clayton Suss, RHP (Cooper City HS - Cooper City, FL) DID NOT SIGN NOTE: Will be attending Miami-Dade CC. 28. Bill Moss, INF (U. of Memphis) BOISE 29. Andrew Cashner, RHP (Angelina JC) DID NOT SIGN NOTE: Has transferred to TCU. 30. Luke Sommer, OF-1B (U. of San Francisco) AZL CUBS (MESA) 31. Brian Leclerc, OF (Florida) PEORIA 32. Luis Bautista, C-1B (Florida International) BOISE NOTE: Brother of Pittsburgh Pirates 3B Jose Bautista. 33. Preston Clark, C (Texas) DID NOT SIGN NOTE: Team USA’s #1 catcher and rated the #5 college catcher pre-2007 draft by Baseball America, he has returned to the Longhorns (and presumably Team USA). 34. Enrique Garcia, RHP (U. of Miami) DID NOT SIGN NOTE: Has returned to the “U” for his senior year. 35. J. C. Casey, RHP (Kickapoo HS – Kickapoo, MO) DID NOT SIGN NOTE: Will be attending Missouri State. 36. Billy Mottram, 3B (Dowling College) DAYTONA 37. Mike McGee, 3B/RHP (Port St. Lucie HS – Port St. Lucie, FL) DID NOT SIGN NOTE: Will be attending Florida State. 38. Yuri Higgins, RHP/OF (South Florida) BOISE NOTE: Broke his wrist playing OF at South Florida just prior to the draft, he will be a full-time pitcher with Cubs. 39. Roberto Sabates, C (Cuban defector - Miami, FL) AZL CUBS (MESA) NOTE: Played for Industriales in Cuba. 40. Corey Bachman, RHP (VMI) AZL CUBS (MESA) 41. Jordan Herr, OF (U. of Pittsburgh) DID NOT SIGN NOTE: Son of ex-Cardinals 2B (and Cub-killer) Tommy Herr and a draft-eligible sophomore, will be returning to Pitt for junior season. 42. Colt Sedbrook, INF (Arizona) DID NOT SIGN NOTE: Will be returning to U. of A for his senior year. 43. Garrett Clyde, RHP (San Jacinto JC – North) DID NOT SIGN NOTE: Has transferred to Texas. 44. Bryan Jost, 1B (Minnesota) FITCH PARK (MESA) 45. Ryan Lewis, OF (Yakima Valley CC) DID NOT SIGN 46. Tyler Clark, RHP (Springfield Catholic HS – Springfield, MO) DID NOT SIGN NOTE: Will be attending Missouri. 47. Josh Walter, RHP (Texas State) DID NOT SIGN 48. Carlos Rivera, OF (East Aurora HS - East Aurora, IL) DID NOT SIGN 49. Jordan Rogers, RHP (San Jacinto JC - North) DID NOT SIGN NOTE: Has transferred to Rice. 50. Blake Murphy, C (Western Carolina) DID NOT SIGN NON-DRAFTED FREE-AGENTS (NDFA)(signed after completion of 2007 Rule 4 Draft) Patrick Brooks, INF (UT - Pan American) AZL CUBS (MESA) Hong-Wen Chen, RHP (Taiwan) FITCH PARK (MESA) NOTE: Chen was signed by Cubs Pacific Rim scouting coordinator Steve Wilson a couple of months ago but has been unable to pitch due to “arm fatigue.” Michael Christl, RHP (Bradley) AZL CUBS (MESA) Matt Hudgins, C (Virginia Wesleyan) AZL CUBS (MESA) Chris Rivera, RHP (Virginia Wesleyan) AZL CUBS (MESA) Derek Schermerhorn, INF (Wichita State) PEORIA Yusdel Tuero, RHP (Cuban defector) DAYTONA NOTE: Deceptive slop-throwin’ side-armin’ right-hander (think Rod Beck circa 2003) pitched for Las Vaqueros de la Havana in Cuba Chih-Hsiang Wen, OF (Taiwan) AZL CUBS (MESA) NOTE: Like Chen (see above), Wen was signed in June by Cubs Pacific Rim scouting coordinator Steve Wilson. 5th YEAR COLLEGE SENIORS (2006 NDFA) signed in May 2007 Michael Bartek, RHP (Nicholls State) PEORIA John Muller , RHP (St. Thomas Aquinas College) BOISE NOTE: Was combination SS/RHP (closer) at Aquinas, will be full-time pitcher with Cubs. 2006 DRAFT + FOLLOW (DNF) (signed in May 2007) Jordan Latham, RHP (College of Southern Idaho) BOISE NOTE: Cubs 2006 29th Round pick, would have transferred to Arizona State if he hadn't signed with Cubs as DNF. Marcus Hatley, RHP (Palomar JC) AZL CUBS (MESA) NOTE: Cubs 2006 39th Round pick, was a two-way player (OF/RHP) in college, but will be a full-time pitcher with Cubs. Cedric Redmond, RHP (Oakton CC) AZL CUBS (MESA) NOTE: Cubs 2006 27th Round pick. Jovan Rosa, 3B (Lake City CC) BOISE NOTE: Cubs 2006 22nd Round pick, was his conference’s 2007 player of the year and was rated a pre-draft likely ‘07 Top 5 rounder by BA, would have transferred to NC State if he hadn't signed with Cubs as DNF. Brett Summers, RHP (South Suburban JC) FITCH PARK (MESA) NOTE: Cubs 2006 28th Round pick.


This is fantastic! Thanks a bunch AZ PHIL. I wish I had more information on the ex-Cubans - like their Havana stats.

They play some terrific baseball down on that isolated island.

Really appreciate all of your good work. Great job. Thanks

Great work Phil. Have you seen the tear Ceda has been on in Peoria? His last 14 innings look like this:

14 0 7 24

I'd be curious to know the minor league record for consecutive hitless innings - I'm sure it is much longer than 14, but 14 is mighty impressive.

Ross Barnes — August 16, 2007 @ 10:51 pm
Great work Phil. Have you seen the tear Ceda has been on in Peoria? His last 14 innings look like this:

14 0 7 24

I’d be curious to know the minor league record for consecutive hitless innings - I’m sure it is much longer than 14, but 14 is mighty impressive.


ROSS B: If the Cubs would just keep Ceda in the bullpen, I think he will develop into another Lee Smith. But If the Cubs insist on using him as a starter to get him more minor league innings (as they did earlier this year), they run the risk of Ceda having more shoulder problems. He needs to throw one inning (or MAYBE occasionally two) per outing.

I also believe the Cubs should move Donnie Veal to the bullpen, too. He just throws too many pitches per inning to remain a starter, but he should be OK throwing late-inning heat.

Imagine Marmol, Ceda, Veal, and Rocky Roquet (who is also having a fine year) in the Cubs bullpen in 2009. The other team would have to wear gas masks!

The other team has to wear gas masks (or at least a nose plugs) when Koyie Hill comes to the plate.

The Real Neal — August 16, 2007 @ 11:38 pm
The other team has to wear gas masks (or at least a nose plugs) when Koyie Hill comes to the plate.


REAL NEAL Different kind of gas! You're talking methane, I'm talkin' smoke...

Iowa could have used Pignatiello yesterday. Blown saves in the ninth (Rapada), tenth (Wells) and eleventh (Cotts) in an eleven-inning road loss.

Fuld hit a two-run homer early that stood up until the 9th. Patterson hit a sac fly in the 10th, and Kroeger an RBI single in the 11th. This was Kroeger's first game off the DL.

Fuld started in left, Patterson in center.

But it's odorless when they come to the plate and Hill is catching.

Happy Cardinals Day, friends.

I'm so excited to be playing the Cardinals in the middle of August and it be important for both teams again.

Jones had said on WSCR-AM 670 Thursday morning that he had heard negative comments from fans in the bleachers during Wednesday night's game and that it still happens all the time. Asked after the game about the fans giving him a nice reception, Jones responded: "Did they?" Jones said he didn't notice the ovation.


This is why it's hard to like Jones.

I understand he still gets hell on a regular basis, much of which is unfounded and some of which is probably inappropriate. There are fucking idiots in the bleachers, we all know that.

On the other hand, don't go on the damn radio bitching about how the fans talk shit to you and then completely ignore the fans when they do something positive towards you.

This is why it’s hard to like Jones.

Maybe you missed the rest of the story where he said he was too worried about getting off the field because he hurt his ankle.

This really isn't a reason to dislike Jock.

Reports in this morning's Herald say that Z has agreed to a contract extension.

don’t go on the damn radio bitching about how the fans talk shit to you

Further... I didn't hear the Score interview, but my guess was that he was ASKED about the negative feedback he gets from the fans. Answering questions is not the same as "bitching about it."

Here is the Z extension link:

A 10:15 a.m. press conference has been called at Wrigley Field today to announce the long-term contract agreement with pitcher Carlos Zambrano, Cubs sources report.

No details are available now, but Daily Herald sports writer Bruce Miles will have a full report later this morning.


you got a link? I see nothing about this in the online Herald, Tribune, or Sun-Times.

No links/stories anywhere from the Trib/Sun Times, or on Cubs.com on the Z story, but I would think that Miles is right. Though it is always odd that Miles breaks stories before the Trib does...

Thanks dave!

ESPN 1000, Bruce Levine, just reported:

5 year extension, area of 90 million dollars.


Did the bids on the Cubs get turned in yet?

Radio the other day reported Z was shopping for a new house in the Chicago area.

AZ Phil,

Relievers need better control than starters, not worse, so I don't know about Veal in the pen. Every third start or so, Veal still produces a line like this one yesterday:

6 inn, 3 h, 1 r, 1 er, 3 bb, 8 k

(Call me if Samardzija ever gets half that many K's.)

(Call me if Samardzija ever gets half that many K’s.)

Well... don't really want to call you, but I will comment instead. On 7/27 Samardzija had 6 strikeouts (in just 4.2 innings).


91.5 million dollars - five years, and a 6th year player option for 19+ million.

Highest long-term contract (per year) in baseball history for for a pitcher.

I was listening this week to Stone on Boers/Bernstein and they noted that the Trib's stock last closing was like $10-11 per share less than Zell's original offer (Zell offer at $36 and closed last week at $25) at the closing bell. Allegedly, Zell has a 'buy-out' or whatever they call it clause for approx. $25 million that he can opt out of the deal. Which for Zell is like most of us giving someone $100 to go away and leave us alone. It will be interesting to see if this indeed does happen and might explain why this sale has dragged on for as long as it has.

Levine reports the deal is 91.5/5 with a 6th year vesting player option at 19.25. So in reality its a 110.75/6.

Good news on the Z signing. The market is definitely heading to $20M for solid starting pitchers in the next four years or so, and Z will only be 32 for that sixth year player option. Unlike other player options Hendry has given out (e.g., Eyre's $8M in 2008), If Zambrano pitches well over the next five years without significant injury, a $19M player option will be below-market in 2013.

Though I have to say the timing of it is a little odd. Just three weeks ago we heard about how the team might not be active in the trade market because of an unwillingness to take on additional salary commitments because of the pending sale of the team.

(Eyre’s $8M in 2008)

Eyre has a $3.8M player option, not an 8 million dollar option.

"On 7/27 Samardzija had 6 strikeouts (in just 4.2 innings)."

I guess I thought it was a typo. Call me if he does it again. (I hope he does.)

You're right, Dave, it's $3.8M. I just saw the "8M". Even still, $3.8M for Scott Eyre is not a good price. Not when you can get a Ray King for $1M or Damasco Marte for $2M-2.5M. Or Piggy at major league minimum.

Even still, $3.8M for Scott Eyre is not a good price.

I don't disagree.

DC Tom — August 17, 2007 @ 8:39 am
$3.8M for Scott Eyre is not a good price. Not when you can get a Ray King for $1M or Damasco Marte for $2M-2.5M. Or Piggy at major league minimum.


DC TOM: Don't forget Scott Eyre has a player option after this season. Maybe he'll get some bad advice and opt to be a FA.

DC TOM: Don’t forget Scott Eyre has a player option after this season.

That was what DC Tom was talking about - the player's option.

RE: Samardninja

Oh..he struck out 6 on July 27 alright...and gave up 12 hits, 6 ER. great?

Oh..he struck out 6 on July 27 alright…and gave up 12 hits, 6 ER. great?

Did I say he had a great outing?

I just responded to VA Phil's silly comment implying that Samardija is unable to get "half of 8" strikeouts.

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  • When we played the Reds with Chapman, I always thought of it as an eight-inning game. So now other teams have eight innings to try to get a lead against the Cubs. Should be a challenge, assuming three or four Cubs ever start hitting again.

    I don't really try to get to know and like these players personally. I'm rooting for laundry, for the most part. Exceptions might be when a player makes trouble in the clubhouse or in the dugout. (Zambrano and Bradley come to mind. Also Papelbon.) But I don't think Chapman is one of those jerks.

    VirginiaPhil 2 hours 5 min ago view
  • Unfortunately, a pretty good summary. It looks like next year Heyward will be getting yet another batting stance adjustment.

    The recent good news has been Baez. I'm afraid about the next league adjustment on him, though, which is probably right around the corner.

    Bryant I don't worry about too much. Just not seeing the ball well right now. He'll turn it around. Russell's been good with men in scoring position all year and he's 22ish. He'll be fine but next year is likely to be his breakout year.

    Old and Blue 4 hours 8 min ago view
  • If Travis' back-to-back-to-back walks cost Hendricks the ERA title, that would really suck.

    billybucks 13 hours 11 min ago view
  • Edit: "A lifeless loss to a lousy Sox team."

    billybucks 13 hours 54 min ago view
  • This place is a real downer after a loss to the Sox.

    Charlie 14 hours 4 min ago view
  • I expect they will go 5-9 games above .500 the rest of the year. 96-98 wins will win the Division.

    They should have one more 2-3 week hot streak in them.

    However, several players are just "average" for the last month: Zobrist, Ross, Russell, Ceasar. Montero is terrible, plus he cannot throw anyone out. -WAR. Heyward is abysmal at the plate, but a plus in the OF. Still with RISP he has been terrible. KB has not been driving in runs as of late. But Apparently the team is still above average with RISP according to S Sahadev.

    The E-Man 14 hours 11 min ago view
  • I came to that realization tonight. I kept expecting them to play better, but now I realize they aren't going to. They are a .500 team now.
    - They have one reliable starting pitcher. Jake's magic is gone, and it doesn't look like it's coming back. Lester has been lousy recently. Lackey's ERA goes up every time he pitches.
    - Heyward has been dead weight all year. I can't remember a single series where he was a significant offensive contributor. Not one. Great defense, but but if he were hitting .270 with 10 HR and played average defense, the Cubs would be better off.

    billybucks 14 hours 14 min ago view
  • new rule...no one's allowed to throw k.bryant a changeup

    crunch 14 hours 26 min ago view
  • Team is .500 since early May and is playing like a .500 team. Lack of offense seems to be putting a lot of pressure on the pitchers...and they aren't handling it terribly well.

    .500 the rest of the way still may win the division though.

    blockhead25 14 hours 31 min ago view
  • ...i hate espn.

    nothing like settling into a cubs game to get a few minutes cutaway for an ortiz AB in the 6th inning of the det/bos game.

    oh, at least they're doing split screen now...i guess.

    crunch 14 hours 47 min ago view
  • I'm liking this rookie Nathan.

    CTSteve 14 hours 48 min ago view
  • Richard DFA'd. Meh...

    The E-Man 17 hours 39 min ago view
  • Throwbacks with fashionable cutouts would be a nice touch.

    Charlie 20 hours 12 min ago view
  • The next 2 games are nationally televised. I think we dominate tonight, hitting 3 HRs off Shields. Great night for KB to end HR drought facing HR prone pitcher in one of the most hitter friendly parks in the league.

    chitownmvp01 20 hours 44 min ago view
  • If the ball didn't deflect off the pitcher's mound, the game wouldn't have ended. Montgomery did miss his location though, but if that same contact was made and went in any of direction, good chance of ground out if it doesn't get through.

    If it was 1 night later, Chapman would be out there and we probably would be going to extras.

    Also, If KB wasn't robbed of a HR, perhaps we would have won. We will never know. Nice play by Melky though.

    chitownmvp01 20 hours 46 min ago view
  • The comparison isn't Chapman replacing Rondon. It's Chapman replacing Richard (hopefully) in the pen. Chapman's better.

    billybucks 22 hours 43 min ago view