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SP Ryan Dempster SP Johnny Cueto
4-0, 3.16, 22 K, 19 BB
1-3, 5.40, 33 K, 6 BB
LF Alfonso Soriano CF Ryan Freel
SS Ryan Theriot RF *Ken Griffey Jr.
1B Derrek Lee 2B Brandon Phillips
RF *Kosuke Fukudome 1B *Joey Votto
C Geovany Soto 3B Edwin Encarnacion
3B Mark DeRosa LF *Adam Dunn
2B *Mike Fontenot SS Jeff Keppinger
CF *Felix Pie C *Paul Bako
P Ryan Dempster P Johnny Cueto





So once again Lou puts Felix Pie in versus the most difficult of righties. Over the weekend, he got the start versus Adam Wainwright, but sat versus Lohse and Wellemeyer. Tonight he gets Johnny Cueto. It's tough being a rookie on Lou's bad side. Ramirez sits another day and Soto and DeRosa flip spots in the lineup.

Speaking of lineup construction, Dusty reminds us why we all grew tired of him. Griffey and Dunn are both struggling right now, but Dunn still is maintaining a 375 OBP versus Griffey's 310; naturally you bat Dunn 6th.

Sure would be nice to get the sour taste of last night's lost out of our mouths with a win tonight, preferably of the blowout variety.


You got that right on Pie. He sat out almost all the games against the Pirates, which alone would have given him 50 pts. to his average, while everyone else absolutely feasted.

well the Pirates threw mostly leties at us, so that made some sense. The rest of this growing fiasco doesn't.

What shit.

Soriano, Pie, and DeRosa (the DP machine).

So - that gives us 6.5 offensive producers tonight.

Better hope the Demp is really on...

DeRosa batting 323/429/387 with RISP and 16 RBI's...hack!!!!

your also counting Dempster as a not automatic out...

DeRosa's stats during the last 10 days, .200/.319/.288 with RISP.

You're right abt. Demp.

3.5 Auto outs.


Fight the tendencies, CUBBIES!!

DeRosa: 7 for 33, 5RBI

Nice rally killing DP's.

He's in a funk now - and has admitted this on local radio.

I like him, but he is really a nice utility guy, imo.

Yes - I was pining for Brian Roberts.

Oh my, he's in a one week "slump", The sky is falling, the sky is falling!!!!!!

Small sample size + histrionics = sports blog. It's a simple equation, really.

The Cubs have lost three series in a row!! Fire sale!!

Getting ready to leave for the game... i happened to see Jacque Jones was cut by the Tigers...

jj - power = useless

the guy who hit 30+ doubles and 20+ homers is the only guy most teams should be interested in giving a shot.

that guy checked out last season.

amazing DET even wanted him.

wonder what happened to the power stroke...

Drug testing?

because he did have some gap power in the 2nd half last year. Though I think if Dombrowski knew he would get Miggy (In an interview he had with ESPN on a recent SNBB telecast he said he did not think he could afford it untol he got a green light from Ilitch) he would have not pursued Jones and just would have put Inge in LF.

and the soriano saga continues
dusty had nelfi
lou has sori
both blind to the reality of the situation
let give sori a raise maybe hes not happy with his salary

Bottom of the first -- ballgame over.

Good night eveybody!

Yes, ballgame over. Because no one comes back against the mighty '08 Redlegs.

Why does every Cub error automatically result in 2 or more runs for the other team?

Man, are they playing lousy baseball right now.

Because just like fukodome gave them life gives them cancer

Can anyone answer why Lou never gives Cedeno a start? This is getting ridiculous.

Is anyone else watching the MLB.TV feed with the Reds announcers? Is it just me, or are they complete assholes in the way they talk about the Cubs. Way more so than any other road team I've heard this year.

WISCGRAD - it's not just you. One guy went way overboard early in the game to note that although Pie doesn't have an error, that he's overthrown cut-off men repeatedly and is generally inaccurate with his throws. He went on to say that he hadn't seen Pie's throws in person -- based his comments on the scouting reports he was getting.

They both seemed very aggressive/hostile to say the least. The sweep by the Braves maybe put 'em over the edge.

Anything that is not WGN I have to watch on MLBTV, so I've heard some pure crap this year. But the Nationals announcers I thought were great, it was almost like watching a national TV game. The rest of the lot have been homers, but not derogatory towards the Cubs. These guys are bad.

literally one of the worst called games I've ever heard...

I believe they suggested that Soto is on 'roids, they definitely said that Soriano had "abysmal" numbers last year, also the Cubs were expecting Soriano to put up 40/40 every year (nevermind it's been done 4 times in the history of baseball and Felix Pie has had a terrible time throwing the ball this year. 

There were a few others...

yeah, they also fed right into your post above by saying that it was a great idea of Dusty to put Griffey second in the order because he gets on base.

Now the Cincy announcing crew is on a rant that Lou is a dottering idiot who takes too long to walk on the field and when he get's there, can't remember why the hell he went out there in the first place.

These guys need a hug from their mama's.

cubbery is giving up all runs as unearned and losing.

Huh. Makes you wonder if the Reds front office gave their broadcast crews an order to spark a rivalry with the Cubs this season. I guess if you can't do it on the field, you try to do it from the booth?

"out at home on a runner's fielder's choice"!???

almost wild pitch, I assume? Gah. How lame.

Yeah, that killed the inning/game right there. Replays showed he actually was safe, mainly because Cordero doesn't know how to make a tag, but he was "out" so to speak by 10 feet. You don't run on that one. Pinella looked pissed off, but undecided if he should yell at the ump or Fontenot. I think he gave a little bit to both.

Fontenot and Theriot are zero-sum players. the former more so than the latter, but still - for each solid play, there's a seemingly critical gaffe that hurts the team.

was AAAA mike wearing a reds uni tonight?

Every umpire in MLB just gives outs because the ball beats you there. I agree bad decision by Fontenot, but these damn umpires need to get their fat asses out in front of the play and make the right call.

How comforting to know that .500 is in our reach again.

Yes ROB G: for DeRosa right now, "The Sky IS falling!"

Too many utility players who are starters on this squad.


The way they are playing in this run, they will be lucky to win ONE game against the D-Backs this weekend.


"Too many utility players who are starters on this squad."

AMEN - has any GM in recent memory done less with more than jim hendry the past couple seasons?

Wait... so now DeRosa is a bad signing?

You have to be kidding me.

He is in a slump. ALL players go through slumps.

DeRosa is an average/above average 2nd baseman, which is all the Cubs needs. I swear... people around here want a superstar at every position.

this team has more bases loaded situations then any recent cubs team in memory. they just need to start getting some clutch hitting. these 3 run games suck, please more 9, 12, or 19 runs games.

This May is beginning to feel a lot like last May...

Seems like every Cub error leads to runs for the other team, and every botched baserunning move or bunt is followed by a hit or walk that would have led to a big inning.

Hmmmm...Maybe De-Ro can't play every single day. 0-3 with 3 K's, his average plummeting -- how about a couple of days off so Cedeno can play a bit?

Two tough Reds pitchers followed by 3 with the D-Backs -- ugh. Defense needs to tighten up, and the bats need to get going.

wouldve liked some hitting from kosuke, but cant rely on him (and geo) every damned day. derosas slump is starting to hurt though.

with woody blowing Zs win, a lot of our mojo seemed to change. now here we got dempster today at the same level as the rest of our "deep pitching".


now here we got dempster today at the same level as the rest of our "deep pitching".

Dempster gave up 4 hits and 1 walk in 6 innings. 2 of those 4 hits were infield hits. All five runs were unearned.

The Cubs have not had a complete and heathly line up since Mid-April.

And they are 4 games over .500, lets come off the ledge guys.

dempster is not a problem

this is his contract year i said when season started he will be
2nd in wins this year i think i predicted 15.

marquis and hill are the problems.
hill may get straightened in time
for second half.
marquis what you see is what he is.

i would like to see gallagher get a start
i also like the idea of stretching marshall out

and lou please start cedeno at third or second tonite.

It's hard not to be the ledge on though. We've seen the club piss away their lead in the division and it's undeniable that they are just playing bad baseball right now. I didn't expect them to keep up the 15-6 pace they started off at but I didn't think they'd play quite this badly.

And while the Hill demotion was probably warranted, it causes a ripple effect where we now need to stretch out Marshall and hope when/if he gets re-inserted into the rotation he can provide some effective innings.

I never thought I'd be saying this but RonCe does deserve more playing time. There's no reason for Fontenot to be out there. Surely we have better options on the farm? And I really think we'll still rue not getting B. Roberts from the O's. All the more reason to give RonCe more playing time.

Yeah, they pissed away that whopping lead already.

No question they're playing poorly, but come on.

RonCe = worst player nickname yet? Far as "no reason" to play Fontenot, entering last night he was something like 6 for his last 10 with seven RBIs.

Mark my words:
Lou's unwavering desire for more lefthandedness in the lineup at the expense of better players (hence why Fontenot keeps playing over Ronny) will turn the fans against him just as Dusty's manlove for Neifi/terrible vets turned the fans against him.

If the Cubs keep losing, that is.

concur 100%

who was supposed to play besides neifi?

the answer to that shows a very very sad state of the team.

about all anyone's got is a couple months of theriot before he actually started playing him.

he's the guy who gave cedeno his shot...and that was ill advised, but once again...who was supposed to play?

Play Neifi, but don't bat him second because "he's a good contact guy". A good contact guy with one of the worst OBP's in the league.

I don't like Soriano leadng off, either, but at least Lou's argument -- he's been productive there his whole career -- shows some evidence of thought.

Can someone please explain to me how Dunn's HR was not listed as an earned run to Dumpster? I can understand the RBIs Dunn got being unearned, but the HR not counting against the pitcher astounds me.

If the inning should have been over (i.e. he already retired three batters but one reached on an error) then all runs after are unearned. The logic is that you shouldn't be forced by your fielders to get 4-5 outs an inning.

So any error that happens with 2 outs will result in the rest of the inning being free of earned runs?

Yep. The pitcher "should have" been out of the inning, so none of the runs are his "fault", for ERA purposes. So, if there is an error with 2 outs, and the pitcher then gives up six rudns after that in the inning, they are all unearned, because the batters should never have batted in the first place.

Will all of this RonCe love continue if/when he doesn't play out of his mind the way he is now? The clamoring for him is a little funny.

The clamoring has something to do with Lou's philosophy of "if you hit, you play." If Ronny plays near his potential, he's a better player than Theriot and maybe better than DeRo. He's got more pop than Theriot, more speed than DeRo, and can put the bat on the ball. If he continues to mature as a hitter (improved plate discipline) and can commit fewer errors at SS than he did in 2006, he's a good middle infielder. Of course, you also have to worry about how terribly he did in 2006 and the fact that his minor league career has consisted of a few very good years and a lot of pretty weak years.

I hear you about RonCe (I'm warming to this, oddly), but I just find it amusing that he's now a favorite (don't worry, Dave, I know you've always liked him, especially compared to The Riot) based on a hot start, one that he's more than likely not going to maintain.

That said, I have no problem giving him ABs that are going to Fontenot, but one could argue (I'm not) that Fontenot has been of the "if you hit, you play" variety entering last night.

Anyone who plays well easily becomes a favorite. People like success.

If you compare the numbers for the year, Ronny beats out Fontenot by a long shot, as well as many of our everyday players. If you looked at Fontenot's ABs in the games leading up to last night's, he looks like a very good option. I think what most people wonder is why Ronny hasn't gotten some playing time considering how well he has hit over the beginning of the season. Sure, limited ABs aren't necessarily going to help you take away Soriano's starting job, but they should help you get playing time when A-Ram goes down with an injury, Theriot and Fontenot make baserunning mistakes, and Pie gets benched.

And I don't think anyone expects Cedeno to maintain a .390 batting average, but if he continues his plate discipline he's got a real shot at .300 and 15 homeruns in a year. His big weakness at the plate has always been poor plate discipline.

It'd also be nice if Cedeno learned to effectively steal a base, since I really do believe the only guy on the team he can't beat in a foot race is Pie.

Agreed. Of course he won't maintain his ridiculously hot start, but why not play him while he's hot? And 2008 Ronny Cedeno just looks like a new version. He no longer looks lost at the plate, he's more patient, he fouls off tough pitches rather than whiffing. I don't know, I just don't see any upside to Fontenot and I do see an upside to Cedeno.

Hence the nickname given to him at the "other" blog is "ONEDEC", as in, "he turned it around..."

For all you Cubs fans i have several Photos of Wrigley Field that I have taken over the years as a professional photographer. Hope you enjoy!

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  • Great article on Yosh and Nobe. Thanks for including it Trans.

    Hagsag 11 min 26 sec ago view
  • Phil, it looks like Kevonte Mitchell has made some progress this Spring. Your thoughts please, thanks.

    Hagsag 16 min 21 sec ago view
  • so far ryan williams (AAA) is the only system prospect on the "could be ready soon" horizon doing well...that said, he's not very exciting and he's assumed to be an end-rotation talent at best.

    paul blackburn is getting great early returns in AA, but he's getting surprisingly low K numbers doing it. he throws lot of low/sinking stuff with good control...also assumed to be an end-rotation guy, but he's got room to be better, especially given his control as base to build on.

    crunch 5 hours 32 min ago view
  • Speaking of pitching -- another ugly outing for Underwood at AA. Through 6 starts: 5.19 ERA, WHIP 1.69. Yikes!

    Man, do we need starting pitching depth. Our best hopes are still hanging with AZ Phil in Arizona. Very scary.

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  • jeebus... that's terrible.

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  • *clap* *clap* *clap*

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  • Thanks AZ. If you like him, I like him.

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  • Awesome report, and good to see Beeler on his way back.

    I'm also very happy to hear about the bi-level bump for Daniel Lewis. In the Name of Theo, he was the Last of the Full-Season Cuts, and There Will Be Blood for those who unnecessarily slow his development. Sure, he might end up in independent ball pitching for Lincoln. But if everything breaks right, he may even have a shot at joining up with the Gangs of Chicago. I wouldn't bet My Left Foot on it, though.

    John Beasley 10 hours 53 min ago view
  • CHARLIE: The Cubs did the same thing with LHSP Eric Jokisch last month, and it has nothing to do with needing the player's 40-man roster slot. 

    The hope is that another MLB club will claim the player, so that you aren't on the hook for any termination pay (which you would be if you release him) AND you pick up $20,000 from the claiming team, all for a guy you don't want going forward anyway.  

    Arizona Phil 10 hours 56 min ago view
  • Moosetacos, I like it. All I can think of is a bearded lumberjack dude operating a Mexican style taco truck with a Canadian accent.

    Sonicwind75 11 hours 31 min ago view
  • How strange is this for May? Is it insignificant, or does it suggest some sort of trade might be in the works?

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  • The Cubs have sent LHRP C. J. Riefenhauser outright to Iowa. 

    Cubs MLB 40-man roster now stands at 37 (three slots open). 

    Arizona Phil 12 hours 20 min ago view
  • yow...the a.gordon/m.moustakas collision now makes the schwarb collision look minor in scope.

    gordon broke his wrist, expected to miss 4+ weeks...and today moosetacos has been diagnosed with a torn ACL. fun times in KC.

    crunch 13 hours 53 min ago view
  • dodgers calling up julio urias for tommorow's game. neat.

    fernando-mania might have a new heir...dude is 19 (turns 20 in august) and he's got a legit argument for being MLB-ready.

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  • jacos 16 hours 4 min ago view
  • Happ was the #9 pick last year, and he moved from OF to 2B in the same offseason that Castro was traded.

    Gleyber also in the picture at second.

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