Gameday Open Thread/ Mariners @ Cubs

After a grueling two-day road trip, the Cubs return to HoHokam Park to take on the Mariners. Ted Lilly will start for the Cubbies and Carlos Silva takes the mound for the Mariners. Aramis is set to make his spring debut as well.


I wonder if Lilly slammed his glove down on the mound after the homer...

Ichiro got on and Betancourt homered him in for a quick 2-0 lead vs. Ted Lilly.


Ken Rosenthal is out with a column about Kerry Wood. (apologies if already mentioned)

from Will Carroll's latest..

It's not often that I have to wonder whether I can actually describe an injury on the radio. When I was talking to Dave Kaplan on WGN the other night, I actually had to ask "Can I say 'twisted testicle' on the air?" Answer? Yes. Do I ever want to? No. Pie has a problem that is, as you'd expect, exceptionally painful, but not a long-term concern. How it happened is unclear, but it's luckily an uncommon problem in men. Usually, the problem will correct itself, but sometimes, it has to be--you guessed it--untwisted with "surgical or manual methods." Try not to imagine it and know that Pie isn't going to miss much time. This little twist in his spring training shouldn't decide whether or not he gets the starting nod in center field

the group "Twisted Testicle" puts on quite a live Bob Brenly in that band?

here's a picture of their concert from the michael barrett website:

From what I understand the veins somehow twist, and if not repaired the testicles can die. It has to hurt like hell.

actually the medical term is Testicular Torsion, Pie probably had a partial Torsion. But the full torsion usually needs surgery (from what I've read). Seems like they like to write about this in the UK.

"feint of heart"? Would that be a heart with a double-pump move? ~rimshot~

DWard 2-run bomb... 6-2 Cubs

the testicle can die

Dead that is a band to watch out for

btw, Bruce Levine is on the Mariners Broadcast right now.

Did Bruce report anything on any of the trade blah-ness that's been out there?

Levine didn't say anything new...mostly gabbering about the 100 years without a world series.


lou's really working piggy early this spring.

So if Cotts continues to blow, will Piggy be the other lefty arm in the pen?

And whatever happened to Rapada?

Rapada got traded, no? I can't remember the details, but didn't Rapada get dealt towards the end of last season?

Rapada was the PTBNL in the Craig Monroe deal...

Rapada was the player to be named in the Craig Monroe deal with the Detroit Tigers.

What's that strange blue letter in the right hand corner?

looks like it will be resolved soon with 3 companies for the Cubs to choose from...

"We're not going to leave resources that would go into the payroll and go into our restoration plans on the table to appease people who say, 'I don't think you should do it.'"

Jesus fuck, that makes me want to strangle Crane Kenney. The Trib selling the naming rights has fuck all to do with payroll or restoration plans; they'll be long out of the picture when any restoration begins and they'll probably be gone before another payroll is set. This is PURELY about pumping up the volume of Wrigley Field so they can coerce a higher price from the State in a rigged frigging deal that those of us in Illinois are going to have to pay for. FUCK.

Soriano back in the lineup tomorrow per CM. Split squad games tomorrow but Alf expected to play in the Mesa/HoHoKam Park game vs Snakes.

can't wait to see this guy try to swing a bat...

"and to make matters worse he was a left fielder, delivering meager run production from a position that really can't afford that luxury."


its so not 1960 anymore. we have SS and CF who hit for power and C's who hit for ob%/avg.

the sum of your team is worth more than looking at any position and its batting strength.

reminds me of an "argument" i had with someone who was claiming Ichiro in RF is useless while Ichiro in CF was a plus...based on things that have absolutely nothing to do with his glove, what his teammates were doing, or the fact that what some other RF does with a bat has nothing to do with what Ichiro does with a bat.

its time to let that argument die a long overdue death.

Well, the argument is correct, but the application of it in this case isn't very good.

Not even counting non-stolen base baserunning, Coleman had a better years in Left than Manny Ramirez put up last year, according to BP.

Coleman batted leadoff and played left field for the '85 Cards. He wasn't a very good OBP guy, but he was an outstanding defender (ET McGhee played center) and he was a terror on he basepaths. That Cards team had about 60 fewer errors than their competition.

He had a bad season in 1994, but the next season he rebounded to a respectable .348 OBP. One of the things that this type of statistical review trivializes is the manager's decision process. It's not what Coleman did for the first half of 1994 that made a difference to the manager on July 6th when he was filling out his lineup card. It's what the manager expected Coleman to do on July 6th.

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