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SP Roy Oswalt SP Jason Marquis
(2008) 0-1, 5.06, 6 K, 1 BB (2007) 12-9, 4.60
CF *Michael Bourn LF Alfonso Soriano
RF Hunter Pence CF Reed Johnson
1B #Lance Berkman 1B Derrek Lee
LF Carlos Lee 3B Aramis Ramirez
SS Miguel Tejada RF *Kosuke Fukudome
3B Ty Wigginton 2B Mark DeRosa
2B Mark Loretta C Geovany Soto
C Brad Ausmus SS Ryan Theriot
Roy Oswalt P *Jason Marquis












So here's where we are:

The Cubs need to win a game started by Roy Oswalt or be assured of having lost the season's first two series, at home, to division rivals Milwaukee and Houston.


The good news is, the Cubs have had at least a few productive offensive games against Oswalt (11-10, 3.97 lifetime v. Cubs), which is more than they can say about their encounters with Chris Sampson.

Cubs Record After The Season's First 4 Games

Year Record
2007 2-2
2006 3-1
2005 1-3
2004 2-2
2003 2-2
2002 1-3
2001 2-2
2000 1-3
1999 2-2
1998 3-1


For all you kiddies panning Pie's performance so far, this is your first chance to measure up his competition for the CF role.

Either way, I hope Johnson sparks something...we need the offense today.

Anyone else think Soriano and Ramirez will play well today because it's warm outside?

I have no problem with Lou shaking things up a bit. But I'm not sure why Soriano continues to get a free pass. He's looked absolutely clueless so far. Soriano batting in the leadoff spot makes no sense to me whatsoever. I would bat Soriano fifth behind Aramis and put Fuku in 2 spot.

Loving Theriot getting moved down in the lineup.

I like the new lineup. Lou's just not going to mess with Soriano's lineup spot this early in the season - except for moving from the #2 spot, which was a mistake to begin with.

Yeah, solo homers!

I'm sort of afraid to come into parachat.

The good news in all this mess, and I'm really annoyed that this team just can't get off to a good start, like, ever, is that D Lee has two homers already and is hitting .300, and this new kid in right field looks pretty good.

the Fukudome at bat in the 7th was a thing of beauty...8th pitch (3-2 count) in the sequence outside belt high lined to left with CLee doing a belly flop.

But the whole inning was terrific...just what the doctor ordered (according to Len it was 28 minutes long)

Lahey designated for assignment by the Phillies. We'll see if someone else grabs him.

that didn't take long....

They just signed Seanez, no room anymore.

Zeus with thunderbolts to Howry's rescue.

Howry/early '08 reminds me a lot of Howry/early '07, i.e., not so good.

I'd be okay with Wurtz and Howry switching bullpen roles thru May assuming Howry gets hot again like last year from June on ...

I like this new lineup. When Pie is in, put DeRosa or Fuku at 2nd, and let's stick with this one for a while. Until we (hopefully) trade for a SS later in the season.'s like better than losing.

Boo!!! Gagne nails down the save....

Lou in postgame
Johnson and Blanco to play tomorrow

For shits and giggles, what does Fukudome project out for the whole season at this pace?

From BR's page, if Fuku stays at his current pace for all 162 games:

486 AB
162 runs scored
243 hits
81 doubles
41 HRs
122 RBI
41 SB
0 CS
162 BBs
122 Ks
.500 BA
.625 OBP
.917 SLG (1.542 OPS)
301 OPS+
446 TB

Uh huh. Get him more ABs.

Thanks, Andrew.

Now I can have a happy dream when I go to sleep tonite.

cedeno had a good spring did he not? Why not just put him at SS. If you are gonna say cuz of his defense, then lets just let Theriot play.

I'd say at this point, lets give Cedeno one last shot. What do we have to lose really.

I breathed one big sigh of relief tho at seeing Lee's day. His first few games combined with spring training really had me a bit worried about him. Now time for Soriano to wake up and remember its baseball season. Anyone tell him spring training is over and the games count now?

give theriot a week or two more of "this" level of performance and cedeno might get SS.

theriot can multi-position-sub, pinch run, and as far as weak-hitting guys off the bench go...he's a decent enough early option. he does work the pitcher even if the outcome is rarely more than a 1-base performance.

to me personally, as long as cedeno can actually field SS without his arm playing him out of the position i could care less which guy (theriot/cedeno) gets the start.

Work the pitcher?

Even Soriano sees more pitches per at-bat than Theriot.

lets face it though lou likes theriot does not like cedeno

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  • Rick Renteria was a great idea! Seriously! I feel bad for the guy, although it happened the way it had to.

  • Hey, whatta bout me?

    -Ian Stewart

  • ....and Theo thought EJax, Sveum and Ricky were good ideas. Win some, lose some.

  • I thought he was better than Archer?

    /f u Hendry

  • The Padres signed RHP Trey McNutt to a minor league contract...

  • Yeah, she's a good egg. The whole superdelegate thing is shady as fuck though.

  • the perks of being a big fundraiser model representative citizen.

    honestly, though...the dnc could do worse and she's involved in all kinds of dem party stuff.

  • I didn't realize Laura Ricketts is a superdelegate.

  • pretty much...also agree that it wouldn't surprise me to see him land with the cubs, too.

    the trade to free up room for him would be interesting.

    it would help if he didn't play such a mixed-bag CF. he's anything but sure out there with his wacky routes.

    the O's are favored because of links for weeks and they're about to land y.gallardo (giving up that draft pick).

  • holy crap...j.mejia got busted AGAIN for PEDs.

    3rd time...lifetime ban.

    at one point he was the "closer of the future" (and the actual closer) for the mets. 26 years old. unreal.

  • I agree with what you said, but isn't it so weird that the White Sox are not linked to Fowler? They seem like an ideal fit.

  • oddly...or not...fowler's been strongly linked to the O's lately.

  • Olmos takes another 40 man roster Roulette bullet. The new lefty will be gone when Fowler comes back.

  • seen him in the minors...rather boring lefty. really slow secondary stuff (very slow slider) and a fastball that barely hits 90 on a good day.

  • The Cubs have claimed C.J. Riefenhauser LHP on waivers from the Orioles. Edgar Olmos was again DFA.

  • They should have someone standing behind him to take the ball out of his glove when he's looking for a sign from the catcher, and throw to first. I vote for Baez. That way he can cover the rest of the infield, too.