The Best of MLB Player Photos

Last week, I came across Sean Gallagher's goofy photo from an preview, and then some readers submitted their best finds in the comments.

So I figured I might as well do it right and went through each teams Yahoo roster page and pulled the best of the best. Amusingly, Gallagher cleans up just fine in his Yahoo photo.

So, a little off-day fun and eternal Internet fame and glory if you can name each player without looking them up.


FYI, I mostly picked the goofy looks...there's a post somewhere for just the real ugly dudes.

Mike Lowell is burning a hole in my soul.

Yow! Lowell looks like he's ready to audition for the role of Jafar in a live action version of Aladdin. FWIW, you'd look like that, too, if you had Gilbert Gottfried talking in your ear all the time.

/just sayin'

Are these MLB photos or mug shots?

IF Gallagher could only pitch as good as he looks...

Lowell looks sad. Maybe Cody Ross can cheer him up.

And re: Chris Duncan... Good for him weed isn't considered a performance enhancing drug.

Look-a-like match

Obivously you have not seen Tom Gorzalany's picture.

Maholm is clearly a changeling from ST:DS9. Curse you, Rob, for causing me to think of that show.

Marquis looks like a child molester...

Funny. I always considered him more of a quality start molester.

Hunter Pence

The Braves all look inbred.

and my cup runneth over. LOL nice work, Rob.

You've got the wrong pic up for Lowell.