Game 148 Thread / Cubs @ Cards (2 of 4)

Game Chat : BR Preview : Game Notes Ted Lilly vs. Braden Looper Lineups:
Soriano LF Miles 2B
ot SS Taguchi LF Lee 1B Pujols 1B Ward RF Ludwick RF Jones CF Edmonds CF DeRosa 3B Molina C Soto C Cairo 3B Fontenot 2B Looper P Lilly P Ryan SS


Well, as usual, the "top" of the order really is an automatic out.

So, keeping with the usual suspects, and with the professional hitter D.Ward in the "cleanup" spot, it is not a bad lineup after a night game.

If Fonty can get on with no outs, and assuming he can get in scoring position with Lilly and Sori getting their usual outs, it will let TheRiot drive in a run with two outs.

Anyone want to take a crack at the night game lineup prediction?

Also, those who have been bitching about Dempster, I sympathize, but just do not see Lou adjusting roles now for 2007. It would be great if there was a lock-down set-up guy in the 6th or 7th inning OTHER than Marmol, but we have Oh-Man!, Eyre (who has been pretty decent post AS), and Wood, who has been - well - "Roller Coaster Ronny".

Dempster pre-oblique injury, was the best I have seen him pitch. But that guy is gone.


So what now? We need six outs. We can't afford any mistakes and we definitely can't afford an extra inning game when there is still another 9 to play tonight.

Q. So what now?

Make that three more outs.

and Dempster is going to try to get on the Bicycle again...

Ryan Dempster shows how to do a wheelie!!!

Advanced Bicycling on display.

Cubs Win!

That Demp sure does suck. I wish we had brought Howry in.

Fkn Dempster.

Wow. No grumbling about Dempster after this one!

Winning is fun.

Ha! Nevermind.


Chicago 77-71
Milwaukee 74-72 2
St. Louis 69-77 7
Cincinnati 68-79 8.5


4 game winning streak, 2 games above MIL, 6 above STL.


I thought Dempster didn't have a put-away pitch. He sure did put away Duncan.

Make that 7 above STL.

winning pitcher...Kerry Wood

wow, does that bring back memories

How did he look?
Was his fastball any better?
Did he use his fastball?
Did he use Mentos?

Heh, honestly never thought I'd see that again after the start of this year, cubster.

Not Wood, Dempster.

well, ok, Wood too.

My lineup prediction for game 2:

Soriano 7
Kendall 2
Lee 3
Floyd 9
Ramirez 5
Jones 8
DeRosa 4
Cedeno 6
Marshall 1

If Ramirez had started Game 1 and Theriot had sat, I would have thought we'd maybe see Soriano take Game 2 off.

OK, what is that 84-88 mph flat pitch that Dempster throws up the strike zone? I cringe every time I see it.

As one of Dempster's fierest critics of late...that was really, really great to see.

Get one of the final 2 on this trip and we are in excellent shape. Even if worse comes to worse and we lose the next two and Milwaukee ties us...We get the significant schedule advantage back..with Milwaukee having no big home field advantage.

" Even if worse comes to worse and we lose the next two and Milwaukee ties us"

Can't happen. We lose 2 and they win one, we're still up a half game but 1 back in the loss.


uh we can get tied but the whole loss column thing applies.

Yahoo Sports is printing our Magic Number now.

/running rampant with premature optimism today :-)

I was fine with the numerous bunt sacrifices in Houston the other day. But I have no friggin clue what Lou was thinking with Jones/Derosa today in the 9th.

IMO, 8 more wins SHOULD do it unless the BREW win 10.

"IMO, 8 more wins SHOULD do it unless the BREW win 10."



o.k., o.k., you win!

27 blockhead
I have no friggin clue what Lou was thinking with Jones/Derosa today in the 9th.

lou was thinking the exact same thing that you and i and many others were thninking: putting dempster on the mound with a 1-run lead is a slippery slope.

when jones got back to the dugout, lou was pretty cool about the "caught stealing". awful tough for derosa to try and bunt a pitch at cap level. that's my take anyway.

lineup prediction for game 2:
soriano lf
jones cf
lee 1b
floyd rf
aram 3b
derosa 2b
kendall c
cedeno ss
marshall p

Today is the perfect example of why fans are fans and players are players. Half this board is ready to throw Dempster under the bus every time he gives up a run or 'blows' ......what is it?.....yeah, 3 saves blown all year. Who knows what happens in Game 2 if Dempster is needed or over the next 2 weeks. But for 148 games, you know what? Dempster has done the job he's paid to do as well as almost any closer in the show. And I'm not an officer in the Ryan Dempster fan club. Next year is next year and Lou can figure that out during the off-season.

Now now. I curse Dempster win or lose.

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  • I. Hate. The. Mets.

    billybucks 34 sec ago view
  • OK Marlins -- take 'em down. Fernandez, at home, tomorrow for the Fish.

    Gotta say, though -- as much as I can't stand them, the Cardinals have had some very impressive late-inning wins against premier closers.

    billybucks 55 sec ago view
  • Very impressive that he hit a 3-2 curve ball. Such a dynamic ballplayer. If he ever learns the strike zone....

    billybucks 7 min 17 sec ago view
  • If Jason Hammel doesn't get a potato chip sponsorship deal, somebody messed up. Attaboy, Jason!

    billybucks 10 min 5 sec ago view
  • I am looking forward to AChap facing the Cardinals.

    The E-Man 18 min 6 sec ago view
  • Sure is fun to watch them score finally. To think they were no-hit until the 7th...

    The E-Man 29 min 47 sec ago view
  • Got to admit it - it was comforting seeing Rondon come out for the eighth after just taking a two run lead ... And put the hammer down with a 7 pitch inning. Good stuff

    Eric S 35 min 2 sec ago view

    blown the hell open...7 run lead

    crunch 36 min 26 sec ago view
  • 11 hits off Wainwright tonight. Everything going right for the Cards right now. Motherfucking motherfuckers.

    The E-Man 45 min 55 sec ago view
  • it was more no-doubt than bryant's HR. it wont make any end-of-season highlight reels, but that one was booked to leave on contact.

    crunch 54 min 43 sec ago view
  • Javy! Javy! Javy!

    How sweet was that - Cranked it!

    393 happy feet

    Eric S 1 hour 2 min ago view
  • baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaez!

    cubs take a 2 run lead in the 7th. sweet.

    crunch 1 hour 5 min ago view
  • ...and the Cards tie and take the lead in the 9th. off Familia.

    blockhead25 1 hour 9 min ago view
  • Familia blows his first save of the season -- gives up 2 in 9th to the Cards.

    Not much going our way these days.

    billybucks 1 hour 9 min ago view
  • bryant's back!

    no-doubt HR towering to CF...tie game.

    crunch 1 hour 27 min ago view
  • This site is as dead as the team.

    The E-Man 1 hour 31 min ago view