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Game Chat Rich Hill vs. Aaron Harang Lineups: Who Cares?


"Lineups: Who Cares?"

thread of the year.

What do you think the playoff roster is going to b Phil? I see Blanco, Monroe, Trax and maybe Eyre left off.

my name's not phil, but im a loudmouth, so whatever...

monroe's probably got a 'bye' into the postseason cuz he's a righty who can cover all 3 OF slots. JJ cant be risked to cover CF by himself and pie's barely worked recently (and is a lefty).

monroe could/probably make it based solely on his given tools, independent of his batting performance so far.

I still think the lineup sucks.

Great photo, btw, Brick. Thanks.

God, I'm an idiot. Or I'm still drunk. Either way, I forgot that THAT'S how you put a big photo into Word Press. Thanks, Rob!

or you could resize the photo so it doesn't take an hour to download :)

Mets up 5-0 in the 2nd....

so how bad would it be for the Phils to go up a game and then blow it?

and Eyre will make the roster, he's been pretty lights out since the ASB (0.84 ERA)

I do wonder how short the leash will be on Dumpster?

Thanks, Brick.

It looks great on my desktop!

mets got angry today, 7-0 in the 3rd



Go Brewers!

rob g.

that was good....


get all the cubs music at

go cubs go ! ! !


Brick's photo is awesome.

Now 8-0 Mets...someone put something in the pregame spread, I think.

BP Odds Report on Playoff Opponents:

The way things shook out last night, it really looks like we will face the Diamondbacks, an 82.5% chance. There is an outside 12.5% shot of facing the Padres, a 3.5% chance of meeting the Phillies, and 1.5% chance of meeting the Mets.

The odds of a Wild Card tie decreased significantly yesterday with the Rockies and Mets losing and the Diamondbacks and Padres winning.

I like our chances against the Diamondbacks, in part because Phoenix is a familiar environment for the team. Essentially the entire major and minor league coaching and training staff will be available to them. I don't want to come within 100 miles of the Phillies this October.

so if eyre and monroe are in, whos out? ohman and pie?

An angry Mets team is no fun either. Man, it is NOT going to be easy.

OK, I'll bite. Here's my 25-man roster for the first round:






I'm assuming that Uncle Lou will want 11 pitchers, and he'll be able to get by with four starters. I can't Monroe making it, he's just not done well enough, and Blanco has barely played at all in the last month.Ohman makes the team as a LOOGY. We don't have a long man, but hopefully we won't need one - I can't recall a game this year where a long man was brought in to pitch the bulk of a game when the starter faltered. Marshall and Trachsel are ready reserves, in case someone gets hurt.

Just my $0.02 worth.

Umm, does anyone actually know the lineup? It interests me.

thanks Brick, your photo looks fantastic as a desktop for my 20" apple monitor!

Lineup - um, someone in another thread and chat mentioned Dave Veres picking up a few innings today.

What I heard anyway.

just speculation now, hendry has a few days to submit the playoff roster.

veres, hahah:)

no marshall urbs?

Yeah, I send Marshall in a millisecond over Ohman.

On, it shows Gallagher getting the spot start over Rich Hill...

i hate u fox.

evidently the mets are in a fighting move...and i can't see it.

its being described as "classic" amongst other things.

fighting mood...

lots of punches, multiple bench clearings...


theriot, fontenot, murton, Soto, Pie, Cedeno (3B), Blanco (1B), Fuld (RF), Hill


Hopper, Keppinger, Votto, Phillips, Encarnacion, Cantu, Ross, Ellison

I expect some of the regulars to get a couple of Ab's tomorrow.

Maine's throwing a no-no as well into the 7th

Interesting... Theriot is the one guy whom I thought would sit for sure because of his back. But it makes sense to get Cedeno some defensive reps at 3B in case he's needed there during the playoffs.

I turn to fox to see if they cut to the Mets game and lo and behold, it's the Cubs v. Reds!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

I love this line-up!

This lineup su.... er, it's fine with me!

Theroit could have used an offday. I probably would have called up Fox put him at 1b and put Blanco at 3rd. Though I guess if he sits tomrrow that is still 3 days off before Game 1.

I'd like Brick's photograph in high resolution, please. Care to post it?

They're not showing the Cubs game on Fox in Chicago? Seriously? Somebody explain this.

Nevermind, it's on WGN. Still, I don't understand.

Too funny. I predicted this exact line-up last night with the exception of Cedeno at 3B instead of Theriot.

Hopefully, a sign of good things to come from Murton and Cedeno.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome your 2006-2007 Iowa Cubs to Great American Ballpark!

too bad they are going to pull hill, he's allowed no baserunners

so... anyone else be tempted to start Cedeno over Theriot in the playoffs?

Jacque Jones with bunny ears on Sweet Lou during Fox's in-game commentary. Love it.

Well, the Chicago Cubs can't beat Harang, but the Iowa Cubs don't have much problem doing it.

Combined 1-hit shutout? Wow....

Didn't anybody tell the pitchers that this game was meaningless?

Hey Rich Hill and bullpen


"Yeah, I send Marshall in a millisecond over Ohman."

I'm thinking that Ohman has experience as a LOOGY, while Marshall would need time to warm up. But today's performance was pretty impressive - granted, against an utterly demoralized Reds team. No doubt Uncle Lou and Jim will confound all our predictions.

Marshall looked pretty healthy to me.........looked like he was throwing free and easy.

AP - "Piniella wasn't aware that several Marlins suggested the Cubs were panicking while they got swept in Florida on Thursday. ``You know, they've got a lot of talent over there to lose 90 games,'' Piniella said, pointedly. ``Outside of that, I don't have much to say about the situation.''

I love it! Go Lou!!

F*** the fish!

Haven't caught any of the brawl story today but seems like the fish were letting the 'spoiler' role go to their heads.

yeah, evidently marshall's pretty good at pitching on 2 weeks rest.

a lot better than pitching on 8 days rest, anyway.

good to see him out there today...was worried about his state of health seeing so little of him.

there's a "cubs special" hour-long running on WGN right now.

And most people were worried about the Reds series because there was NO way we could beat both Arroyo and Harang....the B team had no problem with Harang.

Great song-

I'm watching it too, crunch.

Another great song-

And also my game entrance song from the bullpen if I were a closer.

They just showed the rookies walking out of the clubhouse in the costumes.


Ah, schucks. I missed the first 20 mins of the Cubs special. Have to watch for when it airs again.

URBS: "I’m thinking that Ohman has experience as a LOOGY..."


No Fucking WAY! ANYONE ELSE. He is not a LOOGY. Not a ROOGY!

Leave this crap-ass pitcher with Trachsel OFF the Roster. PLEASE, LOU!

My gift to you-


Ohman IS a LOOGY. That doesn't mean we need one, but he is good in that role. I personally want Marshall on the roster though. Good the entire season except for one month. Maybe he just got tired, because he looked every bit as dominating as he did the first three months.

Please let him pitch over Marquis (I know, ain't happening, but I can hope.)

"The Cubs are the first team in the NL Central to go from last to first in consecutive seasons. The last NL team to pull off the feat was Arizona in 1999",

As per my request to CHAD, Cubs are in elite company as he did some research on this previously and found that only five teams have done this during the last 30 years.

We're in elite company.


You may now change your moniker back to CWTP!


They’re not showing the Cubs game on Fox in Chicago? Seriously? Somebody explain this.

I mentioned it a couple days ago, Fox is only allowed to carry one team up to 9 times. Today was the 10th game for the Cubs, so it was blacked out in Chicago. I'm still not sure how WGN then gets the rights to a Saturday afternoon, when that's supposed to be Fox's exclusive time...

BTW, Thanks Brick. Your photo is now my desktop wallpaper.

Hill's 4 K's gave him 183 on the year which will likely give him the team lead unless Lilly can strike out 10 in his 2-3 innings of work tomorrow.

He also lowered his ERA under the 4 mark to 3.92 which will likely be 2nd on the team behind Lilly unless he gets rocked tomorrow.

Marshall also lowered his ERA to 3.92 with his 2 innings.

All 5 Cubs starters (I'm using Marshall) with ERA+ over 100.


What a terrific shot!

Many, many thanks!

Jacos - That is hysterical!! =D

a blast from the past...

for those of us that have only heard the Lee Elia tirade with is the real deal, 4-29-83:

Brick, thanks for the picture!

Jacos, thanks for the video!

This is too much fun.

You know, they’ve got a lot of talent over there to lose 90 games


VA Phil - Lou is making fun of your Marlins!

I think the choice for the 11th pitcher will come down to Kevin Hart or Marshall. Based on experience, he would be a second lefty out of the pen, and how he looked today, you would think Marshall will get the nod. Hart has looked very good this month, though.

Well Elias was half right about the '83 Cubs, they would hit. More than could be said for the 2006 version.


What do you think about this? When it happens?

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  • Apparently the Yankees had the choice of either Gleyber Torres or Eloy Jimenez in the Chapman deal, and they chose Torres. 


    Arizona Phil 8 min 55 sec ago view
  • Chapman shouldn't be reserved anymore on 40 man.

    chitownmvp01 4 hours 25 sec ago view
  • Interesting split on Heyward according to ESPN. As a CF, his slash line .292/.363/.375/.738. At RF: .212/.204/.300/.604. 21/72 as a CF, 58/273 as a RF.

    He's also been better when batting 2nd, but he had a nice start in the 6 hole, but has slumped ever since. He was heating up before the All Star break, but is only hitting .108 in the 2nd half.

    chitownmvp01 4 hours 8 min ago view
  • When we played the Reds with Chapman, I always thought of it as an eight-inning game. So now other teams have eight innings to try to get a lead against the Cubs. Should be a challenge, assuming three or four Cubs ever start hitting again.

    I don't really try to get to know and like these players personally. I'm rooting for laundry, for the most part. Exceptions might be when a player makes trouble in the clubhouse or in the dugout. (Zambrano and Bradley come to mind. Also Papelbon.) But I don't think Chapman is one of those jerks.

    VirginiaPhil 7 hours 41 min ago view
  • Unfortunately, a pretty good summary. It looks like next year Heyward will be getting yet another batting stance adjustment.

    The recent good news has been Baez. I'm afraid about the next league adjustment on him, though, which is probably right around the corner.

    Bryant I don't worry about too much. Just not seeing the ball well right now. He'll turn it around. Russell's been good with men in scoring position all year and he's 22ish. He'll be fine but next year is likely to be his breakout year.

    Old and Blue 9 hours 44 min ago view
  • If Travis' back-to-back-to-back walks cost Hendricks the ERA title, that would really suck.

    billybucks 18 hours 47 min ago view
  • Edit: "A lifeless loss to a lousy Sox team."

    billybucks 19 hours 29 min ago view
  • This place is a real downer after a loss to the Sox.

    Charlie 19 hours 40 min ago view
  • I expect they will go 5-9 games above .500 the rest of the year. 96-98 wins will win the Division.

    They should have one more 2-3 week hot streak in them.

    However, several players are just "average" for the last month: Zobrist, Ross, Russell, Ceasar. Montero is terrible, plus he cannot throw anyone out. -WAR. Heyward is abysmal at the plate, but a plus in the OF. Still with RISP he has been terrible. KB has not been driving in runs as of late. But Apparently the team is still above average with RISP according to S Sahadev.

    The E-Man 19 hours 47 min ago view
  • I came to that realization tonight. I kept expecting them to play better, but now I realize they aren't going to. They are a .500 team now.
    - They have one reliable starting pitcher. Jake's magic is gone, and it doesn't look like it's coming back. Lester has been lousy recently. Lackey's ERA goes up every time he pitches.
    - Heyward has been dead weight all year. I can't remember a single series where he was a significant offensive contributor. Not one. Great defense, but but if he were hitting .270 with 10 HR and played average defense, the Cubs would be better off.

    billybucks 19 hours 50 min ago view
  • new one's allowed to throw k.bryant a changeup

    crunch 20 hours 1 min ago view
  • Team is .500 since early May and is playing like a .500 team. Lack of offense seems to be putting a lot of pressure on the pitchers...and they aren't handling it terribly well.

    .500 the rest of the way still may win the division though.

    blockhead25 20 hours 7 min ago view
  • ...i hate espn.

    nothing like settling into a cubs game to get a few minutes cutaway for an ortiz AB in the 6th inning of the det/bos game.

    oh, at least they're doing split screen now...i guess.

    crunch 20 hours 23 min ago view
  • I'm liking this rookie Nathan.

    CTSteve 20 hours 23 min ago view
  • Richard DFA'd. Meh...

    The E-Man 23 hours 15 min ago view
  • Throwbacks with fashionable cutouts would be a nice touch.

    Charlie 1 day 1 hour ago view