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SP Jason Marquis SP Aaron Cook
  1-0, 3.86, 11K, 7 BB
2-1, 3.12, 12 K, 8 BB
2B *Mike Fontenot CF *Scott Podsednik
SS Ryan Theriot 2B Clint Barmes
1B Derrek Lee 1B *Todd Helton
3B Aramis Ramirez LF Matt Holliday
RF *Kosuke Fukudome 3B Garrett Atkins
LF Mark DeRosa RF *Brad Hawpe
C Geovany Soto SS Troy Tulowitzki
CF *Felix Pie C Chris Iannetta
P *Jason Marquis P Aaron Cook












Pinch-hitting/pinch-running specialist Jason Marquis gets to try his hand at pitching this afternoon at Coors Field as the Cubs play the Rockies and seek their seventh consecutive win, which would match their longest streak of a year ago.

MLB Press Pass Game Note of the Day: At 15-6, the Cubs are nine games over .500, something they didn't accomplish last season until September 22nd, when they beat the Pirates to rise to 82-73.

In Marquis's one start at Coors in '07, last August, he had one of his best outings as a Cub (6 2/3 IP, 0 ER, 5 K, 0 BB). In fact, throughout his career, Marquis has been outstanding in this park (3-0, 2.49 over 21 2/3 IP with just one homer allowed).

The home team has lost four games in a row, and in each of them, the Rockies had a lead heading into the eighth inning. The last time they won was last Saturday, at Houston in a game started by Aaron Cook, who allowed the Astros just four hits over seven innings.

Cook is an impressive 2-1. 2.14 over 21 innings lifetime against the Cubs, and our non-pitchers are a cumulative 9-for-42 against him.

My favorite moment from Wednesday night's Cub win:

Not the Ramirez homer.

Not the Theriot go-ahead single in the tenth.

But the double steal in the seventh inning.

The Cubs had already scored once to draw within a run, they had two men on base and nobody out, and Aramis Ramirez was at the plate--a pretty good position to be in. But the double steal put the Cubs in a great position to tie the game and/or take the lead. The fact that Ramirez subsequently struck out and DeRosa lined into an inning-ending double play didn't even matter. It was a bold act of confidence, perfectly executed ("obviously the result of advance scouting," said Bob Brenly on the telecast), and it is great to see that the Cubs have a manager with the inclination and playing talent to go for his opponent's jugular.

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If we had just traded five or six players off our 40-man for Brian Roberts we'd probably be 21-0 now.

As Lou goes with the "Three Lefties" in the lineup.

And one can hit.

Well, he is pushing all of the right buttons so far so I'm gonna give him the benefit of the doubt here. Plus, there is less pressure in front of the road crowd. Although - I have read several accounts of the Cubs comprising 50% of the attendance at Coors.

Too bad Marquis isn't a Switch hitter - we'd bring 4 lefties to today's lineup.

Doesn't Marquis bat left-handed?

that "free murton" crusade sure has ended early for a guy with only 1 start since his callup.

woo...real bench depth. past couple years have been great about that.

that "free murton" crusade sure has ended early for a guy with only 1 start since his callup.

Yea, watching a guy drive every single batted ball straight into the ground will do that.

i'm just glad the team has the luxury of not playing murton AND having replacement level players worth a damn with the main starter out.

that's a luxury the past couple years that may have "only" cost 4-6m more in bench costs, but has definitely come in handy.

This would have been the day to give A-Ram or DeRosa a day off and play Murton. Neither has a hit in their career off of Cook and after the game the team has a long, 1600 mile west-to-east flight to DC for the game tomorrow.

But I ain't gonna quibble with Lou. Dude's managed us for exactly 1% of club franchise victories and he only needs 14 wins to pass Gene Michael on the All-Time Franchise Wins as Manager list. Can't blame the guy for pressing.

Apparently, Lou asked both Lee and Aram if either of them wanted a day off because they'll both be playing all three in DC since the Cubs are facing 3 LHP. Lee & Aram declined the chance for the day off.

yeah, no self-respecting hitter would take a day off at Coors.

Fuentes may have uncovered a weakspot in Fukudome's swing. 3 identical pitches, 3 whiffs

Side-arm lefty slider on the outside corner -- not too many guys throw that.

Bummer: Theriot line-out into a bases-loaded DP with the score tied in the top of the 8th, then his error gives up an unearned run in the bottom of the 8th.

What a difference a day makes.

Just reading the Yahoo play-by-play -- was Theriot's error on a DP ball? If so, even more painful...

At least the Brewers lost...

Yes, the error was on a DP.....but the thing is, the baserunner on his way to 2nd knew he was going to be out, so he slid way out of his way to take Theriot's legs fact he was so far from the base that after he saw Theriot drop the ball, he could barely reach the bag with his hand.

Pretty dang cheap.

You can see the replay video of that play here:

The game would've remained tied if it wasn't for that.

I might add, Theriot could've played it better, but the cheapness of the slide still ticks me off regardless :)

That's not cheap. That's good baseball.

You learn to do that in little league.

Yeah, I served my time in Little League, and it may be legal, but still cheap IMO.

Saw the replay last night -- Theriot just dropped the ball.

Self-reply -- I see this has already been covered below.

I don't think it was cheap or dirty, but he made no effort to get to the bag until after he took out The Riot. Interpretively, the ump could've called interference. It's not called very often, of course, but...

I think if the slide had caused the drop, or a bad thorw -- maybe. But, Theriot dropped the ball before the runner slid into him. Just a human error on a rushed play.

Yeah, it was a DP play ball - they could've turned two quite easily. Oh well.....

Losing sucks. I'm not used to it this year yet.

I don't think it was cheap at all - but if you're looking for a comparison, take a look at the DP ball last year vs. Atlanta, where Renteria slid into Fontenot and sucker - punched him at the same time.

That play was both dirty and cheap, and Renteria knew it, since he suddenly was taken out of the game with a mysterious injury. He never saw the Cubs again that year, he was lucky.

I'll come right out and say it:

Ryan Theriot lost that game for the Cubs.

I am not kidding when I say:

He shouldn't have swung the bat. Not once. Not with the best hitter on the team right behind you. Just like Brenly says, if you think you're going to hit into a double play, strike out.

I was screaming for the suicide squeeze. Screaming. But Lou didn't hear.

Go on and tell me about the fluky play and how he hit it well, just at Todd Helton and I'll tell you he didn't have shit on that ball and was way late on a tired fast ball. FU Ryan Theriot you F'ing suck.

wow, that was over the top....

if he was a split second earlier and lined it to the third basemen it would have been okay? Gameday says the fastball was at 92 fwiw, same as Cook was throwing in the first inning.

the defensive botch was the big fuck up... 



92 is not that fast at the major league level. He was overmatched. And he wasn't going to get around on it. I hate that guy.

point being it wasn't a tired fastball, it's what Cook normally throws. And sinking fastballs at 92, which is what Cook throws (and Z) is really good.

Your just bitching about it because it was Theriot.

I was screaming too, but Lou wanted the win, not the tie.

No, 1 out tie game already. Pie on third.

I wanted Fonty to suicide also but he at least got the run home.

Chad -
But how do you really feel?

if you check out the [email protected] game you'll see one.

not the players...the fans...the "feel" of the place.

they're playing in disney world and wow...i think ive seen "the wave" about 20 times (literally)...tons of people on cell phones waving at the camera...general discussion between people in large numbers compared to people watching the game...and cheering/screaming at *EVERYTHING*.

very minor league feel to this game. almost creepy.

got to give it up to this casual audience.

also kinda like a minor league game, but nonetheless cool and not seen as much as MLB games, ive seen 2 adult fans who have caught a homer/foul only to give the ball to a kid.

if 2 have made it on camera there's probably a lot more that didn't.


make that 3...little girl just got a freebie from a guy who got a ball deflected off overbay's glove.

I didn't think the slide into Theriot was cheap nor was he that far off the bag. He was just hurrying because the ball had been hit slowly to Cedeno and he never really caught it. Bonehead play due to lack of concentration. The slide didn't help but he had already dropped the ball by the time he fell over the runner.

Yes, I did over-react with my earlier comments about the slide being cheap. I was just dissappointed to see the losing streak come to an end, and I needed someone to blame it on besides the Cubs themselves :D

" I was just dissappointed to see the losing streak come to an end"



No, just a typo :)

Do we think Pie's recent success is due to a change in approach, nature talent or just that he was bound to get a some hits.

Yeah, I'm not saying The Riot dropped it because of the slide. No excuses there.

But the slide was pretty blatant. IMHO; if he had stuck his left arm out toward the bag while doing it, it wouldn't even be worth discussing. I think Pierzynski was called for interference on a slide like that last year or the year before. It's rare.

Felix is 5 for his last 10!

Unfortunatley, we have seen most young Cub players that come up don't hit if they don't play regularly -- Murton and Fontenot in particular -- which should not be a surprise. How can you adjust to MLB pitching if you rarely see it?

Alas -- the Nats are starting a trio of lefties, so Felix heads back to the bench.

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  • CRAIG: Albertos was throwing both his fastball and curve for strikes today, displaying the best command I've seen from him so far. The Cubs have limited his outings at EXST, so he hasn't been stretched-out beyond one inning on a semi-regular basis.  

  • K-K-K inning for Albertos, 9/13 strikes. How did he look? All fastballs, or did he get some breaking pitches for the K's?

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  • I just was looking at the Times Home page today, and was reading about (RIP) Prince. Didn't catch the Sports...

  • Yup to that. Also really unfortunate Soler just has not been able to grab this opportunity by the balls.

  • ...and Kalish with the start over Soler. Wow.

  • With Heyward's injury/slow start, Soler's struggles, and injuries to Schwarber and Szczur -- it's a really good thing Fowler fell into the Cubs' lap. Like, a really, really good thing. I just really, really, really hope his name isn't one of the upcoming PED announcements.

  • I take heart that it's so early in the season that this is nothing but silliness. In fact, I'd be much more nervous doing this in September.

  • Heyward not starting tonight, Ramirez to Bereavement List, Patton up.

  • Addison Russell is the youngster with the hustle--
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    For the pinch you got La Stella and little Matty Szczur,
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  • E-man, you should stay away from the NY Times sports page today, based on your last comment

  • Save this post for late September please. Let us not taunt the Gods of "Cubbery" please.

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