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SP Aaron Cook SP *Ted Lilly
  7-3, 2.82, 35 K, 22 BB, 76.2 IP
5-4, 5.23, 58 K, 21 BB, 62 IP
CF Willy Taveras LF Alfonso Soriano
RF #Jonathan Herrera 2B *Mike Fontenot
LF Ryan Spilborghs 1B Derrek Lee
3B Garrett Atkins C Geovany Soto
1B *Todd Helton RF *Kosuke Fukudome
C Chris Iannetta CF *Jim Edmonds
RF Jeff Baker 3B Mark DeRosa
SS *Omar Quintanilla SS Ronny Cedeño
P Aaron Cook P *Ted Lilly














With rain falling and plenty of those intimidating orange and red spots on the weather radar, we could well be looking at a rainout. That being the case, I'm going to save all of my good Omar Quintanilla material for another occasion.

This is the Rockies' only visit to Wrigley this season, and the Cubs have already made the trip to Denver, so a washout would presumably create a doubleheader. I imagine Saturday would be the DH day, so as not to complicate the teams' travel plans. (The Rockies play in Los Angeles Monday night, while the Cubs will be in San Diego.)

IF the game is played, the team with MLB's best record (Cubs at 33-21, .611) will be matched with one of the teams carrying MLB's worst record: the Rox and Seattle are both 20-34, .370.

Aaron Cook, who was very tough on the Cubs in an April start at Coors (8 IP, 4 H, 2 ER) is scheduled to make his first-ever appearance at Wrigley Field. Scheduled Cubs starter Ted Lilly, who beat Colorado twice in '07, walked away from his last start, at Pittsburgh on Sunday, with an ND. He was tagged for 10 H and 4 ER in 6 innings.

Today's random positive thought: while the Cubs have won 33 games, they're actually underperforming against their Pythagorean record, which, thanks to the team's +88 run differential (far and away, the best in MLB), is 35-19. The Cardinals are 2 wins better than projected; the Astros are one better.

Today's random negative thought: the Cubs are hardly the first professional
sports team to attach some sort of cheerleading anthem to the at-game
experience, but I'll bet they ARE the first professional sports team to
feature an anthem that is, in fact, an extended jingle on behalf of the
television station that broadcasts their games. (From Go Cubs Go:
" can catch it all on WGN.")

Embarrassing isn't the word. I'll bet even as the late, great Steve Goodman, a huge Cubs fan, is enjoying each of these home victories from his La-Z-Boy in the Great Beyond, he's also thinking about how he might contact his agent so he can pull the usage rights to the song.


weather threatens but i don't see umbrellas ella, ella, eh, eh, eh.

Radar look to me like it improves quite a bit in about an hour from now. I hope so. It would be nice to avoid a DH....

Rob G... if the Cub's keep doing what they're doing, I don't care what music they play after the game.

Go-Go Gadget Field Drainage!

I have to say, I'm against the win jingle. Mostly it's just a really annoying song. Isn't flying the blue W enough to celebrate the win?

I really liked a few years ago when they played "do a li'l dance, make a li'l love, get down tonight" at the ballpark after Cubs wins. Party song, perfectly reflected the mood after a win, and wasn't cheesy like "Go Cubs Go".

I was at the game about a depressed crowd after a few innings. I think people were actively tuning the game out. Certainly, no one expected a comeback...but the place went nuts even after we got to 9-6 because that's when everyone realized hey, wait a minute, this could actually happen.

Unbelievable. Second time I've seen a great comeback vs. the Rockies at home--first one was the Tulowitzki game last year when we won it in, I think, 10 innings after Tulo put them ahead late.

"Embarrassing isn't the word. I'll bet even as the late, great Steve Goodman, a huge Cubs fan, is enjoying each of these home victories from his La-Z-Boy in the Great Beyond, he's also thinking about how he might contact his agent so he can pull the usage rights to the song."

I think quite the opposite there Rob. I think it's why he wrote the song. Not exactly to advertise WGN but as a Cub anthem. I'll bet he's proud.

I personally think the song is LAME!

When the Yanks win they play Sinatra. Now that is something.

Sinatra makes sense in New York and crappy music makes sense in the midwest. I see no problem with it. It adds to that drunken party atmosphere.

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 I couldn't agree more with Chad and Ryno.

Lame, misguided post, my man. Get a clue.

i still blame you

Yes! More boobs!

What happens to probable starters if today gets rained out? I'm going to Sunday's game, and I have to admit, I'd prefer to see the Rusch v. Demp matchup.

A rainout sounds like a good idea about now. Way to throw the game away in the first inning Lily.

Clearly Lilly was mentally invested in a rainout.

Clearly, he thought he was pitching batting practice.

Silver lining:

Jimmy E gets a couple of knocks and his first Cub HR. Maybe there is a little life left in him and this just kick-started it.

WTF???? Cubs lead 10-9?!

Gotta Love Manny Corpas....

Does this game remind anyone of the game vs. the Astros on 8/29/89? see

Only that one started with a 9-0 Astros lead and the Cubs won 10-9 in 10 innings. This one starts off 9-1. 'Course we're only in the 7th inning here.

I remember, Dwight Smith got game winning hit.

Today's game-


I remember that one too. I was visiting relatives as a kid that day so I remember watching the first part at home, listening to the beginnings of the comeback on the radio in the car, and watching the end at my grandmas. There is also a segment about that game on the Boys of Zimmer VHS (which I still watch once every spring)

Ah, it's not that bad an anthem, as far as those things go. Have you ever heard the Diamondback's incredibly annoying rattle that's blasted through the loudspeakers whenever they get a rally going? I'm old enough to remember when they used to play the "Hey, Hey, Holy Cow, No Doubt About It," song - now THAT became really annoying and lame after a few years.

Anyone remember back in '84, when we had the Van Halen song "Jump" to get up for? That was OK, but then VF sued over the copywright issue, and that was that. I blame Diamond Dave - farkin' douchebag.

Holy balls!

Thank God it didn't rain :-)

This game was never in doubt.

Cardinals optioned Chris Duncan today...

Pat: This is the type of game that if you are 10 years old and you were here, you'll still remember this game when you are 40.

Ron: But not at 68 you won't...

I can't help but laugh at everything right now.


Signed up just to say that!
CUBS WIN!!!!! Enjoy it people!

DeRosa on XM with Kennedy & Dibbs.

Said Blanco's HR was the big hit to all of them in the dugout.

Also said "they all" wish Marmol could pitch every day, but they know his arm would fall off...

Everyone seems to know that but Lou.

Holy Cow. I gave up on the game after Z pinch hit for Lilly in the 3rd, went out to do some yard work, came back in, and the Cubs had won 10-9! When Jim Edmonds and Henry Blanco homer for your team in the game, you'd better win. Way to make up for some really awful starting pitching. Maybe this is payback for when the Cards ran off with the division in 2004 riding the backs of a starting rotation that included Marquis and Suppan.

Speaking of the Cardinals... despite how well the Cubs have been playing, the Cards are only 2 games out. They're like toenail fungus.

The Cards are indeed like toenail fungus.

Toenail fungus is NOT amused at the unfavorable comparison.

IIRC, the song was a promo for WGN radio, hence the namedropping. Not bad, considering. I've heard worse.

Like any football team's anthem.

"Way to throw the game away, Lilly."

Gotta love the optimism. (Of course, being a lifelong Cubs fan, I get it.)

Even Edmonds contributed!

Reminds me of way back in the 1989 season, Cubs come back from 9-0 to beat the Astros 10-9 in 10 innings:

Key hit: 10th inning single by Dwight Smith.

Smith and Walton were the last Cub Rookies to be #1 and #2 in ROY voting.....are Soto/Fuku next?

Let's hope we fair a little better in the playoffs.

Boy, am I enjoying eating my words about Lilly throwing the game away. He tried his best, but I should have known better than to rush my judgment with the wind blowing out to centerfield at Wrigley.


Cubs win!!

What a comeback! Is this team fun right now or what?? This is the best I can ever remember seeing the Cubs play for a two month stretch.

Well, that comment sure was "68"

The Cubs had a similar record over June and July last year. You can look it up.

Right, because after today's amazing come from behind victory, my comment was only referring to the team's record.

Please do me a favor and do not reply to my comments in the future. Do not address me. Do not even think about me. Good bye.

Thank you.

thank you, lieber.
thank you, micah h.
thank you, hank white.
thank you, edmonds.
thank you, carlos.
and thank you, tom skilling; the cubs mvp today was that ssw wind.

any thoughts on how the cubs plan to top this on saturday?
my vote is for a 94 pitch complete game shutout by dempster. the pen needs a break.

is about the only way to top today. If his split is working right he could do it as he could rack up double-digit K's and get plenty of easy grounders.

sorry for double posting. even computer is amped up.

let's just say this 2nd post was "wind-aided"

I'm helping my friend clean up his basement from a flood and I turn on the game. Crap, the Rockies are up 9-1. Ah well.

I get home four hours later, and my neighbor asks me if I saw the comeback.

Time to set the DVR for the replay!

The team that refuses to lose.

In the Dopey Me category: on my fantasy team today, I started Aaron Cook and sat Chris Iannetta. DOH! But the hell with it -- as long as the Cubs win, I really don't care. (At least I don't have Manny Corpas.)

Meanwhile, all this winning has softened me toward "Go Cubs Go," which I still think is pretty simpy but I can put up with it. Overall, though, I long for the day that some responsible person takes over the DJ duties at Wrigley. Mr. Whipple, I'm looking at you. (I would also humbly offer my own consulting services for a small fee.)

that 9-0 game in 1989 is the game that cemented me as a cubs fan forever.

i was 5 years old, and happened to be watching in our family room, my dad was next door in his office and working. the cubs went down 9-0 and my dad (a long time fan since the 60s himself) told me it was over.

at 9-2 i came running in excited....he told me to settle down

at 9-5 i came in again shouting the score, again he told me it wouldn't happen.

at 9-9 he came out to watch the rest of the game with me....and was stunned.

by the end of the summer i was sitting in the front row of the school bus to listen to games on the radio and then sprinting home from the bus stop after school to watch the end of games. these are some of my earliest memories and ones i will never forget.

These video highlights have classic Pat and Ron:

Ron's analysis-

"All right","Yes, sir","He hit that", "Oh my God","Wow", "All right", "Yes", "How 'bout that?, How 'bout that? Woo!", "Oh man",


Ron: "Edmonds with that, what, 4 rbi's, or 5?"

Pat: "3 today."

Ron: "3 today, o.k."

That's too funny. I wonder if Pat hits the bottle after every game :)

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  • Probably a good idea to give Rizz a couple of days off (slumps happen to the best -- Harper just broke a 4-for-33 with a HR yesterday). Never been a big fan of an all-RH lineup. The pitcher has the same look and same target for every hitter. At least, as a mediocre HS pitcher, facing a mixture of LH/RH hitters messed me up. A lack of talent and weak-ass stuff may have also been contributing factors.

    billybucks 4 min 19 sec ago view
  • Would you say Brooks doesn't have any upside going forward? Seems like he could be one of those hybrid starter reliever types maddon seems to like having in his bullpen. But I haven't seen a ton of him, and he got hit around pretty good last year in mlb

    Koyies Bansaw 5 min 54 sec ago view
  • Thanks, Phil!

    Charlie 39 min 41 sec ago view
  • Well executed!

    I've been wracking my brain to work a "Room With a View" reference in there but I just haven't gotten it to work.

    JoePepitone 1 hour 58 min ago view
  • Bryant might be playing SS during an infield shift, no? Usually he is moved to 2B but it could happen.

    Cubster 2 hours 10 min ago view
  • I won't really be happy until I see Bryant at shortstop.

    Old and Blue 2 hours 11 min ago view
  • Yeah, Underwood impresses the internet scouts more than the opposing hitters. Blackburn and Williams have pitched well but they would be more interesting if they missed more bats.

    Myrtle Beach has a couple of guys--Trevor Clifton and Jake Stinnett--worth keeping an eye on.

    South Bend has the best record in the Midwest League but it's more about their bats than their starting pitching.

    VirginiaPhil 3 hours 2 min ago view
  • Thanks Steve, I always forget about that.

    Rob Richardson 3 hours 6 min ago view
  • Maddon spins the wheel-o-lineups and Bryant is playing 1B.

    The line-ups, by the way, appear in the Twitter box on the left and usually very soon after they are made available.

    CTSteve 3 hours 8 min ago view
  • Looks like no Heyward or Rizzo in the lineup today.

    Rob Richardson 3 hours 25 min ago view
  • HAGSAG: Kevonte Mitchell has shown some improvement in 2016. He takes a lot of walks, shows occasional power, and he's an athletic defender capable of making the big play in the OF.

    However, he strikes out way too much, he doesn't always take the most-direct-route to get to balls hit into the air, and he sometimes runs himself into outs on the bases. He is still very raw.  

    Arizona Phil 3 hours 25 min ago view
  • E-MAN: I don't think Dallas Beeler has a long-term future with the Cubs, but (when healthy) he has gotten the call over the past couple of years as the "26th man" when the Cubs needed an extra starter in a doubleheader. 

    Arizona Phil 3 hours 40 min ago view
  • PHIL: Thanks for the wrap. A 2010 early-ish round Hendry draft pick, why do you surmise the new management team just doesn't cut bait on Beeler? Not shown that much as a starter. Does he have a power arm when right? Is he another Schlitter? Or, is he rosyer filler while the org waits out the lower-level arms to surpass him?

    The E-Man 4 hours 25 min ago view
  • Ryan Kellogg is still a fringy prospect despite being very old for low-A. He's putting up very good numbers no matter who he's facihg.

    John Beasley 7 hours 43 min ago view
  • Great article on Yosh and Nobe. Thanks for including it Trans.

    Hagsag 8 hours 58 sec ago view
  • Phil, it looks like Kevonte Mitchell has made some progress this Spring. Your thoughts please, thanks.

    Hagsag 8 hours 5 min ago view