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SP Aaron Harang SP Ryan Dempster
  1-1, 2.45, 15 K, 5 BB
1-0, 0.69, 10 K, 4 BB
CF Dusty Baker LF Lou Piniella
SS Dusty Baker SS Lou Piniella
RF Dusty Baker 1B Lou Piniella
2B Dusty Baker 3B Lou Piniella
LF Dusty Baker RF Lou Piniella
3B Dusty Baker 2B Lou Piniella
1B Dusty Baker C Lou Piniella
C Dusty Baker CF Lou Piniella
Aaron Harang P Ryan Dempster












What say you? The players play the game and the managers are just overpaid babysitters? Pshaw! This is war, baby! The very fabric of Cubdom lies in the balance. The past vs the future; Dude vs Fella, Right vs Wrong!!! Pick a side, but choose wisely - for the faith of the Cubs world lies in the balance. (Tribal yell as I grab my gun off the wall!)

This also marks the less-public return of Corey Patterson, who's leading the Reds in home runs, rbi's and runs right now. Derrek Lee leads the Cubs in those same categories. One of those scenarios has a chance to remain true by the end of the season. Felix Pie is also back in the lineup and gets to face Aaron Harang after getting about 5 AB's in the last week. Good luck with that.



oh, nevermind

soriano, theriot, Lee, Ramirez, Fuku, DeRosa, Soto, Pie, Dempster
Corey, Keppinger, Griffey, Phillips, Dunn, Encarnacion, Votto, Bako, Harang

Is it me or does Paul Bako get an inordinate amount of starts for this team? What gives?

Dude, he's a veteran, he's earned his time.

Can't wait to see the reaction that Corey receives. Hopefully the bleacher fans have been drinking all day, you know how tough Tuesdays can be.

What happened to Soriano?

Per Len & Bob, strained right calf, suffered on the catch he made in the 1st. They didn't say how long he would be out, but mentioned that Shane Victorino has the same injury and went on the 15-day DL the day after he suffered it.

Maybe he should stop hopping around like a jackass when making catches.

I second motion. What's Mike Quade's job if not to teach the second highest-paid player that jumping before you catch routine flies is unnecessary?

What happened to Soriano? It would be nice to have a Murton off the bench right about now.

Old Lou Piniella
Always said "fella."
And Baker, he always said "dude."

The fans had a while
To observe each one’s style
While on closers or toothpicks he chewed.

Baker made martyrs
Of promising starters
By leaving them out on the mound.

While Lou jumps and jogs
To save bases from clogs
By prying them out of the ground.

It used to be haiku Tuesdays. Nice verses anyway. I especially like the contrast in how each manager deals with "base clogging".

Anyone else get the feeling the Cubs are done scoring runs for the night?

It's nice that D Lee had some runners on for once

Boy, am I glad I was wrong about that.

woot. so if soriano goes on DL. who thinks we will see more theriot - fontenot at the top of the order. Isn't that what happened last year to start that tear?

Nah... pretty sure Matt Murton will be up tomorrow if Soriano goes to the DL.

Murton will (or at least should) start every day if Soriano can't play.

ya i would like to see murton back up. do we move derosa to 2nd slot then? theriot to 1st.

thats my guess how they'd do it. soto behind fuku, and murton behind him.

that woot was for the homer by lee. not about soriano

Hmm... where are all of the people who wanted to move Lee down in the lineup?

Why was Dempster pitching in the 7th inning, especially after giving up a leadoff hit to Bako?

Soriano out, hopefully they burn it in his head not to do that stupid hop anymore. Maybe this forces the (ugh) hunt for a real lead off guy all over again. Face...

Im here....
Yes Pie has looked terrible at the plate tonight.

Nice catch in right center.


how bad does pie look at the plate? i'll take a fuku plus murton/derosa/johnson outfield any day, i don't care about the defensive downgrade. Pie back to AAA where he can play every day and figure out how to not get completed fooled.

I agree. He looked absolutely lost at the plate tonight. Other than that big two-run hit he hasn't done much but strike out this year.

Hit fastballs berry well. But bat afraid of curveballs.

Yeah, Pie has struck out in over 40% of his at-bats I think, roughly. Not good.

100% agreed. Some of you wanted him to "play for the first 2-3 months on an everyday basis." Do you still feel the same way?

IMO, he just is not MLB ready.

On CSN, Lou hinted he may play DeRosa in left.

Wow, Wuertz is really struggling right now.

Kerry against Corey. That's a strikeout in the making

Lou said Soriano "probably out for awhile."
Awaiting for MRI results in am.

Just said hope its a couple of games.

Said Derosa can play left.


So does anyone like the idea of giving Hoff-power a shot at LF?

I think he's hurt too.

Murton will probably get the call

indeed is on the DL with a strained oblique.

"we'll get the results in the morning", Lou.

Hoffpauir's out with a rib cage strain. Not supposed to be ready until May at the earliest.

According to ESPN, Lou said about Soriano, "He'll probably be a while," Piniella said. "It will be a while."

I hope he means only like 10 days or a couple weeks. Longer would be bad.

If anyone other than Murton gets called up, I might have to join Manny's 'Fire Hendry' bandwagon.

Honestly people, Soriano wasn't doing much anyhow. I think it's pretty accurate to say that whoever replaces him at leadoff, will likely have a higher OBP than he did, and the offense just might be better off for the time being until Soriano gets back and hopefully is in a better groove.

That sounds logical enough, but the fact is he's one of the premier home run threats in the game. We can't replace him and Cub's offense will suffer from him being gone. It's not really a numbers thing.

Plus DeRosa can play LF just as well as Soriano, for whatever that might be worth. I love the notion that "DeRosa can't play LF" when we've never seen him out there for an extended period. He made a bad non-play in Philly in RF, and all of a sudden he can't play there, either.

DeRosa can play LF just as well as Soriano

Umm... no.

Soriano is one of the best, if not THE best, defensive LF in the game.

Umm, no.

Throwing-wise, without question he's right up there. But tracking fly balls (especially over his head), cutting balls off in the gap, etc., he is nowhere near the best defensive LF.

Well... last year, among qualified LF in MLB, was ranked the following:

Range factor: 4th
Zone rating: 5th
Assists: 1st (and by a wide margin)
RZR: 6th
OOZ: 8th

He also had the highest runs saved per 200 opps in all of baseball.

So yea... I would say that those numbers definitely place him as one one of the best defensive LF in the game.

injury before the season started. Here. And yes, I do want a medal.

I had lobbied for keeping Murton as I feel, unfortunately, that the player who had never had leg injuries until he signed a $$136MM contract with the Blue People, has now been officially "Cubbed".

It is doubly sucky, b/c it seemed as if he was "getting his legs back".

to play LF and leadoff to keep everyone else in the same spot personally. I am assuming if Murt gets the call the line-up Lou would use would be:


so we only have six more years of soriano right,
got another leg injury so we should drop in order
as he was moved back up because his legs were back.

and by the way that was haiku wednesdays

and by the way that was haiku wednesdays

Thanks, rokfish. I wasn't absolutely sure about that....

jeff weavr to the brewers that doesnt make much sense did they not
just release a pitcher before season, oh well i like the move
for the brewers.

and, its still a minor league deal.

This may sound like a stupid question, but why wasn't Wood credited with a save last night? When he entered the game the Cubs had a 4 run lead with a runner on first. A short reliever who enters the 9th with a 3 run lead and no one on gets a save. I thought that to get a save the tieing run had to be "in the hole" which last night it was. Am I wrong or is there something about the rule that I am missing?

if the lead is greater than 3 runs (it was 4 when Wood came in), the tying run has to be on deck (not in the hole).

Thank you, I knew I was missing something.

My comment was based more on a belief in DeRosa's abilities than a denigration of Soriano's. I already conceded assists, but there's more to playing LF than throwing.

To parahrase saying I hate, the stats are what they are. But my eyes tell me Soriano is a decent LF, not one of the best in baseball or even the NL.

When was the last time you saw him make a good catch, or a good play, that didn't involve his arm?

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  • AZ PHIL- Is Clayton Richard a free agent or not? One site I see he is, on another no. MLB has him listed as a free agent, Cot's contracts says he is a FA, baseball-reference says he's not, but Cubs have him on active roster. I know that he is just short of MLB 6 years service by just like 15 days, but that doesn't always matter.

  • Except that he gave up Russell and McKinney for a half-season of Hammel...

  • Beane cam at least point and laugh at Hammel.

  • The genius Angelo traded Olsen at Martzs request

  • Maybe Theo will sign Shark just so he can call Billy Beane and say: "Let's see...Russell? Check. McKinney? Check. Hammel? Check. Ninja? Check. Any other deals?"

  • To be fair to Emery and Trestman the foreshadowing of last year started happening well before them with the failure or mismanaging of multiple draft classes forcing the team to overspend in a free agency market that is even worse than baseball. Kyle Long seems like a good pick but they traded away another good one in Olson because of Martz's stupidity and inability to change his offense to fit the team talent.

  • HAGSAG: I think Domonic Brown does fit the criteria of a reclamation project, but unless he is willing to accept a minor league contract with an NRI to Spring Training, I don't think the Cubs would be interested given where the Cubs are right now. A couple of years ago? Yes. But probably not now.

    Brown would be better-off going to a club that is rebuilding and re-establish his value there, like Chris Coghlan did with the Cubs. And if he can re-establish his value, he could get traded to a contender at the trade deadline and take it from there.  

  • "they just fade away"

    (Except in the cases of no-fade lefties like Moyer, Orosco and Rich Hill.)

  • Amazing to me how quickly it fell apart under Trestman. Year 1, they were a Chris Conte brain fart away from making the playoffs. Year 2 -- coach, staff and GM all fired.

  • I am sure Jonathon Mota will be signed next.

  • AZ Phil, what is your thoughts on Domonic Brown as a reclamation project?

  • He also played LF in deference to Curtis Granderson.

    Meh... other moves to make...hope to see a move or two soon.

  • I haven't seen much Bears football this year - difficult to watch the games out here, but the game I saw the week before I was watching in shock as I saw them actually make tackles. And Cutler has looked really good, too.

    I guess people can quibble about play calling, but the team I saw is way more than 50% better coached (my only very minor disagreement with your comment).

    Under Trestman, the team didn't do anything right. This team played like a well coached team when I saw them play the Rams.

  • "What is sometimes overlooked about Vogelbach because of his "bad body" and because he has struggled so much defensively is that he is a hard worker, has a great attitude, loves to play the game, and is very well-liked by his teammates, and while that may not seem important, teams do actually value stuff like that. "

    As well they should. Replace a word here and there and you are describing any worker someone would hire.

  • Hak-Ju Lee signs a minor league contract with SF Giants.

    Some closure on the 6 degrees of Separation for Matt Garza/Chris Archer

  • Hahahahaha