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The Cubs play the A's this afternoon at 2:05 Central Time in Phoenix. You can hear the game via the Web cast.

Jason Marquis starts for the Cubs against former White Sox farmhand and non-roster invitee Gio Gonzalez. The lefty led all of minor league baseball in strikeouts last season and fanned three Giants over two scoreless innings in his Oakland debut last Saturday.

Marquis also threw last Saturday and, you may recall, pitched like hell.


Has Marquis given up any hits? Mlb scoreboard says 2, but announcers say 0.

I haven't posted since the change so I hope I'm doing it right and not breaking any new commandments. There's an interesting short piece on the state buying Wrigley Field in The Reader that came out today. Ben Joravsky, who has written a lot on Chicago's TIF (tax increment financing) says-

"Under the plan the state would issue bonds to pay for rebuilding Wrigley... Here's the tricky part: sales taxes going to the city would be frozen and any increase in revenues spurred by the renovation (including extra seats) would go to the state to repay the loans. 'The city would have to give up their share of the sales tax increment for the next 30 years,' Jim Thompson said."

A Joravsky correctly points out later in the article - money spent to refurbish Wrigley Field is money that can't be spent elsewhere. It's tied up in the park and will be slowly paid back from now until the year 2038. The needs of things like schools and parks will have to be payed for with money found elsewhere - probably through service cuts or tax hikes.

Just read a Neyer note about how the injury to Alou might actually help the Mets in that it would force them to address their weak OF. They now have Beltran, Church and ?, with one of the ? being Angel Pagan.

Seems like Matt Murton would be nice trade bait but I don't know enough about the Mets (other than the fact that I have hated them since 1969) to know whether they have anything we value or need to make them good trade partners. Perhaps someone is rotting on the bench behind Jose Reyes?

I really like Murton and the Cubs may want the OF depth, but just curious.

cant forget the little engine that could...endy chavez. nice guy...handles his AAA/majors shuffles assignments well.

Yow, if Endy Chavez is all we could get for Murton I'd say fuggedaboudit. I think the redhead may become real valuable, expecially if Sori keeps getting nicked up.

my bad...i meant to say from the Mets LF/RF situation.

he's a lefty anyway, but he's one of the better sub-starter AAAA fodder types kicking around in their system.

You serious? Endy is twice the ball player of Matt Murton imo.

i suck at expressing myself today, evidently.

i was talking totally separate of the cubs/mets possible trade...just stating endy's one of the guys that could fill in for some of those mounting injuries.

i do think endy is a good 4th OF'r...even has a decent enough arm for the corners and could do CF in a pinch. team already has that guy in fuld, though.

What's the brand of the crazy pills you taking?

it's a 4th OF'r...he has the arm to play multiple positions and the speed to play CF if needed. im not talking about a guy you give 400+ab's to.

the guy ive seen the past couple year is not the same guy who "ignored" working on his patience while being groomed to start. he's got no power vs. lefties (what little he has anyway) but he can hit righties/lefties. he's not a strict "face righties only" type.

yes, fuld has more upside, but what do people expect outta fuld except a few more walks/steals than the player described above.

btw...if anyone wants to attack the above giving historical stats i'm gonna lose that fight, but im not fighting that fight...

Isn't the guy on the shuttle bus between New Orleans (right?) and New York a 6th outfielder?

Maybe they'll give that Martinez kid a crack at it. i follow.

i miss the "thing youre quoting" followed by reply brain is still trying to figure out who's talking to who 1/2 the time.

TCR is the only msg board i use besides a horticulture board (which also follows a flat post format) so i'm not used to following the nesting boards with great scrutiny.

i'll get used to it...blah blah etc.

damn brain.

Do people argue and flame each other about horticulture stuff on that board?

yes...there's a nice one going on now about seed propagators and seed sellers re-naming and mislabeling seed and continuing to do so after being told its not cool by peers.

stuff like calling a "potato leaf red brandywine" a brandywine at all when its not a true brandywine and other such crap i dont get involved with...


lmao, that's awesome! It vindicated what I already knew: People will argue about anything.

crunch - i just set mine to flat, expanded and it's just like the old TCR.
I personally hate the nested comments, so I really appreciate that I can do it the old way.. Thanks site designers -

yeah, the only problem is like what i did above...mistake who's talking to who cuz people dont quote what theyre responding to as much.


"blah blah blah"
re: blah blah. i blah blah etc.

i'll get the hang of just takes adjustment time cuz im not used to it.

Yeah, on WFAN in NY they are all talking about how the have to go get a nice right handed bat for the OF. Murton might be a good fit for them, but I am not sure they have anything to give, and what they do have they aren't going to give up.

A's announcers tearing down paul "you gonna finish that drink" sullivan over him blasting mark ellis (in a private convo, lighthearted, i believe).

"brain roberts or mark ellis...what you want? c'mon?"

also of note...gary hughes is in the A's booth. he just had to get on the broadcast with them (mic'd up now) to lightheartedly defend the cubs. hehe...

It wasn't private. Sullivan was on the air with them.

Sullivan wasn't actually blasting Ellis. They asked him if he might be a possibility for the Cubs, and he didn't seem to understand why he would be. They seemed to assume that because they were looking at Roberts, then the Cubs must be in the market for a 2B. They were shocked that he wouldn't immediately jump at the opportunity.

Did Ellis start hitting from the left side recently or are the A's announcers just that dumb?

given the announcers were just kicking the cubs rotation around including gems such as "marshall's in there" and forgetting rich hill exists is a clue.

ah, its spring training for announcers, too...for those that sat around all offseason playing golf and watching football.

I missed that...thanks for clearing it up.

The exchange I was speaking on in my post was lighthearted, fwiw.

That discussion of Fuld got me wondering. Does anyone know who holds the record for most major league ab's without ever getting a hit? I assume it's a pitcher, but I'd be curious what the positional record would be.

The Joe--If I'm applying the Baseball-Reference Play Index tool correctly, Randy Tate, who pitched for the Mets in one season only (1975), would hold that record with 41 hitless at-bats (22 strikeouts, 1 base on balls.)

For non-pitchers, it's 21 hitless at-bats by someone called Larry Littleton. an outfielder/pinch-hitter for the Indians in his one career season, 1981.

Thanks Cubnut...that's what I was looking for.

A's announcers comparing ceda to a.benitez.


are they talking about his stuff...or has he gained 20-50lbs?

well, ceda's doing his best benitez impersonation giving away that lead.

A's lead 2-1.

Lou: "I'm tired of young pitchers blowing leads."

Ceda: "Shall I just directly to the minor league camp, or do you want to yell at me some more?"

Biggest disappointment so far (as of March 6).ย 

Anthony, I mean Gene Wojc (fill in the rest) with a piece on him.

Punk-ass, bitch-ass, punk-ass bitch. Punk.

At least Marquis refrained from blowing again.

Lou's going to back the truck up here pretty soon and load it up with a few pitchers...

I hope WGN will show a game this weekend. I did get to see the Mariners/Cubs on Fox sports Northwest earlier this week.

My first post on the new site. Great job , Rob and anyone else who helped.


I know I should be use to it by now as a Cubs fan, but the losing is already getting tiresome.

I hope once the pitchers get stretched out a bit more things will improve. When the starters are able to go 4-5 we won't need as many relievers and some of these guys who aren't going to make the bullpen, and who are currently sucking balls, can head to the minor league camp.

That's a good point. Our young arms (Ceda, Ascanio, Cotts) are indeed struggling. I thought our starters have looked pretty good through a start for the most part. I was pleased that Marquis bounced back today. Z, Lilly, and Hill looked good. Dempster's been not too bad. Still about 10 more innings for each of those guys.

Also, a lot of our guys are swinging it well through 15 ABs or so. The CF race and D-Lee aside, I've been pretty pleased with how everybody looks. But, that'll change as opposing pitchers start getting in the groove.

Trans will love # 1

Why, is it a bowl scraper?

The description of Curt Schilling on there is priceless.

Submitted by crunch on Thu, 03/06/2008 - 5:51pm.

ย i miss the "thing youre quoting" followed by reply brain is still trying to figure out who's talking to who 1/2 the time.


CRUNCH: If you or anyone else wants the comments to look like they did at MVN, set your "COMMENTS VIEWING OPTIONS" (see above) to "FLAT LIST - EXPANDED" and "DATE - OLDEST FIRST" and then save the settings.

I guess it would probably help if a comment featured a quote from the relevant earlier comment (or at least quoting part of the earlier comment). I haven't been doing that here, but I will try to do so from now on.

yeah, I like threaded comments myself but totally understand why flat comments are preferred, hence the option

certainly folks can go back to cutting and pasting the comments they are referring to, the other option is to train themselves to use the subject line appropriately. I think folks will get use to either, soon enough.

yeah, im not trying to force a social change where people feel obligated to quote saying my own personal brain hasnt wrapped itself around the format with great skill yet.

i love the edit feature...i need that. haha.

don't get too use to it, I fully intend to either completely get rid of it or put it on a time so you only have 2-3 minutes to fix a mistake or typo.

makes sense.

last thing TCR needs is a credibility fight over editing posters...i like the timed edit thing if able.

yeah, there's a "patch" that supposedly lets me put it on a timer. Tried to apply it but gave me an error message somewhere else on the site. The patch was a little dated for an older version of our software, so I'll have to sitdown and figure it out myself or find someone to help me figure it out. Since I know it's possible at least, I'm sure it's also fixable.


The edit ability seems to be on a timer already (for non-admins, anyway). Not sure how long it stays there, though.

Not exactly sure how that's working right now, but I recall that from our beta-testing. But yeah, want to shorten that time up considerably.

It's gone now, so 10 minutes maybe?

intriguing, 10 minutes isn't too bad then, thought it was like almost a full day...putting it way on the backburner then.

I enjoy my time here but have nothing bad to say at all!

something i forgot to mention about the K-fuk interview the other day. they also interviewed the organist at hohokam! guy named George Kiefer (Keifer?). It was his idea to play "sukiyaki" whenever k-fuk comes to the plate, it being the only japanese language hit in the U.S. (#1 in like 1965 or something). anyway if anybody at the games was wondering why k-fuks tune sounds familiar, now you know.

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