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SP Carlos Zambrano SP Aaron Harang
  4-1, 2.11, 35 K, 11 BB
1-4, 2.98, 41 K, 11 BB
LF Alfonso Soriano CF Ryan Freel
SS Ryan Theriot RF *Ken Griffey Jr.
1B Derrek Lee 2B Brandon Phillips
3B Aramis Ramirez 1B *Joey Votto
RF *Kosuke Fukudome 3B Edwin Encarnacion
C Geovany Soto LF *Adam Dunn
2B Ronny Cedeño SS Jeff Keppinger
CF *Felix Pie C *Paul Bako
P #Carlos Zambrano P Aaron Harang




Aramis Ramirez returns to the Cub lineup, and Ronny Cedeño gets a start at second base.

In the pitching matchup, Carlos Zambrano, who was one horrendous Kerry Wood inning away from winning his fifth game of the season last time out against Milwaukee, goes up against curveball-flingin' Aaron Harang, Zambrano beat the Reds in the middle contest of their three-game visit to Wrigley Field a few weeks back; Harang started the series opener and got smacked around (6 IP, 8 H, 5 ER) en route to a 9-5 Cubs win.

"Cubs win"...those are two words that haven't been used very often around here lately.

Other Tuesday notes:

— Today is the 10th anniversary of Wood's 20-strikeout game against the Astros

— Geovany Soto is coming off a single-double-homer hitting performance Monday night, the third time this season he has come up just a triple short of the cycle; I don't know what he's waiting for.

— Felix Pie's homer-robbing catch off Ken Griffey was Monday's Play of the Day on ESPN, but it was Adam Dunn's 750-foot homer against Ryan Dempster that got John Kruk to giggling.

— reports that "the visiting clubhouse at Great American Ball Park has been
redecorated, partly because of the mess the Cubs made last September
when they celebrated clinching the NL Central there." I wonder if Marty Brennaman was required to shampoo all the champagne stains out of the carpet and that's why he and his kid have become so insufferable where the Cubs are concerned.



who the hell is ronnie cedeno?

FYI, heard Lou in the pre-game.

"tonight, I gotta put people out there who can catch the ball, Cory."

He was pretty disgusted with how poor defensively the team is playing. Truly thought it was a team strength. Provis asked is, "fielding contagious?" and Lou responded that in his view it is an individual thing - whereas hitting tend to go in streaks. Really thought the team post good start would hover at the .500 mark in subsequent games played - not what they have been doing.

Mentioned Fonty needed to have gotten the sure out in his boot, and then thought about a DP, "He may be trying too hard..."

Such a difference in how he handles things, than Dusty.

people who can catch...soriano night off?

har har...sigh...

he needs to get back on track...badly.

and speaking of handling things different than dusty...seen the leadoff hitter lately?


and putting cedeno in a game after letting him rot for weeks after a hot start is worthy of applause and a great move?


i see other things than you're seeing outta that situation.

Yeah, right CRUNCH. Cedeno with a 2-out 2rbi hit!

You're a real genius CRUNCH. Lou is an imbicile! You should go manage the team! LOL!!

...and an error.

my point wasnt to demonize was to say all this managerial stuff is played out for heros and bums.

btw, i have no idea how you got to the cedeno conclusion. if he's so great why's he been rotting on the bench? that was more akin to my point.

kinda rips the heart outta your insult, i'll leave that one alone besides to say i guess i should manage. thanks.

Santo should have called in sick. I can't stand to listen to him tonight.

Santo sounded like a dying toad.

Love the Cedeno play, just came about a week too late. We have to keep Soto 5th.


Adding to our thread on Thom. Here was a nice gem from tonight's game:

TB: "I don't know if it is sentiment or lunacy, but many experts have picked the Cubs to reach the World Series this year."

You stay classy Thom...

start ronnie, good things happen

Do you think Thom's a little bitter?

Nothing tastier than a victory taco.


Gavin Floyd with his second "hmm-hmm" bid of the season. This is pretty much the only time you'll ever see me pleasantly tune into a White Sox broadcast with Hawk and DJ.

Though, I abide by the "you can put it on mute, YEEES!" rule, so it's all good.

1) Since his absolutely horrendous start, salary valedictorian Alfonso Soriano has hit safely in 12 of his last 13 games, raising his batting average 145 points from a respectable .045 to a scorching .190.

Give the man a raise!

2) Felix Pie goes 1 for 4 and actually raises his average.

Who says being roomates doesn't have it's advantages?

Nice edit ;)

Yeah, I love that new edit function. Makes the pain of leaving MVN a lot easier to bear.

Gavid Floyd just lost it. Mauer with a slicing fly ball just past Quentin. Good job, Hawk!

Sigh. The kid looked all giddy even after he lost it. Nice game!

lets win a series now

If Hendry could somehow pull the wool over the Pirates' eyes again, Nate McLouth would look real nice in CF.

I was thinking the same thing when they announced he had hit a homer.

I missed an entire three dayz of Cub games because I was out of the country - in Euro no less. And then I come back to internets, and beer, and a lawn that needs mowing. And the Cubs finally winning again. London Times relaying very unfriendly messages, but it's so f'ing good to be home.

I will return to this space with coherence, I promise.

I literally want to cry when I see those highlights.

I wish they had they had Pitch F/X for that list pitch to Derrek Bell. I want to know the break on that pitch.

gotta love the mark grace quote on the incident...

"He was electric. He's too young and stupid to understand what he just did. He's just a baby. He's only 20, for crying out loud."

Kevin fuckin' Orie - should've been a no-hitter.

Brewers have lost 4 straight since their uplifting gift from the Cubs.

Baseball. Go figure.

The Cubs are very sensitive about that. They like to make you look good even if you aren't.

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  • If you look at the FIP and xFIP numbers, the Hendricks vs. Ross matchup doesn't look so bad for the Cubs.

  • Yeah, Baez got Maddon wanting that D.

  • That is a fair point. Man this team has crazy depth.

  • 26-0

    Da Cubs

  • Man, with a 20-6 record, it doesn't seem right to complain about any aspect of this team. What are you expecting? A 26-0 record? I'm not saying that the Cubs are above critique, but I am saying any problems that might exist don't appear to be a major hindrance at the moment. To quote a great philosopher "numbers don't lie, check the scoreboard."

  • I also recall Joe talking about he liked the way Hendricks matches up on paper against Washington. Assuming it was Joe's doing his Jedi mind tricks thing.

  • Sergio Mitre??!! LOVE IT!


  • Imagine if Lester would just pitch nine innings every start.

  • Now that's funny coming from the board martyr.

    You made a comment about Lester not pitching deep enough into games, Rob and others dispute it, and then it devolves into more of you acting like you're being unfairly singled out.

    Classic Crunch.

  • "Therefore, the Cubs have not had ONE pitcher in the last five years that is a TOR starter waiting in the wings ..."

    It's a little scary, especially when you look over at the Mets, the one team around the league that worries me, maybe because I have clear recollections of 1969.

    Actually, the only Cub draftee since 2012 when McLeod and the new FO took over the draft who has thrown a pitch in the majors is Zack Godley. So it's not just TOR starters that we're not seeing.

  • We've got a David-Goliath type situation tonight, but you never know. In matchups like this, I always remember that Sergio Mitre v. Roy Halladay game the Cubs won at home several years ago.

  • I am going tonight, so I am not ok with that.

    But, maybe Hendrix will give his patented solid 5 before Richard or Wood comes in...

    One can hope.

  • if you save the lumber from your constant trips to the cross you can build your very own safe space to view my posts.

  • @billybucks you speak the truth and it's precisely what me and others have been saying for over a year. It's an unfortunate hitch in his game, one that seems correctable, but so far has not been corrected. Also a hitch that is going over 3 seasons now and no one has been able to truly exploit in any meaningful way (except sort of the Royals in that Wild Card game although they stole plenty of bases off the other pitchers in that game and the rest of the playoff teams the rest of that run).

  • AZBOBBOP: Nothing new on Oscar de la Cruz. Still shut down with elbow issues.