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SP Dave Bush SP Ryan Dempster
(2007) 12-10, 5.12 (2007) 2-7, 4.73
2B Rickie Weeks LF Alfonso Soriano
CF *Tony Gwynn, Jr. SS Ryan Theriot
1B *Prince Fielder 1B Derrek Lee
LF Ryan Braun 3B Aramis Ramirez
3B Bill Hall RF *Kosuke Fukudome
RF Corey Hart 2B Mark DeRosa
SS JJ Hardy C Geovany Soto
P Dave Bush CF *Felix Pie
Jason Kendall P Ryan Dempster












The Cubs find themselves in the precarious position of having to count on Ryan Dempster to avoid an embarrassing opening series sweep to what is expected to be our biggest challenge to repeating as NL Central Champs. I know I feel confident.

The big news being that Lou has switched Soriano back to the leadoff spot and I have a feeling that I'm one of the few (besides Lou) that doesn't mind this move. Is it because I think Soriano hits better out of the leadoff spot? Absolutely not. What it does is knock a few PA's off Theriot's total over the course of the season which is good. It would be better if he was replaced by DeRosa or Fukudome in the two spot though. But for those who watched the game yesterday, in the 5th inning Theriot reached on a single with two outs with Soriano due up next. With two outs and Jason Kendall behind the plate, that would be the perfect time to send Theriot to get him in scoring position. But, possibly being afraid of running themselves out of the inning and taking the bat out of Soriano's hand, Theriot stayed put. Now, Theriot's usefulness on offense is pretty much limited to scrappiness and stealing bags on those rare occasions he reaches base. If you're going to be afraid to steal with him, he becomes that more useless. Of course, I have plenty of other reasons that I don't mind those move, but that's at least one small, albeit important one in my mind.


what a scrappy guy.

"When", he reaches base.

I admire scrappieness.

So who's getting plunked, and in what inning? I'm going with D Lee in the 1st.

I think it's time to move Lee. I'd swap Lee & Derosa (for more than two games) and see what happens.

Yea... I mean... that double and homerun in two games?

Not good enough.

Why would you want Lee moved?

I think F bomb gets plunked.

WHY the fuck was that not interference? The runner was in fair territory and soto was in the basepath a bit, but weeks didnt even attempt to avoid a player without the ball!

You don't have to avoid the catcher. If the catcher is in the baseline - which he was - with or without the ball, you can take him out.

I thought that the catcher had to have the ball for the runner to take him out. The catcher cant block the plate without the ball or its interference, correct? Soto was in fair territory. Doesnt the runner have to stay in foul territory running home?

The catcher can block the plate if the throw is coming. Otherwise the umps would have to call interference if the catcher was there but the ball was just inches from the glove. So as long as the ball is on its way the catcher can stand there. The runner just has stay within I think 3 feet of the baseline, he doesn't have to stay foul.

Ugh. Soto has got to start playing better.

6 innings 10 K's
real deal

2-0 MIL..Woo Dempster!!

I like this new message board. We can respond to Manny jumping the gun directly! Woo technology!!

Thanks Whipple, I didn't really understand how this newfangled thread business works, until you put it in this unique way!

Soriano cannot bat leadoff. Ball fucking four by a long shot. This blows. A little patience by Lou would have been helpful.

I didn't see K-Fuk's throw, how was it a throwing error?

I think it was more of a "team" error. Nothing very wrong with the throw. Soto got knocked over and couldn't handle it.

The throw was high but Soto had been taken out by Weeks and couldnt make the play anyway. The error could have been on Soto for not being in position to catch the throw.

Not pretty defense by MIL on two plays taht should have been outs but credited as hits. But we will take them and good job by the middle of the lineup to make them pay to tie it up.

Can we move Theriot down in the lineup yet?

Nice AB by Pie. Bush walks the bases loaded, and Pie strikes out on 4 pitches -- two of which were balls.


Can we clone Kosuke.

Damn you, Ryan Dempster!

Who is warming up to pitch the ninth?

Wood just jogged in.



They will never loss again!

19yr old pitcher, Robert Hernandez...50 games for steroids.

Give Dempster some credit - nice work, and he got into the 8th to boot. So much for worrying about his stamina holding up in the first few starts. But Woody - glad he finished, but still makes the 9th a bit too exciting.

I'll nit pick, he only got to the 7th.

But I agree very nice performance.

50 games for Robert Hernandez. Damm, where is Az. Phil? I love that kid.

Why do these kids keep trying to test the system in place now? Chalk it up to ignorant youth, are do they think other players are still getting away with it?

2 decades+ of getting away with it helps...along with a culture that's promoted it in the clubhouse moreso than is being reported.

while its painted as a "i never heard anything about it from anyone" on these non-roided players talking about the situation...well...they're full of it, and it's been going on a looooong time.

i'd bet you cant find a minor leaguer the past 10-20- years, washup or "made it" type that hasn't seen it, heard about it, AND knows someone who probably is using based on their own talk about it whether they're directly using around their peers or not.

That's more like it. A 160-2 season would be alright.

I heard Mike Schmidt awhile back speculating that if steroids had been available during his playing days, he'd probably be on them - just the competitive nature of professional sports, coupled with the notion that other players may be getting ahead of you using the stuff. Bob Gibson said pretty much the same thing when asked a similar question last year.

I always felt Brian Downing of the Angels was the first abuser of roids.

No proof, just that he blew up from one year to the next in 1979.

ryan dempster 14 wins away from 15 win season wooooooooooooooo

what is the over under on rich hill walks friday?


And so officially begins the Wood era as closer. One year younger than when Dennis Eckersley made his switch...

and long may the wood era reign.

and long may the wood era reign. --- IN MY PANTS!

It had to be said.

cubs dont play a night time til Wed. 9th @PIT

good (but heavily biased) article at the about the merits of the DH over pitchers hitting. no im not posting a link just go there yourself.


Not that tough to post a link--why the protest?

"I always felt Brian Downing of the Angels was the first abuser of roids."

You could be correct - at least so far as his power numbers increased dramatically since his early days with the White Sox.

Yeah, read any article about him and they all talk about his great "weightlifting program" and his "bulking up" after the 1978 season.

Excellent job by Dempster to rebound after a bad 1st inning. That is a very encouraging sign. Good to see the Cubs break their cherry and get of the snide. Getting swept by the Brew Crew at home would not have been a good start. Go Cubs!!

What is a "snide" or "schnide", or "schnid"?

Where did this odd phrase come from that has been used more during the last 2 years for the most part?

Is this purely an ESPN creation?

Always curious about this word's origin...

according to wikipedia, "to break a scoreless or hitless or winless streak". and that "according to dickson baseball dictionary, the term comes to baseball via gin rummy". which in its turn comes from german/yiddish "schneider" = "tailor".

not quite sure i get the leap from tailor to scoreless. unless it means you got pantsed. english are fun !!

My dad and his brothers (German heritage) play a card game called Sheephead. It's like Euchre, except you don't know who your partner is right away.

Anyway, in that game, "Schneider" is a point total that you want to reach. If you don't reach 31 points, you've been "Schneidered". I'm assuming it's all of the same origin.

So, while "snide" is an adjective to describe the way a person is acting, "the Schneid" is a term used in sports/cards and comes from Germany.

a fabulous game. much of my mis-spent college time (in wisconsin) devoted to this. not making "schneid" always cost double the money. which wasn't mine in the first place.

thanks for the reminder! i owe my dad some money.

He didn't really even have a bad first inning.

He walked the leadoff hitter, but after that gave up a bloop double, a sac fly, a ground out, and a strikeout.

So really, he had a bad leadoff hitter, and then pitched well after that.

Yeah if you want to dissect it batter by batter, it wasn't bad, but he gave up 2 runs in the inning (only 1 earned), not good. But he overall looked really good. Definitely surprised me!!

Well... if you are only capable of looking at an inning in such a simplistic way of how many runs were scored, then sure, you are right.

But if you actually want to know how Dempster pitched in an inning, you may want to look at more than that.

Where's Crunch Clavin? He'll know the answer.

Didn't see anyone else post this previously.... potential 3/44 material ahead. Beware.

I don't know much about this series of baseball coaching parody videos, but one of the episodes features Z throwing 95mph beanballs. I thought it was pretty funny. May be worth a look.

There are apparently a few other episodes featuring guys like Andre Ethier, Matt Kemp, and Brad Hawpe. I also recommend the one about scrapiness.

Also, I promise it isn't a rickroll. Seriously.

Ron Stilanovich..........hilarious.

"Excuses are like Poems, first they are for sissy's and no one wants to hear them."

Yeah, those were hilarious. "F-ing ERP, c'mon."

Matt is probably called "The Bison" because he's built tougher than a robot made of nails.

This article compares him to Pedro Martinez and Jake Peavy

This says his debut was the greatest in Cincinnati Reds history

And this one has him in the Hall of Fame

Reds fans are supposedly all fired up but I'm told the game wasn't on local television, there were only 11,000 paid, and it looked to me more like only 1500 actually showed up.

Go see him now, if he you can, when the Reds are in town 'cause Baker's gonna wear this kid out.

"Go see him now, if he you can, when the Reds are in town 'cause Baker's gonna wear this kid out."

Yeah, because he wore out, um, let me think, yeah, that guy, oh well i am sure might have been someone...:)

The coaching parody video featuring Matt Murton about his lack of power is hilarious, too. Check it out.

Carlos, jokes are funny when we don't see them coming a mile away.

Hilarious....I'm glad Murton has a sense of humor about it...

Uh, Chad, that was kind of the intention.

Just because you complained, you got DoubleRickRoll'd.

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  • Totally independent of the Cubs winning or losing today, Dan Haren came into today's game having earned $2M of his potential $3M in performance bonuses for 2015. 

    By making the start (his 32nd start of the season) he picked up $500K, and he'll get the remaining $500K if he can throw at least 8.2 IP in the game (he was at 181.1 IP coming into the game, and he needs to reach 190 IP to get the remaining $500K), 

    It's a bit like the old "Bowling for Dollars" TV show, but of course Haren is actually "Pitching for Dollars."

  • holy crap, MIL is just...awful.

  • i think he's currently playing for the Santo Domingo Meths. he's an Adderall-Star player there.

  • I'm longing for a Neifi sighting.

  • if you have stable/fast internet you can stream with and you don't mind giving up $20 a month check out "sling tv".

    TBS, TNT, ESPN 1+2, etc...100% legal.


  • 68 pitches (50 strikes)

    love seeing that...especially with the batters doing very little with it.

  • Yeah, keep him off the playoff roster.

  • Or, he's looked exactly like Ted Williams.

  • Lately he hasn't looked like Ted Williams...

  • Reading between the lines on some of his comments he seems to know his longish swing doesn't play well with a man on third and two outs, and two strikes on him. I doubt a playoff adjustment is happening, just something he'll need to figure out next year. I have this odd feeling he will.

  • Mark Gonzales ‏@MDGonzales 4m4 minutes ago
    Bryant leads NL rookies in HRs (26), RBIs (99), 2B (31) and runs (86). Last rookie to reach 26 HR, 99 RBI, 31 2bs, 86 runs and 74 BBs?

    Mark Gonzales ‏@MDGonzales 4m4 minutes ago
    Boston’s Ted Williams in 1939

  • Surprised and bummed that Mark Buehrle is retiring. One of my all-time favorite pitchers. I think he could pitch for 5 more years.

  • Probably going to a bar/restaurant with TBS. Cord-cutting is so over-rated.

  • Thanks for the update on Underwood.

  • I know, man. What a season. 3rd best record in all of baseball, good enough to have won any division other than the one there in.

    With a win tomorrow, the Cubs will match their 2008 record. Bad omen, I know. If they do win, the most recent year in which the Cubs will have won more games would be 1945 (98-56), the last time they went to the World Series.

    I'll take that omen instead...