Gameday Open Thread / Brewers @ Cubs

Brewers vs Cubs!

Claudio Vargas vs Ryan Dempster!

Don't miss it!

PS - For those in the first TCR MLB Open League (the one I'm commish of), our draft is at 2:00 PM PST (about 40 minutes from this typing). I'm already in the draft room. Looks like I have the last pick in round 1.


Rockies lock up Hawpe. Good deal for them too...

3 years, $17.425 million, with a club option in 2011.

New poll idea: Does Hendry deserve an extension?

I know there is a very vocal crowd that would answer "no" but I'd be anxious to see what the general consensus is on the subject.

Just a suggestion....

Really good article, along with some more Pinhead bashing on lineup construction at BP (Free)

Pretty much meshes with my opinion on the subject, except when he says 'There’s no evidence that teams with more speed perform better than ones with less, and in fact, speed has often been a contraindicator of success (speed teams often lack the primary characteristics)'. I have to question that. Given two teams with identicle hitters, but one has superior baserunners, I am sure that the fast team is going to score both more earned and unearned runs, as long as they're reasonable succesful stealing basis and do it in high leverage situations.

Lou's lineup today:
Colvin (?!)

Probably has four of nine in the right place, unless you go by the '2nd leadoff batter' theory, in which case it's three.

You lost me at "Pinhead".....

Read the article, fix my spelling errors. I think living in a foreign land is making my normally bad spelling even worse.

Bases loaded walk from Dempster in the 1st inning :( Come on Dempster!!

Someone should tell Dempster he's facing the Brewers, not the Mets.

Tony Gwynn triples to right field corner and Fukudome couldn't throw him out, no mention of the strength or accuracy of his throw.

Parachat, I am bored!

Then Dempster wakes up and mows down the 9,1,2 hitters on comebacker, K and not - dangerous flyout.

The Brewers announcers say he looks more comfortable from the stretch.

Anyone have an update on him? I know he is sidelined with a sore shoulder, but any idea how long he is out?

I think said they were aiming for Thursday.

He was much better in the 2nd and third innings. Maybe he has always been one of those guys who has trouble in the first, then settles down. That would explain his erratic behavior as a closer. It also meshes with my theory that he gets better with more work.

Nice homer by FUKUDOME!

Picked up a low one and knocked it out of right field.

He looks great today. 3-3 with a 2 out rbi and his first homer. Great to see. Maybe he is more comfortable in the 2 hole.

Everyone is more comfortable in the 2 hole.

Anyone read the article on Eyre driving to spring training in his RV?

"When we first took off the first morning, my Michael Barrett bobblehead slid off the counter because I forgot to tape him down," Eyre said. "He didn't break; he just got a bruise right on his cheek."

That a joke about him getting clobbered by Z? If so, funny.

Also, I wish someone would tell this announcer that Theriot doesn't rhyme with tatertot.

Ok, Tare-ee-ott, now Font-en-ott. Learn romance languages!

What is he acting like "The Shooter"?

cost us Brian Roberts today?

2 IP, 3 ER, 2 HR..ugh

Let's hope the Orioles don't insist on Kevin Hart.

Tennessee or Iowa in Jose Ascaino's future...


Most of the fans have left already.
Typical Cubs fans, right?

Ouch...that hurt. I feel like more people are staying longer through the game these days, though.

Bit of a low blow, imo.

Fantastic work by the announcing crew there...from the team that has a special promotion so Cubs fans don't overtake their own home park.

Funny thing is, when they were talking about the large attendance, the made a special point to say there a lot of fans "Cubs AND Brewer fans". When it comes to criticizing the fans though, they're quick to forget that and divorce Brewer fans from the crowd.