NLDS Game 3 Open Thread

Game Chat : BR Preview : Press Pass Livan Hernandez vs Rich Hill Lineups:
Young CF Soriano LF
Drew SS Theriot SS
Byrnes LF Lee 1B
Jackson 1B Floyd RF
Reynolds 3B Ramirez 3B
Upton RF DeRosa 2B
Ojeda 2B Jones CF
Montero C Kendall C
Hernandez P Hill P
It's true: Geovany Soto is sitting in favor of Jason Kendall and his lifetime 846 OPS against Livan Hernandez. We're talking about 31 at-bats, none since 2005. One double, one triple, nine singles. And don't forget about Kendall's CS% (5-out-of-57, 9%) vs. Soto's (4-for-14, 29%). Maybe the Diamondbacks will be so intoxicated by the beauty of all that new Wrigley Field sod that they'll forget to run wild against Hill and Kendall on the bases. Addendum : On Piniella's pre-game radio show with Santo, he just mentioned a desire to balance Hill's inexperience with Kendall's veteran-ness. No mention of Jason's past plate success against Hernandez. Rob G: So it's come to this - a must-win, do or die, backs against the wall, sudden death, win or go home battle just for the right to play yet another must-win, do or die, backs against the wall, sudden death, win or go home battle that'll set us up for a final must-win, do or die, backs against the wall, sudden death, win or go home battle. And while the up-Hill climb might seem daunting, maybe it'll just make the journey all that much sweeter. Or maybe today's the last day we'll enjoy Cubs baseball until 2008. Either way I'm here to enjoy it while lasts - to root, root, root for the Cubbies all the way until their final out. Let's Go Cubs!!!!


I hope to God that we can get out to an early lead and hope that we retain it.

Starting Kendall is a no-brainer, dude. But I don't know why you're hiding him all the way in the 8-spot. If you're not going to put him in the middle of the order, then he should bat second. /sarcasm

At least we won't have to wait till 1:45 EST to see the Cubs' season end. /pessimism

I'm heading to the fridge. /sobriety

The DBacks are starting 4 rookies. The Cubs 0. Add 2 second year guys to the Cubs 1 second year position player.

The DBacks are starting 4 rookies. The Cubs 0. Add 2 second year guys to the Cubs 1 second year position player.

Yes, but the D'backs got great draft picks as a result of decades of suckitude. The Cubs, meanwhile, were stuck drafting low; thanks to being so good for so long.

"Yes, but the D�backs got great draft picks as a result of decades of suckitude..."

Uh, not really. The franchise only started in '98, then won the whole enchilada in 2001! Decades of suckitude? How about a few years, at best? Meanwhile, we've had almost a goddamn Century of suckitutude - not even a close comparison.

And don�t forget about Kendall�s CS% (5-out-of-57, 9%) vs. Soto�s (4-for-14, 29%).

That is so unfair to Kendall, being his NL-only numbers. If you look at his full-year numbers, he's actually a rather impressive 20 for 131, for a smokin' hot 15.3% CS percentage.

And Dmac hits the bait like a starving largemouth bass! Catch and release only, please.

anyone feeling giggly?


It's one thing to get beat by a better team. And maybe the Diamondbacks are that. I don't know. It's impossible to tell right now, though, due to just how bad the Cubs are playing. Our usually hot hitters are cold as ice. Our usually stable pitchers have no control.

If it is a sweep, my shock at just how lame the level of the Cubs' play has been will probably overshadow any disappointment that I have.

And, seriously, this TBS coverage is horrifyingly bad.

"And Dmac hits the bait like a starving largemouth bass!"

Gosh, you're clever - the ironic detachment is amazing. about a fucked up strike zone, Ramirez got two ball fours there. Lets just give the series to the D-Backs. It is nice to see us taking some pitches for once though

Ramirez looks petrified up there - and he ends the inning watching the last two strikes with the bat nestled firmly on his shoulder. Courage under pressure.

It's early but this team is pretty much laying down like dogs in this game...I almost want to just get it over with than to be strung along to half way believing in game 4 and 5.


As I type thie in the top of 4th I realize this game was probably over after the first pitch.

One run is just too much to overcome.

Yeah Kendall, that's a good idea....

You can't stop Augie Ojeda you can only hope to contain him. Marmol just isn't ready for prime time yet it seems.

The best thing about playoff baseball is the anxiety and the thrills. Derosa up with the bases load and Wrigley at a fever pitch sent chills up my spine. We had a moment.

May I be the first to say "Wait 'Til Next Year"?

DeRosa swung at ball four.

U gotta be freakin kiddin me.....gotta be freakin kiddin me....derosa....gotta be jokin me. Game was over after GIDP with 1 out, bases loaded, in the 5th.

I'm done.

TV's off and I'm going out.

4-1 Marmol just not the same in the playoffs.

LouPa pulled Hill out to keep him fresh for game 7...

Man, this is some epic choke-age....

Trade DeRosa. He has good numbers, maybe they can trade him, even with two effing more years on his contract. Free agents are not going to help the Cubs.

No rookie would have dared swing at that pitch.

I'm not sure if its choking or just more of what we saw all season. All season this team had problem with runners in scoring position. Sure Lilly and Hill's starts were alot worse than what we are used to, but you could totally see the offense having lots of problems scoring runs just based on the way the team played during the regular season.

Hey, who said they'd get pwned by Livan and swept? Oh, that was me, I think.

Say what you will, but Dusty managed to win at least one game.


4 GIDP by the Cubs so far! I wonder what the post-season single-game record is...

Official 2007 Postseason Cubs Complaint Form:

That game was ______. If _______ can't get his [censored] together then he needs to be fired.

I also blame _____, _____, and _____.

Screw this!

- ____________

That game was in need of a recap. If Trans can't get his [censored] together he needs to be fired.

I also blame RobG, AZ Phil, and Cubster.

Screw this!


Man, I wish we were luckier. If we we're luckier we wouldn't have gotten outplayed in every aspect of baseball. Maybe we'll get luckier next year.

Or more clutch.

Trans, water your plants with that other bottle of champagne. I hope you never bought the other two.

Well this is definitely worst than least in 98 one of the games was decided in extra innings...the Cubs didn't even really put up a fight in this series.

Once again.....WAIT TIL NEXT YEAR

Well, it's been fun.
but that was a true ass kicking in every sense of the word. Out-managed, out-hit, out-pitched. Just a complete lack of big-game composure basically from top to bottom in our lineup.

162 games hanging on to every pitch...and it all comes crashing to a halt in 4 days.

Maybe the Cubs will sign A-Rod he'll fit right in on this team.

*Maybe the Cubs will sign A-Rod he�ll fit right in on this team.*

They better, otherwise the Brewers will win the division by 10 games next year.

Gosh, you�re clever - the ironic detachment is amazing.

Which makes you what--dumb?

Mr. Whipple,

You made me laugh through the pain. Now I'm going to get back to being miserable. Rob and I had an online dialogue going during the game and I had to bail out after the 6th inning. Just couldn't handle it. Pico's right: worse than '98. I want to see the Rockies finish off the Phillies then crush Arizona. Valverde is a horse's ass and I would love to see him embarrassed on a big stage. (Is this the way other teams' fans feel about Zambrano?)

A completely humiliating, one-sided shambles...all narrated by Dick Stockton.

Couldn't have been a worse series.

*Couldn�t have been a worse series.*

I think I also posited that the Cubs would have really had to stretch to upstage the last house of horrors they built in the playoffs.

Well, did this do it for you? Does it make you forget 2003? Or was this just a different flavor of suck?

It's becoming evident that at some point in the playoffs the Cubs are going to lose three in a row. The trick is to make sure that it isn't in the DS or that they haven't already lost a game of the NLCS or WS when it happens.

'84 - Up 2-0, but in a best of 5
'89 Had lost game one already of the NLCS
'98 LDS
'03 NLCS, t had already lost game one of the LCS