Gameday Open Thread / Cubs @ Royals

The Cubs (4-7 in Cactus League play) meet the Royals (5-5) in Surprise, Arizona (which, if it had any real guts, would add an exclamation point after its name. "Surprise!, Arizona"--now that's a town with character).

Ryan Dempster starts against Brett Tomko. Making his third appearance of the Spring, Dempster comes in at 1-0/3.60.

Yesteday, the Cubs split the squad and beat the Diamondbacks 4-1 in Mesa, while losing 7-6 to the A's on the road. Jon Lieber's four shutout innings against the D-Backs were one of the day's highlights.

So far this Spring:

Cub starters--2-1/3.38 ERA; 22 K, 7 BB; 26 H in 29 1/3 IP.

Cub relievers--2-6/6.55 ERA; 38 K, 38 BB; 73 H in 67 1/3 IP.


That double by Pie was beautiful.

there's a chat button up there, people.

come be sad with the rest of the sad sacks of idling people...all 3 of us...sitting there not typing.

actually, just go outside and fly a kite. have fun.

I'll be stopping by...

Do we use the same username/password we do for the regular posts?

you have to register again. it's 3rd party.

Tough error on Godzillanek.

Two teams that recently inquired about Angels outfielder Reggie Willits were told that he is unavailable. The outfielder the Angels want to trade, one rival executive says, is Juan Rivera.

Even if Rivera proves adequate at first base, his at-bats will be limited. Vladimir Guerrero, Torii Hunter, Gary Matthews Jr. and Garret Anderson are ahead of him in the outfield rotation, and Casey Kotchman will play first against right-handers.

I like Juan Rivera a lot but as long as we have Murton I don't think it's a good fit on the North Side. He used to play CF occasionally (maybe not so well) but I don't think he has since his leg injury. Not sure he ever will again.

Don't hassle the Hoff!

damn. that last pitch that wood threw to pena was brutal. talk about high heat...

Did the company WRI Y buy the naming rights tonight?



lol... good call.

...seems Com Edison is bidding for the rights, based on the marquee.

Weingarten Realty Inc?

Never heard of 'em.

I like the old website way better. The cub reporter used to be first on cub news but anymore it is the same stuff we read in the paper. This used to be a first rate website but now it is going downhill. sorry I will look at the old website as long as it is there.

Umm... this site has the EXACT same content as the "old website."

Same writers, same content, same readers, different look.

considering we've been on this site for about a week, that's quite a conclusion you've leaped to...maybe your talking about the old site or maybe you work for MVN?

but I don't recall TCR ever breaking any news... 

Seriously! That Rob G. at the old site is a much better writer than the Rob G. at this new site. On the other hand, the AZ Phil of the new site is less wordy than the one at the old site. Which one should I go to? TCR? or Bizarro TCR? I can't decide. I glad* SOMEBODY finally stepped up and pointed out that the elephant in the room has no clothes.

*Back by popular demand.

For the record, I never like the writers at the old site or this new site. Or the posters either.


I glad too Joe. I glad alot!

What are you talking about:)

I liked it better before....your comment, not the site!

I glad you like it. I change back.


I took a break from playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl to catch the game yesterday and I'm glad I did. It was a solid performance by everybody from 1 through 9 on the lineup card.

I was especially tickled with Dempster's performance. He threw the ball really well, lots of movement and good location. Wood was just overpowering in his relief appearance.

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