Game 156 Thread / Pirates @ Cubs (3 of 3)

Game Chat : BR Preview : Game Notes Tom Gorzelanny vs. Carlos Zambrano Lineups:
Morgan CF Soriano LF
Bautista 3B DeRosa 2B
Sanchez 2B Lee 1B
LaRoche 1B Ramirez 3B
Nady RF Murton RF
Bay LF Soto C
Paulino C Monroe CF
Izturis SS Cedeno SS
Gorzelanny P Zambrano P
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Cedeno auditioning today for a postseason role.

Soto is what Fontenot waw mid year-big boost...

Estrada hurt possibly.

Theriot was a late scratch due to back spasms...available to pinch hit according to wgn and Corey P.

Z ate his wheaties this morning.

Z's last pitch was absolutely Marmollian.

Why is Soriano doing that little "leap" on his fly ball catches? I'm afraid it's going to cost us at some point.

I hope Z is okay.

Injury delay? And Z is out? Anybody know more than what Gameday says?

Someone said Len said it was cramping re: Zambrano. If that's true, I can't fathom how the guy can't take care of himself like a normal human being...

They think it's forearm cramping again.

They think it's forearm cramping again.........Hey Z, four words.......Ice Moutain Spring Water

Thanks, S/C.

Pat reports the same. This has gotten beyond ridiculous with him, but he has no business staying in in a game like this this late in the season.

Ronny Cedeno just may have earned him a spot on the playoff roster. Certainly Monroe has shown nothing.

Cedeno needs to be on our post season roster. I think he might be our answer to lefty pitching.

I heart the Braves.

Braves win!! (may I never have to root for them again)

Brew crew drop 3 out of 4. Just awesome.

whole crowd doing the chop...classic...ha, ha.

whole crowd doing the chop…classic…ha, ha.

Reminds me of the 2003 NLDS. Of course, that was just a rare case of mass sarcasm.

Do any of you really think that Z really had cramps? Lou wanted to pull him once it got to 6-0 and put in Wood, but Kerry takes a long time to warm up. Voila! Z "cramps" again...

It may be too early to stick a fork in the Brewers, but it's time to finally yank it out of the Cardinals' heart.

Jeez, the Cubs are acting like a juggernaut. If I'm dreaming, don't wake me up.

Nice to see the good guys whipe the floor with the non-contenders just like they should. Two out of three in Miami and Cincy and we're in, no matter what the Brewers do/

june 20th...8 games out of 1st

july 1st...6.5 games out of 1st

sept 23rd (happy bday to me)...3.5 games *IN* 1st


Cubs Playoff Roster (I predict):

P -- Z, Lilly, Marquis, Hill, Dempster, Howry, Marmol, Eyre, Wuertz, Wood, Hart.

C -- Kendall, Soto

IF -- Lee, DeRosa, Ramirez, Theriot, Fontenot, Ward, Cedeno

OF -- Soriano, Jones, Floyd, Murton, Pie

Trachsel, Marshall and Gallagher are not as suited well to relief as Hart, Pignatiello too inexperienced, and Ohman not effective.

Cedeno bat heating up and Soto has outplayed all catchers let alone Blanco since his recall. Also, I don't believe Blanco is still healthy. Monroe hasn't shown anything special with the bat, and Pie has been the late inning OF defensive specialist.

Some gems from the prediction contest:
mannytrillo says:

April 2nd, 2007 at 7:57 am

My official Cubs record prediction 83-79. A very nice improvement, but considering the Cubs spent $300+ million this offseason and have roughly a $120 million payroll this year and how weak the NL Central and NL overall is, not too good.

Tiebreaker answer: Jim Hendry finally gets fired October 4th after again not making the playoffs. Bye Bye Jim…….

ST went ahead and predicted some things as well, a Batting Title for Rickie Weeks and a Cy Young award for Jason Schmidt.

"John Boccabella — September 23, 2007 @ 2:56 pm

Jeez, the Cubs are acting like a juggernaut. If I’m dreaming, don’t wake me up."

Boccabella? You got a purty mouth.

no offense, it had to be said.

Why is Soriano doing that little “leap” on his fly ball catches? I’m afraid it’s going to cost us at some point.

He claims it forces him to "focus" on easy plays.

ST went ahead and predicted some things as well... a Cy Young award for Jason Schmidt.


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