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The Cubs complete their home and home series with the Rockies today, as they travel to Tuscon. Sean Marshall will go for the Cubs against fellow south-paw, Mark Redman. Carlos Zambrano is scheduled to throw against some minor leaguers in Mesa.

UPDATE: The Cubs trimmed their roster down to 36 by optioning Neal Cotts to Triple-A and assigning Koyie Hill to minor league camp. That leaves 5 non-roster invitees still left in camp: pitchers Chad Fox and Les Walrond and position players, Micah Hoffpauir, Casey McGehee and Alex Cintron.


The Cubs optioned LHP Neal Cotts to Triple-A Iowa and reassigned C Koyie Hill to Minor League camp.

Carmen Pignatello hangin' in there...Go Piggy!

probably old news around here, but I've been away for a few days.

Pfft come to parachat so we can bag on Ronny Cedeno gettting picked off 1b AGAIN.

Christ he is dumber than a bag of bricks.

New article up on - Pinella moving Fukodome to 2nd, keeping Theriot leading off, and going with Soriano, Lee, and Ramirez 3-4-5.

I would flip aram and lee

That sounds good to me. I've convinced myself to accept the fact that Theriot is the SS/Leadoff guy. Other than that, I like the way Lou thinks. Fukkakedome hitting 2nd is probably the best place for him. Hope it works. Sorinao-Lee-Ramirez is a scary string of dudes.

Murton almost killed by a fly ball.

Yeah that was brutal. And then gets to close to the wall and turns the play into a triple.

Yeah that was brutal. And then gets to close to the wall and turns the play into a triple.
Don't ever give Murton a boomerang. It'd probably chop off his head when it rebounds.

Where is Murton playing?

Supposedly left field.

Picture of Murton and his boomerang-

murton in LF

Rocky Roquet now in...Marshall's line:


I wonder where he's going to be come 3/31? I wish he had a better track record for going deeper into games though.

If Hill continues to struggle, I wonder if Marshall takes Hill's spot in the rotation?

Pignatello with another scoreless inning and 2 K's. He's unscored upon for the if he doesn't make the team (and I doubt he will) it must be discouraging to be stuck under such a good lefty like Stevie Eyre. Maybe we can start a cockamamie rumor that Detroit is interested in Eyre (for Granderson instead of Wuertz for Thames or Inge...well it's my rumor, I'm entitled to pick who I want in the trade).

sweaty les still sucks...

"The Cub Reporter has heard the Tigers are interested in Stevie Eyre although the Cubs GM, after consulting former team president Andy McFail, were told to ask for Curtis Granderson in return." much for my bogus trade rumor of the day

mlbtraderumors has heard from reliable inside sources which can't be shared or divulged that the detroit tigers are in heated negotiations with the cubs for a steve eyre trade.

my source tells me curtis granderson is a possible target.

more to follow soon.

Nice to see Lou moving Soriano out of the 2nd spot, but he belongs behind Lee somewhere, since Lee's main value offensively has become his .400 OBP.

Anyone else worried about the trouble the 8-hole might cause for Pie if he doesn't get off to a hot start? It seems to me that guys with a free swinging approach would tend to have trouble hitting 8th, since they'll never see a strike.

The Cub Reporter, citing well placed sources who wish to remain anonymous due to their privileged access, reports that the Detroit Tigers are interested in swapping lefthanded pitcher Scott Eyre for lefthanded superstar Curtis Granderson.

Damn, I'm smooth.

George Ofman of 670-AM The Score has confirmed this.

If Phil Rogers writes about it tomorrow you know its a done deal.

While we're at it, can we get Bedard for Hill?


Hill is just as good as Bedard, right?

5ip 5er (7r) today for he cant be much worse.


Don't be a fool...he's working on a new pitch:)

Bruce Levine will be on AM-1000 shortly with details...

and David Kaplan will be on at 7pm with his sports central show on WGN with an interview from a Detroit insider that goes by the name, Neifi_is_not_in_the_package.

Have you guys heard that the Tigers are interested in Eyre? makes a great gift.

With Daytona and Peoria at home at Fitch Park today, I believe Carlos Zambrano traveled with the Iowa squad to Papago Park (A's minor league complex) to pitch against AAA hitters. He definitely did not pitch in either of the games at Fitch Park, although he did take 10 AM BP with the Iowa Cubs.

I believe Carlos Zambrano traveled with the Iowa squad to Papago Park (A's minor league complex)
He did. There is a description and some pictures of Z's outing at apparently he went 6 IP, 2H, 0 Runs, 3BB, 4K and 91 pitches.

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