Game 158 Thread / Cubs @ Marlins (2 of 3)

Game Chat : BR Preview : Game Notes Jason Marquis vs. Daniel Barone Lineups:
Soriano LF Ramirez SS
Theriot SS Uggla 2B Lee 1B Hermida RF Floyd RF Cabrera 3B Ramirez 3B Jacobs 1B DeRosa 2B Linden LF Jones CF Treanor C Kendall C De Aza CF Marquis P Barone P Young Barone makes his first-ever start against the Cubs, hoping to capture his first-ever win as a Major League starting pitcher. Barone has appeared in 15 games this season, five as a starter. In those five, he's pitched to an 8.31 ERA, given up 9 home runs in 21 2/3 IP, and walked more men (11) than he has struck out (10). Sounds like the kind of guy who gives us trouble. The Marlins' Jeremy Hermida, whose second-inning double was a key moment in Tuesday night's Florida win, is hitting .335 since the All-Star break. He went 2-for-3 with a home run against Marquis when the Marlins beat the Cubs on May 29th at Wrigley. This will be Marquis's final regular season start unless the Cubs and Brewers need to meet in that Game 163 playoff, in which case I will be dead from stress and disappointment so I won't see it anyhow, therefore I'm counting tonight as Marquis's final regular season start no matter what. Nasty outing last time for Jason going up against the Pirates and the Wrigley Field jetstream, in which Marquis gave up seven runs in just 2 2/3 innings. Let the magic number reduction begin. Please.



Sorry. I've been farking too much today.

barone made one start vs. iowa cubs for albuquerque in july - details on 'road to wrigley'

Barone. First name Rusty?

Barone. First name Rusty?
Ray? Robert? Frank?


I believe his name is wes

Wait... Wes is pitching against the Cubs tonight?

No wonder why he hasn't responded in the previous post!

Just another hunch. Believe me though, my hunches are usually right, because I work in the....nevermind.

Isn't Barone's a pizza joint in Lisle?

Insert bad pun on Uggla's name here.

9 homers in 21 and 2/3rd pitching?


Farking. (SFW) Fun, but not as fun as it sounds.

That lineup sucks, what's Theriot doing hitting second? Why Kendall and no Soto? Cliff Floyd a clean up hitter on a playoff team? Give me a break. (it's Marquis, says Lilly)

"If the first-place Chicago Cubs are serious about winning the NL Central, they should probably figure out a way to beat the Florida Marlins."

From the sportsline write up.

couldn't agree more.

3 quick outs..are they trying to scare the bejesus out of us?

After that questionable call doubling up Soriano at first you could hear a guy in the stands yell out "That must be the same umpire from last night" or something to that effect. You gotta love an empty ballpark.

all these "clinched in '89" segments are making me sick.

Warning track power make Hulk angry.

sick, i say. sick!

Before this week is out, I want the NAME and the HOME ADDRESS of the JERK who posted a link to "historical evidence" that no team had EVER blown a lead of 3.5 games with a week to go.

Don't worry. We have Steve Trachsel pitching tomorrow and Marquis again for the one-game playoff that we be lucky to get to after another Marlins sweep.

Leave it to the Cubs to find a way to piss away a fucking three and a half game lead inside 3 days.

I think I've said if the Cubs can't win 3 or 4 from the Marlins and Reds they aren't a playoff team. I still think they will pull it off even if they lose tonight...down 7-4 in the eighth right now.

Just looking at that chump ass, stupid shit pretend baseball stadium the Marlins play in is irritating. Add to it listening to those glib Marlins announcers on the damn direct tv ticket I pay $200 for...just obnoxious.

Having to root for the dumb ass Cardinals on top of it....

the umpires could have done the cubs a favor by throwing ramirez out of tonight's game also. he just is cold cold cold.

sure hope trachsel can pull a miracle out of his gear bag tomorrow. but hope is for suckers, like me.

how soon is panic around here permissible?

The Cardinals have just brought on someone named "Brian Falkenborg" to protect their one-run lead in the seventh.

Panic time should wait; it'd be appropriate if the Brewers come back tonight and the Cubs lose another full game tomorrow.

The Reds are without Dunn, Griffey, and Hamilton. The Cubs will win and the Brewers will lose at least one of the remaining four, and if the Brewers lose tonight, that makes three, enough for a tiebreaker. Just one of the other six wraps it up.

end of 7
3-2 cards.

awful to need to rely on your competitor to lose for the day to be a success.

So...Marquis' best month since May was a 4.45 ERA in August and yet Sean Marshall is the one taken out of the rotation? I at this point would rather have Sean in our playoff rotation over Marquis.

The Reds are without Dunn, Griffey, and Hamilton.

ron, i hope you prove to be correct, but all the damage done to cub pithcers last week came from phillips and hopper and keppinger and encarnacion. those folks remain sickeningly healthy.

and the cub collars were nowhere near as tight last week as they will be in cincy, under must win conditions, this weekend. somebody has to stagger acroos the finish line first; here's hoping it's our fellas and not wisconsin's fellas.

In other news---

The Nationals just swept the Mets. In New York. Phils now a game back.

Don't make any plans for Sunday -- it could be a very wild day.

way cool- 3 cardinal runs in top 8th (so far). no sense stopping now, guys, pile on about 6 more. or 7 including the extra point.

6-2 Cards, god bless 'em (until next year)

Man it was fun watching Turnbow just absolutely melt down. It brought joy to my heart.

Watching Hall take a spill on the warning track caused me to laugh out loud.

Go Cards go.

Brewers play with fire by bringing in a doofus pitcher (McClung) to intentionally hit Pujols as a retaliation for an earlier beaning of Fielder, warnings were given when Fielder was hit so McClung was ejected and so was Yost (2 games in a row)...all after yesterday's game with beanball action.

So they bring in Turnbow who winds up walking in a run, and the big hit was Taguchi's double with the bags loaded.

Hope the Cards pen can close this puppy down...ahead 7-2

Cubster, thanks for the explanation! I was following the game on Yahoo and of course missed all of that subtext.

I really wish the Cubs had won, but at least they're not headhunting in the middle of a playoff race. That is criminally stupid. Hope the Cards can make them eat it.

Rayn Franklin 3 up 3 down against the Brewers in the more inning to go

notice that the Mets lost again blowing a 5-0 lead.

Yost been thrown out three times this week?

Jacos: Yes, Sunday vs Atlanta, Monday vs Stl and tonight.

Four games to go -- and no one in the NL has clinched a playoff spot. Cubs can't beat the Fish, Mets get swept at home by the Nats, and the D-backs have lost their first 2 to the Pirates. Sheesh.

All the AL spots are taken. By very good teams. If the playoffs were an 8-team tourney, the top NL team would be seeded 5th.


I really, really, really hate being happy when the cards win... *grumble* *grumble*

Take a breath.

Lead still 2 games.

Magic number now 3.

All Hail So Taguchi and Jason Isringhausen.

But seriously, tell the pitchers its OK to actually, you know, pitch well. And the fielders that it's OK to turn 2. Geez.

magic number is 3

FINAL Stl 7 Milw 3

glad that's over, it's wasn't fun rooting for Stl

Magic No @ 3

Thank you, Cardinals.

Look out for the Rockies.

Who would've ever thought I'd be rooting for the Cardinals this late in the season?

Now 0-5 against the Marlins this year.

Can we win tomorrow? Please?

Breathe in...breathe out. Repeat.

OK -- enough fooling around, boys. Get it together and seal the deal.


0-9 dating back to last year!

Magic # = 3.

Let's just get the win tomorrow afternoon, and we are in incredibly good shape no matter what the Brewers do.

And thank you, Seth McClung (and Ned Yost?) for what might be the dumbest beaning of all time.

Pitchers in Milw vs SD

Thurs Cassell vs Gallardo
Fri Maddux vs Capuano
Sat Chris Young vs Bush
Sun Tompko vs Suppan

I've seen the SD pitchers listed as above, just going on their current sequence after Gallardo for the Brewers

Peavy is pitching effectively against SF with hella run support but his stuff does not look Peavyesque. Black would be stupid to run him out against Milwaukee on Sunday on a day-short rest, especially considering how he looks tonight. If he does, he's liable to take a beating. And if it does come down to Sunday in the NL Central (fuck I hope not), that will definitely make it MUST-win for the Cubs.

Interestingly, Pujols scored 3 runs tonight for a season total of 96. He's going for 7 straight seasons of 100 RBI and 100 runs scored...he has the RBI's; four games left to score four runs.

He was stranded on 3rd at least twice last night and would have scored if he wasn't so gimpy. Might not have hurt our cause if he had...

Anyway, what do I care?? Go Cubs!

That's how Yost is going to get the Brewers the division: he's going to get himself suspended. I'm not sure they could find a person on their bench who would be a worse manager than him...

re #57

7 ip 5 h 2 r 1 bb

sure only 1 k but he didn't even hit 100 pitches. If the Pads need to win on Sunday I would run Peavy out there. And as a Cub fan, well, it 'shouldn't' matter as if the Pads need to win on Sunday they probably already won 2 previous games. I don't think a split will get them in the playoffs.

Remember, I said 'should't'.

He was stranded on 3rd at least twice last night and would have scored if he wasn’t so gimpy. Might not have hurt our cause if he had…

On the wild pitch? I didn't see the play, but from several who did, there was NO way he scores on the pitch even if healthy.

I think it was Rob G who said, "Juan Pierre would have been out on the play" or something like that.

Ned Yost is an idiot.

If they retain him as a manager the Brewers will be going nowhere.

Settling scores during a pennant race??


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    Even though Hammel is missing start, don't assume he'll not be on #Cubs postseason roster. Maddon says elbow problem isn't that bad

    Carrie Muskat [email protected]
    Maddon on #Cubs postseason rotation: "I don't want to announce anything. We haven't talked to anybody yet"

    Carrie Muskat [email protected]
    Maddon hopes Soler can take BP in Cincy, play in sim game Tue. "All of that should give us some kind of indication of where he's at"

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