Friday Notes (Late Night Version)

• There has been a lot of talk–some of it here–about how Milwaukee's signing of Mike Cameron and resultant shifting of Bill Hall to 3B and Ryan Braun to LF will improve the Brewers' overall defense. On Friday, Jay Jaffe of Baseball Prospectus (subscription req'd) tried to gauge what that improvement might be.

According to Jaffe's rough, "back of the envelope" calculations, the Brewers project to be about 42 runs better on defense, which could mean between 1.5 and 4 extra victories. That's even assuming both Hall and Braun are below average at their new positions.

• Last week, I wrote about Dave Pinto's Lineup Analysis machine. Pinto finally fed the projected 2008 Cubs numbers into his virtual gizmo and the results show that the Cubs' most productive starting lineup would look like this:

Fukudome rf
Lee 1b
DeRosa 2b
Ramirez 3b
Soto c
Soriano lf
Pie cf
Theriot ss

In his write-up, Pinto shows (projected) love for Geo Soto and questions why Soriano's big bat would lead off, which puts Pinto in the company of many millions of wondering Chicago Cub fans.

• Just guessing here, but based on what we're hearing about operations in the Orioles front office, I suspect Peter Angelos keeps the key to the team's executive washroom locked in his desk, and when Andy MacPhail has to go, he has to ask Angelos for permission. I'm thinking sometimes the old man says yes, and sometimes the old man says no.


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  • JOHN B: Pierce Johnson and Rob Zastryzny were likely 2015 AFL candidates ( I mentioned them as likely candidates to get assigned to the AFL in an article about the AFL last month) because they are starting pitchers who missed part of the season due to injuries and they need to accrue more innings.
  • Schwarber stays back and hammers a 3-2 change-up that was down and away. Very impressive.
  • And a good job to drive the ball to RF to advance the runner in the 8th. Encouraging.
  • <p>It looks like the Cubs "post-season clinch number" is 25 right now:&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>
  • Is the magic number 25 or 26?
  • Agreed, to my untrained eyes he does look better than last season. Not a finished product yet and hopefully he will continue to improve, but if he plays solid middle infield defense he will stick in the majors.
  • Phillips smiled at Strop and gave him a thumbs up.
  • That pitch Schwarber hit is the kind he's been missing a lot of lately. When Schwarber struggles it reminds me of how hard it is to hit baseballs at that level. It doesn't seem like they've found a weakness, just that he isn't seeing the ball that great and just missing. Same with Rizzo the last few days. Regardless of what the other fellas said in the thread earlier, I was pretty encouraged with Baez. The violent swing seems to be much more under control, and he took more bad pitches than he swung at.
  • I missed it. What did he do?
  • extremely classy. i didn't see his reaction until the replay after the break. baseball needs more fun in some areas and less of some 'unwritten rules' violations leading to angst.
  • Nice bounce back game for Grimm, and "well done" Dan Haren. We'll take that (almost) every time.
  • I have never been a Brandon Phillips fan, but that was a very classy way to handle Strop yelling at him after the K.
  • go cubs go
  • woooooooooooo
  • You know you like it
  • AZ Phil: Any thoughts on the AFL Cubs? Some names on the list caught me by surprise.