Scott Boras, Extortionist and Ex-Cub

First of all, how angry do you think Bud Selig was Sunday night when Scott Boras effectively shattered Bud’s edict prohibiting major announcements during the World Series by telling Ken Rosenthal of Fox who then told the world that Alex Rodriguez would be opting out of his Yankees contract? Not that the report smothered any World Series drama: the Sox and the Rox took care of that by playing four long, mostly tedious games that were decidedly short on compelling moments. Back to Boras. Even before the A-Rod announcement, I felt like I was having an all-Scott Boras weekend. First, I happened on the Boras profile in this week’s New Yorker (headlined “The Extortionist”). It paints a picture of a profoundly driven man who has built a firm with an infrastructure—complete with talent scouts, stats guys and sports psychologists—that would put many Major League front offices to shame. The picture also includes rivals who think Boras is a client-stealing snake and this disapproving comment from Marvin Miller, reacting to Boras’s idea that the World Series be changed to a best-of-nine showdown with the first two games being played Super Bowl-style at a neutral site.
“That’s a typical example of an agent forgetting what his real role is. He has no function whatsoever in suggesting a change in scheduling. He has absolutely nothing to say about it—not now or ever. But it’s quite typical. It’s a joke.”
But maybe the most interesting aspect of the piece to me was learning that Boras, who was an undrafted, often injured infielder who toiled in the low-level minors for the Cardinals, was also once the property of the Cubs.
“The head of the Cardinals’ farm system, Bob Kennedy, was a ‘true gentleman,’ Boras recalls, who seems to have recognized that Boras, even as his knees worsened, could prove valuable as a role model for less disciplined players... “In 1977, Kennedy left to become general manager of the Chicago Cubs, and shortly afterward he traded for Boras, who by that point was thinking of quitting. He told Kennedy he was planning to go to law school, and Kennedy agreed to pay him for another year anyway. He was making about twelve hundred dollars a month. He didn’t play a single game in 1978, because of his knees, but he used his help pay for school.”
Maybe that’s the reason Boras thought it would be such a good idea for Rodriguez to join/partially own the Cubs. (Boras officially denies any connection to that rumor, by the way.) As for A-Rod, in Sunday’s New York Times, I came across this explanation by Tyler Kepner of the perspective from which Boras and his #1 client might have negotiated with the Yankees:
"Rodriguez’s current contract stipulates that if he does not opt out now, he can do so next winter if his $27 million salary for 2009 and 2010 is not raised to $32 for each of these seasons. Therefore, to the Rodriguez camp, the salary to be raised is $32 million, not $25.2 million...”
Of course, with Sunday’s announcement, the negotiating framework has changed. If Hank Steinbrenner is true to his pledge that the Yankees wouldn’t pursue Rodriguez at any price once he declared himself a free agent, someone else will have to find the $26 or $28 or $30 or $32 million per year to pay A-Rod. Clearly, only a handful of teams could even contemplate that. Might the Cubs be one of them? It will take some nifty creativity from the Cub front office, given the ownership situation and the huge money and no-trade clauses already attached to the current roster, to make it happen. But then, maybe Rodriguez will just be happy to get out of the Bronx and highly motivated by the thought of playing again for his old manager, Lou Piniella. And maybe Scott Boras will be inclined to offer Jim Hendry a sweetheart deal. You know, from one Cub to another.
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Do not want. How about Orlando Cabrera if the Angels get the drama queen?

I agree with sweeney. I would rather not be obligated to A-Rod years down the road. Outside of the Soriano deal last year, it never really has been the Cubs' style to spend mega dollars on a player for long term (of course A-Rod sets a new standard there). I was accepting of Soriano's deal, but at what point does money and contract become ludicrous?

If A-Rod were to be signed by the Cubs at great expense I could easily see the contract even two years down the road being moaned and beguiled as an albatross of epic proportions.

Gee, the best player in baseball is sitting on the free agent market.

Yes. Sign him.

Put him in right. Put Aramis in right. Whatever.


It would be curious to see if ARod was willing to play the outfield. He is a hell of an athlete, and could probably make the transition reasonably well.

He could arguably be better in Left/Right than he would be at SS right now...

I doubt that Arod will be a Cub but lets consider it for a second. Where do you play Arod? I realize many would say SS but can he still play that position. Arod has added a great deal of muscle and weight especially to his upper torso. Plus do you really want a guy making that much money playing a postion that will take years off his legs. I just don't see it. To me he is first base material. My 2 cents.

if he's really intrigued by playing somewhere where they could win now and longer term, plus the love affair he has with lou, who knows.

maybe he gives a "discount" for those factors, signs for 25.....cold shower time.

just imagining him against NL pitching.....jeeeez.

i would be stunned if it happened, mostly due to the ownership situation.

but yeah, you would play him at SS, then as he gets older he can play 3B or 1B.....his contract would be longer than lee or ramirez anyway. guy is the best hitter in baseball period..... yeah i'll take my chances with his D at SS where he was fantastic just a few years ago (albeit lighter).

money issues aside and accepting the fact that he did not perform for the yankees in the post season.

4 seasons with New York, he hit 500+ rbi's, 170 something homeruns. He is not a drama queen. Yankee fans booed a player who was having mvp caliber seasons every season. It is just idiotic. That said, it is quite possible Cubs fans would boo him too. In the end, it comes back to the money. You can have a fantastic year, yet if you don't do shit in the playoffs, the money is going to rear it's ugly head and bite you in the ass.

I still can't imagine not going for him though. He's young. He's pretty much always healthy. He performed well in the regular season despite a seemingly negative vibe from the fans.

The only question is where do you put him. 3B is occupied. Put him back at SS where he hasn't played in 4 years? And how do you sign him without an official owner.

Just a pipe dream i would think. The Cubs have the money but the infrastructure is going to make it almost impossible.

"just imagining him against NL pitching…..jeeeez."

I have heard this a few times in the past couple days and I just don't get it. Here are the stats from this past year:

NL Pitchers - 4.43 ERA, .267 BAA
AL Pitchers - 4.51 ERA, .269 BAA

Yes, the NL didn't have to pitch to the DH, but even calculating that in, there can't be much of a difference in numbers. I think the AL has slightly better pitching but nowhere as dramatic as some are making it.

And how do you sign him without an official owner.

The Cubs do have an official owner.

"Stevens — October 29, 2007 @ 12:57 pm

Gee, the best player in baseball is sitting on the free agent market.

Yes. Sign him.

Put him in right. Put Aramis in right. Whatever."

Stevens hits right on the head here. Just sign him and we'll figure out where he plays later. I would suggest putting him in left field and telling Sori that he is our new right fielder. Then move JJ and Pie can hit .198 for all I care.

Trib article says Chris Speier likely to join Dusty as bench coach.

Gene Clines and Gary Matthews waiting for their calls I'm sure.

... and maybe even Waiving Wendell will get a call...

Some intriguing points if the Cubs do sign him:

1) If you play him in right field (barring he can make the transition and since Soriano could do it, I don't know why a former Gold Glove-calibur guy at short couldn't) can you imagine any team trying to advance a base with Soriano, A-Rod, and Pie (on days he's out there) patrolling the outfield grass? Yikes

2) Ideally, you'd like him to bad 3rd in the line-up, so how does that leave the rest of it? Soriano is going to lead-off, Ramirez is staying in the middle of the line-up, but does anyone else think that D-Lee would be the best number 2 hitter in baseball? Makes a ton of contact, takes a bunch of pitches, sprays the ball into right.... Maybe the line-up would look like this (with A-Rod the only new comer)

1) Soriano-LF
2) Lee-1B
3) Rodriguez-RF

Now, this is just what I think, maybe Soto and DeRosa flip flop, or Jacque in that spot too, who knows. But, the big thing would be Lee, Rodriguez, Ramirez 2-3-4.

Gee, the best player in baseball is sitting on the free agent market.

Yes. Sign him.

Put him in right. Put Aramis in right. Whatever.

Amen brother.

Also, as slimy as it was to have the ARod news out just in time to be broadcast in the middle of the WS, does anybody else think that Fox dwelled too long. At any other time, it's one of the biggest stories in baseball, but bigger than the World Series?

mannytrillo, I bet if you did the same numbers with AAA pitchers, you'd come out pretty close too. NL hitters and pitchers are both comparably crappy, the argument goes.

Oh I forgot,

I would like to congratulate the Red Sox on being the luckiest team in baseball this post season. As we know, talent had nothing to do with it. Cause the post season is just a crapshoot.

Is ARod really worth $25+ million if he is not playing short stop.

that didn't last long...

Rotoworld says Tigers acquired Renteria

Gorkys Hernandez and Jair Jurrjens to the Braves


On another note, Sam Fuld is lighting up the you think if given the opportunity he can perform for the Cubs like Jacoby Ellsbury did/will for the BoSox?

it's interesting that this may have been one of the shortest postseasons based on games played...has there ever been a shorter one?

all nl teams played the fewest possible as all series they were involved with were sweeps: (3-3)-4-4 game series (14)

the al teams played (3-4)-7-4; (18); while not minimum, it was still fairly brief.

Consider the max is (5-5)-7-7; (24)

so NL is 58% of max possible games
and the AL is 75% of max possible games

Some lost revenue for the networks and MLB and playoff teams for sure. Fortunately it also meant fewer eyeballs seeing TBS and the Frank C show promos.

Goryks 20 year old OF playing in the Venezeulan Rookie League

Jurrjens 21 year pitcher in AA last year

they were #3 and 4 in Goldstein's Top 10 Tigers prospects at the beginning of the year behind Maybin and Miller.

Rotoworld says Tigers acquired Renteria

damn... that was fast.

that gives them a really damn good offense though. and where is guillen going to play?

valid point.. keep him at ss, if not hes is not worth that much, no one is

ARod is an historically great player. You get him, regardless of the cost. This was the logic that they missed when they let Maddux get away originally - it always costs more for the best, and so if you want the best, you pay for it. There is no doubt that adding ARod to the Cubs makes them prohibitive favorites to win the (admittedly weak) NL. Why wouldn't you do it? They may not be willing to budget the additional money for that many years, and that's a real issue that only those in the organization who deal with the money can address, but from a purely on-field standpoint, not bidding on ARod is folly.

"do you think if given the opportunity he can perform for the Cubs like Jacoby Ellsbury did/will for the BoSox?"


Are you serious??? Please say no...please!!

I guess my point is that if all you want is a bat in right field, there should be cheaper options than ARod.

ARod is an historically great player.
I was going to argue, but nevermind. Maddog is correct.

they already said Guillen was moving to 1b at the end of last year...

Granderson, Renteria, Ordonez, Sheffield, Guillen, Pudge, Polanco, Inge, Maybin

nice lineup...

Rotoworld thinks that'll take them out of the Arod running...

Rob G.:
"that didn’t last long…

Rotoworld says Tigers acquired Renteria"

Damn, ATL wasted no time. Hendry hadn't even put down his morning doughnut and this deal was done. UGH!!!!

there should be cheaper options than ARod.there should be cheaper options than ARod.

Sure... cheaper. But also not as good.

ARod is probably the best player in the game. And I would say that he is the best offensive player in the game (though Pujols isn't far behind, if at all). If you have the opportunity to get the best offensive player in the game, you do it.

Hendry hadn’t even put down his morning doughnut

Manny... what is with all the fat Hendry jokes. The first one wasn't that funny. But the same damn joke repeated over and over again is even less funny.

ha another donut joke from manny, ROFL, keep 'em coming.

And Cubster... Baseball Musings has a post about this year having the fewest number of playoff games since moving to the current format.

Sorry you didn't like my humor...Refunds can be requested at the Box Office.

Cubs are obviously saving up for Arod at short!!!

Braves obviously wanted to shed payroll and add high-end prospects, one of which is close to the majors (Jurrjens).

Probably have to give them Pie or Colvin and Gallagher to match that and take Renteria's salary. So yeah, too high a cost for the Cubs I'd say.

I would love to know if Gallagher and Patterson would have been enough. Guess we will never know, but the fact is DET got him and we didn't. It would have been nice to get off to a quick start and cross off one of our big needs giving up only minor leaguers...oh well.

Manny -
1. Do you actually think Ellsbury is going to bat .400 next year? Scouts are not sold on him as a future superstar even though he had an amazing WS.......He projects as a very solid top of the order OF w/ solid intangibles.
2. I'm guessing you have never seen Fuld play.

I'm not saying Fuld will be as good as Ellsbury, but they are more similar than you think.

sorry for the football link but if you missed the crazy lateral play it's worth watching...

word was ellsbury was a damon clone when he was drafted and I think it's a fair assessment.

Fuld is a 4th of'er.

That play was absolutely amazing....kicked the shot out of the Stanford/Cal band game.

if he's lucky, fuld is podsednik during a career year.

if he’s lucky, fuld is podsednik during a career year.

Pods had a .691 OPS in the minors

Fuld has a .794 OPS in the minors.

Pods' highest OPS in a minor league season was .768. Fuld has only had one (partial) season below that.

I am not really sure that Pods is a fair comparison. And Fuld, from what I have seen and heard, is a MUCH better defensive player than Pods.

"1. Do you actually think Ellsbury is going to bat .400 next year? Scouts are not sold on him as a future superstar even though he had an amazing WS…….He projects as a very solid top of the order OF w/ solid intangibles."

No, I do not think he will bat .400 next year, but this guy is a STUD. His worst season in the minors was .303/.382/.425/.807. He should be a very solid top of the order guy for years to come with BOST. Fuld's best season only matches it at best.

"2. I’m guessing you have never seen Fuld play."

Yes I have seen him play, this year with the big league club. But I haven't sen much of him overall.

"I’m not saying Fuld will be as good as Ellsbury, but they are more similar than you think."

No you didn't say he will be as good as Jacoby, but you were asking AZ Phil if he could be.

Blockhead, right b4 I read your post I sent this to a couple of friends...

Check this out if you haven’t seen it yet, amazing…makes the Stanford/Cal game look like an off-tackle run…

Thoughts on FOX's coverage of the WS and the ARod news in particular?


the Renteria deal. Does the wavier trade period end at the last out of the series? I thought it was like, nov 1, or some shit like that. or had renteria cleared waivers?

someone help me out on this one.

...and once again it is demonstrated to me why the baseball season should be 230 games long. To avoid days like this, with minutia after minutia analyzed, argued over, and weeks and weeks more to come...

I was thinking 2005 Pods, but I see he hit no homers that year. 2003 Pods is out of the question though.

E-Pat tore up the AFL last year too I believe, have we already forgotten about him?

I have a one super-scrappy player with no power quotient for my team I guess, at least in a starting role.

I have a one super-scrappy player with no power quotient for my team I guess, at least in a starting role.

Yea... I don't disagree. I just don't fully see the Pods comparisons based off of their minor league numbers. Based of their minor league numbers, Fuld would project to be a better player than Pods. Of course... Pods outperformed his projections in '03, so who the hell knows?

according to Muskrat and I'm not sure if it's her own speculation or from inside info but a lefty power hitter and a starting pitcher are on the Cubs wish list.

someone brought up OPS about Theriot and an old mailbag answer, entertaining...

I say Arod would be an excellent addition to the organ-I-Zation. However he has to ditch Boras before he is allowed in the clubhouse. Not to begrudge anyone's character. But Boras really seems like a slimy,hollywood "Look at me" type of guy. It seems really dangerous to allow a guy like that to "trojan horse his way into the clubhouse. Next thing you know. He will use his Arod/cubs contacts to ink our homegrown players out of town. Ask Tom Hicks how his Scott Boras relationship has turned out? Dallas hasnt seen a winner since the Arod/Boras showed up. Last thing the cubs need is Boras hoodwinking Jim Hendry into signing Chan Ho Park and Juan Gonzalez.

Pardon my poor spelling and wording above. I'm sure you get the gist of my rant.

thanks Dave for the baseball musings link...just the info I was interested in seeing.

what's the point/incentive to bring arod in?

we're talking 30m here...we're talking years...we're talking about a guy who automatically becomes the "face" or your franchise. we're talking barry bonds territory...bigger than the team and bigger than the game. we all saw/heard what happened to the last 6-9 outs of a winning WS game when his "news" became the talk of a defining championship game for a lot of the last 3 innings.

whether you feel its right or not...whether anyone feels the media is going overboard...its part of the package.

bringing Arod in...where do you play him? SS? seriously...

anyone who signs Arod for SS *should* have a plan to where to move him when/if he fails. this guy is gonna be around a long time and expecting him to just waltz his 30 year old 6'4" self back to the middle IF and its footwork...well...who gambles 30m-ish a year on that?

is Arod the LF'r worth 30m? is Arod the 3rd baseman worth 30m?

do the cubs need another marquee player to redefine the public face of the team at this point? is it worth what Arod/Boras are seeking?

i dunno about all that...however, i can see LAA/LAD/SF wanting to throw money hand over fist at him...and BOS, you can never count out a 140-160m spending team.

anyone could snag him...whoever wants to pay him...

JF - Unless you count the cup-of-coffee with the Cubs in September, most people posting have not seen Sam Fuld play sole exception in AZ Phil - so I wouldn't put much stock in what some have to say about him. However, RobG makes an excellent point - not the 4th outfielder comment - don't gte too excited about AFL stats.

Gorkys! In my pants!

Are we still doing those jokes? No? Ok.

You guys can't count the Yankees out from getting involved again either.

Yes, yes, I know they said they weren't going to negotiate with him if he opted out, but you can't take their word for that, ESPECIALLY if Boston starts talking to him (or Boras just convinces them that Boston has started talking to him)

Yes, get Arod. That would be great. According to the "Lost Book of Nostradamus"...

The Cubs only have 4 more years to win this thing, so get it done.

Rob G.:
"according to Muskrat and I’m not sure if it’s her own speculation or from inside info but a lefty power hitter and a starting pitcher are on the Cubs wish list."

That is good to hear about going after some starting pitching...Go Cubs!!!

is Arod the 3rd baseman worth 30m?

Hasn't he proven that? He is the best player in baseball. Spin A-ram to the Dodgers for Ethier. Or trade D-Lee(Mark Grace-deaux) to anyone and move A-ram to 1st(not my fav.choice). It sure is easy making these decisions on the 'net.


Yes, get Arod. That would be great. According to the “Lost Book of Nostradamus" the Cubs only have 4 more years to win this thing, so get it done.

It finally makes sense!

"In a field cradled in ivy
A rod and a ram shall clash
Unless the ram remains at the corner which is heated
While the rod stops short"

Whoever hires him also gets Scott Borass. Thanks, but no thanks.

The cubs are a good team now in the national league, with some pretty serious flaws that make them vulnerable.

Arod single handidly takes the Cubs to the next level where baring injury, they will be perenial contenders.

If the goal is to have great clubhouse chemistry and be a loveable, Arod is not the guy to have. If the goal is to be frontline world series contenders every year. He is the guy.

Honestly, I didn't find this years team very I don't care about that any more. I'm ready for the Cubs to get to the next level and be consistent and have the regular season be a tune up for the playoffs in the likes of the Yanks/Red Sox and Braves over the last decade.

Arod is a true slimeball that does think he is bigger than the game itself. I'll happily take him in as our slimeball.

Brick, ha!

My advice to any club who picks-up Arod.

Sign him and keep him at 3rd. Let him bat 3rd. He will get you to the playoffs.

Leave him off your post-season roster.

It's a win-win scenario

sign a-rod! sign schilling! sign sign sign!! get us to october with a roster so stocked that being "hot" wont make any friggin difference!!

damned red sox are so lucky that selig went and decided that the yanks-sox rivalry needed to be taken to another level marketing wise and they were blessed with being given over to john henry as a part of that process.

if only our rivalry with the cardinals was so nationally prominent (it could still be) and one of us were the sweetheart of the national leader in sports entertainment (ESPN).

perhaps since boston has its 2nd crown (and we are on our 1st century w/out one) and the current yankee dynasty is coming apart with the ousting of torre and a-rod leaving (though the yanks seem to have a strong farm now) then selig will decide that its time to milk the midwestern angle for what its possibly worth, cuz god knows theres cub fans everywhere and the cardinals arent short on support either.

anyway, shit.

swept by the fucking d-rays.

btw, according to, Braves sent cash over to the Tigers and are only saving about $4 million in the deal.

No way. No how. absolutely do not waste your finger movements on "A-Rod to the Cubs".


- Ownership in transition. It ain't happening.
- As such, Tribune will NEVER sidle the organization with substantial new payroll, when they pushed to the brim this past season - including signing Big Z. It just ain't happening.
- Even if the new owner were approved, soon, it is unlikely that the new owner would ever want to set the new salary benchmark in MLB with their very first signing. It simply ain't happening.
- MORE likely could be moving A-Ram to the Yankees who need a 3B, for some of their young pitching. If they would part with it. But it probably ain't happening either.

So dream on boys. Dream on. Handicap it. But it ain't happening.

The Red Sox sent a whole bunch of cash along with Renteria when they sent him to the Braves. Did Atlanta end up sending even more cash to Detroit, or did they just forward along the pro-rated portion of what they were getting from Boston?

The Cubs and Cards will never be as big as Boston/New York because St. Louis is a crappy TV market. In fact, last season's series was the worst rated in TV history. Until this year, with Boston's involvement, the ratings have sucked since '04, the last time Boston was in the Series.

The Red Sox bring all of New England and a big national following to the table. The Yankees are the number one TV market in the country and have as big a following nationally as any team in baseball.

Baseball executives would love the Cubs to be good. They're up there with the Red Sox and Yankees in terms of a huge fandom. But the Cards interest no one outside of the midwest. The rest of the markets in the Cubs' division are minor at best. I can't blame baseball or TV executives for going with the teams that bring in the money.

Wow, DET getting $4+million too? Nice trade by Dombrowski.

And BOST sent Renteria to ATL with $11 million to cover Renteria's salary for 2006 and potential 2009 buyout.

it was hard to say how much exactly

While not specifically revealing the cash considerations the Tigers will receive with this deal, Wren said the figure isn't comparable to the amount of money the Red Sox gave the Braves when they dealt Renteria to Atlanta before the start of the 2006 season.

and then...

At that time, the Red Sox provided $8 million to help cover the $18 million Renteria was owed from 2006-08. The Sox also will be responsible for the $3 million buyout if Renteria's $11 million option for the 2009 season isn't exercised.

By trading Renteria, it's believed the Braves will be realizing a savings of approximately $4 million.

so I can't decipher exactly how much from that, maybe someone else can.

Any chance of getting A-Rod for 3/44?

The E-Man says:

October 29th, 2007 at 7:32 pm

No way. No how. absolutely do not waste your finger movements on “A-Rod to the Cubs”.


How have any of those things changed since before Soriano was signed. As was illustrated last year, and by the Red Sox for the past few years, we don't know what payroll the Cubs can turn a profit at. It may be $150 million. (My guess is a little south of that, $135 unless they win a world series).

Sign A-Rod. Play him at SS. Got to a Murton/Jones platoon in right. It will be below average - but you're more than making up the offense at SS. Center - Pie, left Soriano. DeRosa starts at second with Theriot on the bench. Soto at C.

Then take your entire minor league system and offer it to the Twins for Johan Santana, he's on the block at the deadline anyway - get him now. Win world series.

Ah that Kool-Aid tastes good.

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