Cardinals @ Cubs Preview

cardscubs With the big Z news, I'll keep this short and save the starter's previews.
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Runs Scored 533 (10th) 564 (8th)
Runs Allowed 596 (12th) 519 (2nd)
Team Defensive Efficiency .698 (9th) .713(2nd)
Starters ERA 5.16 (16th) 4.06 (2nd)
Relievers ERA 3.87 (6th) 4.07 (10th)
Batting Average .273 (5th) .271 (7th)
On-Base Percentage .338 (6th) .332 (8th)
Slugging Percentage .405 (11th) .412 (8th)


Looking at those numbers, you have to wonder how the Cards are even 2 games under .500. They're just not very good.

ON ESPN radio right now talking about z

Talking about how Z could probably make a lot more money on the market (agreed), Hendry hoping this clears up some of the negativity toward the trib.

Deal took about 10-12 days, tried to get it done before the start the other day... eluded to the deal possibly affecting his last start.

Everyone pretty much saying what they're supposed to say...

Jim kissing Praver's butt, Praver kissing the Cub's butt... blah blah blah...

Z... mostly inaudible. wants to "lead this team to the promise land..."

rob you slacker. less thing to worry about.

Z may walk 100 guys a year on the way to his 200ip and 200k, but he's shown he can stay healthy (so far, how you doing livan hernandez? oh...).

still...the FA market last year and especially next year is/was thin for anything involving true aces.

and all that aside, while the franchise and fans were waiting on wood/prior to take the throne, Z's been up there the whole time slowing moving into his kingdom.

I'm shocked that the Cubs starting staff is still ranked #2 after the recent implosions.

Doesn't the deal work out to an average of about $18 million per year for five years? How in the world would have have gotten more money than that on the open market? What, would some team have paid him $20 million per season? That seems hard to believe. How many pitchers currently are signed for deals that average $18 million per year? Is there any other pitcher that is getting $18 million per year? Z is a real talent, obviously, but I wonder about two things:

1) Will the relatively high pitch counts in his history eventually take their toll?

2) Is Z controlling his emotions better this year? Watching him break the bat over his leg and toss his helmet after crossing first base the other day reminded me of the out of control Carlos.

What, would some team have paid him $20 million per season?

Yes... easily.

The Mets, Red Sox, and Yankees all would have been going after him. He would have been the only ace available, by far. And he is only 26.

given the alternative of...hell, what is the alternative?

the only 2 "top" (or even close) pitchers were under 30 due to be FA's are now wrapped up by their chicago parent clubs.

last season it was...zito. this coming season it's...well, no one now. heck, i cant even think who'd be the top 2-3 FA pitchers of this coming offseason.

heck, this is an era where if you can throw 200ip and stay healthy while throwing 3.75-4.50era ball you can get a multi-year 6-8m contract with more than one team wanting you to come on board.

I don't find it hard to believe that the yanks or red sox wouldn't have signed Z in a heart beat for 20mil

i cant even think who’d be the top 2-3 FA pitchers of this coming offseason.

Kenny Rogers, Roger Clemens, Curt Schilling, Tom Glavine (has player option).

They are old, old, old, and uh... old.

Well... there is Smoltz. Who isn't exactly young.

And Westbrook, Garcia, or Jennings. Who aren't exactly good. And Leiber and Colon. Who aren't that good, or healthy.

But that is also why Z would have gotten 20+ a year. The Yanks won't be paying Clemens. The Red Sox won't be paying Schilling. The Mets may not be paying Glavine.

Sorry... Smoltz is signed through 08 now, with options for '09 and '10.

i'm shocked its "only" a 5 year deal insted of a 7+ year deal...or a player option for that 6th year. something...

i really don't think there's room to complain about any of the "foot dragging" that's been done by the suits at this point.

s.boras is somewhere right now rolling his eyes.


"I don’t find it hard to believe that the yanks or red sox wouldn’t have signed Z in a heart beat for 20mil"

Or the Mets, Angels and Dodgers.


lineups up:

eckstein 6
ludwick 7
pujols 3
encarnacion 9
rolen 5
edmonds 8
molina 1
looper 1
ryan 4

riot 6
JJ 8
lee 3
aram 5
ward 9
murton 7
fontenot 4
kendall 2
hill 1


If Z hit the open market in November, no way the Mets, Yankees, or Boston offer him less than 7 years at $133-135 million.

If anyone doesn't think so, watch what Johann gets offered next November and signs for (I don't see how the Twins can afford to keep him).

IF IF IF we can win today, will the fans make the guys put the Cubs flag on top? They better!!!

Let's just put the Cardinals out of their misery with a four game sweep. Kill them like we were bird flu!!!

Wow... DeRosa gets a five hit game, then sits. Interesting.

Cubs = bird flu

also interesting.

Well, outside of the Cubs day off, DeRosa hadn't gotten a day off since July 26th, so while I'd like him to play, I can also see the advantage in resting him a game.

For the last three years of this contract (2011-13), less than $20M for a top-of-rotation starter that is younger than 35 will be a bargain.

Don't even think about Zito. Barring injury, the future free agent contracts of Johann Santana in 2009, Jake Peavy in 2010, and Brandon Webb in 2010 all easily cross the $20M salary mark for 2011-13. Z is one notch below that pack.

By comparison, Oswalt is signed to make $16M in 2011, Halladay will make $15.75 in 2010, Javier Vazquez will make $11.5M in 2010. Dice-K will be an absolute steal for the Red Sox at $10-12M in 2011-12.

sorry, in my prior post, Brandon Webb will be a free agent in 2011. But you get my point.

The lineup's lack of DeRosa is also puzzling to me. Perhaps Lou is using the "earn a day off" method of motivation?

I have a feeling the Cubs/Cards series could be a lot like that 5 game set back in early September of 2003 that became to be a big turning point for both teams in the playoff chase. A nice Cubs sweep would cool off the streaking cards and rebuild the nice cushion separating the two teams.

Why is Ward starting again? Did he EAT Pié?

Chicago sports radio reporting that DeRosa took a cortisone shot in his hip this morning, as to why he isn't in the lineup.