Cubs Week In Quotations

I Bet You Didn't Use the Term Base-Clogging Even Once
"We talk about it. On-base percentage. We've
been doing a better job. What can I say? Two of our new additions,
(Reed) Johnson and Fukudome, have done a nice job in that regard."
- Lou Piniella

"We're second in the league in runs scored to Arizona,
and to me, you score runs, you win. On-base percentage, hitting with
men in scoring position, left on base -- those are all byproducts of
how many runs you score."
- Lou Piniella

Moneyball was So 2003
"That'd be a great thing if that was contagious, because then we'd be
like the Oakland A's. The big thing there is on-base percentage. That
means you have a lot of chances to score a lot of runs and put pressure
on the other team consistently."
- Daryle Ward

Appreciating Our Moment In History
"I remember when we won 5,000. What an emotional day that was. We were so excited -- we realized we still had an uphill climb to 10,000."
- "Ninja" Ryan Dempster

"To be on the verge of that -- I've been here since the first one, and
to get to 10,000, it's a long, hard struggle, and I'm looking forward
to it."
- Ryan Dempster

"It's not about trophies. It's about wins."
- Ryan Dempster

"I stayed at home the other night and watched that "Cubs Forever"
show," he said. "Every once in a while teams should be forced to watch
stuff like that and realize how much it means to the city and to the
ex-players that have been here, and how lucky we are to get a chance to
put on the uniform and play in front of these people.
- Mark DeRosa

"It's cool to be a part of it and to get the win in the Cubs' 10,000th
victory. There's a lot of history in Chicago. It's a lot of games without
winning a championship."
- Kerry Wood

The Art of Winning Baseball
"What do I think?. My observation has been you've got a
bunch of guys who are not talking about what they're doing
individually. It's a pretty fun club to be a part of, obviously,
because we're winning.
- Ted Lilly

"It's contagious. You get a couple runs on the board and
everybody's pulling for each other. It's good to win like that, coming
from behind. It's awesome. We were down, but we never give up. We keep
- Geovany Soto

"When you play the way we're playing, guys pick you up, and instead of
everybody interviewing you about the blown save, they're interviewing
the guy who got the game-winning hit,"
-Kerry Wood

"If chemistry did it, we'd go down to St. Anthony's and get 25
choirboys, and they'd all get along real well. You've got to play on
the field."
- Lou Piniella

Getting Ahead of Ourselves
"We have a good team, and we're expected to win. It's
going to be a big deal [to get 100 wins] but not as big as it would be
for fans. I know Lou, and I know he expects us to play well. Who knows,
we could possibly win 100 this year. That'd be nice."
- Daryle Ward

"Early in the year, you want to win games and win series. I don't look at the standings early in the year."
- Lou Piniella

"It always feels good to be in first place, but now the tough part is to stay there."
- Ryan Dempster

"We have everything this year, believe me. We can go all the way to … where we want."
- Carlos Zambrano

"This is a long season. Let's not get all crazy about
this thing. Let's just stay cautionary and let's just keep playing good
baseball, that's all."
- Lou Piniella

"We're thinking about the World Series. I think we'll be OK if we keep playing like that."
- Ronny Cedeno

"As long as he doesn't talk World Series, I'm happy."
- Lou Piniella responding to Cedeno's hot start

But Does He Have to Carry the Pink Backpack?
"I don't really consider Fukudome a rookie. I didn't consider Ichiro [Suzuki] a rookie when he was in
Seattle either. [Fukudome and Suzuki] are good, seasoned, professional
baseball players."
- Lou Piniella

"Technically, they are [rookies], but it'd be like sending Alex
Rodriguez to play in Japan and having him win Rookie of the Year over
there. That's the way I look at it. You enjoy these kids, because they
come here and play well, but myself, I don't consider them rookies. I
consider them good, professional baseball players."
- Lou Piniella

A .175 Batting Average Says Otherwise
"Hitting is not a problem. My problem is running and doing quick stops in the field."
- Alfonso Soriano

On the Job Training
"Felix is not a prospect anymore. He's got to find a way to survive and put it all together."
- Dave Keller, Cubs Minor League Hitting Coordinator

"I think it's been a week since I've got a hit. It's a good feeling, something in my life I'll never forget."
- Felix Pie after his HR versus the Mets earlier this week.

The Evolution of Z
"I played with one of the best pitchers in the history of baseball,
Greg Maddux, and he told me one time he preferred to throw more
sinkers, more (pitches with) movement, than velocity."
- Carlos Zambrano

That's Cute, Cover Up for Mr. Scrappy
" I don't know whether
it would've been a double play or not. I think Theriot tried to really
hurry the play. Tulowitzki can get down the line fairly good. But I
just can't use my short people every [game]."
- Lou Piniella on Theriot's blunder on Thursday.

Trade Secrets
"I got the green light on both of them. The last one was a no-brainer. You've got to go
right there. The first one, I saw changeup. I saw the grip, and I was
-Ryan Theriot on getting caught at third base on a steal attempt

"Mechanically, if you do everything well, the ball will have more
accuracy to second base. It's just how you work with your
legs. If you stay open, the upper half will stay open, and if you close
up nicely the only way you have to go is straight to second. It's just
a matter of having good mechanics so you can throw it right on the
- Geovany Soto

"A lot of good things are happening that are basically not noticed by
the casual fan, and let me tell you a couple of them. One, the pitchers are slide-stepping against us
a lot more. Two, infielders are holding runners, which are creating
more holes. And catchers are calling more fastballs."
- Lou Piniella

"We expect Fontenot to put the ball in play. What are
they (bench players) there for, to keep them for 14 innings? Try to get
the game over in the eighth inning. We had every chance in the world to
do it. We just didn't get it done."
- Lou Piniella

The Catch
"Unbelievable. It was the best play I've ever seen in person, maybe, the best play ever."
- Ryan Theriot on Johnson's catch

"What a great play," Cubs manager Lou Piniella said. "It's as nice a
play as you want to see. The way he not only caught the ball and slid
almost headfirst into the wall and when his cap came up -- you're not
going to see a nicer catch than that."
-Lou Piniella

"At Wrigley, they might have had to call time out to find his head in the vines,"-
-Lou Piniella

"[DeRosa] and Kerry were standing there, staring at each
other. [DeRosa] didn't say anything. I wish I would've
hung out a little longer. I was getting up to see if everything was
intact first. He said he saw a white streak coming out of nowhere."
-Reed Johnson

"I knew once I landed, I was going to have to kind of like curl up and
turn away from the wall, and I had time to do that, too. … That's one
of the nicer plays I've made."
-Reed Johnson

Let Me Suggest, for all your Cubs Information Needs

"Last winter I saw my name on the Internet, that they possibly would
trade me. But I went through spring training relaxed,
thinking, 'If they trade me, OK. If they don't, I'll just deal with the
facts.' I'm happy to stay here because it's where I started my career."
- Ronny Cedeno

And the Rest...
"Whatever it is, I guarantee it's better than the old one. I'll probably enjoy it more on Saturday when I get a chance to go look at it and all. I always enjoy going to new parks, too, because they're always nice -- see the little nuances and neat things like that."
- Ryan Dempster on visiting the new Nationals Park

"Killed my average,"
- Bob Howry after a failed bunt attempt earlier this week

"I've never seen a guy strike out eight times in eight at-bats. This is a first."
-Lou Piniella on Geovany Soto's double golden sombrero


Jayson Werth's mom is hot. Very hot. Orestes Destrade can't get enough of her.

"The first one, I saw changeup. I saw the grip, and I was going."

which is the key to his baserunning...the klesko style of stealing...cerebral.

theriot is fast, but not THAT fast.

he's a 20-30sb guy partially because of his speed, but i'd wager a chunk of that was his attention to the guy he's stealing off of.

I'd agree. Cedeno and Pie are both faster, but they don't seem to have any base stealing know-how yet. Theriot displayed some smarts on the paths last year as he stole bases fairly effectively, but he's not fast enough to be a 40-50 SB guy. Then again, he's been caught 5 times already this year, which is not so good.

He is 6 for 11 in stolen bases. Maybe he should pay a little more attention......

that's where the "he's not THAT fast" thing comes in.

he's not got a lot of give/take in his natural skills (speed) department to lose cuz while the cerebral running is nice, you need the legs as a precursor.

honesly, im surprised he's even made 11 attempts...i really dont picture him as the type that can/should attempt 60+ attempts a season.

"And catchers are calling more fastballs."

Well, Lou, maybe not anymore.

Demp's sarcasm amuses me greatly.

the Wall Street Journal reports Mars and Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.A) were close to a pact to acquire Wm. Wrigley Jr. (WWY) for more than $22 bln, according to people familiar with the matter. The transaction was expected to be announced as early as Monday, the people said. Both companies declined to comment. Terms of the deal weren't immediately clear, but Wrigley has a stock market value of about $17.3 bln and it appeared that the buyers were prepared to offer a rich premium. Under one scenario under discussion, Berkshire would likely provide financing to Mars for the deal and become a stakeholder in Wrigley, according to people close to the deal.
Naming rights for the Wrigley Building?

Can the State of Illinios be interested in the Wrigley Building too?

or will Sam Zell now squeeze Warren Buffet (a Cub Hug?) to pay for naming rights for WF?

"It's a beautiful day for Starburst Presents Chicago Cubs Baseball at Mars/Twix Field in Warren Buffett Park."

 I like it.

NPR says they were family owned for 117 years. Sad. Now that they are out of the candy industry, I wonder how they'd feel about owning a baseball franchise? Just sayin'.

Too bad they're not interested in buying back the Cubs from the Zell and the Tribune holdings. I bet a family business with a long, proud history would make a very good owner of the Chicago Cubs.

Esp. one that had such a great track record of spending money on talent with an impressive array of Pennants and World Series titles!

What GREAT owners those Wrigleys were!

Are you criticizing the great baseball minds that brought you the College of Coaches?

Thank you for elaborating on my sarcasm. Anyone else care to extend my dry wit?

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  • I for one hope that Sosa comes back soon.

    Rob Richardson 14 min 4 sec ago view
  • O/B interesting you should mention that. Google ESPN Science Aroldis Chapman and you'll be treated to how his mechanics and delivery are possibly historic. It's the 120% of his body stretch plus the torque. They compare him to the Unit and NRyan.

    The E-Man 52 min 25 sec ago view
  • Amazing how much lower the production gets when Bryant runs into a mini-cold streak. He doesn't stay cold for long. If just one of Zobrist or, gulp, Heyward, gets hot, they oughta have one more really nice winning streak in them. Having a closer that you have absolute confidence in can't hurt.

    Old and Blue 1 hour 36 min ago view
  • I hope they hold onto Jimenez. Outfield depth is questionable, especially with McKinney, who struggled this year but still, gone.

    Old and Blue 1 hour 47 min ago view
  • You don't think he's improved? He looks completely different out there than he did when he first came up. The last I checked his K rate was in the low 20% range - 22-23 or so. When he came up it was 40%+.

    To me, what is scary about him if I'm the other guy is that he IS learning the strike zone. This guy could easily be the MVP someday.

    Old and Blue 1 hour 48 min ago view
  • So, playing .500 for the rest of the year puts them at 91 wins. You would think there is enough talent to do a little better than that, right?

    The E-Man 2 hours 7 min ago view
  • First team to 60 wins! Onward to 70, 80, 90 and 100!

    billybucks 10 hours 37 min ago view
  • I. Hate. The. Mets.

    billybucks 11 hours 5 min ago view
  • OK Marlins -- take 'em down. Fernandez, at home, tomorrow for the Fish.

    Gotta say, though -- as much as I can't stand them, the Cardinals have had some very impressive late-inning wins against premier closers.

    billybucks 11 hours 6 min ago view
  • Very impressive that he hit a 3-2 curve ball. Such a dynamic ballplayer. If he ever learns the strike zone....

    billybucks 11 hours 12 min ago view
  • If Jason Hammel doesn't get a potato chip sponsorship deal, somebody messed up. Attaboy, Jason!

    billybucks 11 hours 15 min ago view
  • I am looking forward to AChap facing the Cardinals.

    The E-Man 11 hours 23 min ago view
  • Sure is fun to watch them score finally. To think they were no-hit until the 7th...

    The E-Man 11 hours 35 min ago view
  • Got to admit it - it was comforting seeing Rondon come out for the eighth after just taking a two run lead ... And put the hammer down with a 7 pitch inning. Good stuff

    Eric S 11 hours 40 min ago view

    blown the hell open...7 run lead

    crunch 11 hours 41 min ago view
  • 11 hits off Wainwright tonight. Everything going right for the Cards right now. Motherfucking motherfuckers.

    The E-Man 11 hours 51 min ago view