Game 31 Thread / Cubs @ Cardinals (3 of 3)

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SP Jason Marquis SP Todd Wellemeyer
  1-1, 4.45, 17 K, 10 BB
2-1, 4.14, 36 K, 12 BB
LF Alfonso Soriano LF *Skip Schumaker
SS Ryan Theriot 2B *Adam Kennedy
1B Derrek Lee 1B Albert Pujols
RF *Kosuke Fukudome CF *Rick Ankiel
3B Mark DeRosa 3B Troy Glaus
C Geovany Soto LF *Chris Duncan
2B *Mike Fontenot C Yadier Molina
CF Reed Johnson P Todd Wellemeyer
P *Jason Marquis SS #Cesar Izturis





WIth the series and first place on the line, both teams have pitchers with a little extra chip on their shoulders. Ex-Cub Todd Wellemeyer goes for the Cards and ex-Cardinals pitcher Jason Marquis goes for the Cubs. A chip that Marquis carried around particularly well last year when he started four times versus the Redbirds with a 3-1 record and a 3.60 ERA. 

Be sure to join us during our in-game chat tonight, Sunday Night Baseball usually delivers a packed house. 

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Why isn't Cedeno getting the past few starts at 2B?

Fontenot's 3-run homer has something to do with it today. Though you'd think the highest batting average and on base percentage would be enough to get Cedeno some playing time.

And why isn't Pie starting?

Bring your A-game to parachat, I'm recapping, suckers.

Todd Wellemeyer? Awesome.

Hopefully he didn't get his masters at the Juan Cruz School of Revenge.

For those of you that love the site as much as I do, the opening analysis of the Cubs offense was pure joy -- the Cubs are not "consistent" enough....this after Soriano strikes out, to reinforce his point..nice sample size Joe!

I'm sick of seeing Theriot getting thrown out stealing. He's leading the league in Caught Stealing:

jeffy beat me to it....theriot needs to stop running, especially considering how good the guys behind him have been this year.

that was a great throw by yadi, but still, when catchers fall down you better make it.

I suspect management is in part behind Theriot's increased steal attempts, though I think he is also taking too many liberties on the bases. The Cubs talked all winter about speed and baserunning, almost as if it were the most important aspect of offense. They've been overactive on the bases so far this year considering the personnel. Lou seems especially to like having guys steal third base. I lack empirical evidence, of course.

also, i've discovered the remedy to morgan/miller.....bringing the computer downstairs and having fun on itunes....keeps my ears happy.

not been playing well against the class of our division. maybe we weren't that good afterall.

soriano is completely lost at the plate. He is constantly behind and has no eye. You could pitch it to the dug out and I think he would swing.

maybe we weren't that good afterall?

Chill man. Going into this game, we were leading the NL in runs, OBP, and batting average, so things are going fine. You win some, you lose some. That's baseball.

Look at the Brewers: they just got swept by the Astros!


I am trashing fonzie every game from now on.

DeRo looked pretty poor today. Overswinging a bit it seems.

When do we play the Pirates again? We look like a big pile monkey crap out there.

By the way... while the Pirates have an awful record, they are essentially playing a respectable .500 against non-Cubs teams (12-13).

the best title for any blog, or anything really...

"i lack empirical evidence, of course"

marquis does not impress me at all so we have three
real starters z, lilly and dumpster
i thnk we are fortunate that we kept are pitching
depth we are gonna need it
i thought gallagher did a good job tonite.

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