Game 162 Thread / Cubs @ Reds (3 of 3)

Game Chat Ted Lilly vs Homer Bailey Lineups:
Soriano LF Keppinger SS
Fontenot 2b Hanigan C
Lee 1B Votto LF
Floyd RF Encarnacion 3B
Ramirez 3B Cantu 1B
Jones CF Coats CF
Cedeno SS Ellison RF
Kendall C Lopez 2B
Lilly P Bailey P
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Man, we're never getting into the playoffs with this lineup. Oh, that's the Brewers, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

SUprised they aren't resting players like Alfi and A-Ram...

Nice to see Lou treat this like a ST game. Get the starters an AB or 2 to keep sharp and pull them. Injurys are always possible, but would be more likely to happen after 4 days off and then going 110% in the playoffs.

Regardless what the Cubs do in the playoffs - I think Jim Hendry and LouPa did a great job. Congrats to both men.

they won't play again until Wed or possibly Thurs. Want to get your guys some AB's.

Playoff roster info
Soto is in
11 pitchers
definitely not a 3rd catcher
Ward's injury might leave him off

"Ohman likely has no shot to make the 25-man roster."


All regular starters will be out after 2 at bats like Spring Training

Soriano with another leadoff homer

Mets/Glavine meltdown in the top of 1st...5 runs, one out before Randolph removed Glavine. Glavines last pitch hits Dontrelle Willis to drive in the 5th run.

Might be Glavine's last mound appearance in NY or anywhere.

ha Cubster...just came here to post about Glavine. Woah is the Mets

Mets loss equals Cubs @ Dbacks on Wednesday.

but the Muts won't be eliminated if the Phils lose today...they would have a nl east tiebreaker tomorrow if that happens.

7-0 Marlins, on to the bottom of 1st

Glavine's final line
.1 IP, 5H, 7R, 7ER, 2BB, 1HBP

also melting down at the moment.....Jason Marquis
Two innings and then he loses it

THAT will haunt him for the rest of his life...

haunt who? Glavine or Marquis?

cwtp: Marquis came in in the 3rd...he never had it today.

I'm guessing he meant Glavine.

As for Marquis, he needs to get it together. He's put together two or three straight bad starts, and he wonders why he was left off the Cards' playoff roster last year. Still, I suppose he's better than Trachsel.

If Rothschild knew what was wrong with Marquis at the end of last season and could fix it, does this

2.2 IP 7 earned runs vs last place Pitt
5.0 IP 4 earned runs vs last place Fla
2.2 IP 4 earned runs vs Cincinnati replacement team

mean that Marquis has something different wrong that Rothschild can't fix?

Looks like Soriano is ready for the playoffs. I love it.

Goodbye Blanco.

Cubs' SP ERA

3.83 Lilly
3.92 Hill
3.92 Marshall
3.95 Zambrano

4.60 Marquis

Why does Dempster want to be a starting pitcher again?

does dumpster still get a "oh he's okay" free ride?

7 homers given up in sept.

5 all season last year, 4 all season the year before...1 all season this year leading up to sept.

14.2ip 23 hits.

something isnt right...and it isnt cuz he's in a non-closer situation. he's given up a year and 1/2's worth of homers in less than 4 weeks.

4.60 Marquis' ERA
4.72 Dumpster's ERA

Maybe Marquis should be our closer.


I thought it interesting that Lou went with Eyre of all people yesterday in the 9th inning. He's been pretty great post-ASB. If Dempster just doesn't work out in the playoffs, I'd be comfortable with Howry or Eyre in the closer role.


Lou Piniella yesterday;

"I would think Marquis would be the fourth guy if we use a fourth guy," Piniella said. "We'll play this thing by ear."

Dempster era: 4.72
Howry era + Marmol era: 4.81

Put me down for Howry in the 9th inning closer role with Zeus and Kid K the main setup men.

Relegate Demp to Mets shutdown specialist :-)

Think its pretty safe to assume that if a game 4 loss would eliminate the Cubs, look for Z to start.

validation day - shakiest starter: Marquis; shakiest reliever: Dempster. hope they're not allowed to hurt the team in the NLDS.

So it looks like we'll play the D-Backs and they've already announced their starters as well. As of know it would be:

Zambrano vs. Webb (3.01)
Lilly vs. Davis (4.25)
Hill vs. Hernandez (4.93)
Marquis or Zambrano vs. Owings (4.30) or Webb

Don't know about you but the thought of Marquis pitching in an elimination game makes me queasy.

Yeah, I think if the Cubs are down 2-1 at that point Zambrano comes back. What will be more interesting would be if the Cubs were up 2-1 - do the D-backs pitch Webb, then do we throw Marquis out there and save Z for a possible 5th game? Or do the D-backs think that Owings can beat Marquis and then save Webb for game 5 rematch with Z?

And there will probably be a rainout at some point that will screw everything up!!


The correct answer is clearly Marshall.

Padres squander a 3-0 lead, Brewers now ahead 6-4 in the bottom 5th (2 on, 2 out)

Rocks 0-0, bottom 3rd

Phillies ahead 5-1 top 7
Muts down 8-1, bottom 7

"Fans sitting near home plate watched in disbelief as a visibly angry Piniella had an animated conversation with pitching coach Larry Rothschild after Marquis was yanked. The object of Piniella's displeasure was obvious."

--Sullivan, today, speculating that Marquis might not make the playoff roster cut.

The problem is that you can't insult a guy that you still have to pay $7 mil to next year and again the year after. So Hendry's generosity has the club in a bind once again. Marquis is absolutely untradeable. So you have to keep him around, including in the playoffs.

Hendry will be fired immediately by the new owner not because of personnel decisions but the way he throws away other people's money.

This is what I have for Marquis since June 1:

ERA 5.81
WHIP 1.62

Phils win 6-1, they play the wildcard team. We play the Dbacks on Wednesday.

wow, Milwaukee now up 9-4 over the Padres.

Padres being crushed 9-4

Looks like the Rockies have their fate in their own hands. Still 0-0, top 6.

Phillies fans going nuts, fun to see.

wasn't VA PHil the one pimping Fontenot's FULL SEASON numbers?

just sayin'



I know at this point everyone wants to see Dempster out of the closer role but I think Lou is going to go with got him there at least for the first series, all we can hope is to for Dempster to get hot.

As for Marquis, if he gets a start they'll just have to hope he can keep it close and have a short leash on him.

Brewers announcers speculating that the wildcard matchup monday would be Peavy vs Fogg. But it would be in Colorado.

10-4 Brewers, 2 outs/bottom 7

1-1, Dbacks tie it with 2 on/1 out/top 7th

Rockies have only been in the playoff's once in their history. (In the 90's but I forget what year.. and they lost the NLDS to the Braves 3-1)

It'd be fun to see them in it again.

Think about this. If the Rockies make it, they play Phili. Meaning that either Phili or Col would make it to the NLCS... who'd have thunk THAT on Sept 15!

I thought it interesting that Lou went with Eyre of all people yesterday in the 9th inning.

Umm... yesterday's game meant nothing. Which means any decision that LouPa made yesterday also meant nothing.

Last I remember, Dempster has been very good the past multiple times he's been in in closing situations. And he's been bad the past multiple times he's been in in non-closing situations. When is the last time he blew a save? Been a while.

Also, here are Marquis' numbers:
April/Mar. 2.35 ERA
May 3.38
June 5.09
July 6.29
August 4.45
Sept./Oct. 5.23

So not a good month since May, with August his best. By comparison, here's Marshall:

May 2.70 ERA
June 3.82
July 2.31
August 6.18
Sept./Oct. 3.00

So one bad month and 4 great months. His one bad month isn't even as bad as the one Marquis had. It's absolutely ridiculous to decide Marshall should be yanked for struggling, but to continue to run Marquis out there when he clearly has nothing.

Good to see Wood, Weurtz, Marmol and Howry take keeping sharp seriously.

My prediction. 1st blown save in the playoffs by the anyone besides Marmol and Wood takes his place.

Which means any decision that LouPa made yesterday also meant nothing.
In yesterday's pregame, LouPa said Trammel was managing the game. I assume when Eyre got into the game wasn't much of Lou's doing.

Ha, that meant Lou was drunker then spit and severely hung over:-)

Here come the Rockies. 1st and 3rd with nobody out in the 8th.

Padres lose 11-6

Rockies take the lead 2-1 on a bases loaded single by Adkins

bags loaded nobody out

4-1 Rocks, how cool is that!

Virginia Phil — September 30, 2007 @ 2:05 pm

Hendry will be fired immediately by the new owner not because of personnel decisions but the way he throws away other people’s money.

I doubt that.......

Phils & Rockies sure would be fun if you like lots of runs.

two hits in a row
4-1 Rockies
2nd and 3rd
nobody out

also nice to see the Dbacks bullpen go out on a sour note in their last regular season inning of work

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