Game 149 Thread / Cubs @ Cards (3 of 4)

Game Chat : BR Preview : Game Notes Sean Marshall vs. Joel Pineiro Lineups:
Soriano LF Taguchi LF
Jones CF Ryan SS
Lee 1B
>Pujols 1B Ramirez 3B Ludwick RF Floyd RF Edmonds CF DeRosa 3B Molina C Kendall C Spiezio 3B Theriot SS Pineiro P Marshall P Cairo 2B


Len says, "how about a 2 run homer"?

1 microsecond later, Soriano BOMB (with Marshall aboard)

Bob says,"we're going over to the riverboat tonight, partner."


*high five*

major divot in RF by Cliff Floyd on the popup by Ryan to DeRosa to end the 2nd inning.

Those were big skid marks...DeRosa was laughing pretty hard

From bad to Wuertz.

That was a horribly, dumb, lazy error by kendall.
2 thrown out at plate
1 left at 3rd with 1 out
1 lazy error probably leading to multiple runs.

nothing easy I guess.

brewers 5 reds 3, final

That is the second time in two days (i think) that Kendall has made an awful, lazy throw to 1st on a dropped third strike. The first time he did it didn't hurt hurt the Cubs. The second time probably cost the Cubs tonights game.

Physical errors happen. Mental errors even happen sometimes. But lazy mental errors should be unacceptable. There is absolutely no reason Kendall should be bouncing throws to first in that situation.

speaking of mental errors......

sending lee on the sac fly i have no problem with.....that was one of the weirdest plays ever with molina tagging lee from behind him

however, to send theriot on marshall's hit with soriano coming up and when it was hit right at taguchi was dumb. this one was a mistake by quade, and i said it before theriot rounded third. quade's been pretty good, but this one hurts bc you lost the game by 1 and the next guy hits a homer.

oh well. win tomorrow. come on marquis.

so when we make the playoffs the question is

blanco or soto?

marshall or trachsel?

cedeno or monroe ?
those are the 3 issues i came uup with.

When asked what Ramirez was upset about post-game, Pinella said he asked the first base coach and apparently Springer had said something to Ramirez.

I missed this part of the game. Any insights?

Bah. What a crappy inning the third was. Marshall seemed visibly upset about that boner by Kendall, and I think he just couldn't recover.

Overall though, a pretty encouraging day from the pitching perspective. Wood looked solid, Hart looked sharp, Dempster was very good in Game 1. I guess the offense is still the wild card. Will Lee find his clutch stroke? Will Theriot start reaching base again? Will Jacque Jones quit imitating First-Half Jacque Jones and quit rolling his wrists on and grounding out to second on every at-bat? If the answer to even one of these is "yes", I like the Cubs' chances.

I'll tell you why I agree, dave.

When you've got a kid out there who needs everything he's got to wiggle himself off the hook every inning, you can't make him 4 outs. That's going to be a disaster. And that's what happened. Maybe it was mental, maybe it was just rust.

Regardless, I've got to think the game unfolds differently if it's 2 out with 0 in that inning on as opposed to 1 out with 1 on.

this one was a mistake by quade, and i said it before theriot rounded third.

Very much agreed. I was pissed at that play - it wasn't even close, and it was clear that even a decent throw was going to be get the runner. Not a play you should have sent him on.


MJ Miller--Cards announcers thought that Springer was upset that Ramirez flipped his bat after popping up. This seems silly; clearly Ramirez was pissed that he hadn't gotten the job done. He wasn't trying to show up Springer.

But they did show Ramirez and Springer exchanging words as ARam trotted up the first base line and Springer was walking off towards the dugout.

Will Jacque Jones quit imitating First-Half Jacque Jones and quit rolling his wrists on and grounding out to second on every at-bat?

Ummm... Jock was 11 for his last 27 (.407 BA) with four walks (.484 OBP) before today. After today he is 13 for his last 35 (.371) with four walks (.436 OBP).

Pretty sure that Jones "rolling his wrists and grounding out to second" hasn't really been the problem with the Cubs' offense lately.

You got me, Dave...didn't do my homework on that one. :) Just impressions from today's ABs.

We're still okay, right? The what-have-you-done-for me-lately doesn't necessarily apply to the second game of a double header, does it?

**** me skatin'! Everything counts now.

1. it's one thing for kendall to be unable to throw out base-runners. (or air-mail his 2b-man); it is another thing entirely to not be able to reach 1b with a throw after a strike-out in the dirt. with 3 catchers on the roster, is ure hope kendall gets a couple of days off to "recuperate".

2. i may be the only guy in town who thought lee was safe at home in the 1st; lee didn't beef about it, nor did len and bob say anything. just looked to me like lee's lead leg/foot/toe hit the plate before the tag got lee.

3. the send of theriot made me clutch my chest in agony, and wonder how i missed the press release to "welcome back wavin' wendell". perhaps lou will give quade the day off today also, and make kendall the 3b coach while soto catches.

4. having 2 outs taken away at home (again, only my opinion on lee), and giving away a 4th out in the 3rd, means the cubs had to play one more inning than the cards. and the cubs just aren't good enough for that. here's hoping they get rid of all their poor luck and/or stupidity in september, so the decks are clear for october.

5. i kind of hope both theriot and derosa sit today. no big cedeno fan here, but t & d look gassed. and maybe even a ward for lee switch at 1b.

6. go cubs.

got this from this mornings sun-times:

About a half hour after Saturday's first game, stadium paramedics wheeled a young man on a stretcher off of an elevator. He was alert and chatty but had some blood on his shirt and shoes.
Immediately behind them, Cubs broadcaster Ron Santo stepped off the elevator and walked past a handful of reporters. ''I decked him,'' Santo deadpanned. ''Cardinals fan.''

also a Sun-Times feature article on Anita Piniella


Answers: Soto, Marshall, and Monroe.

I'm not sure Blanco is healthy, Trachsel is done with the job he was brought in to do, and they need a better RH bat then a middle infielder.

"We’re still okay, right? The what-have-you-done-for me-lately doesn’t necessarily apply to the second game of a double header, does it?"

We control our own destiny as of right now, so yeah, we are still okay. Unfortunately, the Brewers are too. Tied in the loss column with 13 games to go. Go Cubs!!!

While Marshall was off, I didn't think he pitched as badly as the results showed. Two of the hits were cheapy infield hits, there was the Kendall error and some other pretty poor defense including a really bad throw from Jones to home that could have gotten the runner and a poor route from Jones on a fly to center that maybe could have been caught.

I wasn't very happy with the quick pull Lou had today of pitchers after defensive mistakes. If he should have pulled anyone, it'd the guys who made the mistakes.

I'm a little concerned that Lou is pulling a Durocher. Some of these guys could sure use a day off-Jones, Theriot and even DeRosa. They look tired.

This game was very much like the loss to the Dodgers when Zambrano tried to score. The team started pressing so bad they couldn't execute.

I recommend a Craig Monroe start today against Mulder.

You ask for Monroe and you got him. And Murton. And Soto.

I'd REALLY like to see Monroe get 2 or 3 hits. Oy. He hasn't done much yet for us!

Hopefully Soto will remain hot. THIS TEAM NEEDS OFFENSIVE PRODUCTION!

A Soriano LF 0 0 0 0 0 0 .288
M DeRosa 2B 0 0 0 0 0 0 .286
D Lee 1B 0 0 0 0 0 0 .312
A Ramirez 3B 0 0 0 0 0 0 .316
M Murton RF 0 0 0 0 0 0 .268
C Monroe CF 0 0 0 0 0 0 .223
G Soto C 0 0 0 0 0 0 .333
R Cedeno SS 0 0 0 0 0 0 .127
J Marquis P

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  • @thekapman Marty Brennaman on trading Schwarber for Aroldis Chapman: "I would carry Schwarber on my back to NYC if I was getting Aroldis Chapman back."

    Brian Peters @thekapman that is one DUMB mfer you're talking to, Kap.

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  • The lineup 6-8 is looking a bit shaky.

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  • Yeah, I have fond memories of old #28. He was a good field, no hit CF when he came up with the Mets, but later on in Chicago he had learned how to work the count and then demolish 3-2 fastballs. (Wish Javy Baez had the concept.) I remember, in '69 or '70, someone (maybe Durocher) saying that Hickman and Joe Torre were about the two best righty hitters in the league.

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  • The Tim Federowicz DFA expires today (Monday 6/27) .

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  • Unfortunately, Peralta is indeed an extreme flyball pitcher. Even when he was at his best (2011-14) he surrendered a lot of HR.

    He has had significantly better success versus LH hitters than versus RH hitters, thanks to a plus-splitter. So he will probably be used like a LHRP (even though he is a RHP).  

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  • "is the wind blowing out or in?"


    "get peralta up."

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  • Joel Peralta was one of Maddon's bullpen guys in Tampa Bay.

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  • Well there is no "You go, we go" without Fowler. The last week has showed how important he is to the Cubs.

    I imagine the Cubs getting back on track once we get some DL players back, but hopefully sooner rather than later.

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  • Well, there you have it. Bullpen fixed. Time to move onto the World Series.

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  • I hope it is Jack Leathersich.

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  • Hearing its Peralta....Joel Peralta? Ugh.

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  • ERIC S: The way it was done (with no immediate corresponding roster move) makes it look disciplinary. 

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  • I guess Joe and Jedstein did not much care for Concepcion's bases clearing double yesterday - he's on his way back to Iowa per twitterverse. No corresponding call up announced yet.

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  • Other than the NL East (Dusty!), not much cookin' on division races. I am fine with that.

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  • I love winning! It's, like, better than losing?

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