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we kid...we kid.

Soto gets knocked over by Weeks
Observations from the first three games:

  • A bad idea is a bad idea and I'm glad Lou doesn't take 20 games to come to these conclusions. Theriot batting leadoff was just never a good idea and Soriano batting second is even a worse idea. Soriano doesn't have the patience or bat control needed for that spot and Theriot doesn't get on nearly enough that it's going to help the teams bottom line - scoring runs. Kudos to Lou to for the willingness to admit his mistake quickly and moving on just as quickly.
  • Has Geovany Soto been listening to Henry Blanco or did he dust-off a copy of "Michael Barrett's Defensive Drills for Catchers"? It's never good when between you and Jason Kendall, Kendall looks like the better defensive backstop.
  • While legal, Weeks took one heckuva cheap shot at Soto. I'm not sure if Weeks was just angry at getting plunked a few times, but he's made a career of getting hit by pitches, so he needs to get over it quick. As for the play itself, the ball wasn't all that close to Soto and it wouldn't have taken any effort by Weeks to go around him. I'm frankly shocked that the Cubs didn't retaliate later in the game. On the other hand, we needed the win pretty badly and maybe it's best to save that for down the road.
  • This Fukudome character is pretty good.

- I'm a bit surprised people are buying into this story from Moises Alou that he wouldn't have caught the infamous Bartman ball. Let's compare and contrast:

(The night of the game)

"I timed it perfectly, I jumped perfectly. I'm almost 100 percent that
I had a clean shot to catch the ball. All of a sudden, there's a hand
on my glove."

(4+ years later)

"Everywhere I play, even now, people still yell, 'Bartman!
Bartman!' I feel really bad for the kid," Alou told Associated Press
columnist Jim Litke.

"You know what the funny thing is?" he added a moment later. "I wouldn't have caught it, anyway."

Maybe he was just caught up in the heat of the moment that night and disappointed about the outcome, but I think it's far more likely that his memory of the event was a bit clearer just a few hours removed than four and a half years later. Personally, it just sounds like Alou's trying to be gentlemanly about it all and try and cut poor Bartman a break.

- Finally, the folks at have started a new website called "Keep It Wrigley". The name says it all, so head on over and sign the petition to lend your support in keeping corporate naming rights where they belong, in the hands of the Wrigley corporation.






I think we're going to see a new Lou Piniella this year, and his reaction to questions about the lineup change is a preview. I think he's going to be more assertive, less jocular with the press, and more publicly dissatisfied if the team doesn't play well right out of the gate. This will partly be the result of his having a year under his belt in Chicago and partly a reflection of the urgency he feels about the team needing not to give a Brewers a big early advantage.

didnt he do the same thing last year along with bitching about how he's not got enough pen while burning through 70-90 pitch starter outtings?

The Weeks play was definitely a cheap shot. He clearly went out of his way to pop Soto.

Have to defend Weeks here. He doesn't know where the ball is, so if he thinks he's in danger of getting tagged out if he side-steps Soto, Weeks' best option is to knock Soto over. I think if the shoe were on the other foot and a Cub had bowled over Kendall in the same situation, you wouldn't find it objectionable.

sure I'd find it objectionable...

most runners sneak a peak at the throw, but even if he didn't, he should be looking at the on-deck batter to tell him what to do, which certainly wasn't bowl Soto over. You can also get a sense by the catcher if he's ready to catch the ball and Soto was definitely not gearing up for a play at the plate there.



No, I would. It was a cheap play, I don't care who did it. He went out of his way to nail him and clearly saw that Soto did not have a play on him.

The Cubs have been done by many cheap plays over the past couple/few years and did nothing to retaliate. Berkman's fake beaning and Carlos Lee's leg whip come to mind. I didn't mind the play by Weeks nowhere as bad as the others I mentioned. But if the Cubs had a problem with it, pay them back or be prepared to keep having things like that happen to you. I still blame Baker for not going after HOU or MIL in thos other situations.

It seems that managers haven't forgotten Baker's do nothing attitude.

Philadelphia was throwing at Reds batters all night tonight and Dusty just stood there toothpicking.

bullet point 1: When someone is making the kind of money Soriano is, no matter where in the lineup he is he better produce. And the Cubs have been searching for a leadoff man since when? Bobby Dernier?

bullet point 2:

Hard to get too worked about Soto after how he looked last year. Being given the job may have freaked him out a bit. He'll get over it.

bullet point 3: Soto took it like a man.

bullet point 4: Soriano makes a lot more than him, and guess which one is gonna be more valuable.

All that said, it would be a complete drag if Wrigleyville turned on Alf, so I hope he catches fire soon. He's got almost a decade-long contract, after all. I don't see any way around things getting pretty rough for him in year six or so.

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  • there's nothing like crapping out of the playoffs with a strong/young cheap team after pinching pennies for years then having theo talk about being creative with money...but hey, baseball isn't baseball without a farmer's market and beer garden plaza with ice rinks.

    they can do both...then again, if you want to look at it from a business point of view, they don't have to do both because the team is expected to be competitive and the merch+tickets+eyes-on-team are going to be at a peak unless they fail badly.

    yeah, i think they know what they're doing, too.

  • Really ?

    They are trying to bring the facility to the 20th century.
    I think they know what they are doing.

  • With the Cubs adding Pierce Johnson to their roster and not exposing/losing him to the Rule 5 Draft keeps the trade ancestry tree alive that started in 1999 with Tom Gordon and undrafted Adam Morrissey and includes 17 players, the trade tree progressed to involve the Hee Sop Choi for Derrek Lee deal and the famous Aramis Ramirez/Kenny Lofton deal..Pierce Johnson is the compensation pick for Aramis Ramirez in 2012

  • Well played.

  • Yeah, the Rex brothers, Tyrannosaurus and Oedipus

  • When I first saw the Tweet, I thought there were two guys. Happy Thanksgiving gang! And TheoJed!

  • They can use another Brother

  • Cubs acquired Rex Brothers. Awesome fit for this team. Wander Cabrera going to COL.

  • "MLB announces #Cubs Minor League RHP Tanner Griggs receives 50-game suspension without pay after testing positive for amphetamine"

    2014 12th rounder...

    it's hard to know who to blame...on one hand he's a baseball player, on the other he sells cars in the offseason...either job leads to amphetamine abuse. =p

  • Thanks PHIL! I thought only the Cubs had control until the last day of the MLB 2015 Season.

  • that's awesome...makes me look forward to hearing theo talk some more about how the team needs to be creative with finances because money is tight.


  • See What The Cubs Are Building This Off-Season For Wrigley Plaza, Clubhouse

  • CUBBIES-4-EVER: It's not unusual for a PTBNL to be chosen after the Rule 5 Draft from the list of Rule 5 eligible players who were not selected. That way, a club gets a player they like (perhaps somebody like OF Jeffrey Baez) without the cumbersome Rule 5 roster restrictions that go with a Rule 5 Draft pick.

  • Clayton Richard is absolutely, positively NOT a free-agent. He is under club control through the 2016 season. 

  • Haren was 4-2 with a 4.01 ERA with the Cubs. Seems like he worked out just as expected.