Gameday Open Thread / Rockies @ Cubs

The Rockies visit HoHoKam this afternoon at 3:05 Chicago time. It's Rich "89.4 MPH" Hill vs. Franklin Morales.

And Lou Piniella confirms: when he said he'd have a rotation announcement by Friday, he meant it, dammit.


by friday?

so marquis and murton for j.walker and j.payton tommorow?


mlb is telling me this game is not available either on audio or video from their website...

"Cesar Izturis went 0-for-3 and committed an error Thursday against the Marlins. Izturis is batting .163 and he's up to seven errors in the equivalent of about 12 full games at shortstop." (Rotoworld)

Glad he's not in the picture anymore.

And yet, he might go north with the Cards over Brendan Ryan. Strange world, this.

WTF??? 5 BB in the first?? How the hell did Hill do that?

and only 1 run scored

DP, run scores, runner to third
Fly Out to Right Fielder Matt Murton, Fukudome is playing Center!

where you going for updates on this game?'s Live box score...


Is Hill working on his Intentional Walks?

So, what is he up to, like 50 pitches already?

but is this mental midget Hill really going to win 12 games this year?

something tells me that Hill will be our 6th starter

where you going for updates on this game?


He started the inning off with his sixth walk
out on a missed bunt K
Aramis made a throwing error
Hill made a throwing error
Hill gave up a double past CF KFuk

Is correct? Josh Kroeger really came in and finished the inning? is saying that the recently demoted OF Josh Kroeger came in to relieve Hill in the 2nd, and got the next two hitters out... I don't believe that... Anyone know what really happened?

puts the Cubs on the board after Aramis and KFuk struck out to start the bottom of the second.

tie game

They are show-casing Kroeger as a long releiver for the Orioles scouts.

Lahey not Kroeger.

Ahh... Lahey it is... That makes a little more sense...

Lahey not Kroeger.
darn those Leprechaun's doing the live boxscores

What is this? No warm-ups day? All the pitchers are getting shelled!

No Good Has Come Of This.

Jay Bruce, of course.;=.jsp&c_id=mlb

the rest of you can ignore this...

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Ryan Theriot walks
Soriano batting, E-1 on pickoff attempt
Theriot steals 3b
Theriot scores on a WP ball four to Derrek Lee

At this rate it's irrelevant where KFuk bats, he just struck out again.

So basically the expectation of some people here is that Fukudome would tear up the Cactus League and continue that into the season.

Ah, good plan.

Are they playing at Coors Field?

Hendry loves injury risks...any chance of acquiring John Patterson? Pretty please.

Wow, just got a phone call from Pappa Trans, who is at the game! On his regular spring trip with the wife's family to AZ, and says it's a beautiful day. Beyond that, I'll just say that Pappa Trans's ability to comment on spring training games is somewhere below that of Arizona Phil's.

Steve Avery now pitching? Loved him with a young Glavine and Smoltz.

G Jones now pitching? Can't wait to see Az Phil's writeup

...Lou on the phone to the bullpen in the 2nd inning after the 6th walk from Hill, "send the bus to the minor league camp and bring back some pitchers, I'm going to be damned if I burn out my bullpen in March."

Is it possible that Hill could start in Iowa if he does not settle down? A rotation of Z, Lilly, Demp, Lieber, and Marquis to start the year if a trade is not made before opening day might sound bizarre, but possible. Trade Marquis or Dempster for the coveted RH CF/OF later and bring Hill back after the trade. Does Hill have any options left? Just a thought.....

Duh...I meant w/o Hill!

Cubs Win 8-6. Wuertz 1 1/3 IP and a save, 2 K's. Nobody's said it yet but maybe he's our closer. Certainly he's been a good "fireman" this spring.

It's entirely possible that Hill starts the season in Iowa. Mainly because he hasn't had one start where he met his required pitch count. He's had shorter than desired outings. He'll need to stretch his arm out somewhere and that somewhere is very likely Iowa and Lou will go with a 4 man rotation early. I know he said he wasn't going to do that, but the most overrated Cub since Jason Dubois has screwed that up.

Funny I don't hear anyone comparing him to Bedard anymore. LOL what a bunch of fools.

Who are fools, exactly? Oh, is it THEY?

those who were comparing him to Erik Bedard and those who said he would progress this year and perform at a Bedard level and that the Cubs shouldn't go after Bedard because, "We already have an Erik Bedard. His name is the great Rich Hill."

Those fools.

Rich Hill has the mental toughness of a joint.


they're both lefties with good curves, but i dont recall people going out of their way to compare hill and bedard. they dont even have comparable fastballs.

maybe i missed something but i dont recall the bedard/hill comparison and love being expressed.

Maybe not here, but the fools over at NSBB>

Ok, now I get it. Alright, thanks for coming here to criticize them.

In other news, Fukudome is really struggling. All those fools who were comparing him to Vladimir Guerrero sure look stupid now! Idiots.

haha another one who thinks Hill is just as good as bedard.

FWIW, i'll be here all season and when Hill finishes with a 4.40 ERA and you can no longer use the "it's spring traing dude" excuse, I'll remind you of Hill's 2 pitch average ass.

BTW, i've had this username before his suktacular ST.


this isnt a competition.

And when that happens, you'll find an army of overly impressed readers. You will be the king of prognostication and we shall bow down before you.

Oh wait, one gives a shit.

i dunno if its funny or sad that a lotta people compare fuku to a young/prime mark grace...from expected output at the bat to quality of D (though at a significantly different position).

even if fuku performs on that level he's simply a "solid" player rather than a guy who carries the team. yeah, you cant have a team of Arods unless you wanna spend $200+m and anything complimenting dlee/soriano/aram is bonus...still...

he's gonna K a lot...hopefully he'll walk a good amount, take pitches, manage to put 15-20 over the fence, and stick somewhere around a .350ob%...

"(Jesus said) But anyone who says, 'You fool!' will be in danger of the fire of hell." Matthew 5: 22.

Who pissed in your cornflakes? Care to overreact a little?

The only fool i see is using spring training stats to go "See i told you so!"

By using this guys logic Rich Hill is wayyyy better than Bedard. Erik Bedard has a 9.69 ERA in spring training and he isnt striking out anyone.

Ohhhh i am sorry did i poke a hole in your stupid analysis? Poor fool.

YOu can't even compute Rich Hill's spring ERA! I"m perfectly aware that this is Spring Training but I was saying this in the off season. Bedard is getting hit hard because he's working on a cutter.

So are you saying Rich Hill is as good as bedard? Are you? And you're calling meeee stupid?? HAHAHA.

Sure sounds like you're saying Hill is just as good as Bedard to me.

Cotts lowered his ERA to a robust 9.00 today, so that's nice.

Maybe Cotts is our closer.

Ohh so Cotts is as good as Erik Bedard? Coolness.

NO! Cotts is BETTER!


"Bedard is getting hit hard because he's working on a cutter"

And it's not possible that Hill working on his changeup and cutter? You're argument sucks. No one is saying Hill is as good as Bedard.

Maybe you can't compute Hill's spring ERA, but according to my calculations its 7.11 which is better than Bedard's. So according to your own spring training argument, Hill is indeed a better pitcher than Bedard.

So who do you think is better?

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  • has some interesting stats/graphs on pitch and strike zones and you can dial up individual games/pitchers. I'd love to see some comments from readers who can interpret this better than I can. I thought the Ump was really inconsistent with a very wide zone. Does this info seem to match up with my eyeball perception?

    Here is Lackey/Lester from last night. It seems their box is a bit different than the K-Zone TBS was using.

    Here is Lester's data:

  • AZ Phil: Agree, this must have been a really fun game to watch. There was a lot of base stealing going on. Are the pitchers not holding runners or is the catching still a work in progress?

  • Cuzzi has long been known as having the biggest strike zone among all umpires.

  • AZ Phil, give me a scouting report on Chris Pieters since he has become a 1B/OF.

  • I think it's probably hard to adjust to an ump's zone mid-game, as least for hitters. Pitchers can locate to an ump's zone, but hitters have minimal time to react.

    But, whatever. Umps are going to miss calls. Let's beat up on the non-Lackey starters.

  • Watched a little of Mets-Dodgers.

    Jason deGrom -- oh, my.

  • Cubs 3-4-5 hitters are 0-21 so far in the post-season.

    Let's change that in a big effin' way tomorrow, boys.

  • Considering how players reacted it seemed pretty accurate high and wide (to righties), but not so accurate low and in. I thought the strike zone by the ump was awful, but it was consistent and the Cubs never adjusted.

    Rizzo and Bryant need to have good at bats. They are really looking outclassed in these two games.

  • that game sounds fun as hell.

  • I was just wondering the same thing. I'd rather not see it at all. If it's inaccurate, it's a bad viewer experience. If it's accurate, it shows some shitty calling by the umpire.

  • TBS' K Zone seems to be more harsh than the others.

    I wonder if MLB will ask the networks to stop using them. They just make the umps, and the game, look bad, and it only pisses off the fans.

  • ...joe.

  • "Strop vs. Cardinals." Seen the movie. Hated it.

    Not all that disappointed -- I didn't think they would beat Lackey in Game 1. Need to get the bats going against the guys with less experience -- and they hit Wacha pretty good.

  • Rizzo has been slumping the last couple weeks of the season. Very disappointed it has continued during his penultimate moment of his career to date.

  • Really doesn't matter, but I was surprised to see Lester pulled and Strop pulled in. Should of left Lester in. oy.

  • Sweet merciful fuck, I hate the Cardinals.