Soriano Out; E-Pat In

Wrigley Field will be drowning in Pattersons tonight as the Cubs' Eric will be in the dugout opposite the Reds' Corey. E-Pat has been called up from Triple-A Iowa as Alfonso Soriano and his strained right calf muscle go on the 15-day DL.

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Are we to guess that Patterson was called up instead of Murton because he bats left-handed?

No, Jim Hendry thinks this is a beer league and they need someone in short center. That makes about as much sense as any theory. Bringing up a lefty batting infielder to sit on the bench, especially a lefty bat who is struggling at AAA, doesn't make as much sense to me as bringing up Murton. I'm not one of the guys who thinks Murton will be a superstar, but I do think that unlike Pie, if they could tolerate his defense and just let him play he will be a very solid hitter. Heck, we already know he's a solid hitter, I just think he will put up Paul O'Neill type power numbers - 15-20 hr, 35+ doubles. You could live with his mediocre fielding when he has a .360+ obp.

Also, has anyone else gotten the feeling that as long as Fukudome keeps bailing out at the end of every swing, he isn't going to hit for any power at all? He has a slap swing, ala Rod Carew. Don't get me wrong, between his obp and defense Fukudome is a great addition, but for what he is being paid they are expecting more than just a singles hitter.

I'm not one of the guys who thinks Murton will be a superstar

Umm... who thinks that Murton is going to be a superstar?

RIP to the final remaining shred of Murton's trade value. Bollocks I say.

LouPa says on the pre-game show that EPat can play Left Field.

So that confirms it that he's looking at EPatt as a potential leadoff hitter playing LF.

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