Cubs Hits Of The Week (5/12 Through 5/18)

The five hits that did the most to enhance the Cubs' chance of winning during a week that can only be described as Sorianolicious, as measured by FanGraphs' Win Probability Added (WPA):

#5 Big Hit: Wednesday, v. the Padres, 7th inning — The Cubs had knocked Jake Peavy from the game and taken a 4-0 lead before the Padres drew to within a run, thanks to a 3-spot in the top of the fifth. Geovany Soto then smashed a Wil Ledezma pitch for a two-run homer to give the Cubs some breathing room. WPA .143

#4 Big Hit: Wednesday, v. the Padres, 2nd inning — After connecting for a lead-off homer in the bottom of the first, Alfonso Soriano (you're going to be seeing that name a lot on this list) strokes a two-out, two-run single against Peavy that puts the Cubs up 3-0. WPA .153

#3 Big Hit:
Saturday, v. the Pirates, 2nd inning — The second hit in Soriano's five-hit afternoon was this RBI single that scored Mark DeRosa and, after Jason Bay misplayed the ball, Reed Johnson came home as well, putting the Cubs up, 3-1. WPA .190

#2 Big Hit:
Monday, v. the Padres, 5th inning — Fonsie belts a two-run homer off of Randy Wolf to get the Cubs in front, 3-2, on the way to a 12-3 victory. WPA .199

#1 Big Hit:
Saturday, v. the Pirates, 7th inning — Soriano contributes his 4th hit and second home run of the afternoon at the expense of Tyler Yates, a rocket into the leftfield bleachers that leaves the Cubs and Pirates tied at 5-5. WPA .232

Between Monday, 5/12 and Sunday, 5/18, Soriano went 16-for-31 with 7 HR and 14 RBI.

Everyone on the Cubs Hits Of The Week staff would like to officially register their awe.


Speaking of hits of the week... Soriano was named NL Player of the Week. Certainly deserving and certainly no surprise. Now, Sori, let's play two (weeks) !

Forecast: Fukky rules this list next week.

I imagine he will see the LF porch in Houston and start drooling.

Seems made to order for his LF power.

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  • One thing to remember about Chapman -- he can be magic, but his ERA is higher than Rondon's this year. 100+ mph is fun, but I'd love to see a few more sliders. I think he enjoys the crowd reaction from 103 mph.

    billybucks 1 min 13 sec ago view
  • "Diamondbacks designated RHP Josh Collmenter for assignment."

    aww...he was my 2nd favorite crapballer. his control issues are rather severe at the moment.

    crunch 6 min 2 sec ago view
  • haha

    crunch 26 min 42 sec ago view
  • Wow -- Chapman gives up a hit and everything completely caves in. I think the Cubs went into collective shock.

    Stolen base with the pitcher holding the ball, WP that should have been caught or blocked, then Russell with a 2-out error on a routine play. Cubs handed them 2 runs. Throw in a Fowler bobble and it was a mess.

    Hopefully, that is all out of their system now -- let's get a W tomorrow.

    billybucks 1 hour 35 min ago view
  • First time I've ever seen a base running slump -- he's made some poor decisions recently, but I thought it was a great idea to try to score there -- it's not like Heyward was going to get a 2-out hit against a LHP. Sliding feet-first into home is probably the safe (ugh) way to go, but it's hard to get the foot on the plate.

    billybucks 1 hour 36 min ago view
  • Yup. He got squeezed (twice) on the first walk, but, when you have one-run lead and the other team is trying to make an out -- take the out.

    billybucks 1 hour 52 min ago view
  • Wasn't fun!

    Brick 1 hour 56 min ago view
  • Clearly the Cubs need to clear out the farm and trade for another closer

    Where's Ed Lynch when you need him?

    Eric S 1 hour 58 min ago view
  • Those were more entertaining times.

    Charlie 2 hours 5 min ago view
  • I wonder if there's an actual cause to this because they were going up hacking at everything. Wonder if scoring a bunch of runs makes you feel like you.can swing at anything and hit it.

    johann 2 hours 12 min ago view
  • That second walk he gave Up was awful though with no pitches even close to being a strike. He was trying to pitch around bunt and that almost never works. That said Rondon should have been brought in after the first walk and should have been left in to finish the inning because he was looking like he had good stuff.

    johann 2 hours 26 min ago view
  • Remember when Bryant used to be able to run the bases with impunity?

    CTSteve 2 hours 28 min ago view
  • And Miggy costs them another run

    Eric S 2 hours 35 min ago view
  • torres would easily be the system's #1 prospect. he's a middle IF'r that's showing he can stick there even as he's gaining bulk/muscle so far. that said, it's not like the distance between torres and jimenez is's torres's position value that would vault him in prospect status.

    jimenez has the higher ceiling just isolating the bat aspect of his game.

    it would suck to lose either, but torres is a very popular/valuable piece.

    crunch 2 hours 35 min ago view
  • Arrieta in line to lose the game too

    Cruel game

    Eric S 2 hours 36 min ago view
  • ...and chapman fails us. gives up the lead. boo.

    crunch 2 hours 38 min ago view