Gameday Open Thread/Cubs @ Giants

Cubs baseball (Cactus League version) is back! Ryan Dempster begins his attempt to win a spot in the '08 rotation; Noah Lowry starts for the Giants. Neither starter is slated to go beyond the second inning.

First pitch is at 2:05 Central Time. Pat and Ron have the radio call on WGN radio in Chicago.

Rob tells me that Parachat is open and your usernames/passwords from last year will still work, though they are different than the names you just created so you could leave comments here at the new site.


Just came across this at the Giants Web site, and I've never heard it before:

"To simulate a sense of competition and keep fans happy, teams are
encouraged to employ lineups with at least four projected everyday
players during Spring Training. Managers occasionally have been
reprimanded by baseball officials for ignoring this custom."

Giants are planning to go with their regular outfield (Roberts, Rowand, and Winn) and Dan Ortmeier, their projected Opening Day first baseman.

What about split squad games? Do they still have to use 4 regular starters.

Good question. As I said, I'd never heard about this "suggestion" from MLB, so I don't know. Seems like it would be going over the line to dictate each half of the split squad would have to start 4 regulars.


Can we expect the first Parachat summary post of the season later this evening?

On the new site. Long-time reader, rare poster. Best of luck...

Go Cubs Go!

that if your username/password is the same for both, it'll work. It's just that the Parachat keeps their own database and any changes you make to your user profile here, won't affect your parachat account and vice-versa.,0,1385709.story

The Orioles will dispatch a scout to Mesa, Ariz., site of the Cubs' training facility, next week to get a closer look at some of the players the two teams have discussed. It's expected that infielder Ronny Cedeno and pitching prospect Sean Gallagher would be in the deal, but the third and/or fourth player still hasn't been decided. Both sides remain optimistic that a deal could get done.

If we had the package, are they giving us ST free with TV and/or audio? Does anyone know? Thanks!!

Fire Hendry!!!

Includes audio and spring training, which I think was your question.

Fire the most successful Cubs GM in the last 100 years!

-Anyone able to get gameday audio to work?

The Joe - 2007 TCR Keeper Champion

No but I just turned on WGN Radio and heard Pat say "Chicago Cubs baseball is ON the air" for the first time this year. A small tear in my eye.

Mmmm... Nothing like trying to pay attention to Spring Training from Nome...

I love the look and feel of the site. Not sure I like the Cub Reporter logo, though. Have you tried messing with that logo a bit more? How about swapping out the C for a cuddly cub found on the players jerseys? On second thought I don't know if that would be an improvement. Alright, I quit.

As you were...

There may be a "suggestion" by MLB that each team start at least four "regulars," but it's not a rule.

I've been to Cactus League games in the last few years where the visiting team's starting lineup is all non-roster and back-up guys, and sometimes that's even when the opposing team isn't playing a Split Squad game that day!

Given what they charge to see these games, there really should be a "Rule of Four," but unfortunately there is not. 

= Goosebumps.


A: When Winn and Rowand are the heart of your lineup.

What's the over/under on Giants wins, 62?

My login from last year is not working at MLB, so I am not getting the telecast. UGH!!!
Fire Hendry!!!

ahh, pat & ron... i almost heard robins chirping as i gazed out the window and saw my cub flag twitching @ the touch of snowflakes like a cow's tail shooing flies...

Dempster just gave up a deep daddy donger to his 3rd batter, Winn.

i knew dempster couldn't get a 27 out save...

I missed the top half of the first -- what happened?

scratch hit for theriot, called k for cedeno, k-dome hbp [the first one he saw], lee bb, wp scores theriot...

to close a tag? Lets see.

For the first time this year, let me just say...

This lineup sucks.



the over/under of date that Dempster will officially be moved back to the bullpen. I say March 13th. That is of course if he doesn't get traded.
Fire Hendry!!!

Why is everything in bold?
Fire Hendry!!!

I think it's YOU, manny!!! Check your signature, did you forget to close an html tag?


Yeah, it's Manny. Fix your sig.

already sick of 'jake' the 'neighborhood guy'

know any of this html shit!! :) I did close it, let's see if that helps. I don't know why that would effect everyone though.
Fire Hendry!!!

np, everytime you use a tag, like <strong> you have to follow it with a </strong> at some point.



You forgot the / in the closing half of the tag, so you were in effect opening two strong tags with each sig. Looks like it's fixed now.

All the replies are still bold but the rest of the thread is fine. Weird.


There's a signature module that lets me control signature beavior and the look. Will install in the near future... 



Oh, to clarify: I closed the tags Manny left open with my subsequent posts. I just made a new post with a bunch of extra strong close tags.

Ah, on edit: I think a lot of the confusion is coming from the threaded versus flat views.

test again
Fire Hendry!!!

How about now?

working on it...hold off on posting for a sec

how is it me. Either way, how should I have it? When i preview it it looks fine.
Fire Hendry!!!

No idea what happened there, but it's obviously a` bug I need to work on.

†Ooh, nice

The Joe - 2007 TCR Keeper Champion

If it was really me, I am sorry. I did change it and for a couple posts it was still screwed up. But sorry again...
Fire Hendry!!!

Don't worry about it, just one of those bugs you can't test until we had some readers. Even if it a tag is left open, it shouldn't affect other comments. Will work on it

6-1, 3 run bomb


Theriot 3-3

Let's call him Godenot!

slap hit rbi down 3rd base line for his first Cub hit.

These guys are tearing the cover of the ball. This better not just be a big dick tease.
Fire Hendry!!!

Ummm... Johan's mom?

Well, doesn't seem like Pie's pressing at all.

There's still a month left in Mesa. No reason to burn 'em all up on the first day.

From the desk of jacos

Congrats, its, many emotions.

I fear change.

† You really really don't want a recap.

The Joe - 2007 TCR Keeper Champion

Cubs Win, Cubs Win


15 hits

† CHI 12R 15H 1E
SF 6R, 10H 2E
Dempster W, Lowry L

The Joe - 2007 TCR Keeper Champion

† Rob if you're still around. One thing I miss is the list of threads at the side of the screen so that I know when a new thread is put up. Otherwise I wait until it shows up on my RSS which tends to take a long time.

The Joe - 2007 TCR Keeper Champion

The plan is for the box labeled Featured Post on the left to gave 2 tabs, one for featured post and one for the 5 most recent, It's just going to take some coding, but you'll get somethimg similar eventually.

The Cubs win big and the new starting OF's are the offensive stars today. The new site looks great as well! Any way we can get a full box score.

† Cool, thanks Rob.

The Joe - 2007 TCR Keeper Champion

† Don't know about a box score...the line score i posted came from the mouth of Pat Hughes.

The Joe - 2007 TCR Keeper Champion

† Box Score here:

The Joe - 2007 TCR Keeper Champion

don't forget the link underneath the "W" (top right corner) takes you to a yahoo boxscore

I really like the "new posts" feature. "Latest Results" feature is pretty nice also.

My one suggestion: make the author names bigger, if possible.

Other than that, I'm loving this site.

i second that.

i love the edit feature...especially considering this would be 2 posts instead of 1. i wouldn't mind seeing the "edit/reply" font size shrink a little. they're kinda "in your face."

Bringing in the new site with an ever meaningful 1st game of Spring W. Who can ask for anything more?

Changing the text size in CSS should be fairly easy... something like:

.comment .submitted a {
  font-size: 1.3em;

can;t find a boxscore

MVN sucks donkey testicles.

Hey all ;)
The Mexican homeboy.

† I posted a link a few post before yours.

The Joe - 2007 TCR Keeper Champion

In off-topic stuff, the lineup today sucked.

3/44 already?
The Mexican homeboy.

Has anyone ever taken one of the Wrigley Field tours?

Twice. Definitely worth it if you're at all interested in Wrigley Field.

I haven't but have heard from friends who've gone that they're great.

Thanks Cubnut. I'm thinking about making the trip over in May. I just wanted to check and make sure they weren't a waste of time before buying the tickets and booking the room.

looks like little lord fontenot got up on the right side of the futon.


THAT is the funniest Fontenot nickname! Classic. Site looks real nice guys.

i figured it out
i saw the box score on looked leke ceda had the roughest go of
it among pitchers and saw a headline whih stated fukadome reaches base
three different ways, first pitch he saw he got hit what a nice welcome.

Isn't it funny how when we bitch of a bad lineup, we score a ton of runs?
Fire Hendry!!!

The Mexican homeboy.

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  • Rosenthal does it again! Comes in with a 3-1 lead in the 9th -- double, BB, HR...ballgame.

    Very nice win last nice -- could have caved in after the bottom of the first. It would be OK if guys stopped getting hurt, and if SF would lose a few.

    billybucks 51 min 16 sec ago view
  • Awesome. It wasn't long ago that he was kind of the best prospect coming through the system.

    Old and Blue 2 hours 46 min ago view
  • QuietMan 13 hours 58 min ago view
  • Javy's grunge dive into the stands for the popup was awesome - the hitting into the double play not so much

    Eric S 14 hours 26 min ago view
  • Third time I've tried to post this (forgive me if it winds up appearing three times)

    Junior Lake, batting 9th and playing RF for the Blue Jays...

    Transmission 14 hours 39 min ago view
  • *That was a fun HALF inning.

    Brick 15 hours 43 min ago view
  • this game is no longer awesome.

    crunch 15 hours 43 min ago view
  • he was awesome.

    crunch 15 hours 53 min ago view
  • I'm pretty sure that Len called Bryant's home run a Brexit.

    Old and Blue 15 hours 54 min ago view
  • everyone but heyward with a hit and a 3 run lead with coghlan on 3rd through 5 batters. hell yeah.

    okay, this is just silly. 19 pitches in, 1 out, 4 runs in, men on 1st and 2nd...hendricks up to bunt.

    ...and almora contributes the final out. that was a fun inning.

    crunch 15 hours 56 min ago view
  • this game is awesome already.

    also, there's a lot of cubs fans in the park tonight.

    crunch 16 hours 4 min ago view
  • Clearly, Joe Maddon is a Lineup Wizzard.

    Transmission 16 hours 4 min ago view
  • "Cubs manager Joe Maddon said Friday that Anthony Rizzo (back) is feeling better and it's "possible" the first baseman could return to the lineup Saturday."

    crunch 17 hours 27 min ago view
  • Maddon shore isn't afraid to bat a rookie 4th in the order.

    Old and Blue 18 hours 43 min ago view
  • how many pairs of dice did dusty leave hidden around the park when he left the cubs?

    crunch 19 hours 38 min ago view
  • Line-up shakeup, going all-2015 with pitcher batting 8th, Bryant 2nd

    J-Hey, Bryant 1B, Zobrist, Willson, Coghlan, Baez 3B, Russell, Hendricks, Almora

    Eric S 20 hours 2 min ago view