Morning Rant

I wasn't around much for yesterday's festivities, so let me get a few things off my chest. I realize the Cubs have won three straight and eight of their last ten and I should probably just shut-up, but this sh** is bugging me.

- The "hop" that Soriano does before he catches a flyball is kinda lame. Then of course, I have a hard time relating to anyone who could drive a car like this. Lame as it is, it didn't create his calf strain and I'm not just saying that because the Cubs are in full-press denial mode. You can just look at the highlights of it. Soriano didn't leap more than six inches off the ground and landed just fine; he didn't roll his ankle or overextend his knee or anything. Whatever the problem was, it was already there and if it didn't happen on that play, it certainly would have the next time he ran out a ground ball or slid into a bag.

But if makes him stop leaping like one of the seven lords, then by all means, it was the "hop" that caused it.

- Now that Soriano is on the disabled list, it sure seemed like bringing up Matt Murton was going to be the no-brainer move. But I did mention in the Parachat that night that it wouldn't surprise me if Eric Patterson got the call. Why? Lou and the Cubs picked Mike Fontenot over Murton in spring training, so it's no big suprise that if regular playing time for one or the other would surface, that Fontenot would get that shot first. Plus the Cubs are in love with speed and left-handed bats these days. So I'm not sure if I was the least shocked person in the Cubs universe when the announcement was made, but it certainly seemed plausible.

That being said, this decision is just as lame as Soriano's hop. Murton's 929 major league plate appearances and 820 OPS over that time tells me he's deserved the shot to fill-in just about every day that Soriano sits. As Thunder Matt's Saloon theorizes, Murton has certainly done something to anger the baseball gods. Somewhere I picture Murton sitting in dark room, just a lone light bulb dangling from the ceiling barely illuminating it. He reaches up to his wall to put a picture of Lou up...along with the thousand other pictures of Lou...all with their faces cutout.

- But what's really got me riled up is the bullshit that Lou and the Cubs are pulling with Felix Pie. The kid has some problems at the plate, no doubt. And I'm glad Lou is showing an active interest in working with him. But damn, he sits for almost a full week on the road trip and his first game back is against one of the better pitchers in the game, Aaron Harang. What you expect from him? Then Lou piles on a bit by leaving Pie out there in the seventh inning when Dusty brings in the lefty Jeremy Affeldt. Pie predictably strikes out again. Then after kicking Pie's dog and sleeping with his girlfriend, Lou keeps him out of the lineup when the pitching equivalent of a pinata is on the mound in Josh Fogg. Damn!

There's a scouting theory out there that players with "long swings" do better with more playing time. The more they sit, the tougher it is for them to get their timing down. Apparently a theory that Lou hasn't heard about.

Furthermore, what the f*** were the Cubs thinking this offseason if they weren't committed to Pie? I don't remember exactly how many center fielders were on the market, seemed like about 10 that they could have signed or haggled for in a trade. But the whole time we heard that they were committed to Pie and Sam Fuld battling it out, with the possibility of a right-handed hitting option to help out (Reed Johnson of course). Did Hendry forget to check with Lou if he was committed to that same course of action?
As I mentioned earlier, the Cubs are winning right now, so all seems good in ye ole' land of Cub. But it's not like our offense has been suffering and Pie is a heckuva lot better with the glove than Reed Johnson is out there. But if he's not going to play, send him down or trade him, but if he's up, let him start versus Josh Freaking Fogg at least.


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Rob, seems you are dead on about the Cubs being "in love with speed and left-handed bats these days."

"We've talked about being a little too right-handed," general manager Jim Hendry said, "Eric gives us some dimension from the left side. It gives us some speed and gives [manager Lou Piniella] a little more flexibility on double switches. He can play, literally, four positions, second and all three outfield positions."

Eric gives us some dimension from the left side

Daryle Ward gives us "dimension" from the left side (not so much from EPat)

Since when did "dimension" turn into striking out looking. I love the look on Korey face when he saw lil' bro' get "Pattersoned."

Rob, well put.

I love a good rant.

Excellent thoughts on Pie, its really frustrating to watch a promising young athlete rot on the bench. You're right, it makes it even more unbearable to watch when he doesn't get a shot off the lesser pitchers in baseball. WTF??

The recent handling of PIE has JBB JR. written all over it.

"...the lesser pitchers in baseball"


Dude pitched in the World Series and was remarkable in the last month of the season for the Rockies in 07.

I'm not saying he is Santana, but what you say is just not accurate.

4.98 career ERA, 1.47 WHIP, 5.91 career ERA in playoffs. Fogg Sucks.

Well done, and with conviction.

On Murton, I guess my position is we have seen what he has to offer, and as you note, it is not so bad. But given this "opportunity," why not see if we can do better? Perhaps Murton deserves better -- your image of him in the room with one light bulb is stark and might seem an appropriate response from him under the circumstances -- but what's the downside to giving someone else a chance?

On Pie I could not be more with you. Maybe he doesn't have it. It pains me to say that, but maybe he doesn't have it. But for God's sake, give him a chance. Put him in, give him a couple months, and then take a look. It's 15 games in and they are already giving up on their "Pie is our man" plan? Silly. I live in New England and have to see and hear about the Red Sox all the time. Check out what happened with Dustin Pedroia last year. Now there is no guarantee that Pie is Dustin Pedroia, but last year was Pedroia's first in the bigs, and he was Rookie of the Year, batting .317 with a .380 OBP. On May 1st he was hitting .172.

We have already covered the Pedroia comparisons.

As both I and WISCGRAD pointed out, while Pedrioa's batting average struggled in April last year, he only had 6 strikeouts all month, and still had an OBP over .300 at the end of April. His OBP was 126 points higher than his ba. He was able to show something and be productive even when his batting average struggled.

Further... Pedroia's BABIP in April last year was a dismal .204, which was not going to stay that low.

As WISCGRAD asked:

Did you know it took Pedroia until June 5th to get is 10th strike out - Pie's current total in only 26 ABs?

Don't get me wrong. I want to see Pie get more of a chance, and I do not understand what the Cubs are doing with him.

But the Pedrioa comparison simply doesn't hold up.

Great point RI Mike. In fact, while we're at it, let's call up Bobby Scales to "give him a chance," sending down D. Lee to make room of course (we'll make the roster work). Next time we need a reliever, let's go with Peoria's Jordan Latham. After all, most of the AAA relievers already had a shot in the bigs.

This was a dumb move- A few weeks ago we were talking about how disappointing it was that Murton didn't make the 25-man out of camp. Now, when a perfect opportunity arises, he's passed up again. I'm beginning to believe the Cubs do hate this guy.

Good point. Pulling a hot D Lee out of the lineup to make room for Bobby Scales is a lot like calling up E-Pat to help fill in for a while for an injured Soriano.

PESKY REDHEAD WATCH: Last night Murton racked up his first two rbi's of the year, but all three of his hits were singles. He now has 13 hits, none for extra bases[Jake Fox also has 13 hits which have produced 15 runs]. As for Pie, well he's like the guy wandering around at a party that nobody seems to know...

is the reason he is reading the Register this morning and not the Tribune.

Well, that depends on what you mean by "the Pedroia comparison." The point is, when he was hitting .172, notwithstanding the statistics that suggested he might improve, there was no guarantee that would happen, and a .172 average, even with an OBP at .300 would not have earned him another year if that was where he was at the end of the year.

The point I was trying to make is that with young players you need to give them time to see what they've got and that a bad start does not a bad year necessarily make. The Red Sox patience paid off and perhaps Cub patience would pay off. We can all agree on one thing. If they declare the Pie experiment over now, we will never know what he might have done in the bigs.

Couldn't agree more with your points. I can't understand the Pie situation other than that once Johnson was acquired, Lou clearly felt/feels more comfortable with him than with Pie. He might have been on board with giving him a shot before, and he might still be to some degree, but not now. Unfortunately now, with Soriano out, we'll probably need Johnson's bat to help out in the offense, not that Alf was contributing all that much.

Maybe Lou's reacting to the grotesque nature of Pie's ABs. He's downright Corey Pattersonesque in his ability to watch called strikes and swing at balls far out of the strike zone. Send him back to AAA, let him get his stroke back for a couple of weeks then bring him up and start him against every right hander for six weeks. If he can't hit then forget about him. The Cubs have a chance to go all the way this year. They're already giving away some offense at short and at second when Fontenot's playing. That's more than enough sub-par positions offense-wise.

"After saying Felix Pie would start all three games against the Reds, manager Lou Piniella had him out of the lineup on Wednesday."

Piniella was working with Pie prior to Wednesday's game and at one point became quite animated with his young center fielder. "We're working with him on shortening up his swing... And we're going to work with him for a few days until he feels nice and comfortable," Piniella said.

Also, Soriano is supposed to be fully recovered by the time he's eligible to return from the DL.

Rotoworld also says that Soriano will be in a walking boot through this weekend and then begin rehabbing next week. Doc - is a boot normal for this type of injury? Also, is this timetable - 5-7 days of rest, 7-10 days of rehab, and then 100% - seem plausible to you?

Yes. This is plausible/typical. The walking boot has a rounded sole but keeps the ankle from moving, so it takes some of the tension off the calf muscles but I'm sure they are having him do some stretches as soon as he can tolerate the soreness that comes with it. So movement isn't all that much of an issue. The period of rest is just to get the acute soreness to calm down.

Also he will probably not be 100% in 2 weeks (maybe 80%) but will be able to play. Sort of like last year with his hamstring injury. If they tell him not to run full out it might mean he hits lower in the order (which is not a bad thing imho).

It seems to me the Pie's problem is either:

1) His swing is fine and he is just in a slump, needs to find his timing, etc.

2) His swing is too long and he needs to change it.

I fall in second camp.

Will somebody tell this asshole that the Cubs are 9-5.,mar...

I can't stress enough how much I hate him.

Mariotti is a hack. Also notice that he insults pretty much EVERYONE in the article but Fukodome and Lee. I hope Zambrano reads the line about the white coats and goes all Barrett on Mariotti.

Believe me, I am not a Mariotti fan either, but he does raise some valid points. Soriano is a selfish player who had a good free agent year, but can never steal 40, let alone 25, bases in a year ever again. If Soriano cared about winning he wouldn't complain like a baby when Lou moved him to 5th in the lineup; all he cares about is himself. Baseball prospectus put it well when they wrote Soriano is a good player who sometimes gets mistaken for a great one.

Bringin up EPatt instead of Murton causes a situation that reminds me way too much of 2006 when DLee got injured and was essentially replaced in the lineup by Neifi Perez. Todd Walker moved from second to first, and Neifi took over full time at second. While on the surface you're just switching guys around who are already on your 25-man roster, the net result is replacing a huge slugger with a terrible hitter.

This year, a huge slugger (Soriano, though he hasn't been playing like it) went down with an injury and was essentially replaced in the lineup by Mike Fontenot. DeRosa moves to left and Fontenot plays 2B full time (or close to it).

It's like these managers can't look at more than one thing at a time. Sure, replacing Soriano with DeRosa is probably the best way to maximize production out of left field, but Lou apparently doesn't see how that affects the rest of his lineup (i.e. Fontenot playing full-time).

Doug, I'm not sure they view Murton as an upgrade over Fontenot.

So in their mind, replacing Soriano with Murton instead of replacing Soriano with Fontenot makes no difference.

LNL, I think you're probably right about how they view Murton. It just seems crazy though.

In 2006, Murton played in 144 games, had 455 ABs, and led the team in both BA and OBP. That was his first full year in the bigs, and he led the frickin team in two key statistics. (Barrett was slightly better but didn't qualify due to too few ABs). Ever since then, he's been dicked around by the organization and not given the proper chance to develop.

I know he'll never be a Gold Glove outfielder, and he's not the fastest guy on the field, but my god the kid can hit ML pitching. He'll get a chance somewhere else, and he'll probably become a pretty damn good ballplayer.


LNL, I think you're probably right about how they view Murton. It just seems crazy though.

I agree completely, and I'm not even a huge Murton fan. Pretty unbelievable decision to bring up E-Pat.

I think there is something underlying this move that hasn't been raised by Hendry, such as wanting to boost E-Pat's trade value. They've already floated Murton's name out there and realized he's not worth a whole hell of a lot. Maybe they are thinking that by bringing up E-Pat, they are boosting his value for a deadline deal.

And yes, I know I'm reaching for straws... it's just that nothing else makes sense.

Mariotti's always been the top Windsock in this town, so no reason not to keep on ignoring him and his eyeliner these days.

As for Pie, the disussion yesterday ran between the two extremes, either send him down/out immediately or keep playing him. I'm in the latter camp, they've got to find out what they really have in the kid and stop jerking him around.

Fontenot - Career 276/336/406 (742)

Murton - Career 296/365/455 (820)

Certainly a big difference. Of course DeRosa is a much better defensive left fielder than Murton, and Fontenot (at least recently) seems to hold his own at second.

All that said I would rather they had just brought up Murton.

DeRosa is a much better defensive left fielder than Murton? I don't know about that.

Murton's Experience in LF >>> DeRosa's Experience in LF
DeRosa's Athletic Ability > Murton's Athletic Ability

Given this highly scientific formula, I'd say at most it's a wash between the two in left.

Fine. There is a reason Murton is not in the majors and it is not because he can't hit, it is because he is a bad defense player.

And everyone knows that you cant win anything with poor defense in Left field.

Hello Manny Ramirez

I am a big Murton fan, but to ignore his flaws is misguided.

Apparently the Cubs think that Murton is not a good enough hitter to over come his defensive weakness. If he could field as well as DeRosa or hit as well as Manny Ramirez (or Adam Dunn) things would be different.

Do you guys really want to keep using Dustin Pedroia as an example for Pie?

Pie has 478 strikeouts and a 183 walks in the minors.

Pedroia on the other hand has 125 BB and 77 strikeouts in the minors.

Pedroia is an actual "hitter" while Pie is a guy that steps to the plate and swings from his ass.

High strikeout low walk hitters like Pie in the minors have a hard transition to the majors as the strikeouts go up even more and the walks go down. Along with that the average suffers.

The reasoning behind this is that pitchers in the minors have not fully developed breaking and off-speed stuff so pitchers rely mostly on the fastball. And Pie was still striking out 126 times in AAA against those type of pitchers. You bring him to the majors and people have better fastballs and better breaking stuff and the results are almost predictable for a hitter like Pie who has no skills at this point in hitting breaking and off-speed stuff.

Pie needs to go back to AAA and cut down on his strikeouts against pitchers with lower quality fastballs and breaking pitches. We might see him 2-3 years down the road, because this is something Pie isn't going to fix with a few weeks in the minors, or a couple hundred AB's in the majors.

But using Pedroia as an example for Pie? Pedroia can actually recognize and hit a breaking ball and has excellent strike zone judgement. These are skills Pie probably has never had. Its a poor comparision.

DeRosa is a much better defensive LFer than Murton? Muhahaha. Thats a good joke dude.

"Zambrano kept his cool -- unlike last week in Philadelphia, when he stomped around and showed up his fielders -- but you still fear the day is coming when he overdoses on Red Bull and coffee and is hauled away by men in white coats."

Completely fair comment for Mariotti to make. Maybe Z will even go a whole season without attacking his catcher in the dugout.

DeRosa is a better athlete than Murton. In time, he'd be a better LF than Murton. He's close as it is. (And don't give me that play last night, Murton or Soriano wouldn't have caught that either, though DeRosa did initially misjudge it.)

If you don't bring up Murton now, when his position suddenly becomes available, then when WILL you bring him up? How many middle infielders have to get hurt before Derosa goes back to second? If Murton has no place on the team even with Soriano out, he should be traded. And even then, I say let him play now to boost interest in him.

I get all of the Murton angst, but I think if Soriano's injury were season-ending, then you'd see Murton called up and playing the bulk of the games in LF. By all appearances, this is a short-term thing, and the brass apparently thinks going this way is what's necessary. Most will disagree with that thinking (perhaps rightly so), but it may not be as much of a reflection on Murton as you think.

It just sucks because Murton is the 3rd best hitter on the team right now. Only he isnt on the team. When everyone is healthy, only Dlee,Aram and Soriano is a better hitter. Let the dude play and stop trying to outsmart yourselves Jim/Lou.

"It just sucks because Murton is the 3rd best hitter on the team right now."

Bullshit, aaron.

He is in the Minors. "Right now"

And, lest you forget, there is no DH in the NL, which is his rightful spot.

I think you forgot our current RF on your list of those better than Murton.

I don't think seeing more AAA pitching is going to help. For some reason -- unlike Soto, Fontenot and Theriot when they first came up -- Pie is simply overmatched right now.

A lot of people have said that Pie is much more "coachable" than Corey -- however, despite the Cubs' sending their hitting coach to work with him over the winter, and Lou working with him extensively last year (and now, apparently this year), he remains a K machine. If Lou doesn't see progress soon, Pie may move in with Murton in the Lou Dog House, taking Ohman's vacated spot.

Just play Pie. Till the All-star break.

Murton's a better hitter than Fukudome? A little early to say that, isn't it?

A little early for which guy? If KFuk puts up an 850 ops this year, then I admit he's the better hitter. In reality they are probably mirror images as hitters. Only Murton has a bit more power.

What do you think I meant? Fukudome has, what, 60 ABs? To call Murton a better hitter than him is jumping the gun.

While he only has 130 ABs, Soto's 308/366/523 is better than Murton's 296/365/455.

Would Murton's non-call up have anything to do with minor league options or any of the other crazy MLB stuff that I have no comprehension of?

both players have 2 option years left and I hghly doubt the Cubs care at this point about keeping Murton from reaching arbitration this year.

This should cheer you up. It's very very early, but I predicted Fukudome to struggle a little bit in his first year in the big leagues, my projections was a OPS of:


...based on past performance and adjustments from other Japanese players. Anyways, Fukudome's current OPS?


Amazing. Btw... .966 OPS is on par with his performance in the Japanese leagues.

I would think that the number of options left with Murton, combined with the evaluation of the Docs had something to do with Murton not being called up.

And, for the few of you that are trying to compare Murton with Dome, obviously do not realize what a tremendous upgrade K-Fuk is with his speed, glove and arm, that Murton can only dream about.

How easily you may have forgotten Orange Guy tracking down balls in the of, making throws (bad), or dropping fly balls?

As I state earlier, there is no DH in the NL - yet.

What can be done about --

A) The total embarrassment that the 7th inning stretch has become? It would be OK if it was the occasional Chicago celeb (Bill Murray, Geroge Wendt, Da Coach, etc.) or the occasional sports figure (Bears #1 pick, Bulls new coach, etc.) and they only sang on weekend games, but the "celeb in the booth" time has become ridiculous. The Bud Light guys were a new low. Does WGN have research that shows viewers actually like that crap?

B) Ron Santo. Enough, already. Maybe they can go to a 3-man booth, or only have Ron in for the middle innings, or something. Another embarassment to the franchise.

EZ, Billy. I cringe too when Ronny screws up, or makes any statement that has me scratching my head.

However, unless he actually keels over on the job, he is there for life.

It is his one thing left in his formerly very productive life that keeps him alive. Literally.

So, personally, I am just learning to live with it and will try not to talk to my radio much in anger. He is not an embarrassment, as much as the nice-but-whacko uncle who really is very harmless. I am sure it will just be a few more years that we'll have to listen to it before he finally retires.

We all love Ronny, and I admire his amazing resiliency as a tribute to the strength of the human spirit.

But, can't we have one intelligent baseball voice in the radio booth? Pat is basically Ron's straight man/caretaker.

So now Ron Santo doesn't know baseball? And Pat Hughes isn't an intelligent baseball voice either?

I wouldn't say Santo doesn't know baseball.

I would say that Santo doesn't know what he is talking about regarding baseball in 2008, or at least about the players and teams playing in 2008.

I complained about the Bud Light guys last week and the people who spoke up didn't mind. It drove me nuts. But we need to get used to completely selling out. That's what every business appears to be doing. At some point in the near future I'm sure we'll see advertising on uniforms.

I seem to remember us having the "Whassup?" guys a few years ago. This is nothing new. Not saying I approve of it, but I dont really care too much who sings.

That's a rad Hummer.

Murton has 13 hits, none for extra bases, against AAA pitching this year, but he's a better hitter than Fuku. And Soto. And DeRosa.

Riiiiiiiiiiight. Thanks for the laugh, tho. Whatever it is that you're smoking, Dr. Aaron B, please pass it my way.

Murton is maybe the third-best SINGLES hitter in the organization. Not something to be real proud of.

From the middle of the article:

"[Fokudome] can do a lot of things. Chipper [Jones] even sent me a text the other day: 'Is it really that easy?' Hey, it is for him.

According to Bill James Online, Fukudome has swung at only 11 pitches all season that were out of the strike zone. Amazing."

"Murton has 13 hits, none for extra bases, against AAA pitching this year, but he's a better hitter than Fuku. And Soto. And DeRosa."

But LAST year - wasn't he the best hitter on the team?!

Aren't GM's all over baseball scrambling to make a deal for Matt Murton??!!


Bean? Minaya? Steinbrenner? Epstein?!

lol. I don't understand it, either.

No kidding, E-man. Either Aaron B is Matt Murton, his mother, or completely hallucinating. I've rooted--and continue to root--for Murton for a long time (and even talked to him last year at ST about him being the opening day starter in '07), but third-best hitter on our team?!? Come on.

Aaron B is really Matt Murton's agent.

This is my last post on the matter. I am in no way affiliated with Matt Murton. But who exactly are the better hitters than him on the roster? I'll spot you DLee and Aramis Ramirez. Soriano when he is on the roster. Beyond that who has both the Minor and Major league numbers to show they are better? Hopefully Kfuk and Soto continue their hot starts and fit that particular bill.

What I don't get is this. How is it that some of you that pine for Felix Pie to be in the lineup everyday. In an effort to help him progress into whatever he may progress into. Are the same people that think Murton should be run out of town for a bag of used balls?

I have no attachment to Murton as a person in general. My problem is more with the way the organization evaluates talent and dispatches its resources.

May be a good thing aaron b, that it is "your last post on the matter". You seem to be digging a bigger and bigger hole.

You're entilted to your opinion. Your opinion is wrong, but its a "free country".

enlighten me then. Who on the team is a better hitter?

Jamie - I as well really like Matt and root for him as well. He is a terrific 4th or 5th OF - and a potentially decent DH in the AL if he developed more power.

I was very surprised he was not called up from AAA.

But, announcing that he's "the 3rd best hiter in the team", is insane.

As much recent pasting most of us have been giving the LSU brothers, I'd like to give them props for their recent "scrappyness", and generally outstanding play in the last week.

Both Fonty and TheRiot have made a couple of web-gem-type plays recently and have made a couple of key hits.

Keep it up boys!

Further reinforcing that Murton is a singles machine and not much else; when he played full time, he led the majors in groundball percentage. So, yeah, giving up position that favors offense over defense for a guy that hits like Jason Kendall doesn't really make a lot of sense. Both managers constantly complained about how flat Murton's swing was and is, they tried to get him to add some loft to it, but it never happened. Matt Murton=singles/GIDP machine

Matt Murton=singles/GIDP machine

Matt Murton has 24 GDP in 830 at-bats (34.6 ab/dp)
Aramis Ramirez has 129 GDP in 4457 at-bats (34.6)

Is A-Ram a GIDP machine?

Comparing A-Ram and Murton in any way is almost like comparing Pie to A-Rod. Not sure why A-Ram was brought into the discussion Murton's merits or lack thereof, but I'll take A-Ram's production with that GIDP rate vs. what Murton brings to the table.

Then again, I wouldn't really compare them.

My point is that people love to call Murton a double play machine, but the numbers don't back it up.

ARam is just as much of a "double play machine" as Murton is.

I am not saying that they are equal players. I am saying that they have similar gidp rates.

Alright boys, why don't we just take a sip of camomile tea or a long walk or something. Enough rants. The Cubs are winning and are a playing reasonable baseball. Think it's too early to say that the decisions they are making (e.g. Patterson and Pie) are mistakes.

Found this during my morning commute to downtown Seattl:

"Did the 1918 Cubs throw World Series?"

Re: Pie - read Chris de Luca's column in the Sun Times this morning. I think he's dead on with his opinion. To quickly summarize, the Cubs develop Pie and Patterson by making them #3 hitters in the minors with long swings going for the fences. They come to the majors and are lucky to see 1 hittable pitch per AB. They look horrible swinging at breaking balls out of the zone or high fastballs. They had Sosa at #3 when CPat was coming up and DLee now with Pie. They should have spent the last 2 years with a freakin' hitting instructor rooming with Pie teaching him what Lou wanted him to do.

This was my take on Murton last night in an earlier post. Dos veydana, Mattski.

Submitted by George Altman on Wed, 04/16/2008 - 7:47pm.

Transactions: CHICAGO CUBS--Place A. Soriano, OF, on the 15 day disabled list. Recall E. Patterson, IF, from Iowa (AAA).

In case everyone missed the memo, this should be proof positive that Lou doesn't like and/or want Matt Murton on his team. He had the perfect opportunity to play Murton in LF for the next 15 days (the only position he can reasonably play by the way), and Lou passed on it.

I'm sure half the TCR posters are in mourning for Murton (moment of silence.........OK), but you can put a fork in his Cubs career. Lou would rather have DeRosa in LF, Fontenot at 2B, and E. Pat (and his LH bat) off the bench. Again, it should tell you all you need to know about how much Lou values Murton.

To quickly summarize, the Cubs develop Pie and Patterson by making them
#3 hitters in the minors with long swings going for the fences.

except I'm pretty sure Pie mostly batted first or second in the minors, same for Epat. If you're talking about Corey, I didn't follow him in the minors. When he got sent down in 2005, he batted mostly leadoff though.

but it's a great point if you just go ahead and ignore the facts. 


He was referring to CPat who I'm pretty sure did bat 3-4-5 for most of his minor league teams. I'm really not sure where Pie batted in Rookie, low A, high A, and AA. I also recall him hitting most 1-2 last year at AAA. I would add the link from the Sun-Times but I'm borderline ignorant where it comes to the internet.

I would check it out because I believe he was referring to the type of hitter the Cubs player development (oxy-moron) people allow Pie and CPat to become.

Dr. Aaron, here's my short answer:

Fuku smoked a double off the wall off of Ben Sheets in his FIRST MLB at-bat (he also later homered off one of the best closers of all-time, but, no i don't want to argue about how good Gagne is now); that was one game. Soto has 12 RBIs this year vs. MLB pitching. Murton has 2 RBIs vs. AAA pitching, and again has ZERO extra base hits.

Here's an even shorter answer:
Are you kidding me?!? Seriously?!? You're still defending that idiotic statement?!?

Murt is a decent/good (singles) hitter. Get over it. Third best hitter in the Cubs organization?!? Muhahaha! If he really is THAT good of a hitter, he'd be DHing in the AL right now (or at least on an MLB team). I'm not sure what you see that MLB scouts don't, as the Big Red could be had for a decent/good LOOGY in a heart beat...

Chill with the condescendence dude. I named 3 cubs HITTERS that were better HITTERS than Murton. If you want to add Soto and Fuku to the list than I can see where an argument can made. Surely you will allow me an opinion until either guy plays for a complete month of MLB. Even if it turns out that both guys are better hitters (not a foregone conclusion). That still puts Murton as the 6th best hitter in the cubs organization. That was my point, not what his trade value/real value is at this point. You have to forgive me if I don’t have 100% faith in the way Jim Hendry and Co. Evaluate their players.

Whether A-Ram is a DP machine is irrelvant to whether Murton is/isn't.

enlighten me then. Who on the team is a better hitter?

i'll start at the bottom: Fontenot, Ward, Zambrano, Wood...

I hate to be the guy who says it. But you're obviously an idiot.

take it outside boys....



sorry Mr. G

I hate to burst your bubble, but my post about "at the bottom" was a joke and yours about Murton being the "3rd best in the org." was serious. So i believe YOU'RE the idiot this time.

Thanks for the laughs, tho! Nothing like someone saying "YOUR an idiot!" You put the "moron" in oxymoron with that one, guy.

Now let's put our "positive" energy towards a comeback...

Umm... aren't jokes normally supposed to be funny?

I personally don't remember Soriano "complaining like a baby" when Lou moved him out of the lead off spot.

To the contrary, I think his public stance on every issue (batting order and position) has been that he is fine with whatever decision Lou makes.

Soriano obviously has his faults, but only "caring about himself" doesn't seem to be one of them, at least since he has came to Chicago.

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  • cubs win...bryant with 7HR in his last 8 games.

    crunch 1 hour 49 min ago view
  • bryant 2nd HR of the night for a 2 run lead in the 10th? sure, why not. awesome.

    crunch 2 hours 17 min ago view
  • gawd...jansen's thrown 5 pitches in the past 5 minutes.

    wild pitch (and a K, boo) with heyward advancing! 1 out, heyward on 3rd.


    crunch 2 hours 32 min ago view
  • leadoff double (heyward!) top of the 9th...RALLY!

    crunch 2 hours 39 min ago view
  • carlos ruiz is still coming up to "in the air tonight" by phil 'are you kidding me' collins in LA.

    many years ago before phil collins it was a soulja boy song.

    dude has odd taste in music. at least it's not yanni...i guess.

    crunch 2 hours 49 min ago view
  • Funniest skybox ever

    jacos 3 hours 30 min ago view
  • that was some joke ass official scoring giving him a double. either way, seager's on 2nd and soler's play in the OF is still sketchy.

    crunch 3 hours 38 min ago view
  • Schwarber is worse right?

    jacos 3 hours 42 min ago view
  • Seager with the two out double *cough* to left field in the bottom of the fourth. If Soler just plays that bunny hop off his nuts, it's a single - certainly no double.

    Eric S 3 hours 59 min ago view
  • rizzo is tired of SD/LA night games...yet another towering one that died on the warning track.

    crunch 4 hours 40 min ago view
  • jacos 4 hours 51 min ago view
  • Monty dropped a two strike curve on AGon

    Holy shit!

    jacos 5 hours 7 min ago view
  • See I told you they were up to no good

    jacos 5 hours 9 min ago view
  • My guy Addy

    jacos 5 hours 17 min ago view
  • jacos 5 hours 29 min ago view
  • been like that everytime I've been there too including Jack Murphy/Qualcomm Stadium. Cubs travel well. It was pretty loud for Angels/Cubs this year and decent for Dodgers/Cubs but Dodger fans definitely turn out better than the Padre fans.

    Rob G. 9 hours 4 min ago view