Cubs Trade Craig Monroe to Twins

As most of you now know by now, the Cubs traded OF Craig Monroe to the Minnesota Twins today for a PTBNL. The Cubs also reactivated RHPs Angel Guzman (TJ elbow surgery) and Mark Prior (shoulder surgery) from the 60-day DL (MLB clubs have until November 20th to reactivate players from the 15-day and 60-day DL), bringing the Cubs MLB Reserve List (AKA "40-man roster") up to 38 players, and leaving two slots open. The Cubs have until next Tuesday to add minor league players eligible for selection in next month's Rule 5 Draft to the 40-man roster, although it's doubtful that any of the Rule 5 eligibles will be added. The two open slots on the 40 will instead likely be kept available for free-agents the Cubs might sign (or in the case of Kerry Wood, re-sign) in the next few days and weeks. The Cubs acquired Monroe from DET for LHP Clay Rapada on August 23rd in a stretch-drive trade, in a desire to add an experienced right-handed power-hitting OF to the roster, but he did not swing the bat very well and was left off the Cubs post-season roster, instead spending his days taking BP at Fitch Park in Mesa. Prior to being traded, Monroe had been Designated for Assignment by the Tigers. Monroe was one of five Cubs players eligible for salary arbitration this off-season (Neal Cotts, Mark Prior, Michael Wuertz, and newly-acquired Omar Infante being the others), but with a 2007 salary of $4.775M, the very least Monroe could have made in 2008 if he had been offered salary arbitration by the Cubs was $3.82M, and that's only if he received the maximum allowable 20% cut. And the Cubs weren't about to pay Monroe that kind of money (or possibly a lot more if Monroe won in arbitration) to be a 4th OF and RHPH. So if the Cubs hadn't traded Monroe, they almost certainly would have non-tendered him on December 12th, making him a FA, and getting nothing back for him. They might have then offered him a 2008 minor league contract for around $1M with an NRI to ST, but I doubt that Monroe would have been interested in that type of arrangement. Now at least the Cubs will get something back for Monroe (or Rapada, depending on how you look at it), even if it's just a middling minor league prospect. ===================== CUBS 40-MAN ROSTER (38) * bats or throws left # bats both PITCHERS (21): * Neal Cotts (eligible for salary arbitration) Ryan Dempster * Scott Eyre Sean Gallagher Angel Guzman Adam Harben Kevin Hart * Rich Hill Bob Howry * Ted Lilly Carlos Marmol * Sean Marshall Jason Marquis Juan Mateo * Will Ohman Billy Petrick * Carmen Pignatiello Mark Prior (eligible for salary arbitration) Jeff Samardzija Michael Wuertz (eligible for salary arbitration) Carlos Zambrano CATCHERS (2): Henry Blanco Geovany Soto (out of minor league options) INFIELDERS (8): Ronny Cedeno (out of minor league options) Mark DeRosa * Mike Fontenot Omar Infante (eligible for salary arbitration) Derrek Lee Aramis Ramirez Ryan Theriot * Daryle Ward OUTFIELDERS (7): Jake Fox * Sam Fuld Matt Murton # Angel Pagan * Eric Patterson * Felix Pie Alfonso Soriano ======================= POTENTIAL FREE-AGENTS AFTER 2008: Henry Blanco (vesting option or else club option with buy-out for 2009) Ryan Dempster Scott Eyre Bob Howry Will Ohman Mark Prior (eligible for salary arbitration after 2007) Daryle Ward SIGNED BEYOND 2008: Mark DeRosa (through 2009) Jason Marquis (through 2009) Derrek Lee (through 2010) Ted Lilly (through 2010) Aramis Ramirez (through 2010, player option for 2011, and mutual option for 2012) Jeff Samardzija (thru 2011 + mutual options for 2012 and 2013) Carlos Zambrano (through 2012, plus vesting-player option for 2013) Alfonso Soriano (through 2014) PROJECTED ELIGIBLE FOR SALARY-ARBITRATION POST-2008: Ronny Cedeno Neal Cotts Rich Hill (projected 2+149 after 2008 - likely “Super Two”) Omar Infante Sean Marshall (projected 2+132 after 2008 – could be a “Super Two”) Matt Murton Angel Pagan (projected 2+143 after 2008 – likely “Super Two”) Michael Wuertz NOTE: Calculations based on each player spending entire 2008 season on Cubs major league 25-man active roster or MLB DL. ======================== MINOR LEAGUE OPTION STATUS (SPRING TRAINING 2008): * Must clear Optional Assignment Waivers to be optioned to minors NO MINOR LEAGUE OPTIONS LEFT: Ronny Cedeno Geovany Soto ONE MINOR LEAGUE OPTION LEFT: * Neal Cotts Mike Fontenot * Angel Guzman Rich Hill Carlos Marmol Angel Pagan Felix Pie * Michael Wuertz TWO MINOR LEAGUE OPTIONS LEFT: Jake Fox Sean Gallagher Adam Harben * Omar Infante Sean Marshall Juan Mateo Matt Murton Eric Patterson Billy Petrick Ryan Theriot THREE MINOR LEAGUE OPTIONS LEFT: Sam Fuld Kevin Hart Carmen Pignatiello Jeff Samardzija


bet the PTBN is a 27 year old A-baller with 2 bum knees and terminal AIDS.

at least it'd be a fair PTBN.

I guess Eyre picked up his option although there never was an annoucement.

Geez. Why does Hendry always take the "terminal" AIDS patients? Hasn't he learned his lesson?

That's the worst kind of AIDS.

Johann Santana? hehehehehehehehehe

I crack myself up.

'I will say, given the chance to do it over, I don't think I made the wrong decision,'' said Jones, who has one year left on the three-year, $16 million deal he signed before the 2006 season. ''I went [to Chicago] with the intent of helping the team get back to the playoffs and hopefully get back to the World Series. I helped with part of that, but with the ultimate goal, didn't finish it there.''

jones is still pretty damn classy given a couple incidences that could have made his exit a little less classy.

later dude, good luck.

"[Forget] the veterans," he told the Post. "They haven't told me anything and they better not come tell me anything, either.

"I don't want to hear anything else. I want to play baseball, give what I have to give on the field of play, and win. That's all I want. ...

"Everyone here is a grown man," he told the newspaper. "Everyone knows what he's doing. And I'm not going to go crazy worrying about these things."

...guess who said that.

guess who earned his own situation and reputation?

guess how much that has to do with me and how much it has to do with him.

and then check out the stupidity of doing very little about it seasons following...

wrong bad...erase that/this.

so is the next move to sign wood ?

Hopefully Wood comes back, but that will obviously be on his own timetable. Next thing Hendry will focus on is probably center/right field with Fukudome and Crawford as his main targets.

Marquis, Eyre for JD Drew and a lot of cash wouldn't be a bad fall back plan, if the Sox are up for it.

There's just not too many left-handed hitting right fielders available. If the Cubs decide to move Soriano to right or center that would open up a lot more possibilities.

We already tried Soriano in center, and he won't be back due to leg concerns. Hopefully it will go Soriano, Pie, Fukudome.

paul sulivan with a few words...

"Sources indicate the warning track at Wrigley Field has been extended about 4 feet farther from the wall during the makeover of the playing field." ...and a bit on how that might help soriano.

also he's still plugging that 120m-area payroll estimate.

finally...someone besides the cubs linked to fukudome.

A's linked via USAToday article as "expected to talk to"...

It's been a very heavily cubs-driven reporting atmosphere for fuku almost the entire time he's been a FA. there was more seattle talk earlier, but that's died down a lot.

anything could happen, etc etc...but at least some of the bigger $$ spending name teams are thought to be out of the running (nyy/nym/bos/lad/laa/phi).

i'd be satisfied if he came over to a 3 year deal or something similar...

...found a dayn perry article from yesterday...

"Already, teams like the Cubs, Giants, Nationals, Padres, Red Sox, Mariners, Rangers and White Sox have put out feelers, and Fukudome also makes sense for the Yankees and Tigers."

still...the cubs seem to be stealing the headlines.

rsox? nationals?

wsox and giants seem like they could be legit threats...esp. the giants if they really want him.

Piniella's thoughts on the team, pretty standard stuff. Doesn't sound like he's a Marquis fan.

Does call for added bullpen depth, so I wouldn't surprised by another arm besides Wood, 2 if they don't sign Wood.

Lou says the team needs to focus on doing better at stealing third base, apparently something his teams specialize in.

We learn something new every day.

Rockies have offered Matsui 2/6. Apparently Two Consecutive is set to offer three years.

Crunch, you're killing me....

Who said that?! I don't care if it's the wrong thread, I (obviously) missed it!!

I'm not thrilled with the Kaz Matsui idea at all, we're settting ourselves up to have a bigger glut in the middle infield than a couple years ago...

...unless we need him to seal the Fuk deal.....

Never sign players with the belief it is going to draw a bigger name player. Remember all that crap we heard about Neifi or whoever being best buds with a star player? It doesnt mean jack, money, money, money is all that matters in getting players.

Cubs will only get a player for Monroe if Twins can sign him for less than hem made in 2007

Interesting Lou comment about signing 6-year minor league FA's for bullpen depth. Teams may have interest in Wuertz, who is arb eligible.

crazy-ass rumor of the day...

Arod has been negotiating on his own with the Yanks and Yanks won't talk to Boras.

Where's that one rank on the B.S. meter?

November 14th, 2007 at 10:34 am

crazy-ass rumor of the day…

Arod has been negotiating on his own with the Yanks and Yanks won’t talk to Boras.

Where’s that one rank on the B.S. meter?

I think it could be that Arod misjudged his market value. Possibly also misjudged how much clubs truly despise Scott Boras. If the Yankees dont get back in on this. Who the hell is going to pay Arod 350 mil?

I'm ok with the Cubs looking at MLFAs for the bullpen--these days bullpen performance is so erratic that it doesn't make sense to pay a guy like J.C. Romero 3/12 because he could have a 1.75 ERA the first year of that deal and then a 5.75 the next 2 years.

So I overslept today, fellers.

Who did we trade today?

well the deal in that link says it'll be 10/275 to account for the $21 million he cost the Yanks.

I wouldn't be surprised if Yanks and Arod talked again, I don't buy the not talking to Boras angle.

Does anyone know if there's been any progress on Kosuke Fukudome? All of the reporters and columnists keep trying to insist we have the inside track on him, but there's been nothing concrete on the negotiations or whether the Cubs even have a realistic shot at him.

Who else is rooting for us to sign him, though, if nothing else than for the opportunity to wear a Cubs shirt with the word Fukudome on the back?

Whoever pays Fukudome the money will have the best shot. If that's Slick Jimmy, then so be it. I don't know who else will be willing to offer him 3 or 4 years at 15 a year. Can Jim swing a 4/60 deal? How about a 3/44 (giggle)?

On top of that, I read somewhere that his contract will have negotiated without arbitration years. He wants to be a free agent at the end of his contract. I don't remember where that was, and for the life of me, I can't find it again.

well they couldn't talk money with him until yesterday so I doubt it's progressed too far. And i read the same blurb Wes that a team would have to put in a clause that they couldn't offer arbitration at the end of the deal. I think every Japanese player but Dice-K had the same clause.

Yeah, Wes, I read that, too. There such few attractive options for this type of player. I don't think Hendry should let him go by the boards...
Oh, and I think he should sign A-Rod... have I mentioned that?

A quote from today's Jim Caple article:

As Bill Veeck once said, "It isn't the high price of stars that is expensive; it's the high price of mediocrity."

Wow, what a defining quote for the past 20 years (since I've been a fan) of Cubs baseball.

I don’t know who else will be willing to offer him 3 or 4 years at 15 a year. Can Jim swing a 4/60 deal? How about a 3/44 (giggle)?

Wow... do you really think Fukudome is worth 15 million a season?

That is a lot of cash...

I wonder if Fukodome is good at stealing third base? For 15 mill, one would think ...

I don't know where the 15 mil number came from... I have not seen anything with a price tag on Fukudome... Wes?

Fuckyoudome seems wayyyyy out of line if he is asking for 15 million per year. He sure as heck isnt Ichiro. Matsui would be the most hopeful comp, and it's really up for debate that he is worth 15 mil. Fuckyoudome is comming off an elbow injury that cost him 40% of last year. Seems like one hell of a roll of the dice. Is Left-handedness really THAT important to Lou? Is Left-handedness his version of Dusty's speed and bunting ability?

FWIW, Here is F-Dome's Winkipedia. Mentions 12-15 mil of 3 years, and that Japanese think Iwamura is his closest comp. Give the job to Murton

15 Mil? No thanks. I thought he was going to sign for around $10M. If we have to pay Fuku $15M, why not just sign A_Jones?

I have a friend name Dome, so I'm offended by that name.

I've heard 15 a year for Fukudome since April or May. I believe I originally pulled that from the Japanese expert (Mike Plugh) over at BP.

I cannot find that specific article at the moment, but I did turn up an interview he did with our old friend Tim at MLBTR.

He should command in the $12-15 million range over 3 or 4 years. It will be a very good buy for whichever team he chooses

It MAY be a good buy in the sense that you get into the Japanese market. However this guy aint Ichiro. The novelty has warn off in the last 7-8 years. How much Japanese exposure/revenue did Iwamura bring to TB last year? I wouldnt think it brought much.

Is anyone else concerned about trying to sign a guy for big money who might turn out to be a Japanese Matt Murton?

The dude has never seen big league pitching before, and people are ready to throw $10-$15 mil a year at him? Count me among the non-believers.

Is anyone else concerned about trying to sign a guy for big money who might turn out to be a Japanese Matt Murton?

I think that, offensively, Murton and Fukodome will end up being very similar players. Which is why I am amazed that someone would spend 15 million a year for that.

Fukudome sounds like a clone of Brian Giles, after Giles lost his power.

Just found this quote on the Sporting News website:

"Fukodome is described as a Raul Ibanez-like player with a bit less power."

Ibanez made $5.5 million this year, but hey, if we can get him with less power we might as well triple that salary. Yikes.

And note... I like Matt Murton, and Brian Giles. I just don't think that either of them are worth 15 million dollars a year.

And also note - This 15 mil number that everyone seems to have adopted as the amount he is going to get, is about as artificial as they come.
The question is: what would you pay for a LH, good throwing, good fielding, high OBP, doubles guy?

Regardless, it looks like we will have to either overpay for Fukudome or Crawford.

Cash or prospects... pick your poison.

*Doug Dascenzo says:

November 14th, 2007 at 1:48 pm

Is anyone else concerned about trying to sign a guy for big money who might turn out to be a Japanese Matt Murton?

The dude has never seen big league pitching before, and people are ready to throw $10-$15 mil a year at him? Count me among the non-believers*

I find it simply hilarious that there's a little cadre here who have their bloomers in wads over this dude, a cadre who I would be almost certain has never seen him play an inning, by the way. And I'd bet these same people are against the Cubs even attempting to sign a known entity [A-Rod] for a mere 10 million dollars more per season.

Boggles the mind.

i say FU to Fukodome. 15 mil is too much for a guy who has never hit major league pitching.

Where are we getting this $15 million figure from?

And what would most deem acceptable?

And again, Chad, you have assmed that is the price tag. I would bet that the only reason it would ever get that high is if there was a bidding war.

Dr. aaronb says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.

November 14th, 2007 at 1:12 pm

FWIW, Here is F-Dome’s Winkipedia. Mentions 12-15 mil of 3 years, and that Japanese think Iwamura is his closest comp. Give the job to Murton

No Jace, I am merely saying that 15 mil is too much for that guy.

There WILL be a bidding war, that's the thing--there's been interest already noted by a whole bunch of teams. If the Cubs were the only club who wanted him, then yeah, we'd probably sign K-Fuk for 7M/year. But attracting the interest of so many other teams is going to drive his value up...

Okay. I believe I now have a new favorite nickname for this guy! K-Fuk is a winner!!! Thanks, sheff!!!

Haha no problem...actually sounds more to me like what Federline's nickname should be. But it works for the Fuk Dome too.

Just posted on MLBtraderumors
MLBTR readers know that Kosuke Fukudome already received two offers from his former team, the Chunichi Dragons. One was for one year, about $3.5MM. Another was four years, around $15.4MM. Plus, the Hanshin Tigers are expected to offer four years, $20MM (the money they received from posting Kei Igawa a year ago). This evening, Ken Rosenthal adds that the Tokyo Giants have also made an offer to Fukudome.

The twins should sign him and then if he struggles at home -----> FukUDome.

The PLTBN for Monroe?

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