Gameday Open Thread / Angels @ Cubs

The Angels (10-6) visit HoHoKam this afternoon at 3:05 to play the Cubs (6-12). The game will be carried on WGN Radio, WGN-TV, and Gameday Audio, but no one will be tuning in, as the world's attention will be focused instead on the University of Illinois' attempt to secure an NCAA Tournament berth.

Carlos Zambrano starts for the fourth time this spring. He's yielded just one earned run and one walk in nine innings--with eight strikeouts.

Among the hitters, Micah Hoffpauir remains the hittingest one we've had--18-for-37 (.486!) with a slugging percentage of .811(!!).

On the other hand, Kosuke Fukudome is getting cranky.

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Cotts has struggled since he was a valuable member of the Sox's bullpen that helped win the 2005 World Series.

"I'll take him back," manager Ozzie Guillen said after being asked about Cotts' problems. "Oh, that's tampering. He's my friend. I told Thome after the homer, 'Why don't you hit it off somebody else?'

"Neal will come out of that. Neal knows what he's doing. He still has good stuff."

"I was a little mad at myself," Fukudome said.

Wait till he sees how mad Cubs fans are if he is batting .229 at the end of April.

Ahh, the sad truth is that this is the terrible attitude that too many cub fans have. We wanted to run JJ out of town before he even got into the batter's box the first time. Many are already saying that Pie is a waste of time. Maybe some people need to relax a little bit. I hope that Fukudome is every bit as good as avertised, but I don't think anyone should expect him to be a world beater right out of the box.

To be honest, there are times that I skip reading the comments here because so many are just plain right down negative about everything.

This is my team and I will support them through thick and thin.

And by the way Manny, if you judge a GM by the teams record, then Hendry is one of the best GM's the cubs have ever had. In his time here we have 2 playoff apperences, and one season that we just missed on. How many other GMs in team history can say that?

John T:
"And by the way Manny, if you judge a GM by the teams record, then Hendry is one of the best GM's the cubs have ever had. In his time here we have 2 playoff apperences, and one season that we just missed on. How many other GMs in team history can say that?"

The Cubs have not won a World Series in 100 years. Making the above statement is like saying Hendry is the tallest midget.

That is a stupid analogy, at best. The height of midgets? That's what you are resorting to?

By your logic 1 in 30 GMs has a chance to be good each year. It also means that the Astros cannot have had a good GM in team history, nor can the Rangers, Nationals, Mariners, etc. etc. It's just dumb to measure a GM by World Series Championships alone.

It might not be the best analogy, but it was in response to his statement of Hendry being the one of the best Cubs GM's ever. But when you consider the team hasn't won in 100 years, that isn't saying much.

And again the glass is half full...chalk me up for being the eternally optimistic Cub fan. To each his own though. Just sayin...
Go Cubs! Let's carve up the Central this year!

hendry's got a 33% success rate at getting a division title...that puts him in some elite company.

oh wait...that don't mean squat.

is brian cashman a genius or does he have a payroll twice+ the league average?

these are guys in suits who push pencils and sign talent...that surround themselves with the people who become the "brains" of the operation...

wanna look at prospects given up vs. talent recieved as a point? woo...hendry

wanna look at talent passed on vs. talent signed? woo...a pissing contest

wanna look at counting on wood/prior 3 years in a row? boo...hendry

we're all gonna see him differently, but there's no one sure-fire metric for measuring it until some bored nerd decides to push his/her set of numbers and rules on people. we need more stats for pencil pushers. =p

Ozzie is fun...

when he shuts his piehole.

Twisted Testicle back in center. EPat showcase back at 2nd for Oriole scouts.

Something for everyone.

Z has a 10 pitch first inning with nothing getting out of the infield.

Z with 14 pitches in inning two. 6 pitch BB and K. Plus a double play to snuff out the leadoff walk.

A Fontebomb.

Z looking sharp with a 9 pitch third inning

...including a PO3 on the first pitch, a 5 pitch K and a 3 pitch K to end the inning.

4th inning, 3up/3down

4 pitch GO, 7 pitch PO5, 3 pitch K (14 pitch inning, 47 pitches thru 4)

Parachat still works...I'm lonely.

5th inning for Z...

2 pitch P6, 6 pitch BB, 2 pitch 3-6-3 doubleplay. (10 pitches, 57 thru 5)

Umm... Z has a no-hitter. Just saying. :)

You guys should think about doing a short product review of the new book: "Cubs Forever: Memories from the Men Who Lived Them." They are talking it up a ton here during the game in an interview with Bob Vorwald from WGN.

Z's 6th...

4 pitch F7, 2 pitch triple (Pie's cup almost hit the fence **clank**) to break up the no-no (thanks Big L), 4 pitch K on a flying bat toss whiff and a 5 pitch K.

(15 pitches, 73 thru 6)

Z's afternoon is done, he's being interviewed on WGN.

Brenly asks him if Lou has talked to him about moving up in the lineup (answer: no)

Cubster -- Great summary of Z's performance today. He was dominating & made it look easy.

Whose in for parachat during next "Sister Sister" on WGN?

I don't think anyone should expect him to be a world beater right out of the box.

What are the chances he's even as good as the Cubs composite right fielder of last season (.293 .375 .419 .794 12HR 80RBI)??



Fukudome doesn't fix the problem we had with right field....lack of home run power.

Hey, but he's left handed. Oh wait, the right fielder last year was left handed.

But, Manny, to suggest that Jacque's personal line was close to the composite RF line for the Cubs last year is utterly misleading.

...has a poll where you can vote on which team you think will win the NL Central (spoiler: the Cubs are way ahead).

With unique and engaging content like that, why do I even come here?

Im just glad that Kaz Matsui didnt tear his ass while wearing cubbie blue...yikes.

Can you imagine if we had got Matsui and he had come down with anal fissures at the same time Pie needed surgery for testicular torsion? That would have started some nasty speculation about the state of the Cubs' clubhouse.

Kudos on the features on the new site. I especially like being able to edit my comments after the fact. Saves a lot of follow-up comments correcting mis-spellings. Go TCR!

Judging by the fact that there's only 29 comments on a thread that would normally have 100+ comments in it, you're in the minority of liking new sight.

I agree with another poster in another thread, that my main complaint would be, the font size of this sight. That DEFINITELY needs to be adjusted.

On March 18th, 2007 - a Sunday, we had 39 comments between two threads.

On March 18th, 2006 - a Saturday (we had no post on Sunday), we had 50 comments on one thread.

Our archives are missing from March 2005

We had no posts on any of the weekends in March of 2004 until the very end, pretty much the same in 2003.




and we probably had those 50 because there was no post on Sunday, so people used the Saturday post until a new one was put up on Monday.

I'm not sure what browser you're using, but most browsers let you manually adjust the font size using CTRL + (plus) or -(minus) if you feel it's a problem.

I am working on something to set-off the headline a little more as they look particularly small in IE (you should be using firefox anyway). I think the tweak I made  on the byline for the comments should suffice.  The font size on the posts looks about the same size between MVN and here. 


100+ comments on a Sunday spring training game? Not true at all. Also, you've been a member for 5 days now. So first, how do you even know how many comments a likely game should have? Also, since you've only posted a few times within the last 5 days and only to comment on the website, you are contributing to the problem as you see it. Why don't you try posting regularly and giving us your opinion on the game, the Cubs, etc. for a while. I bet you'll find this "new" website just as rewarding as the old.

I'm on AOL.

People still use AOL? :)

You guys really should quit picking on Evan...

Although I will say, that I'm checking out the Angels "halo haven" on the SB Nation sight, which BCB is mirroring it's new format after tonight, and whoa, it's a freaking mess!! Talk about slooowwwww!!! I can't wait to read the "this new format sucks!!" posts on BCB when it's up and running!!!

all the avatars and such are a little much for me personally. I can actually change a few things here real quick and allow them, but I'd rather not.

 The auto-refreshing comments they've introduced is nifty. Actually something I'd wanted to try and bring here. If anyone is familiar with AJAX (you are if you have a google email account and use the web interface), I wanted to use that so that adding comments wouldn't require the whole page to reload and it would automatically update with new comments without a refresh. It would take some programming, which means money and we don't have any left. But once we build up some, that's one of the first things I'd like to pursue.

Someone needs to let Al Yellon know that The Cub Reporter is no longer at MVN. It gets worse. His Cub Reporter link redirects from MVN to this place

What's up with that?

Thanks, we're actually sending out the word tomorrow that we've moved to the Cubs Blog World and various other outlets. Up to this point, we had just relied on that 2-week window when we're simultaneously posting here and our old site and people finding us. His link is correct, it does point to the MVN one, but they've since made an agreement with View from the Bleachers and it forwards there.

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