Cubs vs. Mets

Compare and contrast:
You can just look in their dugout and it's just like panic mode. Guys are pacing up and down the dugout.

--Florida's Cody Ross, speaking of your Chicago Cubs

Randolph, who rarely says anything while walking through the clubhouse with reporters present, saw a cluster of reporters crowded around Wagner and said to no one in particular as he passed by, “We’re still going to win this thing, we’re still going to win it.”

--New York Times


Panic Mode? watch the Milwaukee Brewers

Before anybody asks, I'm not thinking that Randolph is showing any more resolve or confidence than those guys pacing in the Cub dugout. The picture of the Mets manager more or less muttering to himself isn't a very encouraging one if I'm a Mets fan.

Hey Cub Nut! We got this.

Panic mode? I would just say that they are all (Cubs and Mets) feeling the pressure. Who wouldn't?

Fuck off, Cody Ross.

Cody Ross is panicking about making his tee time next Wednesday.

Hey, we are the team with the 2 game lead with 3 to play.

Contrast that with this from today's Milwaukee Journal,

(snip)'s how the Brewers reacted with the chance to win a pennant for the first time in 25 years:

Five errors in the 9-5 loss to San Diego.

Are you kidding me?

It might not be over, but you can almost see the next stop. And it sure looks a lot like the strip malls around Maryvale.

One would suppose anything is still possible where the Cubs are concerned, but the Brewers haven't exactly handled this grace-under-pressure thing like a Hemingway character. They blew up in Atlanta, losing their cool with the umps in the process. Then came the dubious revenge factor Wednesday night against St. Louis. Yes, they were going to walk Albert Pujols, anyway. And, yes, it was on Derrick Turnbow to throw strikes.

But why worry about getting your leader's back right there? Can't it wait until next year? More to the point, this lost opportunity is becoming a group effort, from the manager to the players to the front office.

How ironic was the critical moment in loss to the Padres on Thursday? Bases loaded, two out in the fifth, said leader Prince Fielder at the plate and San Diego brings in Joe Thatcher, one of the Brewers' minor-leaguers dispatched in return for Scott Linebrink. Thatcher has been absolutely lights out from the bullpen during the Padres' playoff chase, allowing almost nothing. And so on a hitter's pitch, 3-1 to the possible MVP, Thatcher coaxed Fielder into a groundout.

It was a spirit-crushing moment for the 34,918 fans hoping for one down with three to play, but certainly no more than the Brewers waiting eight years to commit five errors in one game. In this particular game, with all the Cubs have given them, it was unpardonable, just a brutal way to all but determine their fate......(snip)

I don't even think you can compare the Cubs and Mets right now. On September 12, 17 games to go, the Mets had a 7 game lead and the Cubs were only tied for first.

And during their fall the Mets took three of four from the Marlins (Sep 20-23). See, you can't compare the two at all.

"I would just say that they are all (Cubs and Mets) feeling the pressure. Who wouldn’t?"

Correct, they all should feel pressure, but it is how they are handling it.

Actually, a whole bunch of Mets fans are very pissed at Willie that he hasn't showed more emotion. If you ask a Met fan, there isn't very much going right in New York.

But yeah, I'm sure the Cubs players are stressed. Don't doubt that one at all.

The "big guns" are coming out tonight for the pennant races, should be a great night to watch:

Z for the Cubs (against Arroyo)
Oliver Perez for the Mets
Brandon Webb v. Jeff Francis in crucial AZ/CO match-up
Maddux for Padres

And the poor souls in Milwaukee are tossing out Chris Capuano because Ben Sheets is, well, Ben Sheets, and this time his little left leg has a boo-boo and feels a little tight.

But yeah, I’m sure the Cubs players are stressed.

I don't see it that way. This isn't Dusty's team, where eight regulars in the lineup were going to do or die, probably die.

The Cubs have a deep bench. If Monroe is stressed, Murton isn't. If Jones is stressed, that's okay with Felix Pie. Same with DeRosa/Fontenot, Theriot/Cedeno, Kendall/Soto (or vice versa, since Soto has been showing a little stress lately).

So I expect a group of Cubs to do a good job, I just can't tell you which ones.

Cody Ross can kiss my ass.

I call bullshit on Ross.

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