Gameday Open Thread / Cubs @ Rangers

Ted Lilly goes for the Cubs as they travel to Surprise!, Arizona. The unsinkable Sidney Ponson will waste everyone's time for the Rangers.


Woody Williams rounding nicely into form for the 'Stros.

Williams 3.0 10 8 8 0 0 4 15.26

maybe Oswalt can pitch every 3 days?

The White Sox waived LHP Carlos Vasquez today, the other player in the Neal Cotts-David Aardsma deal.

Heard a Bill James interview on XM and he was saying how good Aardsma's been in camp and excited the organization is over him at the moment. I guess they always say that, but something worth watching.

by "the organization", you mean Red Sox, right?

Re: Bill James, I heard him on WSCR, Murph's show.

While he agrees that Soriano SHOULD bat lower in the order based on his HR/power, he also said, and this is an exact quote, "Baseball is not a table game." That players who, for individual reasons, cannot perform to the statistics/sabremetrics, they [these reasons] should be considered. In short, "the statistical solution ain't always the right solution". From THE HORSES MOUTH.

This one's for YOU CHAD!!

One more for Chad.

Murton drives in the first run with a 2 out single line drive over the pitcher's head.

" [these reasons] should be considered"

Too bad the 'pro-leadoff' camp, can't consider.

Yeah, Red Sox

NYY paid back TB for what they felt was cheap shot running over the catcher the other day. Duncan came spikes up at 2B and the pitcher was tossed in the first being "wild".

The yanks wouldnt have pulled that Last year with Delmon and Elijah Dukes on the roster. Probably a much safer play nowadays.

listening to game an in Parachat if anyone wants updates from the radio guys. Whoever the hell they are.

Lilly cheats with Young up and throws him a changeup to K him in the first with two on.


Koyie Hill walks with the Cubs down one in the ninth. Cory Coles pinch-running, Cedeno up.

Cedeno thrown out on a pitchout to end the game...

Hoffpauir, Soriano go deep

Laird twice and Michael Young for the Rangers..

guess Jason Jennings started. not Ponson.

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