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SP Jason Marquis SP *Phil Dumatrait
  2-3, 4.96, 27 K, 17 BB, 45.1 IP
1-2, 4.39, 28 K, 25 BB, 41 IP
LF Alfonso Soriano 2B Freddy Sanchez
SS Ryan Theriot SS Luis Rivas
1B Derrek Lee CF *Nate McLouth
3B Aramis Ramirez LF Jason Bay
C Geovany Soto 1B *Adam LaRoche
RF *Kosuke Fukudome RF Jason Michaels
2B Mark DeRosa 3B Jose Bautista
CF Reed Johnson C Raul Chavez
P *Jason Marquis P Phil Dumatrait












His leg doesn't hurt. His leg doesn't hurt. His leg doesn't hurt. Just keep repeating it to yourself as you watch Alfonso Soriano run the bases and man leftfield tonight. The guy says his leg is fine despite what your eyes and the television cameras may tell you.

Fukudome returns to the lineup after a night off, though he will be hitting in the six hole, the lowest spot in the order the outfielder has occupied in his brief Cub career. The Pirates do a little lineup-juggling as well, giving Luis Rivas a start at shortstop and batting the .212 hitter second, and moving Nate McLouth down to the third spot, where his big bat could do more damage. That is, if Luis Rivas wasn't batting right in front of him.

Tonight's pitching matchup is a replay of last Sunday's, in which Marquis, whose two wins this year have both come against Pittsburgh, allowed three runs (two earned) over six innings. Dumatrait couldn't make it past the fifth inning, having issued seven walks and allowed just enough runs to lose, 4-3.


Thanks Kerry for burning out our bullpen.

Just frustrated with another hit lead-off batter biting us.

What a poorly played ballgame.


well that sucked.

Yeah, they pissed that one away. And why pitch to Bay there?

and I'm not happy about the Piniella brain cramp of double switching with Blanco for DLee, had a feeling that would bite em in the ass...why not sacrifice the earlier inning with a pitcher batting (Wuertz batted in the 14th anyway) and why take a HR threat out of the game in extra innings

I know its 'only' been 3 times with the HBP to lead off the inning..but it almost seems like a mental thing...hopefully that can be the last one. Very strange. Good news is that Capps should be unavailable for them tomorrow. That guy owns us.

Ok, so Wood with 4 blown saves now? Excellent, thank god for the switch.

i would love to see the text question of the day for today be:
"which play was most responsible for turning friday night's champs into saturday night's chumps:"
a. derosa can't get a ball in play with the bases loaded
b. soriano gets picked off 2nd base
c. wood hits his first batter (again)
d. theriot can't remember which first baseman he is throwing to.
e. lou outsmarts himself with 1 too many double switches

the beauty of all this is that lots of knuckle-headedness gets spent in only 1 game. and they play again today with a fresh start (albeit not a fresh bullpen) against a team they have had in a choke-hold all season.

i think my vote would be "b". maybe. i think.

I think I would vote "E," mainly because of Lou's comments on not taking Soriano out for a defensive replacement: "You just don't do it!"

Lee is exceedingly more important to our lineup than Soriano, and replacing Lee for Hank White, even for an inning, in anything but a laugher is just plain wrong.

A Jones out for the Dodgers 4-6 weeks to get his knee scoped...that's money well spent (Ned Coletti, master of the 3/44). We play the Dodgers starting monday.

I'd have to agree, the DLee double switch hurt us the most. Lee makes that pick in the 14th with no problem and the Pirates don't score. Not to mention his bat....

Another big one--Blanco not getting a good bunt down, but that's not entirely his fault because I would have to believe he's just not a very skilled bunter.

I tend to think that Fonzi's mental cramp on 2nd base was the worst gaffe of the evening (he almost made a worse one the night before). Granted, their catcher made a hell of a throw, but you just don't get thrown out in that situation. We have some disturbing tendencies on the basepaths, don't know what the problem is. You look at the replay, and the ump was already predisposed to call him out on that play, his arm was cocked way back before the throw even made it out there.

and it's not popular to be critical of Theriot these days but can someone tell him to please stop gettiing thrown out stealing? 8 CS vs 9 steals is really bad.

Yeah, but to his credit, the one last night was not his fault. He wasn't getting a good lead off of the lefty and would have never attempted that on his own. Full-count and the manager tells him to run. Ramirez needs to take ball four or hit that one, once he swings and misses it's an easy DP.

I also agree about Theriot's baserunning inefficiency this year - last night wasn't his fault, but that's a terrible percentage for success. Either he's telegraphing his move to 2B, or he's not as fast as we believe. Brenly and Kasper mentioned a Pirate last night who's something like 7 for 7 on the year so far, after he'd just stolen a base on Marmol. That sounds like a player who knows how to pick his spots.

yes, that was also Jason Bay (one man Cub killer) in the 8th. Walked, stole 2nd...then Zeus regained the strike zone and the icewater in his circulatory system.

also on the telecast Brenly was vehement about walking Bay in the 14th to load the bases, saying Bay wasn't hot the first trip to Pittsburgh but was way too hot to risk the game in that spot. LaRoche was next, but I suspect Lou didn't have confidence that Wuertz in that situation with the bases loaded would be able to throw enough that was Piniella's choice. It's only second guessing at this point (except for Brenly, who was first guessing).

wrong thread

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  • @billybucks you speak the truth and it's precisely what me and others have been saying for over a year. It's an unfortunate hitch in his game, one that seems correctable, but so far has not been corrected. Also a hitch that is going over 3 seasons now and no one has been able to truly exploit in any meaningful way (except sort of the Royals in that Wild Card game although they stole plenty of bases off the other pitchers in that game and the rest of the playoff teams the rest of that run).

  • AZBOBBOP: Nothing new on Oscar de la Cruz. Still shut down with elbow issues.

  • I nominate Sean Rodriguez.

  • who's this guy being all reasonable and stuff?

    pick someone on the board who's literally worse than hitler and start screaming about it. cubs 2016!

  • It's not pathetic -- it's what we've been waiting for!

  • Yikes -- I was off the site for a short while and it blew up.

    Gentlemen -- it is apparent that Lester has a weakness in his game. Everybody knows about it. He has, apparently, tried to work on it, but without success. Fortunately, he is talented enough that he is able to largely overcome his shortcoming.

    I am amazed that other teams don't try to bunt on him, but, as has been said, bunting is not a skill many players have.

  • Interesting that Hendricks is going tomorrow -- so, he wasn't really "skipped", just moved back a few days so Jake and Lester could deal against the Pirates. I'm OK with that.

  • PHIL: Thanks for your updates.

    One thing that we are seeing come to bear is that Theo's obvious strategy has been to stockpile young, power arms in the lower levels while owning bats that are much nearer to MLB ready - then, buying the arms the org needs in order to be highly competitive.

  • It's fun to watch the cards shit the bed anytime of the year

  • I really thought he would be the one getting the call-up. This must be a favor to the player from Theo.

  • I'm already scoreboard watching and it's only the start of May. How pathetic is that?

  • Glad to see Hudson having another good outing. He is so impressive for an 18/yo. Surprised to see Shane V. still there. I thought he would be gone this week. I can picture today. Thanks Phil!

  • stats don't lie. *nods*

  • 2016 Cubs are 0-1 on day after Trans recaps, 20-5 in other games. I enjoy his recaps, but there is a price to pay.

  • He's the Albert Pujols of recaps and has gotten a huge contract based on past performance. He doesn't need to do anything the rest of his days and he'll still get love.