So That's Why The Orioles Would Be Interested In Ronny Cedeno

Earlier today, Rob alluded to this story in the Baltimore Sun, which says the O's will be sending a scout to Mesa next week "to get a closer look" at players the Cubs and Orioles have discussed as part of a potential Brian Roberts swap.

The same story indicates that Luis Hernandez currently has the edge over Brandon Fahey and--I'm going to try to type this without laughing--Freddie Bynum in the competition to succeed Miguel Tejada as Baltimore's starting shortstop.

Hernandez was snagged off waivers by the O's after the Braves released him following the '06 season. Though he is good with the glove, over six minor league seasons, his career OPS is 621. Baseball Prospectus says:

He's as light-hitting an infielder as you'll find, with three years of Double-A ball under his belt and no apparent improvement. Tejada's injury last year gave him a chance to play in the majors last year, and he hit .290, but it was almost all singles and was accompanied by a single solitary walk.

That's one walk in 71 plate appearances.

That's Neifi Perez...without the power.

And that's a reason you might be thinking about trading for Ronny Cedeno.



Orioles GM Andy MacPhail, Scouting Director John Stockstill, and Manager Dave Trembley all came to BAL from the Cubs. Also, ex-Cubs Minor League Pitching Coordinator Alan Dunn is the O's bullpen coach. So they probably have opinions and personal knowledge about Cubs players and prospects that go well beyond what other organizations might have. For instance, Ronny Cedeno was signed under Stockstill's tenure, and Sean Gallagher and Sean Marshall were drafted by Stockstill, as was Donald Veal.

BTW, the reason the Orioles scout will be coming to Mesa next week instead of right now is that minor league camp hasn't opened yet, so if the Orioles want to get an updated look at Veal, they will have to wait until next week. 


didnt ronny go hitless in 3 at-bats today?



"That's Neifi Perez...without the power."

I just threw up in my mouth a little.


Neifi will never be a HOF player but he will always have a place in the hearts of Cubs fans.

Truth will always replace Fact...if you wait long enough

Place in my heart? Uh, no. He had a place somewhere inside me but I took something to get rid of it. I hate Neifi Perez and all he stands for. Period.

It was a Neifi Perez homer for the Rockies that helped put the Cubs in the playoffs in 1998.

and you have fond memories of those 1998 playoffs. which part holds a special place in your heart? the part where Wood shreds his arm? Maybe it was Chipper Jones tearing the heart out our club. My favorite part is what happened in the offseason. Where we decided to hold onto Gaetti, Morandini and the like.

ha... you are new around here, aren't you?

you will notice that we all have a special place in our hearts for Neif!.

Neif! We will never forget.

lol. apparently ginto wasn't around for the Neif! magic. the guy is a chicago icon you know.

Is there one? I can't seem to distinguish it...

Truth will always replace Fact...if you wait long enough

The headline of the story on the front page is the permalink,

What else would Baltimore want along with Ronny? Murton and an arm i assume?

I'm still in the boat that thinks that DeRo can easily be the man at 2B and a SS is more of a need.

Murton & Ronny straight up for Roberts would be good if the O's would go for it. Not entirely sure that they would, though.

Murton v. NL Starting Left Fielders:

They'll definitely want a pitcher in the package to go along with Ronny. I don't think they're that keen on Murton.

Truth will always replace Fact...if you wait long enough

Murton would run into the same problem in Baltimore as he has in Chicago. Their oufield is set with Scott, Jones and Markakis.

Murton would run into the same problem in Baltimore as he has in Chicago. Their oufield is set with Scott, Jones and Markakis.


REAL NEAL: The difference between Murton's situation in Chicago and what he would face in Baltimore is that the A. L. has the DH, so if he were to go to the Orioles, either Murton or Scott would probably be the primary DH, with Kevin Millar and Jay Gibbons the alternate DH-LF and Jay Payton the "4th OF." 

I also wouldn't be surprised if LHP George Sherrill and/or OF Jay Payton are added to the deal, especially if it's Cedeno, Murton, Gallagher or Marshall, and Veal or Ceda going to Baltimore (as I would expect). In this scenario, the Orioles would be adding three players to their 40-man roster, so they need to drop three.


i personally would not be pleased with a roberts for murton and cedeno trade.

I'd really like to see Cedeno get a chance to win the starting SS job. I know Theriot/Lou etc - but Cedeno has a chance to bbe a much better player than Theriot. I'd like to see the best player win the job.

Congrats to everyone at TCR! I imagine it's like moving into your own house after being in an apartment. You can go piss in your yard if you want and who's gonna stop ya

Mark my words:

Roberts will stay in Baltimore.
Murton will be traded before opening day.
Cedeno and Marquis will be traded before the end of the inter-league trading deadline this summer.

Take it to the bank.

Maybe I'll wind up eating my words but I don't rate Ronny Cedeno at all. He's a dumb ballplayer. He lacks the instincts, the patience and the smarts to ever be thought of as an everyday player. He's had opportunities now for, what, the last three seasons. Has he ever shined? Has he ever made you take notice of his skills. I don't give a flying **** about what he's done in the Venezuelan league or in AAA. That's all fine and dandy and it shows he has some talent. He needs to show a lot more.

The Cintron acquisition makes Ronny a non-factor. If they can get some fungoes and clean sanitaries for him, I'd let him go. He's on par with Freddy Bynum. We've really been in a bind since we let him go, eh?

If they can get some fungoes and clean sanitaries for him, I'd let him go.

That comment sounds familiar...Like a certain piece of laundry maybe?

Yeah. A certain type of laundry. It could also be the same bozo operating as "no", "hey", and "nohit", perhaps?

It must be hard to be an O fan when Ronny Cedeno is an EXTREME upgrade.

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