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SP Tom Gorzelanny SP Ted Lilly
(2008) 0-1, 4.50, 3 K, 3 BB (2008) 0-1, 7.71, 4 K, 0 BB
LF Alfonso Soriano CF *Nate McLouth
CF Reed Johnson 2B Freddy Sanchez
1B Derrek Lee LF Jason Bay
3B Aramis Ramirez C Ryan Doumit
RF *Kosuke Fukudome RF Xavier Nady
2B Mark DeRosa 1B *Doug Mientkiewicz
C Geovany Soto 3B Jose Bautista
SS Ronny Cedeno SS Luis Rivas
*Ted Lilly P *Tom Gorzelanny












The Cubs look to extend their winning streak to three as they help open PNC Park for the year. Ted Lilly tries to rebound from a less-than-good debut versus the Brewers; he went 1-0 with a 3.20 ERA last year versus the Pirates in three starts.Kerry Wood will sit this one out today, so look for Carlos Marmol to close if the Cubs are so fortunate to find themselves in that situation.


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Free Felix.

Has anyone heard anything about Pie, as this is the third straight game he is not starting? Is he hurt or been been benched or just sitting for awhile and will be given back his everyday job. Giving him only 4 starts and then pulling the rug out from him seems REALLY fast. I think he should be given till the end of May at least to see where he is at before talking about benching him.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe Pie is sitting and Johnson is playing because Gorzelanny is a LHP.

Well... not quite sure about the last two games, but today's game makes sense as the Cubs are finally facing a LHP.

pie has a hurt wrist...or had 3 days ago.

Johnson also is producing.

Levine said today that there are Cubs brass who like Pie and other brass who do not think he deserves a shot.

I'm willing to bet Hendry is the former and Lou is the latter.

I'm willing to bet Hendry is the former and Lou is the latter.

I sure hope that's not the case or Hendry's even dumber than most around here give him credit for. If it's pretty clear that Lou isn't going to give him a shot, he should have been included in a Roberts deal or something else.


I just don't understand why Pie didn't start yesterday.

The fact that he looks like a Relief Pitcher with a bat in his hands might have something to do with it?

today is expected, but yeah the other 2 days were not...

Rotoworld said something yesterday that he's considered d2d with a hand bruise after getting hit Thursday, but he did play Friday, so that don't make much sense...

I just hope that there is a reason, and that it will return to being a more normal platoon.

Wow... I've not seen such mastery of LHP for years... I like it!

Just need Lilly to pitch deep into this game.

I have not seen technical difficulties last for an hour before. I get very few games on TV up here in Wisconsin and it would be nice to see more than a "we are sorry" graphic.

Well, at least we won't have to worry about Wood not being able to pitch today. Looks like no need for a closer today. Go OFFENSE!!!

nice job jinxing it.

Sorry, I wish I had that kind of power.

Ah, Manny -- the team on the field is the Chicago Cubs. Assuming they won't need their closer based on 3 innings of play is a bit, um, goofy.

How bad was Ronny's error?

he should have ate it. He was already a step in the outfield grass. He then launched it 15 feet over Lee's head. It went right into the stands a few rows up on a line.

go defense!

Thanks, how bad was ARam's error?

it was deep and down the line, he back handed it and set and threw. The play would have been close regardless, but he threw low and Lee tried to short-hop it and ended up batting it up in the air. He bounced away a few feet and with the runner running from second on the play he scored. A-Ram is having a lot of throwing issue so far.

I would say this qualifies as "Cubbery"...

and Cedeno taketh away

Might as well give Fontenot a shot at short.

Cedeno giveths, and takeths away


Alex Cintron's almost looking good right now....

So that sucked.

Lilly needs to quit shaking off Soto. (see game 2 of playoffs)

I thought the Cubs retired the Blue Alternate Jersey?

I wish they would have left them retired.

2-0 with the blue alternate jerseys this year!!!

A-Ram is having a lot of throwing issue so far.

It's possible his shoulder is still bothering him.


Anyone else think that Piggy may be heading to Iowa soon?

Lou isn't fond of these outings...

C Pignatiello 8-0

I said it before you did.

Congratulations... would like a prize?

I think you're it.

It seems we do not want to win this game.

I'm putting the odds of a post-game interview meltdown from Lou at about 3:2 right now.

Boy, does this one bring back memories --

Following the game at work, Cubs score a lot early, then shut down, crappy team stages comeback with the help of lots of walks and errors.


Anybody want to tell me how well DeRo can field the ball at second base? Thats two games in four that he has butchered the ball with the game on the line.

Nice swing dildo.

Go ahead run on 2nd -- Soriano, Lee and Ramirez all whiff.

We need more Japanese players who undestand how to play the damn game. K-Fuk's approach makes Soriano look like a fool.

I am pretty happy to have Jon Lieber right now...

why not squeeze that run?

fuku batting....gets a single....
RON: "Oh, he's the best"

I think Ron really hates fonzie

Ron did lead the league in walks a couple of time. Hopefully Fukudome will rub off on the rest of the team.

Cubs were very lucky the runner on 3rd in the 9th I think for PITT missed the sign for the squeeze. It was a perfect bunt and woul dhave easily scored the winning run. Now the Cubs need to take advantage of that break after blowing a a fucking 7-0 lead!!

re: cedeno

I really want to give this guy a shot. He is really hitting quite well. Yes he can be dumb as a brick (ie throwing the ball into the stands when you should hang onto it) I would hope that with playtime comes experience and he will think better next time.

So his error led to a run scored. He did however have a huge double and a really nice diving catch in the 9th (i think the 9th) Saved a run easily.

Ronny has played in 230 games and started more than 170 of them. At what point do you stop "giving a guy a shot" when he keeps making the same mistakes over and over again?

Boy, Meek must not be anywhere near the K-zone, since both Theriot and Soriano hve now walked...


What was the count on Soto when he flied out?

Theriot -- 2 walks, 2 SB. Sounds like a leadoff man.

Wow... this is why he's called Zeus.

Marmol. That man can pitch.

Lucky hit there. Sawed off the bat. Still fell in for a single.

Marmol is a beast.

Another broken bat! CUBS WIN!

Not pretty, but we will take it!!

Above .500!!!

Cubs Win!!

Go Cubs!!


Man, that's a tough Blown Save for Wuertz...

the BS ---- perhaps the least useful statistic in baseball.

cubs 12th-
5 walks
2 wild pitches
stolen base
2 runs
0 hits

seems like the pirates out-cubberied the cubs.

ain't it grand?

and hello lieber, goodbye pig. time for cotts? or arshall? or is steve ire ready to go? or will it just be righty after righty out of the pen?

Pretty obvious that Piggy isn't ready for prime time--8 pitches, all balls---this is the major league, not a development league---should bring Cotts back up, at least he's been in the fire before----should have a battle for SS, the numbers Cedeno put up in AAA are numbers that Theroit never came close to---who has more upside---let's see who plays again on Wed vs another LHP

One outing.

All pitchers have bad outings.

Should the Cubs have sent Wood down after game one?

but I will...,0...

(Actually, Alou claimed it last June, during an elevator ride in a New York department store. That the Associated Press columnist who got the quote sat on it for nine months, then buried it 29 paragraphs into a Cubs feature, ought to tell you how much credibility he believes Alou's revised tale has.)

Piggy aside.. pretty pleased with the effort our pen was forced to give today. They had to pitch almost 8 innings, and did a fine job.

I'm sure part of Piggy's problem was nervousness. I know he pitched in a couple of games last season. However, it's a little bit different when you put all that work into earning a spot in the spring and then come out to make your season debut with a little bit more pressure on you. He's still got a great arm, just needs to refocus a little bit. He'll be fine.

Was that his debut? I thought he appeared in the Milwaukee series. I hope Piggy improves quickly or he's going to get replaced for Eyre, who's not that good, or Marshall, who should stay stretched out in AAA.

Yeah. You're right. But, appearing in a game when you're behind 5-2 is a little different than coming in in a situation like today's. I don't think he pitched in any real high pressure situations last year.

Nonetheless, I still think he'll be OK. He's got good enough stuff.

Glad they won, but Fonzie's plate approach is really becoming irritating. No matter what the situation is, he's always swinging for the farkin' fences. I don't want someone to change his swing, but how about learning how to bunt once in awhile? Or trying to go the opposite way? Bueller? Hello?

Being above .500 after playing this shitty is pretty amazing.

I caught the end of the game on the radio during my ride home.

Pat Hughes should be in the HOF now for what he has to put up with, with Ron.

Ron was down just to making rudimentary sounds and one time sounded like a steam engine train.

And its about as cute as sitting next to Ronnie Woo-Woo for a whole game.

"making rudimentary sounds and one time sounded like a steam engine train."


yeah, shame he cares.

tommy lasorda cares a ton about the dodgers...dont mean they gotta give him a mic.


i don't got anything against santo, but i find him pretty annoying as an announcer.

we are talking about marketing a game toward a demographic that wants to listen to a ball game on radio, though. besides, some people like his banter. i just don't.

I love Ron too, but he needs to step away from the mic.

Ron subscribes to the heart attack style of broadcasting.

Having Santo is like watching the game with a good friend who loves this team as much as you do. You can hear that in every sound that he makes. Pat and Ron are classic. I would take Ron anyday over "HE GONE"

Uh. Let's not set the bar at Hawk & DJ.

Please God. Don't do that.

I'm pretty sure that every loss was a game I watched and every win was a game I didn't watch. That sucks. Sorry guys, but I'm still gonna watch.

hmmmm, now...who was it in parachat who said "this game is over" in the top of the 3rd inning?

Cotts with another fine outing for Iowa tonight---lets not forget what he did with Sox in 05

A faulty "fiber line" in case anyone cared.

piggy is gonna find a flight from pennsylvania to iowa
marshall should stay in iowa we will need him as a starter
when lilly gets or is hurt.
neil cotts is the man coming to cubs for piggy

i thought cedeno had a decent game 3 rbis and that catch
was big also.

i also think lou has a ----- for hart he will be huge this year.

they said that johnson would start on wed. also

they said that johnson would start on wed. also

Zach Duke, a lefty, is starting for the Pirates...

This is the year when we figure out how to hit the lefty. Mark my words.

i thik pie not starting has to do with lefties and
the fact that the wrist hurts the true test will be on thursday
does he play. he is lucky hes not on DL.

For those who didn't watch the game yesterday - it wasn't Lilly all of sudden losing his control during mid - game; instead he started nibbling at the corners, and the home plate ump was all over the place with his strike zone. I forget the guy's name, but many players and managers have complained about his plate performance over the past few years - he's terrible.

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