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SP Brandon Backe SP Carlos Zambrano
(2008) 0-1, 3.60, 3 K, 3 BB (2008) 0-0, 0.00, 5 K, 1 BB
CF *Michael Bourn LF Alfonso Soriano
RF Hunter Pence CF Reed Johnson
1B *Darin Erstad 1B Derrek Lee
LF Carlos Lee 3B Aramis Ramirez
SS Miguel Tejada RF *Kosuke Fukudome
3B #Geoff Blum 2B Mark DeRosa
2B #Tomas Perez SS Ryan Theriot
C JR Towles C Henry Blanco
Brandon Backe P #Carlos Zambrano












So it took 4 games to bench Felix Pie who was struggling just as much as any of the other hitters? Meh. I can understand sitting him against Oswalt and giving Reed Johnson some at-bats, but with Tom Gorzelanny set to go to tomorrow, that'll be at least four days in a row he'll Dusty-ish.

The Astros made me feel better though by batting Darin Erstad third. 

Zambrano heads back to the mound after yet another episode with dehydration and forearm cramps. Hopefully Lou called in his partnership with Aquafina and has a case waiting for Z on the bench today. Cubnut tells me that he heard part of a radio interview with Jim Hendry, in which Hendry offered assurances that the Cubs training staff will get to the bottom of Zambrano's recurrent cramping problem. Hendry also said "...and the Gatorade people are all over it."

We think it's fair to predict that their solution will involve Zambrano drinking lots of Gatorade.



If ever there was a case for the Cubs to go with the pitcher bats eighth/someone else bats ninth scenario, this is it.

Speaking of Piniella/Aquafina...


I actually missed the blue alts. This is the first time we've worn them since 2006.



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  • 8 in a row to end the year...let's do this playoffs thing.

  • shelby miller (ATL) finishes the season with a win, snapping his 24-game winless streak...because ATL bats are non-existent.

    3.02 era, 1.25 whip, 205.1ip, 171K

    6-17 w/l...ugg.

  • Totally independent of the Cubs winning or losing today, Dan Haren came into today's game having earned $2M of his potential $3M in performance bonuses for 2015. 

    By making the start (his 32nd start of the season) he picked up $500K, and he'll get the remaining $500K if he can throw at least 8.2 IP in the game (he was at 181.1 IP coming into the game, and he needs to reach 190 IP to get the remaining $500K), 

    It's a bit like the old "Bowling for Dollars" TV show, but of course Haren is actually "Pitching for Dollars."

  • holy crap, MIL is just...awful.

  • i think he's currently playing for the Santo Domingo Meths. he's an Adderall-Star player there.

  • I'm longing for a Neifi sighting.

  • if you have stable/fast internet you can stream with and you don't mind giving up $20 a month check out "sling tv".

    TBS, TNT, ESPN 1+2, etc...100% legal.


  • 68 pitches (50 strikes)

    love seeing that...especially with the batters doing very little with it.

  • Yeah, keep him off the playoff roster.

  • Or, he's looked exactly like Ted Williams.

  • Lately he hasn't looked like Ted Williams...

  • Reading between the lines on some of his comments he seems to know his longish swing doesn't play well with a man on third and two outs, and two strikes on him. I doubt a playoff adjustment is happening, just something he'll need to figure out next year. I have this odd feeling he will.

  • Mark Gonzales ‏@MDGonzales 4m4 minutes ago
    Bryant leads NL rookies in HRs (26), RBIs (99), 2B (31) and runs (86). Last rookie to reach 26 HR, 99 RBI, 31 2bs, 86 runs and 74 BBs?

    Mark Gonzales ‏@MDGonzales 4m4 minutes ago
    Boston’s Ted Williams in 1939

  • Surprised and bummed that Mark Buehrle is retiring. One of my all-time favorite pitchers. I think he could pitch for 5 more years.

  • Probably going to a bar/restaurant with TBS. Cord-cutting is so over-rated.