Gameday Open Thread / Cubs @ Mariners

Ryan Dempster's final tune-up before he's unleashed on the National League. The Mariners send out Jarrod Washburn which should give us an idea on the type of lineup the Cubs will send out versus lefties.

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Johnson leading off, Fuku batting 2nd, Soto DHing and Blanco catching. Cedeno batting 9th and playing SS.

 and Johnson hits a leadoff home run...

It doesn't appear a deal is imminent.

put up the Chicago weather in the lower left...

supposed to warm up to the mid 50's by Monday, but 80% chance of thunderstorms.

What was the final score?

4-2 cubs...

2 murton singles... r.johnson homer...soto 0/4 (.194)...dumpster 4ip 6h 0bb 4k, 1er (70 pitches)

Quality viewing...

Taking one for the team featuring Carlos Zambrano.

Awesome. djchi just made my night, which is sad, but still - great videos.

so does today's final spring exhibition game mean Marshall starts at Iowa and Tiggy is the bullpen lefty?

On the pregame radio LouPa said the decision would be made Sunday evening...that means Pignatello and Marshall (and Murton) fly with the team to Chicago.

There is a closed practice tomorrow at Wrigley Field. Weather forecast for the week from Tommy Skillethead (Tribune):

Dempster actually looked good in this game. Well actually I guess he's been decent all spring training. Maybe I'm underestamating what he can do this year. I just wonder if he will be tired or an injury risk as the season goes on. He obviously hasn't been a regular starter since 03. I hope the weather holds out for Monday, and everyone is on the edge of their seat for the Murton situation to work itself out, they probably have to wait on that to find out about Marshall/Piggy.

His nickname really is Tiggy Jeff. And I agree with you. Dempster looked competent out there today.

my guess is that niether tiggy or marshall will make it
murton will be traded for a lefty who will make 25 man
why else would lou say sunday nite he is waiting hoping
hendry makes a move with murton.

Ok I stand corrected..'Tiggy' it is :)

he'll always be piggy to me...

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