Gameday Open Thread / Cubs @ Angels

The Cubs travel to Tempe to take on the Angels and Jered Weaver. Jason Marquis takes the mound for the Cubs with Kerry Wood scheduled to see some action.

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Congrats on your new site. Best of luck on your future success.

First chance to actually SEE the Cubbies in action this year. Gammons has been raving about Wood, so very curious to see how he looks.

Looked okay for March 1st. The halos beat up on him a bit, but I wouldn't read too much into it. Touched 96 on the gun.

I think you're talking about Woody, Ryno. And you're right. Threw the fastball very well, I thought.

It's not that atypical to hang a slider on the 1st day of March, which is what happened on the Hunter donger.

In the first inning, SOTO just threw out Chone Figgins attempting to steal.
Beautiful throw just on the first base side of second nailed him.

We're gonna love this guy.

You arent a true Cub fan unless your in parachat....

marquis likes to say words...and evidently 21m over 3 years isnt enough to take care of your family long-term.

"I love Chicago," Marquis said. "I definitely want to stay here. This is the place I want to be. I signed here for a reason. But I also signed as a starter, and I think that's where I help the team the most. Obviously we'll see what happens when it's time for [the Cubs] to make their decision.

"So as much as I want to be here in Chicago -- I love it, I love the fans, I love the stadium -- I also have a family to worry about, too. I think I can take my services elsewhere if that's the case and I can help another team, in that capacity as a starter.

"So, my value doesn't lie in the bullpen in my mind."

Bye bye Marquis. And don't let the door hit you in your sorry ass either.

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